2019-04-26 - Should You Ever Need It


Kate and Betty meet the 'Devil' of Hell's Kitchen. Sans Mask.

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Storyteller: N/A
Date: April 26th, 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen, NYC

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"So," Betty exhales, walking down a stretch of sidewalk in Hell's Kitchen. The day is nice and calm, warm with the sun setting and a heavy shift on the winds. It might rain later, but not just yet. The world goes about its business, people moving here and there, their feet paving the way. Two said people were Betty and Kate, both now standing outside the mouth of an alley way nestled between two eateries.

Chinese. Thai. A hint of vanilla and lilac along with a dusting of nude makeup and matte red lipstick. Fabric softener light and floral, wild and fresh. A musking of sweat from a long walk. Heart beating fast, drumming wildly, nervous. "This is where I met him." She tells Kate, motioning into the growing shadow between the two buildings.

"I wasn't in trouble, I walked into that one willingly. I, for years, have been paying for my brother's mistakes. He happened upon me during one said payment."

"Payment?" Kate asks slowly, in a tone that suggests she half expects Betty not to be willing to answer. Katherine nods slowly as she contemplates the alley in front of her. The woman's scent is similar to Betty's some ways and yet incredibly different.

Thai. Vanilla. They had dinner together clearly, some time before they ended up coming all the way down here together. Kate smells of leather from the jacket she's wearing, fresh, clean sweat, the barest hint of rose, and the sparsest note of motor oil. Her heart beat is much more even, and she reaches for Betty's hand to offer a calming squeeze, wordlessly acknowledging those nerves.

"So what happened exactly?" Kate asks, the tall redhead studying that alley with a vaguely dubious expression on her features. "Should I be worried about you…?" The woman does take a protective posture. If something did lunge out of the alley they would have to bypass Kate to reach Betty.

One of the nice things about knowing every single brick and corner of a place, is knowing all the shortcuts that even on foot, without running over the rooftops, would bring from point A to point B. The downside of dark alleys is that, well, they're dark and so visibility is not that wonderful, but that doesn't really matter for a blind guy does it? Coming from the dark Alley way in front of which Kate and Betty are standing, the lawyer walks calmly, his steps that will eventually bring him in front of the two women.
Today, Matt Murdock is dressed in a gray suit, without the tie because he never wears it when he can, and the only thing that would betray his blindness is the white cane that he wields in his right hand and moves in small archs, the metal tip hitting the ground in front of him with a rithmical, barely audible tick tick. His ears are carefully picking up every sound, his nostrils perceiving every smell, some of the more noticeable coming from not that far away at the end of the alley, his steps though are as sure and confident as they can be.

Betty Brant smiles and glances down at the hand resting around her own. Gripping back, she shakes her head. "No. Well, you can if you want, but I'm trying to fix this for good. Frank helped me out, offered me the gun and a suggestion." Pause, she looks Kate's way. "I considered it." Sighing, she parts her lips to continue. "Long time ago, back in Philly, my brother got into some trouble. Said trouble crashed our house, hurt my mom and me. I had to start paying off his debts or they'd do it again. We ended up here. Mom use to work for Jonah, so he helped us out." Pause. "I was 17 with that happened. I'm 31 now."

With another breath she moves to speak once more but stalls out when she notices someone walking down the passage way. The cane, the stride, she steps out of the man's way, allowing him to pass.

Kate nods slowly, keeping Betty's hand for now. SHe tenses slightly as someone emerges from the alley way but a quick evaluation of Matthew Murdock has the woman relaxing immediately. It's bovious in her breathing and the rhythm of her heart for those who are sensitive to it.

"I won't pry about the specifics. But if you need me I am here for you." Though that might be obvious at this moment given where Kate is standing. "Evening," she'll call out to the lawyer as he is approaching the two of them, making her position audibly obvious as she shifts out of the way. "On your left."

Matt Murdock keeps walking in a straight line, at least until he determines the exact position of the two women by hearing their voices, smelling their perfumes and a serie of other factors. That causes him to adjust his trajectory slightly, thing that however is unnecessary as they move out of the way.

