2019-04-24 - Who's like us?


Betty takes Kate with her to visit Frank Castle. The reporter gets shooting lessons while the Marines bond over esprit de corps.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Apr 24 12:37:01 2019
Location: The Punisher's Warehouse

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"Thanks for the ride, Kate." Betty eyes the red-head steadily, her arms wrapped around a bundle of food. Between her legs is a bag of drinks as well: she's a woman of her word. The location taken is down in a warehouse district, and once at the correct number, she nods in its direction and unbuckles once they park. For once, Brant isn't in her heels or dressed nicely. Tonight, she's in a jacket, jeans, sneakers. Her golden-bronze hair was even pulled back.

"I, well, I suppose I should warn you. Um, things happened and I ran into Frank Castle. Or he ran into me. Anyway, he offered to help me learn how to shoot. Even gave me a gun." Frowning, she starts lugging up her bags of payment. "Don't be mad, but I wanted you with me." Eyes up, she sighs. "I trust you." Heading for the door she gives it a few kicks in lieu of knocks. Hey, her hands were full.

"You should have told me before I came all the way down here," Kate replies slowly in that serious, smoky tone she tends to take with most subjects of importance. Green eyes fix to Betty's features for a moment as the two of them stand together near the entrance to the warehouse. She's dressed in a black leather jacket, a t-shirt with a low neck, and sturdy blue jeans. The marine issue combat boots aren't really an affectation Kate ever sees fit to toss away during street visits.

Katherine picks up one of the bags and hefts it for wait. Her short red hair's been combed left today, the bob stopping just above her eye. "I would have worn something more tactical." The redhead shrugs then and takes a deep breath. "This should be interesting. He's a legend in the Corps, you know. Even before he became… Well." She pauses then cants her head at the door. "Definitely shouldn't be someone he doesn't know who is first at the door. Right?"

As per his word and agreement, Frank was inside the warehouse. Instead of the skull-vest, he wore a black jacket. His beard seems to have grown out just a little more. He wears standard issue combat boots and some dark jeans. He is currently loading up a revolver when he hears the 'knock' at the door. Growling just a little bit, Frank approaches one of the only points of entry (minus the skylight) and he slowly opens the door. But then he sees Kate, and his hand is firmly on the grip of his gun.

"Betty. Wanna tell me who your friend is?" before she has a gun in her face, preferably. Frank trusts no one, and this was a bit of a stretch.

"This is Kate." She introduces the red-head, offering Frank an apologetic look and hefts her arms up. "She's helping me carry the food." True. "And I was nervous as hell and wanted her with me." Also true. Swallowing, hard, she stands up a bit straighter as the pair linger at the door. "She's not going to cause any trouble. In fact, you both have a few things in common. Service. Abilities I don't have. Meeting me in alleys and helping me out." Eyeing between both, her eyes flit and then settle on Frank and his choice in the matter. Then she asks, "You doing alright, Frank?"

"Sorry to drop in on you like this but I didn't know what we were up to until a couple minutes ago." Frank gets a firm nod from Kate, who will follow Betty's lead in laying out the bags before turning to face the man in question more formally. "Semper Fi." She takes a deep breath and eyes the gun, wary without seeming particularly concerned by the weapon in hand. Not that she'll ever take her eyes off of it. The look of someone who's been fired on before. "Katherine Kane." She offers Frank a hand.

Frank looks at Betty and exhales deeply. He looked almost…annoyed, but he'll get over it. Man keeps his secrets. He nods. "Doing just fine." just ignore the clearly self-stitched cut near his temple. He opens the warehouse door so he could see Kate and Betty clearly, and he holsters his gun. He was ready.

Meantime, he looks at Kate. "Semper Fi." and he reaches to shake her hand. "Frank Castle." but the identity of the Punisher isn't exactly a secret. He's been on the run ever since his family got filled with lead.

"Come on in." he turns his back, and starts to walk forward. Inside, they would immediately see three 'human'-shaped body targets, though they were not people or corpses. Just black cardboard shaped like a human, good for target practice. Circles around the chest and on the head. "Put your snacks and drinks wherever you want." because Frank probably won't be having any unless he's consistently prodded.

