2019-04-16 - Spiders, Valkyries, and Mutants


Just a small gathering of friends

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Date: Tue Apr 16 00:11:24 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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So, Cessily had persuaded Dani to come meet her 'new' friend, Anya. And, had arranged for them to meet at a small cafe not too far from Salem Center, kind of near the subway. You know. Where Anya had the backdoor passes to, and could ride for free. Cess had even promised to pay. So all was good there.

The all-silver-skinned girl is covered, mostly, from head to toe in a comfortable pair of jeans, shoes, and hoodie, much as she was the day she met Anya and mostly so she didn't have to look at the stares of people looking at her. Sure, she'd been this way for a couple of years now, but it didn't make the stares any less uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, "So, Anya's pretty great. I met her when I went shopping. She's pretty savvy, and might be the first cool person I've met outside of the school since coming here," she's telling Dani as they sit down.

She grabs a menu with her styalized gloves, "We can get somehting for Brightwind, too, if you want, to take back. I don't want him mad at me, or anything."

Dani chuckles, "We'll get a couple burgers to go, he'll be fine with that, I think." Sure, Dani hasn't been at the school all that long, so meeting someone else was a welcome change of pace when you've been stuck in Asgard for the past five years. Well, not stuck, but still…

Dani then grins, "Well, I'm still getting to meet everyone at the school, but I'll be glad to meet someone else too. Being a Valkyrie isn't all that great for a social schedule."

"?En serio?" Anya is talking into her cell phone while walking out of the subway station, eyes up and looking for the cafe. "Te dije que era un pequeno gilipollas! Lo juro, cuando regrese alli, le hare un nuevo agujero en el culo."

She's a short one, 5'3" at best, though the heeled Doc Marten knockoffs add another two inches. Ripped up denim shorts that would border on inappropriate, if it weren't for black tights and ripped, neon pink fishnets over those. An oversized, half torn Deep Purple t-shirt shows just the touch of a black bra beneath, and a denim jacket is worn to ward off the cold. Her hair is pulled up underneath a black beanie, and a backpack is slung over her shoulders with a few more patches than those on her jacket. There's a wide array there, to boot; mostly band logos, with a few protest oriented patches, including a 'No Nazis' crossed out swastika and a sizable ACAB patch, which draws the ire of a passing beat patrol cop as she approaches the cafe.

"Gotta go," she says in English. "Ciao!"

"Yeah? You should try being made of mercury," Cessily suggests, mostly joking, to Dani. "Trade you," she offers, with a humorous edge to her voice. "Anytime. You just let me know."

She glances at the menu again, then back to Dani. "I'm sure you'll get along fine with everyone, really," she assures. "You're pretty nice. And, everyone at Xavier's … well, they're really good people. I'm not sure I'd even be around, without them. I - don't know -where- I'd be without them," she admits, earnestly and gratefully.

Something catches her eye. "Anya!" She waves her gloved hand, "Over here!"

Dani grins, "Nah, I think being a part-time Valkyrie is good enough for me. Rahne has been helping show me around, so that's helpful." She then turns her gaze, looking over at Anya when she arrives and flashing her a bright grin, the athletic looking Cheyenne girl waving cheerfully. Currently Dani's wearing a "Schrodinger's Cat: Wanted Dead And Alive" shirt with blue jeans and sneakers.

Anya is still stuffing the phone into her backpack when she pulls open the door and enters. Cessily is met with a big, earnest grin while shoving the backpack over her other shoulder again, and she rushes over with an overload of excitement. "Cess!" she cries out, and all but grabs the metallic girl for a big hug. "How are you doing, amiga?"

Dani isn't lost on her, but she's a one at a time kind of gal it would seem.

Despite being metal, Cessily emits a squeak, small and cute, before hugging Anya back, "Really well, thanks," she assures the other. "Glad you could make it. this is Dani Moonster, she's Pretty Cool People <tm>. She's kind of new to the area too, but staying at Xavier's too. Figured I"d bring her out of the grounds for a fresh breath of air. They have good eats here, too. Sit down," she gestures, looking back now to Dani.

"I don't think Anya ever runs out of energy," with a half-tease, and apologetic grin to the part time Valkyrie. "But she's still Pretty Cool People <tm> too."

Dani laughs softly, "Yeah, good to meet you Anya. Just call me Dani." She grins, offering a hand, "Spent five years in Asgard, so I'm a bit of a new recruit to the school." Her eyes dance a bit, "Asgard doesn't give accredited GEDs, so I need to do some work on that."

Anya, still grinning, is about to insist that Dani gets a hug. Instead, when the word 'Asgard' is mentioned, her eyes go wide. "Whoa Whoa. Wait. Seriously?" The backpack drops to the floor with a jumbled sound, and she sits down in the open chair, staring at Dani. "Like, Asgard, Asgard. Where Thor the Avenger is from? That Asgard??" A look is given to Cessily. "This is too fucking cool!" Back to Dani. "So like, you're super strong yeah? Shit, I'm sorry, manners. I'm Anya, Anya Corazon." She finally does that handshake thing, and… there's a chance she may be squeezing a bit harder than she usually would.

Cessily giggles, just a little, at Dani's joke, "Yeah, at least you don't have to try and pick a college, yet." She eighs, exasperatedly. "I. Do." She doesn't look entirely pleased about the entire affair, and is glad when Anya picks up on the Asgard piece to shift fhe conversation.

