2019-04-19 - Gym Rats and Evil Drugs


Cessily warns Piotr and Kitty of a drug targeting mutants

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Apr 19 23:11:32 2019
Location: Institute - Gym

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The gym is usually a busy place. Today, Piotr is using it for test resistance training. He's currently in his human form, the large Russian beneath a press that's slowly increasing in pressure. Dressed down to a unitard that covers his upper thighs, stomach and crisscrosses over his shoulders, there is a lot of skin currently on display as he grunts beneath the press.

There's a nod to the person at the controls, advising him that it's safe to increase the pressure as he continues to push back against the press, feet dug into the mat, the mat slowly giving way to make the idention of his feet within the fabric and padding.

Kitty Pryde comes back in from a run outside. She started it earlier enough in the day that her finish time might intersect with a particular Russian's lifting schedule. Kitty's wearing a pair of jogging shorts and then a snug fitting runners top. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail.

Kitty makes her way over to the mats, settling down on them to go through a series of post-workout stretches. She sits down on the floor, one leg out straight in front of her, the other leg bent beside her as she lays herself completely flat along her leg, showing a wide range of flexibility.

Kitty holds the posture and then sits up to let her muscles relax. Her eyes drift over to Piotr, smiling as she watches him handling the greater and greater weights.

Generally, the gym isn't a place one would find Cessily. The entertainment room? Sure. The library? Maybe. The Danger Room? If there's a scheduled session going, absolutely. But the gym? Well. It's not like she can really gain muscle - or that she requires any exercise. Being. Actual metal, and all. But now, she needs a more advanced team member to talk to. She has Information <tm>.

The young girl looks pleased as she spies Piotr, then Kitty, giving a wave of her bright silver hand towards each, "Hey," she calls, with a smile. It was only around the school that Cessily wore less obscuring clothing and today it's a pair of comfy shorts and a loose t-shirt, along with a cute pair of tennis shoes. "Either of you have a moment to talk?"

With the press pushing down, when Piotr notices Kitty looking at him, the large X-Man's cheeks darken. And of course.. he has to. His body shifts and grows, going from his flesh form to the larger and more impressive metallic form, easily pushing the press back up as he raises fully back into a ready position as the press reaches it's limits - the heavier press is in the Danger Room, after all.

When Cessily approaches, the Colossus comments. "Da?" comes the comment. "Though we are not as up to date as others." he admits as he gives the metallic mutant a smile.

As Kitty hears Cessily, she glances up from where she's stretching and watching the weight lifting session. A friendly smile is given towards the mercurial young woman and Kitty's hand lifts to waves towards her. "Sure, I was just watching. Stretching! I was just stretching," Kitty says, quickly correcting herself.

Kitty clears her throat. "Um, so what's up?" she asks. Kitty glances back to Piotr again, seeing his gleaming metal body and giving him a shy smile before looking back to Cessily.

If Cessily notices either Piotr's or Kitty's awkwardness or changes, she has the grace to not call attention to it. Instead, the bright silver-skinned girl moves further into the room. "So, … long story short, I went for a walk to think about things after I toured ESU, and I - may," she ays, looking a bit sheepish, but sincere, "Accidentally have ended up in the Disaster Zone area, without realizing it." She bites her bottom lip, thoughtfully, but that's not the story.

"Well, there was this lady, there. Pamela. Batwoman called her Poison Ivy. She was helping things grow again, there. And, apparently Batwoman was looking for her for a new streetdrug she wanted Pamela to look at. It's made by someone called 'The Florist'. And, it's designed to target mutants, and metas, and be - basically like LSD and cocaine at the same time. If what I heard was right."

Holding up the press, when Cessily speaks of being in the Disaster Zone. "Students are not allowed there." he says as he nods to have the press cut off. Turning his attention to the others, he lowers the press as he steps away from the machine as he starts to return to his human form. "Batwoman? Poision Ivy?" he asks curiously, in confusion. He had heard rumors - but that was all it was to him, is rumors.

Kitty Pryde's focus seems to be more on the mention of the drug. "Hrm. What sort of reason would they have for doing that? Just to cause problems, or is it meant to be addictive? Try to use it to get control of people with powers?" Kitty wonders aloud, focusing more on that than on the trip to the off-limits area. "Not sure if I've heard of Poison Ivy. Batwoman… a sidekick of Batman I'm guessing?" Kitty ponders. "I admit I've lost track of a bit of that stuff while I was overseas."

