2019-04-24 - When a Wolf and Raven Find Mischief and a Crow


Tracking down the God of Mischief yields more information than the God-Wolf or his Raven expected.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Apr 24 21:47:46 2019
Location: Central Park

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There are not very many citizens of Asgard that Fenris has much kind of rapport with. Sure, he's not actively hostile to them, but this is what one gets when one has a big sign hanging around one's neck saying 'I will fight against you at the end of all things and devour the king while I'm at it.' Despite that, there are still some of his fellows that Fenris remembers with some fondness and might feel inclined to speak to about… impending unfortunate things.

This time the weave of fate had been far less certain than usual in its suggestions of who might show up where, so it's a matter on convenience really that Fenris had to be in this area anyway at about midday and that there's a hot dog stand nearby. The Old Wolf may be QUITE wealthy… but he doesn't often live like it.

So instead he's got two with mustard and onions sitting at a table in Central Park reminiscing with the blonde next to him. "… that was, oh, what was it. Four hundred years ago? We were I was in Italy at the time and you… were you with me then? Or had you gone down the silk road to visit family in China?"

He's keeping an eye on the path nearby. If someone is going to show up it should be soon but his sense for these things is far, far from infallible.

Loki hates to hide, to be stuck in a dark hole, but…given the current situation, he'd rather not get tagged by an Egyptian wizard or Odin-knows-what-else. So, he has his hair pulled back into a low ponytail, a hoodie on and up, that is dark green, tight black pants, black, low boots, and sunglasses. He is occassionally enacting low level illusions whenever he spots a cop or someone who might be with one of the embassies. He certainly has plenty to do…flitting here and there, gathering this nugget of information, then hunting down the next, all while staying out of the eye of people who might care to arrest him. Despite his visual dodge, the subtle scent of the Frost Giant is a peculiar one, for those that can smell the difference. Just the same way that Loki can sense, as he gets nearer, that there's a whoooole bunch of magic altering a form nearby. Not to mention also Astryd. He slows his steps though, his mind siezing this new information and jamming it into the current events, trying to piece together what he needs to before there's an accidental Ragnarok. His boots come to a halt about 20 feet away and he tucks his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. Its a standoff of sorts, waiting to see what sort of reaction Fenris and his companion are going to have before he gets too close.

The stern looking blonde next to Fenris has an aura about her, it's not as … harsh … as the God-Wolfs but it's there and it's not softened when she chuckles at the question that's asked. "You're getting old, my heart, if you must ask if I was there. Perhaps you were travelling with another blonde?"

She shakes her head though. "No, I wasn't with you. Remember we needed that cloth that was only woven on the highest mountain when the sun and moon touched? Of course, I did get distracted for a few years before returning …"

Her cold grey eyes rise to the newcomer and the smile widens. "Well, it's nice to know that *this* time you didn't read the threads of Fate incorrectly. I think this is who you are waiting for."

Fenris' eyes are not all seeing but the reaction, the sort of stop and look because there's something you don't see every day, does help him identify people he might be looking for. With a smile he holds up an as yet untouched hot dog and waggles it, offering it.

He has no idea if Loki likes this kind of food, but over the centuries he's grown fond of Midgardian street food.

"Misread one weave and you hear about it for the next decade." He murmurs to Astryd with a grin, waiting for Loki to approach. If indeed that is Loki. The sly god of mischief is pretty good at hiding when he doesn't want to be found, even if it's not his favorite thing to do.

Loki holds up his arm and glances towards a nearby tree. Some suitably impressive entourage calling is what that is. Then he starts approaching Fenris and Astryd. "Waiting for me?" he purrs out a familiar tone and then stops his feet again, near to their seat. He doesn't take the hot dog. "What brings you here…and do not say fate. There is some reason you have come to New York."

"Misread a weave, have your favourite koa wood guitar smashed up and your favourite shirt torn up because someone threw an axe at you, you mean." The blonde smirks, grey eyes not moving from Loki. "We may have been, will you join us. He doesn't bite …. well, not often."

"Come to New York? We've been here some time, actually. It's a delightful city, don't you think. And why not Fate? We're all doomed, are we not, to follow the pattern and repeat it, time and time again."

There's a side long look to the dark haired man beside her. "Well, I suppose I'm not going to be able to tease you about misreading weaves for awhile."

