2019-04-16 - Troubles and Cellos


Kate Bishop and Nate Grey meet in Central Park. They hit it off immediately and even agree to go out on a date.

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Storyteller: N/A
Date: 4/16/19
Location: Central Park - New York City

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AM Various stations throughout the park were set up to be used for exercise so that the denizens of the city could be more active. While some were used quite frequently, such as the running trails and weight lifting areas, there were others that were used far less. This is where Kate can currently be found walking along a beam raised about a foot off the ground working on her balance. It's simple, not that stressfull unless you're at it awhile, and most of all it gave her something to do that wouldn't draw TOO much attention. Given her recent issue with Hod and a certain Egyptian god she was trying to keep a low profile. And being completely bored out of her skull from staying inside.
AM Nate Grey was walking through Central Park with a look of wonder on his face. Well, not really, but he did really enjoy how the place looked and how it was filled with people having a good time. In Nate's future? this doesn't exist. Not by a long shot. But he does notice immediately Kate doing some awesome gymnastic stuff as she balances on the beam. He wears leather jacket, leather pants, leather boots, and a grey shirt. He does seem to stare at the beam she balances on, having never seen it before. He might be staring, so in response, he simply tries to avert his eyes…but still take glances.
AM Kate Bishop moves through the motions as if going through a kata. Only an acrobatic one. Over the course of her schooling she'd had a lot of extra curricular activities that she excelled at and though this wasn't one of the ones she stuck with after a few years, there was quite a bit that would come in handy in her current lifestyle.

Rolling her weight forward onto one foot she tips down, hands moving to grasp the rail. Both legs flip in the air then holding the handstand for several moments. Then a single downward dip into a pushup, and up again, before flipping back to her feet. The length of her hair is flipped back out of her face with a hand to clear her line of vision. "If you're going to stare, cutie, you might as well come say hello."
AM Okay…so, uh, Kate's got some moves.

She calls him cutie and he certainly wasn't expecting it. He turns a flush red before he smiles at her. "Well, I guess I should huh?" he approaches her and stops just a few steps away from her, extending a hand. "Nate. Nate Grey." he introduces himself. "You've got some real gymnastic talent there miss…?" he tries to use a very polite and subtle way to try and gain approval enough to learn her name. He approached like a gentleman, despite his rough and tough exterior.
AM Kate Bishop flashes Nate a grin. When he gives his name it only grows broader in return. Her own hand extends to take hold of his offered one for a shake in spite of his rough appearance. "Kate Bishop. Nice to meet you, Nate." Kate and Nate. There's an easy way to remember someone's name if there ever was. "Trust me though, I'm much better at other things." There's a pause before a look flits across her face realizing what she just said. It was her turn to turn pink, and her free hand claps over her face. "Phrasing. I didn't mean that as bad as it sounds, honestly."
AM "Nice to meet you too, Kate." Nates own smile broadens. Nate and Kate. Geez, sounds like the start to some futuristic sitcom that nobody enjoys but watches just for the amusement of the drama. All they need is a number to rhym with the name. Like eight. But, her wordplay makes him blush too! he releases her hand and he's just laughing. "Its okay, its okay, as…attractive as it sounded, I know what you mean." he smiles playfully, a wink to show he's just teasing her now. "So then, what else are you good at? I know I can't do that."
AM "It's not so hard really, just takes a bit of practice. I wasn't doing anything overly fancy." Kate, modest? Nah. Immediately after her grin returns again at the question. Her weight shifts to one foot while arms cross over her chest, head cocking to the side, and she regards Nate as if she were contemplating whether she ought to tell him or not. "Not to brag, but I'm a pretty good shot with a bow and arrow. Or most anything really. Plus I play the cello."
AM "Practice that I definitely don't have." Nate teases her after a moment, though he does contemplate himself. But honestly…secret archery badass or man from the future? Kind of a toss up and both secrets would be rather devastating if it were public knowledge. But he smiles. "You're a good shot wit ha bow? Huh. I'm…an okay shot with the pistol." uuuhh MAKE UP SOMETHING NATE. "Particularly, I like to practice at the gun range. Thankfully, I'ven ever had cause to use it" because he's never needed it in the first place. "Cello? I haven't heard a cello in quite some time. Maybe I can hear you play sometime?"
AM "Yeah?" Kate doesn't seem upset over the mention of a gun range at least. There's no freaking out, or talk of gun laws and regulations. "I've tried a pistol before. Not bad but not quite my style I guess." Her head dips down with a chuckle at the question. Oh geeze, Kate, sure go for the lamest skill even if you're good at it. "Yeah. There's an open mic night at a cafe in Greenwich Village that I go to on occasion. I did it at first for extra credit in school but it's kind of nice getting a chance to play since I'm not with an orchestra or band or anything." Lifting her chin she grins at Nate once more. "You're welcome to come see me sometime. I seem to meet all sorts when I'm there."
AM Nate seems to smile, not knowing that gun regulations or laws are even being considered. Where he's from? If you didn't have gun or some manner to defend yourself, you were dead before you even left your house, or what was left of it. Gotta love an apocalyptic world. But he does smile to Kate. "Well, since you so kindly invited me, I think I'd love to take you up on that." He smiles wonderfully to her. "Maybe we'll make something out of it yeah? Maybe get something to eat before hand. Can't play on an empty stomach, after all." he does seem approving that she knows how to use a gun at least based on the reasoning above.
AM The corners of her mouth quirk in a grin at his response. Dipping her head in a single nod, her hand lifts to brush some of her dark hair behind her ear. "I'd like that. Though really, you don't have to fake liking cello to ask me out. I know it's kind of a boring thing for most people. I mostly picked it up because violin was just too annoying to keep up with the posture."

