2019-04-26 - Smooth As...


Silk seeks out Betty.

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Storyteller: N/A
Date: April 26th, 2019
Location: Betty's Apartment, Queens

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It's late. And, well, people don't tend to look up very high in the city. It hadn't taken Cindy a lot of effort to find a picture of Betty and what she looked like. And from there, what kind of car she drove. Then, from there, to follow her home. It wasn't stalking. Not really. Because, well, Betty had -asked- her to come find her. So that's all Cindy was doing. Really.

Once Betty's apartment had been found, Cindy had waited until nightfall, because she didn't want any ruckus or trouble from curious neighbors and other busybodies.

It was safer, for her, that way too. And, possibly safer for Betty, she thought. It's also probably not often that Betty gets a 'tap tap tap' on her window like she was in the 1960's in a neighborhood and some teenage boy was trying to get her attention without waking up her parents. But, there it is.

Cindy, wrapped in her own silk costume that, truth be told made her look like a little like something that might come out of a 'sexy mummy' halloween costume kit with a lower face covering to protect her features clings to the wall, and waits for Betty to come to the window.

It was a bit rough in tracking only because Brant didn't have a car. She didn't drive anywhere and relied, fully, on public transportation whenever a friend wasn't around. That, or the woman walks. She was known to walk a bit at night, wandering here and there to get her mind straight. But finding her home wasn't terribly complicated. People in Queens knew her, and her home was above a storefront, giving her some space and privacy.

Late night, a warm light glowing out of the woman's window, Betty rests on her sofa, pouring over files and paper work. Coffee was at hand, and for once she's not looking her best. She was clean, hair damp, and wearing an overly large tshirt that drapes down her form. Cradling her mug she hears the tappign coming from her window. Blinking, she stands and moves toward it, giving a side glance toward the gun near by and then shaking her head. Leaving it there, she opens the window and looks out. Face to face with Silk, she blinks and then smiles.

"Hello." She greets kindly.

"You told me to find you, so, I've found you," says Cindy, as if it were perfectly normal to have a conversation with someone defying gravity and clinging to a wall, wrapped in a costume made of pure raw silk and human-generated spider webbing. "Tell me, Betty. How do I find my parents?"

The young woman's hair is dark, her eyes are intense, and unwavering. Determined, beyond a shadow of a doubt. But she's certainly no threat to Betty.

"I did." She nods, glancing around and then back to the girl across from her. "Would you like to come inside? I don't think I can answer this simply." Stepping back, she allows the girl to enter as she'd like, though she lingers incase she doesn't wish to move at all. Rubbing her arms, she steps away, taking up her coffee before padding back. "I'm at a loss of how to help you." She confesses honestly. "I didn't understand what you were talking about, originally at least. If I have more information, I can try looking for them myself." Pause, "I've also come into contact with different people lately. Ones that use or at least understand magic, time. Gods, even. Maybe I can ask them to help me as well." At least there's options, but without a solid answer, Betty's expression softens. "I'm sorry."

She does slide in through the window, nimbly, and with a sense of equilibrium and grace that would match Spider-Man's quite easily. Her eyes flit over Betty as the reporter, the researcher, speaks.

She looks around, briefly, before focusing on Betty again as she finishes. Her mind races with tension, it shows on her forehead, the set of her cheekbones, her eyes. "I can't. If I tell you more information, you'll be able to find out who I am. And then others might, who might be responsible. Though I don't know even if anyone is."

She crosses her arms over her chest, clearly distraught. "Can you put me in touch with your contacts? I don't wish to involve you anymore than this. I was just - I thought you might have some kind of - way." It sounds lame, when she says it, and then she looks apologetic.

"I understand you want your privacy. Many heroes do." Betty nods, allow the girl her space before she moves to close the window behind her. Unlocked, of course. The setting is simple. At best, it might have a bedroom and bathroom down the hall, otherwise it's rather wide spaced and studio. The kitchenette is dated, as is the furniture. This place is old, much older than Betty. There are pictures here and there, of Betty and her boss, with an older lady, some younger friends from way back when.

