2019-04-15 - Visit to the Botanical Gardens


America runs into Brunnhilde again and they exchange a show of their particular powers. She also meets Eve, who is much subtler about it. They all look at flowers in the garden for awhile before departing.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Apr 15 12:23:50 2019
Location: Botanic Gardens

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It's not every day Brunnhilde decides to go somewhere peaceful outside of a bar, but recently she's felt a certain…wistful longing for things long lost. And the closest she can get to Asgard's wild areas is the botanical gardans, which at least are peaceful enough and pretty enough she can pretend, for a bit, she's back home. Not that she'd go back. But…it's hard not to remember things and wish to see them again. One more time, perhaps.

She's wandering down a path, dressed in black jeans and wearing a black leather jacket against the cool air. Underneath, she wears a t-shirt that shows a kitten dressed in Norse armor standing over a dire wolf with a comically large sword driven through the cartoonily deceased wolf, and the world "PWN'D" underneath. Her boot thump as she walks along, in no particular rush, hands in her pockets.

America is here. Today, it seems, sh's taken a different tact in how she's dressing, with hoop earrings, a black leather jacket with a field of stars anointing the lower back. This against faded blue jeans with a tear in the knee, red sneakers, and a t—shirt that is blue with a star on the chest. SHe walks with her hands buried in her too tight pockets up to the wrist, brown eyes intense as they study the gardens surrounding her. She's coiled up frustration, like a steel spring ready to leap away. Nothing is said that would clear up why she's so overwrought. It might just be a natural state of affairs.

America is colorful enough that she draws the eyes, with Hilde's green eyes flicking over, then lingering before they widen slightly in recognition. She changes course, holding out a hand to wave. "America!" she calls, walking quickly over to join the younger girl. "We meet again…"

"Brunnhilde?" America arches a brow as the Valkyrie approaches her, slowing to a halt. She is standing in front of a large, leafy green bush which will no doubt at some point later have many colorful blossoms. Right now, however, it just acts as a background for the Latina woman. "Hey. Checking out out the sights?"

"It's quiet here." the valkyrie says simply as she stops in front of the Latina, her hands in her pockets. "Or less noisy, anyway." She shrugs her shoulders slightly. "It's good to walk and think, and remember. And you?" She looks the other girl over thoughfully. "…you look like someone has you ready to fight.."

"Or something."

"I'm always ready to fight. You know how that is. Weren't you the one trying to get me to kick you in the face?" America offers the other woman a wry smile and then takes a deep breath. She walks a few steps closer, her hands withdrawing from her pockets only to drop back to her sides. America briefly purses her lips before asking, "Are you trying to get away from something in particular? I guess I don't notice the noise anymore. So man ybig cities around, it all kind of melds together." The girl finally ends her advance a couple meters away, with a shrug.

Brunnhilde's eyes light up slighty at the reminder, grinning. "Still haven't tried to kick me." she says thoughfully, then cocks her head a bit. "…but yes. You fight long enough you can't shut it off anymore." she murmurs. She shrugs slightly. "…trying to get away from my memories, I guess." she allows after a moment. "This place is…closer to where I grew up than the city outside."

"Nowhere around here is anything like hwhere I grew up. But at least this is peaceful." America sighs, looking up toward the sky overhead. She comes to stand just beside Brunnhilde like they might be watching the garden together. "And no, I didn't. I still don't /really/ want to hurt you." America shrugs at that. "I can kick people pretty hard."

Brunnhilde grins at that. "You might, but I'm good at not being hurt." the taller woman murmurs, pausing the companionably gaze into the garden across the way. "Tougher than I look. Like you." She shrugs her shoulders, then glances over to America. "So why did you come here, then?" Green eyes run down the other girl, noting the tightness in her shouldres, the body language. "…something bothering you?"

"Nothing. Everything," America replies, shaking her head in a flurry of brunette curls. She grimaces briefly and then glances over at the green-eyed woman beside her. "Nothing that really matters," she finishes finally. "Anyway, what do you mean 'tough like me'? How are you so sure we're anything alike at all?"

"You keep saying you're very strong. YOu talk about always being ready to fight." Brunnhilde says, meeting America's eyes, her own looking…so old for a moment. "I can tell. Not how strong or tough you are…but that you are, at least." She tilts her head, then holds out a hand. "Press down. On my palm." she says simply.

