2019-04-22 - Refrigeraid


Who dares raid the Avengers' fridge?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Apr 22 21:00:27 2019
Location: Avengers Mansion - Dining Hall

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Barry's been hard at work! First it was SOMEHOW running late to work (he works Forensics for the police), managed then to stop Captain Cold from robbing a bank, AND managed to save at least 15 cats from trees. Its been a full day. But, Barry is a hungry, hungry boy.

Metabolism sucks when your a speedster. The good news? You become a bottomless abyss. Which means Barry can and often will eat out the Avenger's fridge. In costume, Barry ZOOMS through the mansion, foreseen only as a red and gold blur until he screetches to a stop in the kitchen.

He upgraded his suit too!

He's dressed in his Flash suit, though it seems only partially padded and maybe lightly lined with armor. Gotta improve those blunt force trauma hits. He lowers his mask from his head, revealing his dirty blonde hair as he moves to the fridge. "Okay, okay, what did Tony bring home for Lucky Barry? anything? aannyyyyytthhiiiiiiiii-"

Barry rambles for a bit, but this is literally the perfect time for someone to catch him red-handed.

A familiar voice echoes from behind Barry, "If you so much as touch the Boston Cream Pie I have in there, we'll find out how fast you really can run."

The source of the voice is none other than Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, who's currently standing in the doorway to the Dining Hall and giving Flash a rather wry grin. She's currently dressed in her red and blue suit, head tilted as she regards Barry there.

Wait, didn't she leave Earth a decade ago? She came back?!?

Barry sticks his head straight up! A sandwhich wrapped in plastic stuck between his teeth as he looks at Carol, muttering out a muffled 'Cffrol?!'

He takes out the sandwhich and he sets it on the table, and in an instant, he's in front of Carol, offering her a hug. "Your back! Where've you been?! Don't you know how lonely I've been without anyone to quip with? Cap is too serious, Tony is too quippy even for me, and Batman left. Who does that leave me with?" Barry is just giving her the biggest smile imagineable.

Hug or no hug, Barry will give Carol a once-over. "I like the suit."

Carol grins and takes the hug, "Yeah, missed you too slowpoke." She squeezes Barry in the hug once, then takes a step back, "Yeah, decided to upgrade a bit on the suit, Kree had some nice outfits there… but look at you. What's with the armor? Tired of bumping into things at Mach 5?"

She then grins, "But yeah, I think between you, Ted, and I, the quip-quotent will definitely be filled up now. Went to space to try and figure a few things out, about me and my pwoers. And I think I did, more or less."

Barry gives Carol a good hug before he steps back. "Oh nice." he smiles, before he steps back further to give her the full look at the suit. "Yeah! I made it more aerodynamic by giving the gear a bit more of a sharp look. Especially since I don't top out at mach 5 anymore. Now I can fall over and hit things at Mach 10, and I'd rather not turn into a red and yellow paste if I stub my toe and trip." he laughs a little.

"Yeah? Well…I hope you found what you were looking for in the way you were looking for it. I really did miss ya, Carol. So! In celebration, what can I make ya? I promise you won't die of shitty cookin'." he grins, zooming around the kitchen as he apparently is setting out pots and pans.

Carol laughs, "Well, have you finally learned to make decent clam chowder, or do I have to fly to boston for it." She grins, leaning up against the counter, "Got a little place outside the mansion now, but still keeping my room here. Amazed you guys kept it sealed. And uh… didn't dust." She then coughs a little, teasing a bit as JARVIS definitely ran cleaning protocols in there while she was gone.

Barry chuckles. "Oh baby you know it!" he declares confidently and begins the preparation for Carol's favorite clam chowder. "I also finally learned to make pizza from scratch. Though uh…it tends to get a bit too cheesy, right Jarvis?"

The Artificial Intelligence replies with an 'indeed sir. Not even I could clean up the mess easily'.

Barry looks guilty, but he nods. "Oh really? Where you at? of course we kept your room nice and tidy for you. Always told everyone you'd come back."

Carol hmms, "Yeah, I think in that case we go to Chicago for the deep dish." She might be a Boston girl, but she's got a fondness for the deep dish pizza.

Then she hmmms, "Well, after the whole registration thing… I just, well, I kinda got a little sick of things here, and I thought, I got my powers from space. Let's go to space and see what's out there." She shakes her head, "Definitely was an eye opening experience."

"No kidding, huh? Well, I wish I could've gone with ya. But…fast doesn't really mean much if my feet arn't on the ground. Not all of us can fly into the final frontier." He looks her in the eyes, and Barry chuckles. "Just promise me you said-" and in his best Jean-Luc Picard Impression "Engage." end impression. "every time you flew off into parts unknown." he smiles, and his hands are working like lightning, speeding up the cooking process to try and get Carol her meal a little bit quicker.

