2019-04-26 - More Figgy Pudding?


Why would two Asgardians ask a reporter to dinner? To get her to do a job for them, of course.

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Date: Fri Apr 26 08:47:22 2019
Location: Queens

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This time Betty Brant was invited over, rather than just arriving unannounced after dinner. And this time, there was dinner. It's not clear whether Astryd or Fenris made it. Perhaps they both cook. Perhaps they switch off. But there was a rather wonderful beef wellington, roasted veggies and garlic, and alcohol. Not Godsmead - that's actually not all that easy for Fenris to get these days, but some rather potent Nine Thunders Sake. Something strong enough to be impressive, and unusual enough to be out of this world, but not enough to put a mortal to sleep for years on end or leave them incoherent after a few drinks.

Fenris still feels… off. Wrong. Predatory. There's always a part in the back of the human mind that screams 'these are the things that prowl beyond the lights'. But Betty handled it well last time and Fenris was willing to take a chance on her.

By the time it's finished Fenris is looking up to Astryd. "Is there any more of that figgy pudding, m'dear? And Betty, I'm sure you're wondering at this point why we asked you over."

Run. Run and bring fire with you. Protect yourself form the dark. At least that's what Betty's brain was screaming at her upon seeing Fenris again. Human form or not, it was that feeling deep down that would linger for who knows how long. Still, she agrees happily to dinner, enjoying it all with a heavy sigh of contentment. Sipping from her drink and eating politely, she dabs at the corners of her mouth and offers them both a thankful smile.

"Well, I am, but I don't mind if it was just for company and a good feed. My compliments to the chef." Whichever one it may have been. "Next time I should make you something in return. My house isn't…well, this nice, but I'd love to have you over for dinner. At least dessert?" She offers the pair.

Astryd has been her customary quiet, stern self. Even relaxing, the blonde doesn't seem to soften. She's not got the same aura as Fenris, but hers is still formidable. Of course, her reputation often precedes her.

"You know there is, I always make extra because you like it so much. If you have seconds though, I'm going to make you run …" she teases. There's an economy of movement about her as she goes about organising more. "That would be very nice, Betty. I accept for the both of us."

"But we did have something we wished to discuss with you and I hope that you're able to help us."

"As I explained to you the last time you visited, we keep an eye on the workings of fate. And that requires a lot of information. We are not welcome in every corner of the cosmos though we have our sympathizers. You've proven rather brave. So I was hoping you can help us with that. Astryd has the details if you think you can."

Fenris grins a bit at Astryd herself. "You can run with me. You know how I enjoy a good run. More drink?" He gets up himself to get refills for those who want it.

"Wonderful! We'll set a time for next week." Betty practically beams at the idea. The smell of pudding is comforting, and sitting up in her seat, she accepts both the new dish and a refill of her drink. Thanking them both, she sips from her glass and then eyes Astryd. "I don't understand. How may I help you when I'm…and you're, well, you?" Another sip, she sets her glass down and glances between the pair, her warm gaze settling on the valkyrie.

"There are many things we can do, Betty." Astryd answers, slipping into her chair again and rejoining the conversation. "But there are things that we cannot, or perhaps I should say, should not. There is a tension amongst the pantheons at the moment and although Fenris and I are on terms with many, it is perhaps in our interest and theirs that we not be seen talking."

She looks to Fenris and sits back. "What do you know of the Japanese pantheon, Betty?"

"As Astryd says there are some who would not talk to us directly. And some who would, but cannot be seen doing it. And you are, from what I can tell, brave and clever. You're a reporter. You know how to dig, to ask probing questions, to not appear to be too interested in what it is you actually want. And beings that have been worshipped as gods, well, they tend to underestimate mortals."

He nods to Astryd again and smiles. "They're polite, tpyically. So long as you follow protocol and protocol is usually things like bow. Take your shoes off. You like tea, don't you?"

This is of course leading somewhere, but Astryd knows where. This was her idea after all.

"I, well, I know little, I'm afraid. I can read up on it but from what I understand what I read isn't always true." She explains, looking between them, she considers her pudding, but refrains. "I'm willing to help you already, there's no question about that. If I can help, I will." Smiling, she nods. "Tell me what I can do for you, and…if possible, could I ask you about a problem? Perhaps you can help me in turn?"

"Inari Okami is the Japanese God of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and sake, among other things. They have something we need to retrieve from them but we can't approach them directly. There's a slight disagreement between myself and some of the Shinigami and Inari rather likes their brethren." Astryd snorts softly at that. "Take a wrong step on a Underworld path and your reviled for millenia. Some Gods. Really."

"Anyway, it's rumoured that Inari has information on the current conflict between the pantheons. We want to know if that's true and if they'll share it with us. As we can't approach him, her, directly, we want you to do it."

"You'd do well to do some research but we'll tell you what we can, of course."

"We can tell you where to find them, of course, and I wouldn't ask you to do this if I thought there would be danger. Well, more danger than usual, dealing with pantheon politics is always a bit dangerous." Fenris shakes his head a little.

"What is it you wished to ask of us? I'm happy to trade a favor for a favor if you like?" Many beings operate on such systems and the Old Wolf is quite used to it.

