2019-04-19 - A Slight Drunken Treatise on Immortality


A slightly tipsy Brunnhilde intrudes on Eve's meditation, and a conversation about what it means to be immortal follows.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Apr 19 12:42:00 2019
Location: Botanical Gardens, NYC

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It is amongst the falling cherry blossoms that Eve sits. The blue haired goth has them /on/ her, so she's clearly been here a while.

Meditating, it would appear, legs folded, hands on her knees.

She seems to be… not quite at peace, per say, but something close enough to it for the moment. Communing with nature, perhaps.

This is one of the few "wild" places that Brunnhilde can walk that remind her of days past…and the gardens of the place she's banished from and unable to see again, the gardens of Asgard from her youth. Not that she usually allows herself to be maudlin…she has alcohol to stop that! And she's certainly indulged today, as she sort of saunters with a faint betraying wobble and inability to stay in a perfectly straight line, heading out into the blossoms. As she approaches, she holds out a hand, catching one of the falling petals in her hand, her thumb brushing over it, before the blue color attracts her attention.

"…HEY! I know you!" the slightly drunk ex-valkyrie notes. Loudly! Probably a bit louder than intended, as she starts to make her way over towards the blue-haired goth relaxing under the falling petals.

Her eyes snap open. Oh. That voice. She vaguely recalls it from before. The uncannily worrisome, something-off-about-her lady she saw with the other girl, the one that she wound up talking to after she left.

She stares up and up at the slightly drunk valkyrie, eyes blinking slowly.

"No, you don't," she answers when the gap is closed, "but we crossed paths once. I suppose I stand out." Blue hair and dark clothes ternd to do that, after all.

Brunnhilde pssssshs, pointing. "Nope, I know you. I met you." she says, squinting. "I mean, I know know you like I've met you, not know you in the biblical sense or….whatever. English's stupid." she grumbles a bit, then plops down next to the goth. "But I'm pretty sure I told you my name…did I?"

"…no," says Eve to Brunnhilde after a moment. "I don't think so. You took off pretty much immediately?" She blinks up at her. A cherry blossom lands directly on her nose. Her eyes cross as she stares at it.

Brunnhhilde squints a bit, then reaches over, her fingers lightly brushing Eve's nose as she carefuly removes the petal. "Pink and blue look good on you…" she murmurs absently, turning the petal over in her fingers. "Hmm? I didn't?" she says, coming back to the conversation after a moment of trying to remember what she was saying. "Noooooo, I didn't? Okay. Okay." She offers a hand. "I'm Brunnhilde."

"…thanks," says Eve, squinting at Brunnhilde for a long moment after the petal is removed. She clears hr throat. "I'm Eve. It's nice to meet you." Her expression reads something more akin to: 'Wait, she's actually named BRUNNHILDE?' The arched eyebrow that comes a moment later is definitely a way of saying, 'REALLY?'.

But, instead, a slewnder smile follows. "You're out early or late?" That's the question to ask anyone.

"Brunnhilde blinks owlishly, then looks up at the sky to check the time, roughly. "…I forget." she says after a moment, shrugging. "You can call me Hilde. Or Brunn. People use either." From her tone, she doesn't really care overly which is used, or if her full name is used. "Wanted to clear my head…"

"Seems like you clouded it instead," answers Eve, referring to the obviously at least slightly tipsy demeanor that Brunnhilde's exhibting. "I come here all the time. There's a certain peace to it, I guess." Though not so much for her presonally. She leans back onto her hands, now, eyeing up at the Valkyrie. "You, ah. You're very…"

She's searching for a word.

Brunnhilde blinks then grins at the implied rebuke of her tipsiness in search of clear headedness. "Yes! That is true….but it seemed like a good idea at the time…" she adds cheerfully. She raises a brow as Eve starts trying to search for a word. "Big? Loud? Erudite? Pulchritudinous?" she questions. The fact she can actually maintain a vocabulary despite her drunkenness is a testament to just how practiced she is at it while maintaining the ability to function. Just don't ask her to walk a straight line heel to toe.

"…friendly," says Eve after a moment.

Yes, that's totally waht she was going to say. "Also, probably all of the above. You'll regret it when you have a hang over. At least the loud part." She digs her fingers into the soil, keeping leaned back from her in the meantime. "So, you wander around the gardens while drunk, then?" she asks.

The Asgardian woman bursts out into laughter, unrestrained and from the belly, before it dissolves into little husky giggles. "Hangover…haha!" She brushes at her eyes a bit. "I don't get those…not in a long time! You need real alcohol for that. Proper dwarven mead…" She lets out a long sigh. "…which I haven't had in centuries…" She shakes her head a bit, then flops on her back, splaying out her arms. "It's nice here…reminds me of things…"

"Centuries," repeats Eve.

She tilts her head. She's studying the Asgardian rather closely now. "So you're…"

She trails off. She's gonna let her fill that in, beacuse, honestly, either the lady's completely insane or she's something out of the ordinary. Either way, she's gonna lead her to fill in the blanks for her.

Brunnhilde doesn't seem to register the question at first. "Mmmm….it's not the same. It's too…pretty. Not wild." Her eyes close as she lets her head rest back on the ground. "No trees that seem to reach the sky far overhead, wide paths between them…everything is too young. But it's a little like the gardens I knew when I was young…." She inhales, then lets her breath out slowly, then cracks an eye open. "I'm what? Didn't we just go over this?" she says curiously.

"Well, no. Not really. You gave your name, but then called yourself centuries old. So that means you're either mad or you're centuries old, in which case I'm curious to know about the lkatter." She coughs delicately once.

