2019-04-23 - A providential healing


After being wounded while fighting against several criminals in Hell's kitchen's street, Matt was found and healed by Thea, that introduced herself to him.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 23 00:00:00 2019
Location: hell's kitchen

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this late at night, people are either working if they have their night shift or home sleeping, so the streets are almost empty and those who still can be seen wandering around are either returning home or intent in some not so lecit activities, at least in the darker halleys of hell's kitchen. One of these darker places is actually the arena of Daredevil's return to action after a brief but, in his opinion at least, well earned pause.
Dressed in his red costume, the man without fear is currently facing what seems to be a full gang of tughs or, at least, seems at the end of the conflict. Light is definitely scarce, the streetlamps misteriously turned off, and so it would be a bit difficult to see for average people, Matt however for obvious reasons doesn't have this problem and his fighting skills doesn't seem to be impaired too much by the various superficial injuries he has sustained during the night, nor by a left leg that may be broken, the tibia fractured at its midst but fortunately not breaking through the skin.
Unable to place his weight on his left leg, Matt is currently using a serie of throws, his right hip as leverage, to debilitate whoever gets close enough to him.

Sleep is one of those things Thea can do without, at least from time to time. Hair that is currently platinum blond hangs over her shoulder in a complicated braid, bouncing with her steps. She's slightly dressy, as if she's been out for drinks or maybe a really late dinner, heels clicking against the pavement.

For her, it's hard to miss the fight going on, injured bioscans that are like a blaring beacon for someone with her talents. Steps will quicken a bit, as she pays attention to what's going on. She can see one man, with a broken leg no less!, is being ganged up on. "Didn't anyone ever tell you boys to fight fair?" One of the toughs going to Matt will turn to look, before he's gasping for air, dropping to his knees in panic.

Matt Murdock ducks, grabbing a man's wrist with his right hand and turning anticlockwise, flipping the man over his shoulder and then to the ground, his hand moving downwards to snap the man's wrist as it falls, then straightens again standing on his right leg, turning clockwise this time to send a left hook in the ribs of an approaching opponent, following with a right uppercut and a left elbow, aimed this time at another approaching man. Of course his style right now is a bit stationary, and the trained observer could see he is using flawlessly executed judo throws, mixed with boxing and even a couple of kempo knifehand strikes.
By now there are mainly three categories of gangers. The ones unconscious or in various states of injury on the floor, the ones being paniked by Thea, and the ones who just ran away at full speed.

Thea will hold the thug she'd picked in her power until he passes out. She'll let go then, before her eyes turn to glance over everyone. "Well, you certainly are popular. But we should maybe cut your evening short. Your left tibia is fractured, and if you're not careful, you'll shift it, make the break worse, and it will come out through your skin. It's not a pleasant sight."

She doesn't do much for small talk, as she draws closer with empty hands. "Come on, let me help you get somewhere safe and quiet, so I can help fix that leg of yours before it gets worse." She will smile at the man in the mask and suit. "Call me River. I just want to help."

Matt Murdock turns and shifts his weight on his right leg, making sure noone is around, at least in fighting conditions, before giving his full attention to the talking woman. "I won't even ask how you know…" he mumbles, his heartrate and breathing obviously faster than average but, for someone that has been fighting like that with a broken leg it looks a bit, anormally slow.
"Ok river, ok… Lead the way, then" he says, placing his left foot with all weight backward and to the side, so that it will mainly be absorbed by the fibula and not the tibia, not all of it at least.

There's a low, husky laugh, before she comes closer, moving to slide under his left arm to try and help support the weight. "I can see a lot of things. Blood pressure, pulse, injuries, infections.. It's..my mutation." There's just that slight hesitation, before she confesses that she is, in fact, a mutant.

"I have to hand it to you, for a guy with a broken leg, your throws were spot on and damn near flawless. If you don't mind me saying so." She will lead him just a little way, to an alley where there's some steps for a side entrance to a building long quiet. "So, I'm not used to this, but is it okay if I heal you?"

Matt Murdock leans slightly on the woman, to relieve a bit of pressure from his left leg, and actually, a good scan of his body would reveal that he is tricking his body to feel less pain than it should feel. "thank you, lots of practice mainly… Surely around here you don't have a lack of sparring partners for sure…" he comments, letting himself be led to the steps of the building.
"That is a very, useful mutation for sure." is his answer when learning of the woman's power, followed with a soft smile aimed her way "it is, as long as you don't have to steal my soul, feel free to…"

"You have your own methods of pain suppression. Meditation teaching?" She'll ask, pleasantly curious without trying to get too intimate. She will crouch down, hands smoothing down over the injured leg, touch light and impersonal. "It's got its pros and cons. But that's for another day." She will look up at him, a faint smile. "Your soul is yours. I've no use for it, really. My own is trouble enough."