Reno walks in carrying a bag of something and seems to be munching on what is presumably a bagel sandwich. He walks up behind Loki, and stops beside him and looks at the arm and then up at the tree and stares and waits. Meanwhile the bag is handed to Loki while the short Latino continues to stare at the tree. "Here, boss. I got you a sandwich. Thought you'd be hungry after all that walkin around this morning." He stops arching an eyebrow, looks at the pair walking this way, takes a bite of his own sandwich, and waves it at them.

Fenris pushes the hot dog forward and… stops when he sees Reno come carrying that sandwich. "Friend of yours? He's welcome to sit with us as well." As he's saying that to Loki he motions for Reno to join them at the table.

"As Astryd says we've been here for about a century. Not that long in the scheme of things. Sometimes we take little vacations. But yes we were waiting for you, sort of. I'd heard you'd had some trouble. It's hard not to when the Pesedjet are screaming for your blood from the proverbial rooftops."

Fenris gives Astryd a small smile and looks back to Loki. "Of course neither of us quite believe it. It didn't really seem your style. But there's more trouble come to town and I thought you should know of it."

He looks to Reno then and inclines his head. "Hello. I don't think we've met. I'm Fenris. Or Ulric, if I'm in mortal company. You're a comapnion of Loki, I take it?"

The mischief-maker comes over and takes a seat, after taking the bagel from Reno. He cuts his eyes in a direction there is nothing in, then settles himself with his knees wide. A royal claiming a throne. "It is good to have a companion you can trust…for centuries. Being completely alone is a recipe for death. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but you say there is more yet?" Loki just lays his hand over his bagel and doesn't take it out to eat it yet. He seems to be staring at Fenris, then Astryd in turn.

"Thoths handmaidens say they're in a dreadful temper. The appearance of your knife in the chest of their priestess hasn't gone well." Astryd answers. "There's some conjecture in the Underworlds though, that all wasn't as it seems." Underworlds. Plural.

Reno's arrival has the wayward Valkyries eyes turning to him. "Natasha, in this variation. Astryd, for those of Asgard."

Reno seems to be well aware of his place in the food chain, but also not unfamiliar with Asgardians to lose his faculties being scared or fanbirding either. When he's spoken to directly he considers all his options and votes to eat and then answer. The smile warming his face is entirely genuine, "Wow, yeaaah I heard about you guys!" Okay fanbirding a little bit. "Uhhh Reno. Reno Cordova. Nice t'meetchoo. Yeah, I worked for Loki for a bit now. Usually I'm smaller, um," He makes a vague circle at Loki's shoulder with his hand, "Thereish. Sorry. I'm rambling. I get nervous and do that when I- wait…underworlds?" The crow man blinks and looks to Astryd and then Loki and then back.

Loki lids his eyes faintly. "He is not originally of Asgard, but he is of Asgard /now/." Seeing as he himself isn't originally of Asgard, that's something he can claim. The underworlds have something to say? What of Hades…or whatever /spawn/ has taken his place? Or the dark veil of the fey? I have been suspicious." He niether confirms nor denies killing anyone. Defending himself is a last resort!

Fenris chuckles at the explanation. "Wanted a Raven of your own did you?" It's a little bit of a tease and the God-Wolf - well the human he appears to be - inclines his head.

"Pleased to meet you Reno. It's good to know that Loki has someone he can count on."

Gods only know, Fenris isn't that even if he's fonder of the Mischeif Maker than most.

The question of the underworlds gets a knowing smile. Astryd can answer that. She gets around there quite a lot and that's how he himself hears a lot of things.

"What do you know of Otherworld? Either of you. And the denizens thereof? You're both, I presume, familiar with the attempt that was made on Baldur's life some weeks past?"

"I guess you could say I'm no longer of Asgard. Odin One-Eye doesn't like it when his Raven has ideas of her own." The blonde smiles and gestures. "Sit, please, you are welcome at our table, Reno Cordova."

"The denizens of the Underworlds all talk, Loki and when one knows who to talk to, one can learn a lot." The blonde takes a sip from the drink in front of her. "You don't think I've been idle for the two thousand years since Odin cast me out, did you?"