"The wrold's a fullly strange place anymore. Makes me want to move out west at times."

Brunnhilde raises her right hand, making a sort of dismissive motion with a flick of her fingers. "I've been called both, but the second one is true." she confirms. "I'm Asgardian." She glances over. "…why would moving west help with that? It's just as strange, especially since then you'd be a stranger in a strange land."

"I don't know. A nice house in the middle of nowhere, green fields as far as the eye can see. Of course, for that to be true, I'd also need to be rich. I am not rich. Guess I'll have to work on that part first." She tugs on her ragged looking fingerless gloves. Looking at her, one would definitely have to assume she's on the lower end of the income scale.

Brunnhilde mmms. "Become a hermit out in a pretty house in the middle of nowhere? Only yourself to take care of?" She snorts a bit. "I guess I can understand the appeal. I'd be bored as hell after a week. Maybe days…" she admits, sliding her hands under the back of her head. "Why do you want to do that?"

Eve keeps an eye on Brunnhilde.

"Even after all those centuries, you'd still get bored in /weeks/?" she asks, a note of amused.. is that hope? It's there in her tone a little.

The tall woman wrinkles her nose. "Bored is bored. Being old doesn't mean I want to stop doing things. Nothing I like would be out in the middle of nowhere, other than solitude. And I like Midgard…it's always interesting here, with people around.

"But the things, they don't start to run together and you don't get bored of them fasteR? You're not able to predict the plots of people's lives and what not? Always learning something new after all this time?" asks Eve, curiously, pursuing the line of questioning.

Brunnhilde squints. "Sometimes." she allows. "But there are still plenty of differences. People don't stand still, and they change, despite stories where people who are immortal get bored and jaded. Kingdoms change. Culture changes. Your life today is nothing like it was a few hundred years ago." She shrugs her shoulders, closing her eye again. "The things that make people human, sure, they repeat. Kids make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Old people are grumpy and insist that things weren't like that in their day, even though they were."

"Mmn," says Eve.

"Well, certainly seems to being working out for you. I mean, the world changes, but it's questionable how much people /really/ change, isn't it?" she asks, eyebrows raised. She is still studying Brunnhilde, of course. Curiously.

"Sure." Brunnhilde agrees, rolling her neck a bit. "But that's not entirely true. Take love…it's different now. Romantic love wasn't a thing years ago. This whole…dance people have now, of dating and this shame about having interest in someone they like, or sex…that's recent. It'd confuse the hell out of people a thousand years ago. But people still love, just the rules are different. The expectations are different."

"I mean, dances change, but there's only so many directions a body can go," points out Eve, her brow creasing, taking the metaphor and going a step further with it. "Degrees of acceptance have evolved. Like, take India. India used to be super libertine, then the british colonized it and opened up while India got way more conservative about it as a legacy of conservative British sexual mores," she's musing aloud now. "Or at least that seems to the case." A shrug follows.

BRunnhilde mms. "Yeah. History doesn't repeat itself, really. Just seems like it does, but it's always different." She frowns. "British. Bah. How such a boring people managed to conquer most of the planet, Idon't know."

"I don't know about never repeating but I'll take the word of a veritable ancient for it. So are you and the other girl you were with…?"

Eve asks, curious, perhaps, having seen the embrace upon her arrival.

Brunnhilde grins a bit, opening her eyes. "No, America is not an immortal. That I know of. Just cute. And tough. I wanted her to kick me, to see how strong she was, but she wouldn't do it." she says, frowning a little. "It's been a bit since I've had someone I could spar with like that…."

"Oh, she's, like…strong or something?" asks Eve, caution alight in her eyes now. If she's strong to an Asgardian, that seems perhaps a little worrisome to her!

Normally, Brunnhilde would probably be a bit more recicent about spilling someone else's secrets…but comfortably buzzed as she is, it doesn't really cross her mind. "Oh, she's /very/ strong…" she says with a little sigh, smiling to herself. "I want to fight her. And see how good she is."

"I see. That's really cool," says Eve, neutral in tone.

"I thought oyu and here were a couple or osmething when I came in." She smiles, briefly, plucking a blade of grass from the ground and staring down at it in her hand. There's quiet, now, for a moment from her.

"Don't I wish…" Brunnhilde murmurs absently. "But no. We had pizza. Discussed the merits of a pizza counter boy dancing for money. I didn't expect to meet her here" She turns her head, looking over. "Why are you here?"

"…pizza counter boy dancing.."

Eve is trying to underwstand where that coversation could get started before she finally lets out a laugh. She shakes her head and then adds, "Well, I mean. I like it here. I like the garden. People aren't so jam packed here. They spread out a bit. Enjoy the green stuff."

"Yes. Closest you can get to the wild without driving far outside the city." Brunnhilde murmurs. "It's still all new…new trees, there's nothing like the old forests overseas. But it's better than nothing." She pauses, then lets out a belch, before she pushes herself up, rubbing her face. "Well…I guess I interrupted then…sorry." she says, then carefuly pushes herself up to her feet. "I can let you to back to what you were doing…"

"You weren't interrupting. If you were, I'd have told you so," says Eve with a shrug of her shoulders. "It was, uh, nice actually meeting you, huh? You take care of yourself? I mean, given how old you apparently are, I'd say you can do that pretty well."

"Sure, sure…if you want to talk about things more, I'll be around here again at some point." the ex-valkyrie notes, getting up and rubbing her eyes a bit. She looks remarkably better than when she first arrived, her movements much more sure and steady, with nary a sway to her walk as she waves lazily. "Take care Eve." And she'll slip off, striding down the path back out of the gardens.

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