"Good evening to you both" he replies, answering Kate's greeting, and then slows even a bit to raise his eyebrow slightly "on my left?" he asks, stopping exactly a couple of metres away from Kate, and Betty.

Betty Brant falls silent now, having given Kate an appreciative nod before moving aside more so. "Yes," she finally greets to Matt. "Evening, sorry, was just giving you a direction of where we're standing." The passage, however, did strike her as odd. In his suit and with the ease of his steps, she cants her head to the side and peeks behind him briefly. "Are you alright, sir?

"Yes. Our position. On your left," Kate will clarify as Betty also chimes in to do the same. She watches thoughtfully as the blonde standing beside her addresses Matthew, choosing to remain quiet while she observes. She studies the man and his movements by habit, then his surroundings as well, considering everything carefully. But without a clear reaction, at least for the moment. Picking up Betty's nerves, most likely.

Matt Murdock nods understandingly, offering even a diplomatic smile "ah, thank you" he says to both women, then pauses again at Betty's question "yes, I am allright, why?" he asks, now his cane in a vertical position, the tip against the ground, the handle leaning on his right side as he assumes a more relaxed posture.

He is not wearing sunglasses, and his eyes are there and not that altered looking just average, the fact he can't see there is visible via a general lack of focus, the eyes are there and look good but they obviously are not looking at anything. This is the only evident sign of blindness, paired with the white cane.

Brant parts her lips and then closes them. She looks toward Kate and gives a gentle shrug of her shoulders. "I'm sorry. I feel like I'm going to say something insulting. I promise, I'm not." She murmurs tenderly. "Just you were walking down an alley. I guess I wanted to make sure you weren't lost or anything, sir." She explains herself, her expression already apologetic, and her eyes never leave Matt's own.

Matt Murdock listens carefully to Betty's words, of course without returning her look, even if the apologetic expression is sort of revealed mainly because of the different tone of voice. "ah no offense taken, I swear! Real insults are definitely different, and I should also thank you for your concern." he calmly says, offering a smile "no, no I am not lost, just taking a shortcut. This alley cuts through the block, so saves a bit of walking. And, well, there's surely less traffic in there"

"Now and then, I'm sure." She smiles, shifting to the side so that she, and Kate, were just out of his way. "We won't keep you, sir. I was just concerned is all." Considering her next words, she gives him the once over again, trying to figure out if she had seen him before, at some point in time. "Sorry, may I ask where you're going? Perhaps we can walk with you? Sun's setting." She advises. "Oh, sorry, I'm Betty, and this is Kate." She introduces the pair.

"pleased to meet the both of you, I am Matt, Murdock." yes, the blind lawyer of hell's kitchen, not widely known but neither completely unknown maybe. Matt smiles again, lifting his left finger to point at one of the side streets visible behind Betty, and the pointing is even a lot precise and would even raise some suspicions if it wasn't for the obvious fact that he pointed without looking at all. "that way, there's a place that makes good coffee, then I'll be heading for home. As you said, sun is setting"

"Ah, Mr. Murdock. I've heard wonderful things about you." Betty beams, reaching her hand out for a shake before softly touching his wrist instead. Pulling back, she eyes Kate and then looks back toward Matt. Following his finger, she makes a soft 'huh' sound. "Well then, we won't keep you from it. If you feel safe, we won't pester with walking you at least to the cafe." Her face twists up then as she looks his way. "Sorry. I keep thinking it sounds horrible for me to say these things…"

Matt Murdock can't refrain a chuckle, but lifts his right hand for the handshake, if Betty is still with her hand nearby, luckily the sound of moving fabric gives away Betty's hand position quite easily, in teory at least. "ah thanks,, I am glad of it of course." referring to the wonderful things heard about him. "No worries, really. I mean, being concerned is actually less horrible than not caring at all, hm? The right balance is, fine, I suppose…" and there are people that would eat, walk, and do everything in his place. These are the ones he can't stand…

"It's fine, I don't mind the company, it's always appreciated. But of course, if you're walking in the same direction, otherwise I'll let you to your things!" that involve talking about things that want to make him dress in his red costume and beat the ones that want to have Betty pay debts.