Reno forgets about the underworld and stuff for a moment and says, genuinely touched, "I think that's the nicest thing anyone's said about me without needin a favor." It takes so very little to keep some people happy. He looks to Fenris with a lopsided grin of agreement. "Eeeh he pulled my tail out of the fire and hooked me up so, ya know, he earned it." here's an abrupt halt when 'Natasha' mentions denizens "Wooooah woah woah, c'mon I know some those folks in the underworld. Suuuure they got some unfinished business but ya know they're people working at a deficit and like… stuff. Look it's wrong of us to judge em just cause some ghost is strugglin and…sometimes they're really pretty gooey."

"I know you have not been idle. Your movements sometimes gained attention." Now, Loki pulls out the sandwich. "How has the rehabilitation been going? Midgard is full of father's exiles…but I am concerned about one of them in particular. Is there a price for your knowledge?" Loki leans on the table and then takes a bite of the treat. His other hand comes up and rests for a moment on Reno's shoulder. In the presence of other hunters…

"Oh?" Fenris grins. "Which one?" Midgard seems to have turned into an Asgardian halfway house, there's no mistaking that. Fortunately the planet is large enough that they don't have to share rooms. They don't often even have to share continents even if a lot of them are doing at the moment.

"A price, no not per se. I'm hoping you'll do something constructive with it, but think of this as my way of nudging the story so that it doesn't turn out the way it was planned."

Ah, yes. Fenris and Astryd do this. Whether or not one believes them they are big believers in fate. Specifically that it exists, that it is directed, and that it can be defied. And probably SHOULD be defied. If Loki's been around at all during Fenris exile he's probably heard something like this before. And if not, well, he may have heard it prior to the Old Wolf's exile.

"We're doing alright, though. For most definitions of alright. Astryd took a nasty dose of dream venom earlier." And Reno and Loki will hear about how in just a moment.

"I do not think, Reno…" Fenris laughs a little. "That Astryd much judges the dead outside which heaven or hell they go to. Do you, love?" She'll speak of 'work' often but… well, it's been interesting to watch her definition of 'battle' and 'hero' expand over the years. Certainly she thinks differently of mortals than she used to.

"Otherworld, if you've not been, is like Alfhiem. On drugs. There is a particular breed of nasty faerie that lives there. They call themselves the 'True Fae'. I'm not sure how true they are but they're a challenge even for me to put down… and one of them has come to Midgard. Astryd and I think it was called to kill Baldur after the first attempt failed. We've already spoken to Sif about this. I would not be surprised if it had orders also to… clean up loose ends. Like people the Pesedjet definitely want dead."

Now Fenris looks to Reno again. "Imagine what would happen if your boss were to die and it looked like the Pesedjet had taken matters into their own hands. Why, the two groups might well come to blows. I think someone wants that."

"My rehabilitation has been … successful, I think." Astryd smirks at Loki. The blonde looks at Reno though and laughs just a little. "When one can walk the Underworlds, Reno Cordova, one finds more than just ghosts." Walk the Underworlds, that's what the Raven said. "But I do not judge them, as Fenris rightly says, just guide the souls of the worthy … home. I have my contacts amongst the different pantheons and I know how to listen. I also know that what they say often, isn't what they mean. Hence our coming to find your boss."

As Fenris describes Otherworld and the Fae, the blonde turns her interest to her drink. "What do you know of the Sluagh, or The Host?" They might have heard of The Host or the restless dead, as Midgardian tales often relate.

Reno looks concerned and nods in slow agreement now that, ya know, people are being fair to teh deceased and all. Figures crows get worked up about this stuff. "Awww Alfheim?" He looks to Loki and shakes his head, "Yeah those guys was pretty nice except when that one lil dude tried to cover me in sugar and bite me. That was not okay to do." He considers this and says "Sounds a lot like teh movie Princess Bride." Looking to Loki he grins and flaps his hand ina circle, "My cousin Earnesto caught me up on that one. Has Mandy Patinkin in it. You'll dig em. Good hair. " He considers, "Sluagh like those pale like what? Scottish? Lil Russian things haunt stuff. Wait for it to die and turn their souls into music or somethin? Or I fell asleep watching VH-1 Behind the Music. I f'get which. Ummmm what… what happens to teh dead people caught in the middle of some asshole being… well an asshole? We know?"