"Don't bullshit a bullshitter. Much less someone who doesn't bullshit." She glares Frank's way in a horribly maternal manner. As the pair shake hands she only then starts to relax. Stepping in, giving thanks, she moves to set the food down on whatever counter type thing she can find. "It's not snacks," she tells him, and Kate. "I promised you food and I brought food. Like a mini-potluck. You'll eat because that's what you asked for." A pause, "And it'll help you heal quicker." She didn't ask why he got that cut, or how; it simply was and didn't need a reason.

Rubbing her hands nervously against the thighs of her pants, she walks out and looks down range toward the targets put into place. A breath in, then out, the blonde turns back around and starts peeling off her jacket. Digging into her purse she pulls out the firearm he had given her during their first meeting. Her eyes meet Kate's face for a long moment before she turns back around to face Frank. "I think I've made a choice," she informs him and steps closer. Without much hesitation, she nods his way. "Buy the bank."

Kate nods by way of acknowledgment to the introduction and releases Frank's hand. She's already looking at the ccardboard targets scattered around the room, nodding approvingly as she makes her way through the lair at a slow stride. She's giving Frank a bit of distance, staying out of his personal space while subtly remaining oriented on Betty. Protectively.

"I won't ask what you're talking about. As far as I'm concerned I'm just here to make sure Betty doesn't get jumped for… What is it, the third time?" Kate arches a brow and glances back at the other two, her left foot tapping against the warehouse floor. "Mind if I fire off a few rounds, Castle?"

"I could use the practice."

Frank turns his head to Betty in a 'the f$ck did you just say'? But then he just growls and shakes his head. He doesn't grant her a response as she prods him about eating. But, when she declares her intention and approaches him, Frank just nods. "Alright." he looks her over. "Bring your gun?" His eyes moveo ver to Kate as she asks. "She's lucky I showed up the second time." he states, before he nods. "Knock yourself out. Aim for the head."

Frank moves to a safe distance away from the targets, gesturing with his head to tell Betty to get over there. "Show me how you aim a gun." testing her existing knowledge BEFORE he starts actually showing her what to do.

"The last time." She assures them both, a hint of shame showing across the woman's face. The look from Frank is met with a glare of her own, eyes set and meeting his head on. Her nostrils flare as she begins to settle. Interest sparks at the idea of watching Kate shoot, but at the question of her bringing her gun causes her to nod. She motions down to the weapon in her hand, barrel still down and toward the ground.

Crossing over and into Frank's space, Betty looks down the range and then to the weapon in question. Exhaling, she shifts her stance, feet out at shoulder width and arms out, both hands up and under the grip in the classic tea-cup fashion, finger resting on the trigger guard. Eyeing down the sight, one eye shut, he can see she's tensing up.

Kate, for her part, has a well cared for Colt M1911 in hand that she apparently kept concealed near her appendix. She is checking the sight on the matte black gun, a custom piece with a contoured grip and a rail on the top. She's sighting down range as Betty comes up beside her.

Kate looks over at Betty and offers her a brief smile, nodding once. "You can do this. Like riding a bike. … I'll shoot first." And Kate does. A couple quick shots, striking targets in rapid succession. She scores some head shots too. One clips the top of a skull, the other close to center. The third shot apparently misses a bit, but not by a lot. It's solid marksmanship by any standard.

Now Kate's green eyes are on Betty.

For some reason, Frank is - narrowing - his eyes at Kate. She missed that shot to try and make Betty feel better. While he doesn't really approve of marines downplaying their abilities for any reason, he still has a pretty good idea of how good a shot Kate is, ROUGHLY speaking. But, he looks at Betty as she clearly tries hard to get even into a stance. He looks at her and crosses his arms.

"Jesus, are you trying to look like a deadbeat cop?" yes, Drill Sergeant Castle has entered the building. He looks at Kate. then back to Betty. "Its a good stance, but I doubt you'll be standing still. You want to have a chance to run into cover. Put your dominant leg behind you, create your strong foundation to be ready to move at a moments notice. odd leg in front of you. Level out your shoulders, and don't lean forward." he must think the way she aims her gun is fine…or he just hasn't gotten there yet.