America glances down at Brunnhildes' palm and studies it for a moment. She scrutinizes the lanes, the length of her fingers, everything about the offered hand. Then she reaches out and places her own hand atop it. She starts by pressing relatively gently. Enough force to make it obvious she's complying, if nothing else.

"Sure… I guess," the girl begins slowly. "We can play a game."

"Oh? What stakes are you offering?" Brunnhilde says, her lips curving up in a little smile. Thus far, her hand isn't moving, obviously, so gentle pressure isn't enough it seems.

"Make a bet, sweetheart." America leans forward, pressing down harder. She isn't exerting much effort, but the pressure grows. And grows. Enough to crush an aluminum can. Or push a young man to the ground. To crush cinder blocks. More. She grits her teeth slightly, a frown beginning to form on her forehead. A vein on the left side of her forehead twitches.

Brunnhilde mms, considering. Her hand doesn't move…rock steady under the pressure, without her seemingly straining in the slightest as of yet. "If you can't move my hand, we grab dinner and you pay. If I lose….we grab dinner and I pay…" she says, her eyes twinkling a bit. "Unless you'd like to up the stakes more."

"Sounds like a pretty light bet. Worried?" America continues to exert that downward force, inexorably. It's long past the point she would have pulverized a real human being. America too doesn't seem to be exerting herself. Surprised? Maybe. But t That's really half the game, right?

"I don't have a better idea, though. You'd better make it a good dinner, though." She winks once. Surely America does not lack for confidence.

Brunnhilde slits her eyes. "Hmm….I could bet a date, if you want." she says casually. "But what would you bet back, then?" Her bicep is flexing a bit at this point…but still not moving as it stays steady. "Besides, if I'm making the first bet…don't you get to call or raise next?"

"Moving services?" America sggests wryly for their opposing bet. She fixes her jaw and then starts to relaly bear downon that hand. Others might see two people standing oddly, like they might be about to shake hands in a weird way, but America's gentle grasp on the Valkyrie's hand belies strength sufficient to crush cars and make monster trucks obsolete. Her muscles are flexing up her arm to the shoulder now. "I don't know what you want for me. Besides, isn't a date what you should be asking for as a prize? If I win I want to know what your secret is. How are you… So… *strong*." There's a grunt of exertion as she finally *shoves* down. Not quite full strength, but close.

There's some strain now on Brunnhhilde's face, but rather than looking upset that she's starting to be pushed down, she looks thrilled that America is actually winning. "…deal." she says, right before her hand goes down…and then twists her hand, shifting from holding it palm up to gripping America's hand instead of pressing against it to pull the younger woman close, practically nose to nose now as she grins toothily. "Ah, mortals…I love it when you can stand with me on this level. No magic, no gods….just you and your strength." She tilts her head, those jade green eyes peering into America's dark ones. "I'm Asgardian." she murmurs softly. "A valkyrie. Or I was."

Taken by surprise, America is dragged in close to Brunnhilde, nose to nose. Brunnhildei s much taller than she is, the comparison far more glaring when they are standing so close. For now, America keeps the Valkyrie's hand and takes a deep breath. "A God?" She pauses for a second. "That's…" She pauses for a beat and then asks, perhaps out of the blue, "Have you met the Demiurge?" It's unclear if she expects a real answer.

"Goddess, yes. Not as well remembered as others. It's been…millennia since I walked Asgard's halls." the tall ex-valkyrie notes, still gripping America's hand lightly. "And no…I'd remember a name like that." she says after a moment of thought. "Why do you ask?"

"It doesn't matter," America replies shortly. She shifts her feet slightly and then takes a deep breath, squaring her shoulders. Brown eyes stare upward a second longer and then the young woman takes a full step backward. " A God, though. Really." She pauses for a second an d cocks her head to the left. "Asgardian, even. Explains a lot. Do you always challenge mortals to arm wrestling matches in the park in your spare time or is it a slow night?"

A recent arrival this late afternoon is Eve. She's passed into the garden with the look of one deeply lost in thoiught, though she certainly noticable with the blue hair and the black and the Goth's goth outfit. She's stopping to inspect the flowers with the critical eye of someone looking for *something* in particular. Searching. Whatever it is she's on the hunt for, however, she isn't finding it. A dissatisfied grunt escapes her as her passage takes her closer to where Brunnhilde and America appear to be talking. It's perhaps when she gets about twenty or so feet away that she stops dead, an expression flickering across her face as if /something/ just registered.

