2019-04-23 - Visiting Hours End At Eight


So maybe coming in after hours wasn't the best idea…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 23 18:33:19 2019
Location: Botanic Gardens

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The Botanical Gardens are lovely early in the Spring, particularly later in the evening when few people are around to visit. They normally don't stay open this late, but exceptions are sometimes made.

This is one of those exceptions, as Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy, needed to have a little time to think. And gather some seeds to spread in the Disaster Zone. Currently she's talking to one of the plants, coaxing a flower to open so she can gather a few samples. She could do this during the day, of course, but then her appearance still makes the mundanes a bit nervous. Currently she's wearing her black-and-green body suit, as opposed to the more exotic garb she was prone to have during her supervillain days…

Batgirl had been patrolling most of the late evening when she intercepted a 911 call reporting that Poison Ivy was 'attacking' the gardens!

Altering her current patrol route, she sped off toward the gardens in a bid to get there before law enforcement had a chance to mobilize and make matters worse. She estimated there would be a five minute window before any units arrived since the 911 dispatcher transferred the caller to the non-emergency number at the appropriate precinct. They weren't taking it too seriously. yet.

Arriving, Batgirl made her way to the building and slipped inside, scanning the area for any signs of trouble. It wasn't long before she heard the quiet voice talking.

Ivy, meanwhile, is blissfully unaware of any 911 calls as she continues collecting seeds and samples. Occasionally, she lingers, just looking at some of the plants, then she shakes her head a bit and continues on.

She hasn't seemed to notice Batgirl just yet, her back to the crimefighter as she tends to the garden. Even if it isn't exactly hers… her posture definitely indicates a level of respect for the plants here.

Slowing her approach, Batgirl watched for a moment. Curious. Sure, she'd seen Ivy behave like this before, but this time struck her as being different somehow.

Quietly she spoke, still more than five meters away. "Someone called 911. They said Poison Ivy was attacking the gardens. The Police don't seem to be taking the report too seriously just yet." She stands and watches, making no hostile moves for the moment.

Poison Ivy tilts her head, then sighs and glances over her shoulder at Batgirl, "Typical. My government 'handlers' arranged this time outside of normal hours so I could do some harvesting. I thought it would be a nice touch for the area I'm helping regrow in the Disaster Zone." She grits her teeth, "They do not make this easy, let me tell you."

Batgirl tilts her head. "Handlers? Government?" She rests her right hand on her hip. "Can't say I was expecting to hear that from you…" She continues, "Not that I'm upset. If it's true." She looks to the plants then back to Ivy. Was it a trick?

Batgirl gets a wry look at that, as Ivy leans against the railing, turning to face the vigilante, "Well, I was rotting away in Ryker's when I was offered a deal. Stay put in there, or have a limited amount of freedom in exchange for regrowing some of the blighted areas of the Disaster Zone. So I swallowed my pride and decided that was a good idea." She grins a little crookedly at Batgirl, "But yes, I've been holding up my end of the bargain. So far so good, as they say."

Batgirl relaxes a little at that. "I'm glad you did. So you're the one helping recover from the Blitz. That's a commendable bit of work." She glances around, "It's not the government giving you grief this time, it's locals who don't know you're trying to help. Jumping to conclusions is a popular pastime after all." She takes a few steps forward but not threateningly.

Ivy chuckles, "Of course, but would they prefer that I come by in the middle of the day when they'd actually be here." She smiles a little more genuinely at Batgirl's complement, "And… thanks. I appreciate that. Truthfully."

Batgirl smiles wryly. "Always one to break or bend the rules, mm?" She looks at the plants. "I'm not sure regular business hours would be any better. At least dressed like that.." She then begins to turn. "But, other than trespassing after hours, you're not breaking the law. This isn't the sort of B-and-E I chase down, admittedly." She pauses, finger tips pressed to the side of her cowl over her right ear. Looking back, "Sounds like the local PD is going to send a cruiser by. I'd guess you've got two maybe three minutes.." A half smile. "It's nice to see you doing good, Ivy. You were always better than your past actions made you seem."

Poison Ivy grins wryly, "Well, thank you. It's… nice to be focused on regrowing things. You should, well, I live out in the Disaster Zone, where I've done some work already. You could come by, if you wanted to, uh, visit?" She tilts her head, "Fortunately, I'm mostly done here. And I'm sure the government would rather I not get involved in a skirmish with the police, so…" She sighs a bit, eyes rolling just a touch. Girl just can't catch a break.

Batgirl nods. "I'll stop by" she promises. Then a nod. "It's always better to avoid contact with the police.." she smiles wryly given her own background. "We should go out the back, probably." She moves to fall in beside Ivy.

Ivy grins, "Yeah, a bit odd to be doing this with you, Batgirl." She chuckles and falls into step behind Batgirl, the local flora instinctively shifting to help shroud them from view, just in case the cops are a little faster than Batgirl's estimates…

Batgirl laughs. "Right? But I won't complain. I'd rather not have to go toe to toe with you, anyway.." She steps outside and waits for Ivy before making sure the door is closed. "I'll get into the security system and make sure no one sees your visit happened." Or hers, of course. The flash of headlights from the patrol car sweep across the open spaces around the building. "Looks like they came a little early."

Poison Ivy looks mildly irritated at that, "Well, I trust you have a way out for yourself. Growing vines here would be a little… conspicuous." Well, at least she's not advocating for making a giant Venus Flytrap to eat the cop car.

Or else she's just thinking it and is smart enough not to say it. Either way.

Batgirl laughs lightly. "I do. Do you.. need a ride?" She gestures to her bike which is hidden behind a few shrubs near the cargo doors of the building.

Pamela wrinkles her nose, "Well, not electric, but beggars can't be choosers." She moves with Batgirl towards the bike, a wry expression on her face as she just can't help herself. When Batgirl gets on the bike, Poison Ivy slips gracefully on behind her, hanging on for dear life as… well, look, she's seen how the Bat-people drive.

Batgirl nods. "I'm looking at electric. But, right now, none of them offer what I need. I may have to design my own.." she shrugs and starts up the bike. It rumbles quietly as the two prepare to depart. Accelerating easily, the lights off to lower the chance of being seen, Batgirl slowly takes the bike out to the street before the lights come on and she speeds up - only to the posted limits. They're not out trying to attract any more attention than, well, two would be vigilante types will cause rolling through the city together.

Soon they're heading toward the disaster area that Ivy indicated was her current home.

Poison Ivy's head rests on Batgirl's shoulder as she says, "Wait, you wanted to see it now?" She chuckles a bit, as the bike passes through familiar areas, to her at least. Then she shrugs and gives the caped vigilante directions, continuing to hang on while Batgirl does the driving.

Batgirl shrugs, "I was just going to give you a ride there? I wasn't inviting myself over. Was there some place else you'd rather be dropped off?" She slows the bike down in case there are a change of directions.

Ivy chuckles, as the bike eventually pulls up to the edge of a overgrown grove, the shrubbery and trees providing a modicum of privacy from any eavesdroppers on the outside. "Here is fine, Batgirl." She smiles wryly, "Wasn't expecting the lift but… thank you. Also thanks for talking first instead of punching." She straightens up, and when the bike stops, hops nimbly off the motorcycle, glancing back at Batgirl.

Batgirl remains on the bike, steadying it as Ivy climbs off. She nods, "You're welcome. And you're welcome. It didn't seem like you were there to get into or cause trouble. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm glad it turned out this way, too." She offers a wave. "Have a good night, Ivy. I'll stop by soon." Then with a little rev of the bike, she rolls off, disappearing into the night.

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