"I'm not a student anymore," Cessily protests, though it's true, her protest is a bit weak. She knows it's a lame cover up. Still. "I graduated. And I'm a team-member." Because she feels it needs to be reminded, like it mattered. She clearly still knows she shouldn't have been there. "I just ran into some jerks at the tour, and … I lost track of where I was going." It's hard, afterall, being a Mercury Girl in a Human's Are Nomral world.

"I don't know," she answers Kitty. "But, I imagine if the drug gets into Mutant Town and takes hold it's going to be really, really bad. I mean." She twists her expression, furrowed, "If you have a really high mutant, or metahuman freaking out with powers and seeing crazy things and they start lashing out because of delusions, or crazy emotions, or withdrawal symptoms, or because they're poor to rob people so they can buy more? It's not going to be good."

There is a frown as Piotr folds his arms over his chest in thought. He's not the brains here. That's Kitty. But he can imagine what would happen if that exact scenario played out. "Does it affect their powers? Modify them?" he asks Cessily. "How much information did you find out?" he asks curiously, not sure what to say - a glance to Kitty. This is where she shines.

Kitty Pryde winces at the thought of Scott laying around him with full power optic blasts while wigged out on some designer drug.

Like Scott would take a drug!?

But there are plenty of other mutants it would be a concern with. "Yes, I suppose that would be a good way to stir up unrest against mutants and metahumans in general," Kitty concludes with a frown. She looks over to Piotr for a moment, smiling at him softly before looking back to Cessily. "Yes, any additional information on it? Has it started to hit the streets then?"

"Only that Pamela seemed to really like me. And needed some time to look into it's chemical makeup. I probably could go back, and see if she could share the information with us. Batwoman was looking into it from the point of wanting to find out who was making it, so she could stop them." Cessily looks between the two, "I think we should - at least really consider telling the Morlocks, too." Because they're probably the ones who are most suspectible, in her mind. But it's pretty apparent that Cessily is not volunteering herself for that one. She'd never dealt with them, but she'd heard stories of how … protective … guarded, and outright hatey they could be, even to other mutants who weren't like them. She'll let the older team members figure -that- one out amongst themselves.

"This needs to be taken to those with more experience in this." Piotr resolves as he looks between the two women. His arms drape loosely over his chest. He frowns, this isn't the type of stuff that he's used to having to handle. He glances to Kitty, looking a little more than perplexed and lost in this situation. Punching things in the face? Moving heavy things? Yeah, that's all him.

Kitty listens quietly, looking thoughtful. "Warnings would be good if it is on the street. Though, would be good to confirm it if possible," she says. "I'm not sure who has the best relationship with the Morlocks these days. But yes, them. Mutant town. I don't know if there are too many other collections of such people outside of those," Kitty says slowly.

She looks back to Cessily to ask, "Is there a way to get in touch with these two? Or just head back out and see if you can find her again, I guess?" Kitty inquires. "Or if we could get word through Batman. Talk to the Avengers maybe?"

"Pamela said I could come back any time. SO I think she's going to be there for awhile, at least. I think the government was working with her, and she was doing something to make the disaster zone recover at an expedited rate," Cessily confesses to Kitty and Piotr. But, Cessily is neither the smartest or the best fighter, just a bit in the middle of both. Not that among the X-Men that's a bad place to be.

"Well, I tried to find Scott and Jean, or even the Professor," Cessily tells Piotr. "But nobody else is around. So, I'm telling you. It's like what I read about in World War II. Whoever is the highest rank and is around is in charge, right?" A bit of attempted humor, there.

There's a momentary thought there. "I have not been here.. in a long time." Piotr wasn't even sure he'd be considered seinor staff. As he's about to answer further, his cellphone starts to go off. Glancing at it, there is an audible groan from the large Russian. The picture that shows on the screen is:


And the song that plays:


"One moment." he mutters as he turns to answer it. "Da?"

Kitty Pryde looks about to say something when Piotr's phone goes off. She isn't pokey enough to check the picture until she hears the odd choice of ring tones that Piotr has. At which point she looks and gives a sigh and shakes her head. "Well, there were some advantages to being on the other side of the pond," she comments as she glances back to Cessily. "I'm still adjusting to the changed roster and everything too, not quite sure what is up. I still haven't seen Jean, Scott, or the PRofessor either," Kitty confides.