The tall redhead grins. "Only the confident ones." she answers. "Occasionally the cute ones, too. Sometimes both." She doesn't prevent her from stepping back, releasing America's hand as she does. "Though in this case, at least partially because you were worried you might hurt me. Still think you could?" she notes, her hands on her hips as she regards the fiery Latina. She's fairly focused on America at the moment, so she doesn't immediately notice the gothy girl coming up behind them yet, registering her as part of the background of people walking through the gardens occasionally.

"Pretty sure," America comments idly. "But maybe not by just kicking you once." She turns then, swinging one leg well out rom herself as she rotates to see the plants surrounding them. No immediate statement is made afterward. Instead, she's shifting her hands back to her pockets and taking a deep breath- which suddenly stops when her eyes find Eve. No words, just a quick review of the approaching Goth, and a sudden halt in midstride. After a second America adds, "But you might surprise me. Someone is bound to."

There's just something about Brunnhilde, right?

Eve's eyes are on her now, as if she knows, herself, that there's something different there just by looking at her. She blinks once at her.

And then she looks away. Quickly. Nope. Nothing to see her. Totally didn't just do something weird. OH, HEY. LOOK. PRETTY FLOWERS. She kneels down by a bush and is totally checkking them out now. Nope, nope. Nothing to see here. Moving /right/ along.

Yeah, she's not doing a very good job of this here.

Brunnhilde does have that certain…something. A larger than life air to her, that tends to draw attention. She turns to look at what America is looking at after a moment, raising a brow as she studies the goth in question. "Mm, it's always nice to be suprised, as long as you are killed by it. Gets boring if you can expect everything after a certain point." Her eyes narrow slightly as her gaze follows Eve as she tries to retreat. "Nice hair." she says, her voice pitched so that Eve can easily hear her.

"You're right. I love that shade of blue," Amerca grees, also a bit too loudly. her eyes continue to track Eve but she doesn't move closer or stare after that rather awkward reception. Instead, she shifts her weight slightly from left to right and finds an excuse to stare at a nearby bush full of… Buds. No blossoms yet. She came to the garden at the wrong time for this particular type of flower. Most of the others are in full bloom, of course. But there it is.

She can feel their eyes on her and surely must be chastising herself something akin to 'smooth one, Eve, smooth one'.

"Thanks," she says, over her shoulder as she hunkers down by the bush. This oine is, of course, less buddy and more flowering than the one America chose. "I'm sure I, uh, blue you both away, right? Right?" Ba-dum-tss. The silence that probably reigns after that rawkward jab at humor is probably more than enough to ensure nobody who's overhearing this will want to talk to her.

"HA…haha," she clears her throat, turns around, and straightens up. "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare," she offers.

"It's fine. I'm used to it." Brunnhilde says, winking slightly, then blinks suprisedly as her phone starts ringing in her pocket. She pulls it out, looking at it, then scowling a bit. "…dammit." She frowns, thens hakes he rhead, putting it away. "I have to go deal with something. Nice see you again, America…you let me know whe you want to collect on our bet. Nice meeting you, Blue Girl…" she says cheerfully, giving America a swat on the hip as she walks past her. "Try not to burn the park down you too." And then she's off!

"It didn't seem like you were staring," America offers quietly. Valkyrie gets a nod when she declares her intent to leave, then an arched brow at the physical contact. America doesn't withdraw, however, instead rolling her shoulders and turning to face Eve more fully as she departs. A deep breath is taken while the dark-haired girl takes a moment to survey the gothling in front of her. "America," she'll offtehn, as if out of the blue. "You don't need to be scared. I don't usually bite without a pretty decent reason."

"Uh…bye?" says Eve as she waves after Brunnhilde, peering after her with a slightly confuysed expression. She takes a moment rub her hands up and down her arms, like someone who's warming themselves from a chilld, and turns her gaze, unblinking for a few seconds, upon America.

"…riiiight," she manages to say after a moment. "Right. Hi… America? Cool. Nice to meet you." She blinks once, now, and then several more times, as if to catch up, right after. "What were you looking for?"