Betty Brant looks to Kate as the redhead steps away to answer her phone. The talk is soft, but shortly after, Ms. Kane excuses herself due to matters of business. With a hug from Betty, and a promise to talk soon, Brant is left standing with Matt. "I'll head your way, then. At least to grab some coffee." She decides, smiling and moving to walk by his side instead of in front of him in any way. "This cafe, is it a good one?"

Matt Murdock nods and even waves to the leaving Kate, then starts walking towards the cafe. He walks calmly, almost if knowing by memory every single part of the sidewalk, or having very perceptive senses. His cane precedes him, barely touching obstacles from time to time that he dodges fluidly. "Of course it's good, the best cafe you can find around these parts, in my opinion…" he explains with a smile, stopping right in front of the pedestrian crossing to wait for the right moment to cross

Following after, she nods. Carrying on the conversation in a casual manner. "Good to know. I'll have to keep that in mind next time I'm around this part of the city." Smiling gently, following his lead and stopping when he does, she glances across the street. Tucking some of her pale hair behind the shell of her ear, she checks the passage of cars and waits for their light to turn 'green' beeping off to let Matt know it was time to cross, too. "You know," she begins, "I've heard wonderful things about you, Mr. Murdock. I know I'm repeating myself, but good people doing good things is worth repeating."

Matt Murdock moves forward to cross as soon as the light turns green and the beeping announces the passage is free, and even turns slightly to offer another smile to Betty "eh well I suppose you'll be able to judge for yourself in a few, hm? I can say, the guy working there, guy he's in his sixties… Is a japanese man, and they make of coffee almost a culture… It can take some minutes to have a cup of coffee but, worth it, definitely worth it…" he comments, turning now a corner and moving to the left to avoid a couple that was turning the corner in the opposite direction.

"thank you again then, Betty. I just do what I can, I'm sure you've just heard a lot of exagerations anyways!" he chuckles now

"Sounds pretty special then." She comments, following after Matt's lead and even watching after him as he bobs and weaves. "Are you…" She stalls out and shakes her head. "Nevermind. I'm sure it'll be worth it." Her heels click abit faster, catching up with him as her mind started running way with her. "Exagerations? Well, I hear those sometimes, especially with where I work. Honestly? I enjoy the truth more."

"feel free to ask whatever you had in mind, Betty." Matt says, even turning in her direction to address his words directly at her, and then turning to the right to walk towards a quite unassuming door that, seen from the outside, is absolutely nothing special. Placing his right hand on the handle and pushing it, he'd reveal a small place, with a counter, some stools, a comfortable atmosphere even if not that much room. One of the nice places you'd pass without noticing "and where's that you work, if I may ask? And yes, every sane person would appreciate the truth more…"

"Ah, it's silly. I'm in awe, I think. How you move like you do. I guess I should ask if you're actually blind?" Heading in with him, she gives a soft whistle. "This is beautiful. I never knew this was here." She confesses, and clearly she did not. She waits for Matt, only moving to claim a seat when he does, being careful to brush down her skirt before sitting. "Oh, I work at the Daily Bugle. A place 'ripe' with the truth, right?" She muses, he could probably hear her rolling her eyes.

Matt Murdock walks inside, closing the door behind him and smiling to the man behind the counter, a japanese man in his sixties as preannounced that greets him, receiving an "akio san, good day!".

Walking towards an empty stool, because well, at this time, all of them are empty, he takes a seat, his cane now leaning on the counter next to him. "flatterer!" he says in Betty's direction "yeah, I'm totally sure I am, just had a lot of time to get used to it, that's all" he comment in regards to his blindness, keeping a smile on his lips that seems entirely natural.
"ah well, newspapers are, ahem, surely places where truth can be found. Not always on what is printed, though." diplomatic, but he's a lawyer after all, isn't he? "Akio san, can I have a coffee, please?"