There's a pause as her eyes skim past Nate's shoulder a moment to glance at something, or someone, which causes her smile to fade just a tad. A single swallow flexes her jaw as an obvious unease comes over her. Not for Nate at least. A little ripple of worry, perhaps even fear, as she shifts her weight subtly to try and use Nate as a nice big block to being seen by the fellow not far off who looks as if he were a viking out of time. Maybe it was just a LARPer.
AM Nate looks at Kate as she seems to like the idea of a nice afternoon together. "So…its a date?' he asks Kate curiously, He laughs then. "Alright, then its a date." he smiles warmly at her. "I wasn't lying. I used to listen to one of my friends play the cello. He was horrible at it, but it got us throug htough days." he chuckles again.

But he notices her eyes shift over his shoulder to watch someone apaprently, and Nate is almost tempted to turn around, but instead through simple reasoning, he figures it out well enough. "So…" he speaks softer, closing the distance to kinda help block her from whoever it is she's hiding from. "Who are you hiding from?"
AM Kate Bishop gives a little guilty cringe when he steps forward to ask her that quiet question. With him closer it does block her gaze as well as the sight of her though. Instead she looks up at him with an almost apologetic smile. "No one in particular. Seriously," she adds realizing that it sounds like she might be trying to fake that everything is okay. "It's kind of a long story. Maybe not that long," she mumbles to herself with a shake of her head before focusing again. This was not good but at least she felt marginally less obvious out in the open now. "I'm not really sure you'd believe it." Really, SHE hardly believed it at first.

"The gist of it is, I helped out someone who asked me to help them, and in the process I was kind of…" How should she put it so it didn't sound too outlandish? "Marked. As the enemy of a group of pretty powerful people. I'm supposed to be laying low, but I was just so tired of being cooped up inside."

A sigh is let out as Kate meets his gaze. "So. Yeah. Still want that date?"
AM Nate looks at Kate as he raises a brow at Kates words. "So…you got in trouble with powerful people." he smiles. "What else is new. Its something I happen to make a habit of." ohhhh wait until he tells her the truth. "So, that being said.." he seems to ponder the idea in his head as he crosses his arms and closes his eyes. He shakes his head for a moment, then he nods a few times and shrugs. "Considering its either saying no to a beautiful woman who deals with problems that I sometimes deal with, or say yes and have a really good time and maybe go on more dates? I think I'll say yes to wanting that date." he smiles to her.

"Worst case scenario, you get annoyed of me and use me as bait." he says that playfully.
AM Kate Bishop draws in a slow breath which she holds during that few moments of him deliberating. Somehow, it really did worry her. She liked this lifestyle of helping people. Of being a superhero. Did that make her off the market though? She didn't want to end up some bitter old maid. Then he speaks causing her to let out a quick laugh. "Oh so you're trouble too. We'll get along great then."

Smiling softly, relieved, she reaches out to take hold of one of his hands. Just lightly as her head tips toward the entrance of the park. "Well then, how about we start by you walking me home in case I need to duck and cover again? Promise I won't use you as bait," she adds with a deeper grin.
AM Well, Nate has a lady-friend now, he supposes! His hand is easily taken and Nate chuckles a bit. "Yeah, I'm trouble too. Walk you home? Suppose I can do that. Lead the way, Kate." he smiles, walking with her side by side, hand in hand. If she allows, he'll intertwine his fingers with her own. For now though? he walks with her and he does laugh aloud when she promises not to use him as bate.

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