Loki arches his dark brows and finally removes the sunglasses, revealing the green eyes behind them. "You think that whoever is behind this has sent an assassin to kill Sif and myself? There's one more that should concern you. Hodr. He's here too, of course. And being ever more drawn into the light. I think this has to do with him. In the paths you speak of, the fates, its Hodr that kills Baldur. That's all my father wanted to hear. That alone was enough to bury my brother on this realm for 2000 years." Loki's voice grows quieter, the silvertongue weaving a tale through each syllable. The /way/ that he pronounces, extends, holds onto a letter, somehow paint a picture in the mind, bringing the words to life. "Like you…Fenris…my old companion, and Astryd, I have sought out ways to break the path and allow it divergences. But this is because I actually know that its hardly Hodr's fault. The guilt will rest upon me…who tricks it into happening." Loki draws in a deep breath. "I have missed you…but I hope you understand why our paths had to diverge. It makes me nervous, even now, to be so close. One slip back to the path and we are riding into Ragnarok together." The Prince then looks at Reno for a moment. "I can't decide if you are asking where people go that have been devoured by a monster, or…bystander deaths? They go to the great battlefields where they fight against the warriors of Valhalla to try to earn their place. Well, those that believe in those ways. People know, in their heart, where their soul belongs."

Fenris gestures to Loki by way of his explantion to Reno's question. "Rather depends on the soul yes. Astryd could tell you more, but I've learned from her that there are some underworlds that particularly covet certain souls. The manner of their death doesn't always matter. It's usually the manner of their life that counts."

Odin for example, really wants warriors.

"I know… we know, Loki. The cycle of fate tightens and our chances to slip it grow fewer and fewer. I had though, for a time, that Astryd and I had managed to damage it enough that its hold had loosened somewhat. And I think, for a time, it had. But now it's…" Things are moving again, and quickly.

"One of the ones the mortals call Unseelie was called into the world recently. On the very day that you were accused, I believe. Astryd and I spent some time hunting it. We caught it, and wounded it but it has our scent now. I believe it will go for Baldur first, and strike at you, or Sif or possibly Hod as a matter of opportunity. You can't prove your innocense if you're dead, after all."

Reno gets a knowing smile. "If you've been with Loki for a while I imagine you've gotten into some… tight situations with him. This one, I should think, will be tighter than usual. I hope you're ready." There's a pause and a questioning look on his face. "Wait. It took you how long to see the Princess Bride?"

That movie is a classic damn it. Well, it is by mortal standards. By Fenris', it just came out yesterday.

"One of the Sluagh was summoned. I had quite the fight to remove its claw." Astryd nods. "It bit me and I Dreamed for many days due to its venom." Fenris hadn't liked that, not at all. Dreamed of nightmares and more. "There are as many ways to venerate your dead as there are Underworlds, it's true. It's … comforting to be able shepherd them, though. Some, those who die alone, I just sit with and bear Witness to their passing. I have learned the ways of many Underworlds."

There's a tale among Mortals about that. They say the Stranger appears and keeps vigil and when the body is found, a single feather is left nearby.

"The Princess Bride! I admit that's a favourite. I'm rather fond of Carey Elwes, truth be told."

"As to Fate, Loki. We can feel the threads tightening about us and it is something we would rather avoid."

Reno looks to Fenris and admits on teh tight situations, "Well I did have to lay in wait in a mailbox once. Wasn't too comfortable." There's comisseration for ya. Looking to Loki the lone Latino looks concerned. "Look, not that I don't think you can handle it, Lok, but that ain't eh best news." Looking to Fenris Reno claims his innocence, "I was gone since '64 man. They didn't have it on region 19780 disks in Vanaheim yet for me t'watch. I'm workin on catchin up, man. But yeah I know!" He takes another fretting bite of his bagel sandwich and finally asks, "Sooo whatta we gotta do to keep people not dead?" He's a simple guy, but not without focus. Okay he lacks focus but not heart or concern in the matter.

"Odin's /beaaard/!!" Loki grits out between his teeth. He smacks his hand on the table and looks ready to just…throw the whole table. The fury takes over fast, and its a /rare/ display. His face contorts and he truly does look angry. He works his jaw. Not great news. No. Astryd's already had the venom…the nightmares. He clenches the hand he smacked against the table before and his thumb runs back and forth over his knuckles. Thinking. Thinking. Grabbing little ideas here and there, trying to form an epiphany. "Maybe…we kill Baldur. Falsely, but publicly. Take him back to Asgard by the secret ways. Then…deal with the beast as we narrow the suspects for starting this war. I do not know this Princess Bride, but…I know that no political marriage will solve this. "

Fenris smiles a thin smile. Loki is right to be angry. This is a rather upsetting kind of thing. Him? He'll go for grim humor. His temper is… not something he wants to indulge. Loki had mentioned little slips putting them on the road to Ragnarok. Indulging his temper would be one such slip.