"Well. Now you can tell them if you see them before I do," Cessily decides. She smiles, then, letting the conversation go for now as it regards to the mysterious drug. Instead, she admits, "It's nice having you both back. Kinda cool, even. I hope you stay around for awhile, now that you are back."

Hence, begins the strangest conversation - because Piotr's phone is set to automatically speaker all of his talks with Wade, because he doesn't know how to fix the damn thing.

Hey, Metallica, it's Deadpool. I know, I know, don't wet your pants, I do //not wanna find out if you rust, but listen, I…. (voice changes and becomes more earnest) I need your help with something.//

There is a clear frown on his face. "I am not Metallica. I have said this." Though he pauses at something, and then he draws in a breath and lets it out slowly. "What is it that you need, Wade?"

Fine, Steely Dan. Listen, this is serious. There's this kid, well, kids, I'm pretty sure, being kidnapped by these total freakazoid douchebags. I'll tell you more, but I rescued one of 'em, and I've got them sequestered in a flophouse here in the Bowery. I… I think they'd be safer with you and the Boyz 2 Men fan club up there. Also, Spider-Woman says hi.

"I am not Dan. I am Piotr." he says with a sigh at Deadpool's comment of phrases, and then he continues, and then the large Russian glances towards Kitty and Cessily, and asks. "The child? If it is not mutant, I am not sure it would be allowed. Spider…. is man, not woman. Is this weird cosplay thing? …Nevermind, say no more. Is child mutant?" Stay on task.

Kitty Pryde gives a nod of agreement towards Cessily. "I'll pass it on if I see them," Kitty says. "I'm going to be staying. Will be going to grad school at NYU," Kitty explains. "I wanted to be back around everyone at the school, even if it's just on weekends or however often I can make it back from the city," she shares.

Kitty falls silent then, an eyebrow going up as Piotr's conversation goes on speaker. Her lips press into a straight line as she listens to Wade, though the topic is enough to make her focus on the issue at hand. Kitty looks over to Piotr, nodding a bit as he asks the pertinent question.

Cessily, too, seems to focus on the conversation she's going to be forced to listen to. It can't really be rude, afterall, if it's on speakerphone, and Kitty is listening too, right? She makes a face at the thought of someone who is a mutant - or even a meta - having been in trouble. She might never have met Wade, but likely enough she's heard about him, even if only in passing. Such tales must be legendary around the mansion and probably told by students around campfires. Or, locker rooms. Or, pretty much anywhere else they can get away with it.

"We should help," Cessily offers, quietly - hopefully quiet enough to not be heard by the other party. Cessily's heart might be absent, but it's still ten times larger than the Grinch's.

That's just it, I don't know. The dude who kidnapped him had these weird glowing tattoos and he could summon ice snakes and he did something to the kid. Changed him. Look, it's not like I carry around a mutant testing kit in my underpants, come on, man. *a pause* No, there's a Spider-Woman too.

In the background a woman giggles.

There's a sigh, long-suffering, and Piotr looks to the two women. "I will tell those with me to suit up. We shall be there shortly." Disconnecting the call, he turns to the others. "Are you coming with?" he asks Cessily. Kitty is a given.

Thanks, you're the best, hugs and kisses! is heard before Piotr disconnects. "I really need to fix that. He set phone." he rumbles.

Kitty Pryde listens quietly and then reaches for the phone when Piotr has finished the call. "I'll take care of it," she agrees. "Should give him what I gave Doug… except I don't want him to have to call me to get the phone to unlock," she says with a soft grin. "He's doing well, by the way," Kitty says of the former student, turned SHIELD agent.

She'll put the phone aside long enough to go get changed into her uniform, but then will keep working on it while letting Piotr or Cassidy drive or pilot them to wherever they are going. "Have you been working with him much? Wade?" Kitty asks of Piotr.

"Be right back," Cessily answers Piotr, rather cheerfully. She's running up the hallway, indeed, to suit up. It doesn't take her long. Only a handful of minutes, enough to shuck her current clothes for her X-Men gear, and then she's back with the other two, ready to rock and roll, and looking pretty cheerful. An adventure with Colossus & Shadowcat. Day can't get much better. "All set."

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