Betty Brant nods her head down, greeting Akio gently and requesting a drink for herself as well. "Same as Mr. Murdock, thank you." Looking back in Matt's direction. Leaning on the counter, she crosses her arms, shrugging at his comment about the paper. "Well, not the Bugle. Not usually. It's a sensationalist type read, to be honest. But…there's no doubt that there's some passion left there. Helped me find mine, for sure. So, I prefer the truth more so than a big gasp and something to gossip about."

Matt Murdock smiles slightly, relaxing on the stool while the man behind the counter moves calmly, preparing the coffee with a sort of ritualism behind it. He does everything with care, with respect, and well it will surely take at least 10 minutes. "anyways in this city, at least, some truths would have people gasp and gossip, honestly…" he comments, placing both hands on the counter. "and what is your found passion, if I may ask such a bold question?" he turns on the stool, facing Betty to better speak with her.

"Honesty, Mr. Murdock. I, well, I got into investigative journalism. Though, for the Bugle, I just write a lil help column." Shifting, she moves to face him directly as well, leaning on one arm atop the counter, her legs crossing smoothly. "May I ask why you went into being a lawyer? This side of town use to be pretty rough."

Matt Murdock nods understandingly "I see, Betty. Investigative journalism is surely an intresting branch of that field!" he smiles, especially realizing that the coffee is being made and enjoying the conversation "as you said, things can be pretty rough in this side of town. That means that there could be, and there are, people suffering for it. If we have a law system that can be used to help those people, it seems like a good thing to me to use that system to be of help. It is, well, what I can try to do to be helpful to those who may need it. Plus, it is a stimulating challenge for the mind, and you never get bored doing this job."

"I'm glad to hear it. Like I said, good doing good is…well, this city needs more of it." Taking a breath, exhaling, the hammering within her chest had calmed itself now. She still kept her scents from before, but now there wasn't the crash of the setting outside in the alley. Intead, it was of the coffee, hot water, the blend of the surroundings and the aroman of Akio. Eyes low, Betty softens, frowning slightly. "Mr. Murdock," she begins. "How…much did you hear of what I was speaking about with Kate?"

"just the last words, nothing too, specific…" Matt replies, keeping a neutral expression now, as the aroma of coffee grows stronger in the air, the same coffee that the barman is slowly pouring in two cups, that are then placed cerimoniously next to the two customers, earning a "thank you, Akio san" from Matt, as well as a smile. "Why?" he then asks Betty, just to be sure.
Taking the cup of coffee with his left hand, he brings it in front of him, inhaling the aroma and then slowly taking a sip, a quite pleased expression making its way on his features.

Nodding, she accepts her drink, giving a thanks of her own. Silent, she holds the glass, cradling it gently and bringing it up toward her nose. She smells, her lips pout as she makes a soft pass of air across its top before taking a sip. Smiling, she sighs contently. "This is…amazing." She takes another sip and lowers her cup, her heart at ease as was the rest of her shape.

They he asks why. Tensing, she shakes her head, causing her golden-bronze locks to sway. "No reason. It was just a bit personal. Not something I'm happy about, either."

Matt Murdock takes another sip of coffee then exclaims "well, I am not going to a place that makes bad coffee with a recently known woman! But yes, this is amazing coffee for sure…" at Betty's explanation, however, he turns slightly more serious, nodding anyways "I understand… Well, don't worry Betty, it's not my place to pry into your personal life unless you ask me to… And then, a good thing about being a lawyer is that even if I did, I'd be obligated to keep quiet and pretend not to know a lot of things, mh?" he even attempts a soft smile now, monitoring Betty's emotional state through a mix of listening to her heart, her scent and a bit of intuitive thinking.

If shame had a scent, it stains her skin. Annoyance, fatigue…it was creeping, lingering sadness. Nibbling at her lower lip, Brant falls silent even though he can hear her moving in her seat ever so slightly. Cup up, she drinks, taking time to savor it completely. Forcing a smile, she attempts to perk up visibly, even if the rest of her body was giving her away. "It's fine. It'll be over soon, anyway." Another sip, she exhales and presses the cup aside. From the sound of how it settles, it was empty.