"I would say good luck. The Baldur I remember would face anything come hell or high water, don't you think Astryd? Of course, he may have changed over the years. If you can convince him to go along with that plan then…" It has a chance of working. It also has a chance of bringing trouble to Asgard itself, but there are no options right now that do not.

"I fashioned a weapon, a knife, out of the claw Astryd hacked off. We gave it to Sif. It should prove potent against that being if someone wielding it can get close enough to use it."

If. Faeries are… tricksy beings. But Loki is Tricksy himself.

"Truly, I knew that the people behind the region locking scheme had bigger plans…" That Vanaheim should be region locked is a little bit hilarious, really. He wonders who is running that show. He would have thought perhaps Loki but since Loki is here, perhaps not.

"I do know ONE of the Pesedjet who might be reasonable, though her influence with Ra is limited. She's in town too. Though if you go see her you might want to bring her the offering… of a bird."

Reno gets a wink there. Fenris is teasing again. Or… is he?

"You should really get Reno to show you the tale, Loki, when you have time. No political marriage will solve this… but as tales by mortals go, it's a pretty good story. Far better than the stories they used to tell of us back in the day. Has Loki regaled you with the… annoying fallout of the Mortal's inventiveness, Reno?"

Why, the things they said about Fenris and he. Astryd has heard all the variations, of course.

"Does Odin still have his beard?" Astryd asks mildly. She's used to the Gods and their tempers. More importantly, she's used to the God-Wolf, his temper and the chaos it invites. It pays for her to remain calm, or as a calm as she can. Reno get smirks from the Raven "I imagine the mailbox wasn't comfortable at all. Could you not find the hacks to remove the region coding on your player? I suppose not all hardware sports them. Those Down Under though, seem to have made an art of it."

"If you think Baldur would listen, Loki. The one I remember is not likely to. He'll insist, if I'm not mistaken, in standing at the forefront and using himself as bait. And Hodr …" the blonde shakes her head "… he runs from his fate so hard, he invites it."

Interesting concept that.

There's a soft chuckle at the mention of mortals inventiveness. "Just be thankful, my heart, they haven't discovered that I ride your great great grandson." Oh, the stories that would result from that.

Reno looks to 'Natasha' like she grew a second head. "Have you tried asking a Dwarf for a fav-" and the words are cut off withte hand to the table.

Finally the bird man breathes. Were he in his other form he might have somehow laid an egg. Thankfully this is not the case. Reno lifts a hand but thinks better of patting the God of Mischief on teh shoulder right now. Frankly he's impressed he's not split in two to pace again. Dizzying that is. "Hey..> Boss…." Small voice. Encouragement he hopes, "Hey youre like the smartest guy I know. You'll figure it out." He considers and backpeddles, "Wihtout using me like a lawn dart. I'm sure we'll find a way and, like, ya know, some bad people? Eh they can suffer or somethin. Maybe… Maybe they just dunno."

Loki lifts a hand. "He knows the rumors and what truths I could remember." Loki murmurs, cutting off that line of talking before it even starts. "You are right about Baldur…but its a good plan. So maybe we just don't tell him about it, until its done. Getting him not to spoil it is the difficult part. I /would/ enjoy fighting my brethren though…that's an appealing part of that plan, getting to really stretch." Loki makes a humming sound and then looks to Astryd. "You say that you can get to all the Underworlds…there's a weapon I had once upon a time. It would come in handy now. As you say, difficult to get close. But with a bow…with the Godkiller, it would not be necessary." That's when Loki leans closer to Reno and reaches out his hand to cup the back of his neck. "Worry not, Reno, I would not trade you." a beat. "Especially not when there is bound to be so many eager volunteers for bait."

"Godkiller… there's a name I've not heard in some time. I always assumed the rumors that you had it no longer were just idle malicious gossip. It's in the underworld, though, you say?"

The Old Wolf looks to the Valkyrie. "Do you think you can find it? Or at least, rumors of where it might lie?"

Loki's old bow. Now THAT would be a handy thing to have right now, with one of the True Fae on the loose and gunning for Baldur. And possibly a few others as well.