Carol grins, "Yeah. Though the blank stares I got when I told various Kree to 'Make It So' were priceless." She tilts her head, looking at Barry a moment, then chuckles, "Yeah, that's the thing, you need to keep both feet on the ground. Though it would've been less lonely sometimes, to have at least one person that I could quip with along." She then smirks, "But that was a great way to spot a Skrull saboteur… apparently Earth culture is big with them, so if I saw someone snicker at what I said, well…" She snaps her fingers and takes a seat at a table.

Barry laughs with a 'HA' firmly in the lead as she preaches from the Book of Picard Catch-Phrases. "Man, you never know how much you truly miss somebody until they're back. No one else gets the Trek references." A smirk as he hands her the final product of glorified clam soup. "Oh…I don't want you to try to blast me because I find your quips funny." a grin

Carol chuckles, "Well, apparently I still have to catch up on ten years of pop culture. There's a new Trek series now? And Star Wars movies?" She shakes her head, "Still trying to wrap my brain around all of that."

Barry chuckles. "Oh yeah, we got a whole new trilogy! I like the original the best, but you know how it goes. I'm not a fan of the new series. Doesn't have that uh…" he makes gestures with his hands like he's trying to find the right words. "The OOMF that the previous series have had. Rember Deep Space Nine?" he leans on the counter now, looking into Carol's eyes.

Carol just grins and adopts a bit of a growl, "I'm not Picard." She chuckles, "That was definitely the best series, and I will die on that hill. Plus, it's the one that makes the most sense compared to what it's actually like out there. Thankfully, no Ferengi." She grins, "It's definitely messier than Star Trek would have you think, anyway. That's what I like about it, the fact that it shows that it is work."

She hmms at the Star Wars, then shrugs, "Well, I saw them now, and I think the first of the new ones was too… derivative, but I like where they're going in the second."

Barry looks at Carol and he seems to chuckle just a little bit. "Thank god. you're too off the cuff to run the Enterprise. Me on the otherhand.." he flexes comically as if to say he's the prime choice. But! "Egh, I never did like the Ferengi, but that was the point of the characters, you know? Just living to make the audience absolutely hate them." He seems quite amused by the very though.

"Well, I really liked the second of the new ones. I didn't like Rose though. Her character felt…really rushed, you know?"

Carol hmms, then shrugs, "I like what they were doing with it. Not sure about the whole romance thing though. It's pretty obvious Finn and Poe are totally a thing." She grins wryly, "Sadly, no Jedi to be found in space. At least not that I saw, but then again I just stayed in this galaxy and didn't go to any of them far far away."

"UUUUUggghhh not you too Carol!" Barry laughs. "Why would they shove Finn and Poe together when they literally spent the entirety of the first movie and half of the second to build up that romance between Finn and Rey? Doesn't make sense to me." he chuckles. "Well, if you left this galaxy, I would cry. Do you really want me to cry, Carol?" he puts on his best pouting face, attempting to make the Captain laugh.

Carol grins, "Hey, Poe gave Finn his jacket. You're not a fighter pilot, you wouldn't understand how much weight that carries." She winks at Barry, then laughs at his pouty face, "Alright alright alright… at least you're not one of those trying to ship Rey and Kylo Ren. Ugh. That just makes my skin crawl."

Barry smiles as he gets her to laugh. Then he gags. "Ugh, no. I hear they might be siblings. Plus…I dunno, Kylo looks like an angry nerd who got dumped on prom night." he winks at Carol. "Well, I'm a cop, not a pilot. But! Still shipping Finn and Reeeeeyyy." he says in a sing songy manner as he smiles, apparently enjoying the conversation.

Carol grins, "Well, I think Finn and Poe are cuter, but that's cool too." She shrugs a little, "Seems like everything came out when I left… and um, what's up with Game of Thrones? That seems like a thing."

She pauses, then adds, "I was already warned about the Hobbit. Not touching that at all, nope."

"Not a fan of Game of Thrones. Too much sex, not enough war and medieval dragons. But it must be good, since its on like its eighth season now. HBO funds it." Barry chuckles lightly enough, and he does smile. "I liked the first reiteration of the hobbit movie. the other two were…..eeeehhhh." the Flash smiles softl yt oCarol. "But uh, been meaning to ask. Ya wanna get some food sometime? New York has SERIOUSLY upgraded the food items since last time you were here and I need to show you the best spots." he smiles.

Carol hmms, "Well, sure, long as we aren't having to save the world or anything. You never know when stuff like that pops up, right?" She chuckles, "Besides, I need to make sure the team isn't too pro-Yankees with baseball starting up now."

Again, Carol is from Boston, so she has… opinions, about the local sports scene.

Barry chuckles. "Sounds good. I'll mark it on the calendar. Its a date!" he literally does it in a single second, and at some point on the calendar, its marked! "and really, theo nly person who's the truest Yankee blue-blood I know is Steve. and Trust me, I already know how you two get up to when it comes to debating baseball." he winks at her. "If it makes you feel better though, I still like me some Boston. I'm half and half."

Carol chuckles, "Well, it's the one surefire way to get Cap to quip, you know." She looks at Barry, "Seriously, just say something dismissive about the Yankees… or better yet, talk about the Los Angeles Dodgers." She grins with a mildly sinister air at that.

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