There's a soft little chuckle, before her eyes lower to his leg. There's a deep breath in and out, and Matt will notice her vitals settle into a state closer to what one has when in deep meditation or sleep. She's fallen silent and still, but he will feel a heat that fills his leg from within, before there's a feeling like pins and needles, like his leg has fallen asleep.

Matt Murdock smiles again and nods "meditation, yes…" he admits "it is useful in so many occasions…" he mumbles, leaning a bit backwards and actually letting his body rest while the woman does his magic on his leg.
Smiling slightly, he lets her do, and a sure thing is that she won't feel observed at all. Matt has slowed his breathing as well as his heartrate too, now, his vitals showing hims as almost a rested man, signs of fatigue already starting to fade, as well as the pain in his leg even if this is not because of his doing. Only the strange woman to thank for that!

The pins and needles will get to an almost painful point, before it tapers off and fades, leaving a warm, relaxed feeling to his leg. Matt may be able to realize that the bone is whole again, even as other injuries and bruises start that tingling with warmth. As it goes on, her heartbeat gets faster, breathing rate a bit more quickened, as if putting effort into it.

Eventually, she will push herself to stand, looking at the man reclining on this stoop in the middle of the night. "Your discipline is excellent. Most people can't control their vitals that well." Her voice sounds more fragile, tired, as she speaks. A hand runs up over her hair and down along that braid. "But at least your leg is whole again, and you don't have to worry about that mess."

Matt Murdock closes his eyes, not that it makes any difference, and waits for the odd sensation to fade, even feeling it over his other bruises, but when it passes the leg is wole, and he looks definitely better. "Thanks, River…" he says, referring probably both to the healing and the discipline compliment "You sound quite, tired, though… May I suggest you rest for a bit? I'd feel quite, guilty, if you passed out while walking home because you spent all your energy to help me, you know…" he pushes himself slightly upwards, making room on the steps for the woman, should she wish to rest for a moment

Thea will snicker, though she will take up that silent offer, and sit on the steps. "I'm not likely to pass out or anything so dramatic. But it can be tiring, broken bones and bullet holes are the hardest, really." She leans back on her elbows, stretching her legs out in front of her, pointing her toes. "I'm relatively sure now you could have done it yourself in a few days, but now you can get jumped tomorrow." There's a teasing note in there. "I get the feeling you get ganged up on a lot."

Matt Murdock chuckles slightly at the woman's words, shaking even his head a bit "it's actually not so bad, I even have some days to rest from time to time…" he replies, leaning backwards on the wall of the building, extending his legs in front of him "sooner or later, they will hopefully learn that is not a good idea and stop, till then I can wait… I'm a patient man, after all" he smiles, tilting his head to the side "thank you for your help, River." he adds again

She will chuckle. "Sounds like so much fun." There's sarcasm in her voice, as she tilts her head to the side to pop her neck. "Sooner or later, hmm? You have far more patience than I. I would hit hard and wait for them to realize it's just going to keep hurting." She pushes to her feet, a look at him. "You're welcome…. and what should I call you?"

Matt Murdock chuckles again "hitting hard is what I do from time to time, but well, I can't do that all the time. Plus, it works if the target is just one, a bit less effective against a swarm…" he explains, turning in the woman's direction at hearing her question "usually people call me, well, daredevil, or the devil of hell's kitchen, around these parts at least…" and indeed it is quite a fitting name considering his costume

"See, I can hit more than one at a time, so I guess I'm lucky." She lifts her eyebrows. "And are you? A daredevil?" There's a hint of a smile to show she's teasing. "I've apparently missed a lot in my years away from New York. Budding heroes everywhere, it seems."

Matt Murdock grins slightly and nods "I am what people need me to be, sometimes… If they want a daredevil, then they'll have a daredevil… But a devil who actually makes sure they can sleep at night, the good ones at least, and that the bad ones can sleep in hospital beds…" he pauses briefly after the reply, his senses doing a quick scan of his surroundings

"Are there such things as good devils and demons? That might be fun to ponder over." Thea says, pursing her lips a moment. "But you're good to go on saving the night from the worst of the darkness, mister Daredevil." She adds a smile at the end of that. "I should probably wander on home and get some rest, just in case someone else trying to do good breaks a leg."

"I suppose" Matt says "it depends on who is the target of said demons and devils… But then, this is an intresting subject, that few people actually delve into." he smiles, pushing himself upwards to stand on his newly healed leg. "it was a pleasure meeting you, River. I'm sure we will meet again, given your, peculiar talent, hm?"

"I am sure I will see you again, Mister Devil." She smiles, before she heads out of the alleyway, back to the street. "After all, New York is the big city that's just like a small town. You take care of that leg now. Don't go tossing away my good work." She will wander back the way she'd come, humming under her breath.

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