"I was never good at bikes." She confesses to Kate, watching after her and the shots she pegged off. There's a smile there, faint, but present. It dies instantly when Frank speaks. "No, I…" She doesn't have excuses, she was repeating what she saw, as most people do when 'learning' how to shoot. Then he instructs and she follows. Her legs shift, her body relaxes. Her shoulders square up and she settles her back. "Like this?" She asks gently.

Kate is watching as Betty works, keeping her own much more fluid, experienced stance without actually firing a few more shots. She's observing- Betty, Frank. Evaluating. The redhead has no intention of getting in the way of the lesson at hand. She's her to be moral support, after all. Still, she does meet Frank's narrowed gaze- and she nods. Admission of guilt. A discussion occurring entirely in body language.

"Take a couple deep breaths. It'll help put you on center," Kate suggests. But otherwise? She's staying out of it.

Frank looks a bit more pleased, but its hard to tell from his eternal stern expression. "Better." At Kates' interception into the conversation, Frank looks over to her and seems to nod approvingly. "Good advice." he looks at Betty. "Now, level your arms as well. Do whats comfortable. When your ready, take aim, and fire." Frank steps back, his arms still crossed as he stares Betty down like he's watching her for the smallest mistake.

As for Kate, he shifts his eyes away when she gives that nod. A full conversation between them that was done with simple body movements. Clearly he either understands or just isn't worrying about it.

|ROLL| Betty Brant +rolls 1d20 for: 16

Betty Brant glances from Kate to Frank and back again. Moistening her lips, she returns her attention to the target down the way. Arms and body set, comfortable as she was going to be at this point in time, she takes a breath or five and closes her eyes. Swallowing, her painted finger moves away from the guard and rests on the trigger. Eyes open, she closes one and sets the other to gazing down the barrel. Holding her breath in that moment, she squeezes on the trigger and feels the kickback ripple down her arms. It was jarring, that much apparently but how far her arms go up. Thankfully, they settle back down in due time.

The shot itself? Surprising, wasn't half bad! It hit, no bull's eye or the like, but it /hit/. It would hurt if that was something fleshy in its path. Huffing, she gives a gleeful 'ha!' and even a little bounce on her feet.

Frank watches Betty during her process. He wanted to let the trigger surprise her. The noise to jumpstart her very heart. But…he seems relaxed and altogether calm when she fires the gun. Well, all that matters is the shot hit. "Could use some practice, but not bad." he seems to approve. "The gun has a strong kickback. you don't want your arms going sky high every time you take a shot, so it'll be something to get used to. But..not bad."

That's as close to a seal of approval that Betty is ever going to get from Frank.

Betty Brant gives another bounce, nodding and beaming toward Kate and facing Frank once more. She moves closer to him, arms out as if she were going to hug him until she remembers, well, gun. Clearing her throat, she nods, looking down at the weapon. "I'll practice." She promises only to turn around and look at where she put the food. "I shot, and hit…would you like to eat now?" She asks of Frank.

Kate watches all of this and trhen she gives a faint nod. She lets Frank gvoice his opinions and then lowers her gun for a second so that she can turn slightly to look Betty over carefully. "A few hundred more rounds down range and you'll be there," she'll offer as encouragement. Then she steps away slowly and holsters her weapon. "I'll get out some of the food. When you're in the field you eat when there's down time. Which is now." She glances at Frank, then indicates the bag she's opening with a tilt of her head.

Frank is almost always in a state of paranoia, but Kate is given a gentle nod of acceptance when she asks if she can open the bag. Long as there's not a gun in there, they're gonna be just fine. Meantime, he looks over at Betty. He sighs. "Fine, we can eat. But after, you can empty the clip into the target. Got it?" Frank awaits her answer. and he doesn't look like he was gonna give her a hug. Maybe if they become better friends. but, for now, Frank moves over to Kate, as if attempting to check out the food.

"Right." She agrees, picking up her pace as Kate moves toward the bag. "Hey, no. I'll dish it out, ok? Just sit back." She urges of the red-head before setting her gun down, safely, and digging into the bags. Plates, cups, silverware; she brought it all to this bizarre picnic in a warehouse.