"everything will be over, sooner or later…" Matt mumbles, sipping his coffee definitely more slowly, his cup placed now on the counter still half full, or half empty depending from the point of view. "Do you want to talk about it, Betty?" he asks, tilting his head to the right with a light chuckle "well I mean, you barely know me and all, but well… Offering anyways" he adds in a softer tone of voice

"Hmm? Oh, no. Really, it's fine." She promises. "You have questions and I feel like there's a 'should I call my lawyer' joke in here somewhere." Smirking, she shakes her head again before brushing through her hair to keep it clear from her face. "I get it. It's easier to talk to someone you hardly know." Smiling, she sits back. "No, it's fine. I've already talked about it with…more people than I ever wanted to before." Pause, "I'm just starting to tie up loose ends on something that shouldn't have lasted this long."

Betty Brant says, "Just protecting my family. Guess it never ends."

Matt Murdock listens quietly, a kind smile on his lips the wole time, the cup of coffee that lifts from the counter up to his lips for a small sip and then returns to its place. "protecting loved ones never ends, true…" he mumbles, almost inaudibly, then just takes the cup again for a longer sip, bringing it to a quarter full. "well, should you need a lawyer let me know, I happen to know a good one that could be of help! And, well, if you need someone to talk to, let me know as well… You seem like a very nice person, surely one that shouldn't be enchased in a few layers of pure sadness"

Betty Brant blinks, her brows furrowing as she looks his way. "Am I that obvious?" She asks, genuine surprise in her voice. She'd been good at holding it back and masking it up for so, so long. Now even the blind could tell. Chuckling, she laughs, the sound bubbly and melodic. "I don't mind talking, I just don't want to…here." A smirk, she nods. "Depending on how things go, I might need a lawyer."

Matt Murdock nods understandingly "well, I'll let you know where my office is so we will be able to speak in a more private setting, should you feel like doing so!" he chuckles, then shakes his head "no, no it is not obvious at all… But reading people sort of, comes with my job, and well the blindness is an advantage! People spend so much time training their facial expressions not to show what they want not to be seen, that oftentimes the other aspects are, well, neglected and so a bit more noticeable, for who knoes where to look, if you pass me that use of words…" he smiles, finishing his cup of coffee with the last two pair of sips, his hand diving into his pocket to get out a wallet, from which he extracts a bill to place on the counter, paying for both coffees.

Betty Brant nods and compounds his payment, leaving behind a tip. Another voice of thanks and a bright smile, the woman slips from her seat and waits for Matt to join her. "I might take you up on that sometime, Mr. Murdock." Pause, "Thank you for showing me this place, too. I'll have to come back someday." A stride, she exits the building and lingers briefly. "Are you sure you'll be alright walking back home?"

Matt Murdock stands up after Betty, waving to Akio before following her out of the building. Fishing in a pocket, he finds a visit card that he extends to her, on it all the informations nedeed to contact him. "I'm glad you enjoyed the place and well, yes, worth visiting again in my opinion at least!" he admits, white cane again at his side, ready to lead him wherever needed, or maybe the other way around even if people oftentimes don't know… "I'll be fine, don't worry! It's been at least a couple of years since my forehead met a streetlamp, I feel safe now" he chuckles, "no really don't worry, I'll be allright…"

Digging into her own bag, she pulls out a card of her own. "The print is a bit lifted, if you can't read it, I can write on the back." She offers him, allowing him to test the waters before changing anything that needs to be changed. Either way, he'll have her number. "Be safe, Mr. Murdock, and be careful. I hope you have a wonderful evening." As step back, and another, she turns and heads down the sidewalk, heels clicking smoothly.

Matt Murdock accepts the card, running his fingertips on it to read it and smiling "it's allright, readable!" he admits, pocketing the card and smiling. "Thank you, Betty, and please do have a wonderful evening as well!" he bows his head slightly as a form of farewell, then adds "it has been a pleasure… Hope to meet you again soon!" and then he'd turn, starting to walk in the opposie direction to the woman, white cane preceding his steps with its tap, tap, tap, tap…

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