"Tell me everything you can about them. Perhaps even a reason as to why I'd be asking about these things?" A look between them, she continues. "Am I a…middle man, I suppose? A representative?" Taking down notes, mentally, she studies each and then digs around in her purse. Notebook out, she starts taking shorthand. "Sorry, I do live tea." She finally answers with an apologetic smile.

"Myself? I've come in contact with a girl that has an odd problem. One I cannot easily answer for her. Her family is missing, as if they've vanished of the face of the earth. I cannot have her name, she doesn't want to give away her identity. I'm at a loss of how to help her. Perhaps you can aid me in finding them? At least leads perhaps?" Pause, "I'm suppose to meet her in about a week. She calls herself Silk."

Astryd smiles again. It's … chilly, though her grey eyes seem to dance a little. "The box please, my heart." She murmurs to Fenris. It's there, on the shelf behind them. He'll know which one she means. "You'll be returning something to him. Something they lost long ago. As to your role, I am content if you mention us but remember, the Japanese gods do not look on me with particular favour, so choose your words carefully."

"You might call Inari a … prosperity deity. Though she is linked with foxes as well and can be tricksy." Fenris can add more there, if he wishes.

"A missing family and one who wishes to remain anonymous?" Astryd looks to the God-Wolf in question. "Tell us what you can of her, if you have something of hers it will be easier, but I can ask amongst the spirits of the fallen for information."

Fenris places a hinged box on the table and opens it. It's got a rather fine set of jade and glass magatama beads in it, arranged in a necklace. It looks old but it's in pristine condition and glimmering faintly with an inner light. It's probably not a stretch to imagine that they're magical, considering who has it.

"That might be a bit tricky to run down, as Astryd says but we are certainly willing to inquire. Do you know, perhaps, where and when they went messing. It might be easier if the girl in question were to come to us. Then I could at least get her scent."

Because, well yes, Fenris is a rather fine tracker even if his contracts and Astryds are probably more important here.

Betty Brant listens attentively. She notes and then sits back, looking at the box and its contents. Eyes growing wide, she looks between the pair and then back to the magatama beads. "These…these are beautiful." Her hand moves out, but with a twitch of her fingers, she pulls back and sets it back into her lap.

"I'll return them. I'll research and try to figure out how to go about this without bringing you trouble." Then, about Silk. "I don't have anything of her just yet, I just know the issue at hand. It's hard for me to track down or dig up anything about her family, and I told her as such. But I did promise I'd try to talk with some of my friends," she pauses at the term, perhaps sounding hopeful with it. "And if you'd like to meet her with me, I'd appreciate that. She's afraid of something, that much is certain."

"These were gifted to me a long time ago when I travelled on my own for a while. The woman who gave them to me was an artist and it was said that the Kotoamatsukami themselves had blessed her. When I found her, she was very old and her time to pass was nearly on her. She had no one though and was alone."

Astryd takes a drink, her eyes vague as she remembers. "I sat with her that night, spoke to her and kept her company. Before she passed, she gave me those and begged they be returned. I haven't been able to, till now."

"Worry not, little sister, about bringing trouble to us." The Valkyrie pulls herself back to the present, snorting softly. "Just be aware that our names are not venerated everywhere."

"Set up a meeting with your friend, we will meet her and see how, and if, we can assist."

"And also that Inari is a rather clever creature. They will speak in circles and riddles. But the offering we've given you should buy you enough goodwill to ask some direct questions if you must. We think they know something of… what's been going on lately. Who might benefit from manipulating war among beings like us. And who is crazy enough to court Ragnarok itself."

The audacity of some beings, but watching the world burn is not entirely unpleasant for everyone. In fact… some might prefer it.

"We'll meet with her, though if she's fearful, seeing me may not help."

Betty Brant sits back and keeps her ears open. The notes, for now, are done being taken down. The pen is replaced by her glass of wine, one she nurses librelly. "I'll return them. I'll try to get your answers for you." Comes her promise.

"She's not fearful of everything, I don't think. She's a brave girl. The fact that you'll try to help her should aid in that. If you'd rather, Astryd can come with me? I'll try to get you something with her scent at least. If I knew her name or where her family use to live, that would allow me to help with my other contacts. This is something, at least I can give her something." A smile, she moves to stand. "I'd hug you now but…thank you. Truly."

"I fear that I might not be much better, Miss Brant." Astryd smirks at Fenris "At least I don't huff and puff though." She seems to enjoy tweaking the God Wolfs nose. "I will come though and we shall see what we can make of your mysterious friend. I'd say I could put him on a leash but that's not really joke for either of us."

Standing as Betty does, Astryd disappears into the kitchen again soon returning with a container of dessert. "Please take this, Miss Brant, we have plenty."

Though Fenris might disagree with her about that.

Fenris sort of covets Astryd's desserts but he doesn't argue. It's good hospitality and Fenris is nothing if not an assiduous follower of the old ways. Most of them. Some old way can just get…


"You are quite welcome Miss Brant and we appreciate your help in the other matter. We'll see you next week then, if not sooner." Sooner, he figures, but it's a good thing to offer anyway.

"Betty, please." She accepts the dessert and sets it on the table. Bag up, she collects her notes and then slips the precious box of beads into it with care. Finishing her wine, she reclaims the dessert and smiles in their direction. A breath passes her lips before she moves to embrace Astryd with one arm should she accept it. Fenris is next. A pull back, she turns to leave. "Thank you for dinner. I'll be in touch."

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