"Well, I can speak with them and get back in contact with you? I'm still unsure of what's happening with your family. Without more details, I don't have a way to start." Pause, "Maybe if you tell me where they use to live? Or…it's hard looking for people without names, is all. People go missing more than I'd like to admit." Sipping from her drink, she considers it and then eyes Silk. "Are you hungry? Thirsty? Can I get you anything, dear?"

Cindy's eyes look like she wants to say yes. But, eating means pulling off her mask. Showing her face. And while a few have indeed seen that, she's uncertain she should show anyone else, yet. "You can call me Silk," she offers to Betty. There is a pause, "I was being hunted. And, I think they may have been taken when I was in hiding. To get me to come out," she explains as best she can.

She sounds a little worried, stressed. Like a regular person would be. Just a regular person, endowed with powers almost exactly like that of Spider-Man's. "I can come back in a few days? A week?"

"That's something." She starts, moving away toward the kitchen to start pulling out something to eat and drink for the girl. "Silk it is. I'm Betty." She knew that already, but a greeting was still polite. "If you want something, I can turn my back. I won't look." Comes the woman's promise. There are things for sandwiches, some left over pizza, soda, water, juice. And cake. There's lemon cake.

"If you can tell me who was hunting you, that can be a place to start for me. Otherwise, tell me when you'd like to meet with me again, and where. I'll try to get in touch with my contacts and see how they can help you." Moving to the sofa, she sits, her back not turned to Silk and the kitchen proper. "I have a special dark place in my heart for people who hurt others through their family. If I can help you, I will. Without fail."

"I'd - like that," to the former. She waits, and then trusting, she takes one of the sandwhiches and pretty much devours it in the fashion of someone starved, eating for nutrition more than flavor. She scarfs a slice of pizza, afterwards, "Ohmygodpizza," she mumbles through chewing as if she hadn't had any pizza for a very, very long time (which she hadn't).

Then, "Thanks. I appreciate it," she mentions after affixing her mask again. "If I tell you that, and he's not really dead like Spider-Girl suspects, you'll be in danger," is all she says. "Meet me on top of the Daily Bugle in one week's time? At dusk?"

Betty Brant chuckles at the sounds of the girl eating. Still face forward, she closes her eyes and nurses from her mug casually. "Don't thank me yet. Don't thank me at all, we're doing what needs to be done." She waits and moves to stand, "I'm turning around now." She warns before giving another beat and moving to face Silk again. Setting her mug down, she walks toward the fridge, pulling down an ancient cookie jar and digging out some cash. "I'm already in danger. It's worth it for a good cause." Counting out some bills, she turns and offers them to Silk. "Here. If you need anything else, tell me. Make sure you're eating and taking care of yourself. If you're not in good shape when you find your family, they'll be disappointed." Pause, she nods. "Bugle. Dusk. I'll do what I can. If I can find some super types that can help you and you're more comfortable with, I will."

The money was - unexpected. And, there's almost a war going on in Silk's eyes as she is torn between taking, and refusing. But, reading Betty's intent, she reluctantly nods. Then, takes the money. "I'll pay you back," she promises Betty. the money is places against her hip where, from the tip of her index finger a mass of webbing is shot to create a makeshift hip-hugging wallet.

"Spider-Man is already helping me. But, I'll tell you the same thing I told him. While I look for my parents, I'm going to do everything I can to help people, to make them proud."

She pauses, looks down, then up again. "Thank you, Betty."

"I don't work for debts. You don't have to repay me anything." Betty assures, hand up and waving it away. "I have it to give, so I give." Listening, she nods, attentive on the girl and everything she's saying. Leaning against the counter, she crosses her arms casually under her chest. "Good. He's a good one to help you. I'll try to find others that can do the same. If you ever feel comfortable giving me more information, I'm not afraid." She assures her, her lips curling smoothly. "I'm glad to hear it. Be safe out there and look after yourself." Pause, "You're very welcome, dear."

Silk moves to the window, opens it, and starts to step outside. She nods. She wants to say something, but isn't sure what it is. Gratitude, certainly. But enough has already been said. After one last long look with those soulful brown eyes, Silk turns and shoots a web across the way, and then yanks, and she's free, and flitting through the night and out into the darkness, lost to the eye with the speed and agility graced to her by the spider-bite.

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