"Anya," she tells Dani, as if Anya wasn't shaking Dani's hand right now, "Apparently is very much a hero fanatic. She also has good taste in music. I saw the band badges on her backpack." But, she's polite enough to not try and answer any questions or fill in any blanks about Asgard. She'll leave that to Dani.

Dani laughs, "Not super strong, but I do have a magic sword, armor, and a flying horse." She grins, "I'm from Colorado, but um, got sidestepped to Asgard five years ago. Bit of a story, that. But yes, I'm an official Valkyrie." She doesn't mind the squeeze, returning it, but yeah, she's strong but not that strong.

"How can you not be?" asks Anya. "We live in a world with extra terrestrials, mutants." She nods toward Cessily. "I mean, you're gonna have your assholes out there who hate anyone that isn't human, but, still. It's too cool."

At Dani's squeeze, however, Anya instinctively yanks her hand back. She hides it under the cuff of her jacket for a moment, and some of the color leaves her face. The other hand comes over to cover her hand, and she visibly flushes. "Sorry, I, uh, was squeezing too hard. I sorta figured, you know. Like Thor." Biting her lip, she tries very hard not to look down at her hand, but after a moment, she can't help it. Once she does, however, she breathes a quiet sigh of relief and smiles. "I'm from Mexico City, but I live here now. NYU, computer science and engineering."

"She can also apparently hack the Subway system," Cessily says, in a low stage-whisper designed to not carry past their table to Dani. Because clearly she does think Anya is Just That Awesome <tm>.

She wrinkles her nose and makes a face, though, about the assholes, a reminder of her unfortunate condition despite how much she's gotten used to her abilities and the neccesity for her body to be as it is for her to use them. "People are always going to be jerks," she agrees. "At least, some. But, I'm glad there are people out there like you, Anya," she says sincerely.

Dani nods, "Yeah, jerks are pretty much everywhere these days. Dealt with a lot of them growing up on the rez." She makes a bit of a face at that, then blinks a little bit at the squeezing from Anya, "Oh! Yeah, um…" She looks at her wrist, poking at something there, then grins, "Computer science? Nice. I'm leaning towards…well, if I can manage it, I'd like to become a vet. I have… a way with animals, knowing what they're feeling."

"There are lots of people like me," Anya tells Cessily, happy for the change in subject. "I have this group at NYU, kind of an activism thing. We protest, you know? It's why I got arrested three times. Peaceful protest doesn't mean shit when you're too close to Oscorp property, apparently." At that, she rolls her eyes.

Back to Dani she looks then, eyes bright. "I'll bet it's the magic sword," she says. "Which, by the way, is too cool. I wish I had a magic sword, but I don't know what I'd do with it." A pause, then a glimmer of mirth. "Nah, I can think of a couple men I'd use it on, for sure. Just the tip, if you get me."

Theres a chance she noticed the poking Dani's making at her wrist, which might explain the blushing.

If Cessily notices the poking at Anya's wrist, she doesn't call attention to it. She doesn't even call attention to the blushing. Instead, she half-teases, "Well, I don't need a magic sword, since I can pretty much make myself a sword, anytime I want," mildly cheerfull. As much as she hates being /metal/, there are some benefits she can't deny. It is pretty cool to form her body into weapons. It's just that on a lot of days those plusses don't outweigh the huge negative for her despite her cheerful outlook.

She is forced to ask Anya, though, "What would you /do/ with a magic sword, anyways, if you even did have one?"

Dani chuckles, "Hate to break it to you, but the sword doesn't cut through living things. But it can cut through just about anything that doesn't." She grins, "Can be a fun surprise to people that don't expect it, though." With that, she concentrates, and then she pulls up the sword, still in the scabbard, but it looks like a classical Viking sword, no fancy gems or anything on the hilt.

"Guess it depends on what kind of magic," Anya admits with a husky voice and a mischievous expression. She doesn't expound on that, but clearly there are some less than honorable ideas floating through that head of hers.

The information given bursts whatever bubble was forming in Anya's mind, clearly of the Harry Potter type. However, at mention of dead things, it takes the young woman a moment to piece together what implications are provided. Her eyes widen a bit. "Wait… seriously?" She eyes the hilt for a moment, clearly impressed. Then she looks from Dani to Cessily, chewing her lip a moment or two.

She really should know better.

"I can climb walls," she whispers, dubiously.

Really, it doesn't sound that impressive when phrased in that way.

Cessily sighs, but in a warm, friendly fashion at Anya. She shakes her head, telling Dani, "I told her to not tell everyone. But. I suppose she trusts you because you're with me, and we're having this converstion."

More seriously, she looks to Anya, "I mean. You /can/ trust Dani. OF course. But. Don't make me worry about you, okay? Just because other people are talking about what they can do doesn't mean you should. Or need to. Dani and I, and our friends? We kind of look out for each other, because we live at the same place, and we work together like - a team." Okay, they really are a team. But, that's neither here or there.

"Promise me you'll be careful with who you share with, Anya?"

She adds to Dani, "She helped me out of a jam, the other night when I was coming home after shopping. That's how we met. I was trying -not- to hurt some idiots. They had a different idea."

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