"Oh I didn't say you'd have to trade him. I'm sure Bast would be happy with simply borrowing you for a bit, Reno." Okay now Fenris, IS teasing and it's possible Loki will pick up on that. Reno? Well… Reno may not know the God Wolf well enough, though he might still.

The idea of Loki enjoying fighting Baldur, well, that gets a smile. "No doubt you would enjoy that. I dare say all of us here would enjoy watching. The question is, I think, how much time do we have? My sense is… not much."

At least, not much before it makes its first try.

Godkiller. 2500 years ago, he used that bow to devastating effect against the Frost Giants, while Thor used a spear and well, basically everyone was just trying out the various cool weapons in the armory back then and such. Loki lost it supposedly, during a bad bifrost trip where there were enemies also pulled in, sending it spiraling to places unknown.

Astryd's pale brows rise at Reno's starting to panic. "I have, in fact. It was an invigorating negotiation. I got a fine work out indeed before they agreed to my request." Is she kidding the crow? Probably not but the cold look in her eyes, warms a little as they sparkle.

Loki's words though get her focus, laser sharp. "Not all, God of Mischief. I did not say that. Just … many." Perhaps, most. "There are some that I can access where I am far welcome, too. But yes, my heart, I can ask about it, find out which realm it currently resides. That, on its own will require some doing and may require certain … offerings … but from there I'll know how we might retrieve it. Or not."

"Where do you recall last having it, Loki?"

Reno blinks, eyes wider. He's jostled so very slightly. "Oh…sure… right." Not comforting! Reno's brow furrows. Nervous lil dude, but he doesn't move or protest. Since he can't run, and won't let himself, he takes the last bite of his sandwich and eats it. He nods slowly and offers to Loki finally looking, "You uh, you need me to ask around I can see who I can dredge up, man."

"I think that would be wise. You look, Reno, and we'll look and we will see what we can come up with. Hopefully before the True Fae strikes." Though from the tone of his voice, Fenris thinks that's gonna be a near thing.

After all the damn True Fae could make his move tomorrow, if he wanted.

"It's been good seeing you both. You're welcome at our house if ever you need. We extend guest-right, still. Ulric Kerensky. You can find me in the phone book."

The Old Wolf rises. "And if you decide to poke Bast at Rahm-Tek, tell her I said hello. Shall we raven? I need to close things up at the office or you know how they'll get."

Silly mortals.

"Oh, I think I know who has it…and we are not on good terms. If I go to get it, the negotiations will take forever, and there is bound to be magical contracts to sign that will bind me to some deed or another. It hasn't been worth it. But, if someone else goes…the chances are much better, especially if he thinks you are doing it to annoy me." Loki grins crookedly. "I think (Mephisto) has it."

Astryd nods to Reno. "That would be wise, but be circumspect. If they think there are multiple players for the bow, they may bargain harder. I'm not opposed to just … acquiring it but …"

The Raven hisses as Loki drops the name. "Of course he does. Well then, that changes a few things if he still does." A glance to Reno. "Ask about and see what you can find. I'll do the same."

Rising with Fenris, the chilly blonde nods to the men "You are welcome in our home and at our table." She mock sighs at Fenris "If you could contain your aura long enough, we might find a decent manager who could do that for you … but yes, my heart, we shall."

Loki remains for a moment at the table as the others depart. "Wait…give me..something of yours." He says to Astryd. "I can find you anywhere if I have that. It does not need to be something special."

Reno is a crow. It requires no 2 guesses what crows do: they talk to dead shit and sneak food off your plate when you leave it too long. Okay three, they'll also stick their neck way out there when you go an extra mile for them. Remembering his manners after the fact he adds genuinly, 'Aww, hey, really nice meetin theboth of you, and, uh, be careful. Safe paths find ya and all that."

"Yes but if I do it then I look irreplaceable." Fenris teases. He pauses, waiting for Astryd to hand over a handkerchief or a feather or something similar. Then he must be off.

"You as well Reno. Fair winds to you and don't play too much with cats. And you Loki. Be safe."

There's a wink.

"If you've learned how. Farewell until next time."

The blonde pauses as she and the God-Wolf start to walk off, turning to look at the god of mischief cooly. "You could, yes and that might be a problem. You might not like how you find me …"

Still the woman reaches up and removes a pendant she wears on a thong about her neck. It's a small, tear drop crystal with an outline of a Wolf inscribed on it. "Take this. I would like it back when we're done, though."

Handing that over, she turns to follow Fenris.

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