Once the food is out, all baked and covered dishes, complete with option dessert, she sets out the drinks. There's water, juice, soda, beer and whiskey. She wasn't sure what to offer up, so she brought a variety. This hunk of the building, for now, was her domain. They had gun power, she had kitchen power.

Plates full for both, Italian it seems is the key for tonight as well, she hands them their own helping and smiles. "It won't be like the other night," she murmurs to Kate. "Sorry about that, but I hope it's good enough."

Kate's weapon is holstered and now in plain sight and she'll nod at Betty, taking a step back to allow Betty to lay out the food for their meal. She's watching all of this with a faintly amused expression on her features, nodding.

"It looks amazing," Kate assures the blonde after it's said and done. "It beats what I'd make if I had to cook dinner. Anything from a can, right?" With a wry grin Kate takes her plate and holds up a plastic fork in a salute. "You have /nothing/ to be apologizing for." The plate is then set aside so Kate can snag the whiskey.

"We should have a toast."

Frank looks at Kate as he holsters his own weapon. He crosses his arms as the plates are all dished out, and…well, Frank knew that he can't exactly walk into a grocery store for obvious reasons. He's like the most wanted man in New York! Aside from…well, most villains. but! He gets himself some food, and he does snag himself some whiskey, because marines only take hard liquor.

Soft liquor like beer is for chumps. (teases)

"Toast to what, Kate?" Frank asks, wondering what it'll be about as he sips on his whiskey.

"Well, maybe it's like Thanksgiving." Betty decides, grabbing a whiskey for herself and moving to sit with the pair of Marines. If it was on chairs, that was fine, otherwise the floor suited her nicely. Her eyes bounce up to Kate, curious as to what she was toasting for. Hand out, holding her cup up, she offers them both that same smile they had seen, gracious in the shadow of an alley.

"I'd like to toast my thanks to the pair of you. For whatever reason, you both took your time to give a shit about me. You'll never know how much that means to me. I hope I can offer you both support when you need it, just as you're doing for me now."

Kate will raise her glass and let Betty lay out her toast, a faint, satisfied smile on her red lips as she contemplates the blonde woman in front of her. A firm nod of agreement follows the sentiment and then Kate clears her throat slightly as she lifts her glass.

"Here's to us," Kate will call in her best Officers Corps voice. "Who's like us?"

Frank actually chuckles for a minute. That's the only time Betty has seen the man smile and likely the first time he's revealed that he's actually human. Frank looks at Betty and he give a few nods as he lifts his glass. "Yeah, yeah. Don't worry about it. Its what soldiers do."

To Kate, Frank actually responds. "Damn Few, and their all dead." he grins at her, and he motions to clink his glass to hers, then to Betty's. "Thanks for coming down with the food." yes, Frank finally says thank you.

With a clink of her glass to both, Betty pulls it to her lips and takes a sip, leaving behind the print of her lips on its brim. Those smiles cause her to soften instantly with the pair, so much so that she sets down her food and drink and swiftly moves to embrace Kate. Hugging the woman, she kisses her cheek, and then she hugs the otherwise stoic Castle. Sans kiss for some reason of respect, she also leaves the show of affection brief.

A look to each, her cheeks burning red, she clears her throat and downs more whiskey. "Dig in." She advises. "There's plenty more where that came from."

Betty throws herself at Kate and Kate catches her easily, glass raised to avoid smashing the blonde on the nose with it. She'll return the embrace in a slightly more than friendly way but keep it otherwise polite. There's no comment on the affection shown to Frank other than a faint, telling smile.

"Yes, ma'am," Kate calls as she reaches for her fork to start in on her food. "First and most important rule: never piss off the Chef. This is amazing. Thank you." Kate can put away a lot of Italian food if given the chance. She won't hesitate now.

Frank is Hugged and kissed! He does seem to look sad for some reason, but he releases Betty so she can hug Kate. He does smile though.

"Yeah, yeah…in Afghanistan, if you ain't good to the cook, the cook might poison your meal." he teases lightly. "Just kidding."

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