"I was just looking at the flowers. Or do you mean when I was watching you?" America cocks her head to the left at that and then shrugs. She reaches up one hand to drag it lightly through her dark curls, pulling them away from her face. "Hopefully I didn't make you uncomfortable." She'll let a beat pass, brows furrowing while she considers what to say next. "Are you new around here? You look a little lost. Maybe I can help? If not, we can just keep wandering around. Eventually, I will. You know. Find actual flowers." She points sheepishly at the unbloomed plant in front of her.

"Uh what no I measnt the flowers. The floewrs that you were looking at aren't in bloom, you know, wasn't sure if that's what you were looking for or wahtever. No, I'm not new in town. I've been here a while now." Years, actually, it's just that she doesn't get out to socialize much. She looks up and around a moment. "I mean, that's Panicled hydrangea. It's /closer/ to blooming but it isn't quite ther yet. Should bloom soon, though." She reaches out to touch it, letting a finger draw over a bud. "It's really close, actually, if that's the one you wanted to see." A glance back over to her. "I mean, I don't blame you for thinking I was weird."

"Panicled… Hydrangea?" America arches a brow, then cants her head to the left for a second, dark eyes focused intently on the flowering bush in question. She turns slowly to look at Eve past her shoulder uncertainly and then gives a slow nod. Briefly. "I didn't think you were weird exactly," America offers slowly. After a second she adds, "I don't know if I was before but I really want to see it now." She takes a half step closer to the bud, apparently emboldened by Eve's handling of it. "But I guess I'm early."

"Sometimes, Hydreangeas don't bloom at all, but usually they're just late," says Eve, leaning in to take a sniff. "This one will bloom pretty soon, actually. Can you smell it? Just a /little/ there?" She steps away, allowing America to close the gap and have a whiff herself for the moment. "I just mean, I was sorta staring. Your friend is intimidatingh." Brunnhilde is weird.]

"Is she?I guess I hadn't noticed," America replies in a wry tone. She nods once, however, and very seriously leans forward to take a breath through her nose, inhaling the scent of the flower in question. "…It's sweet," she mutters, half to herself. "Huh. ANyway. I don't think anyone blames you for staring at Brunn, of all people." She gives a brief shrug. "Or me, for that matter.

"Well, it's still impolite. I like to think of myself as having it together a bit more than that. So, America huh? I like it." After America's done taking a sniff, there's a ripple as the… plants begin to slooooowly open.

"Oh, hey," murmurs Eve.

"Guess I was wrong. They're ready."

She totally didn't do that on purpose.


AMerica stares at the flower for a second, her eyes widening slightly. Then her gaze narrows and her brows furrow faintly. "Huh." The girl's jaw fixes for a second and she's almost frowning. Yet… Some of the tension still leeches fromher slender shoulders. She takes a deep, slow breath. "These are really pretty," America notes softly. "I'm- glad I caught them in time." She sounds a bit unsure of herself. Still… It's hard to fake relaxation like that. Her gaze remains firmly affixed to the blooms.

"Hydrangea can be unpredictable," remarks Eve.

She smiles at the easing of the tension, however. "D don't think I introduced myself. My name's Eve," she offers, looking down at the yellow flowers that've deigned to show themselves.

"Eve? Huh. It's nice to meet you," America replies slowly. She is still contemplating the flower as if something puzzles her. Finally, she straightens and then she takes a deep breath. "You know a lot about flowers. Do you come out here often?"

"I'm a florist and landscaper by trade. I /should/ know a lot about flowers," remarks Eve. "I'd be pretty bad at my job if I didn't." She tugs on her fingerless gloves, glancing back over her shoulder at her.

"Right. That makes… Sense." America withdraws another half step and then turns to face Eve once more. She looks her companion over properly from head to toe, her gaze not really lingeringbefore returning to the woman's eyes. "What else can you tell me about these then? You know, if you don't mind being pestered about work for the next half hour. I guess I got pretty lucky hear if I wanted to learn something about flowers. I didn't think they could bloom that fast."

"I mean, it takes a little time. They're just getting started," says Eve, gesturing at the flowers. "It doesn't take TOO long for one to open up when once it gets rolling. I can tell you lots but I've no idea where to start. Hydrangeas are kinda difficult as flowers go. Lotsa people can't make them bloom." She blinks her eyes once at America, now, curiously. "I don't mind talking about flowers at all."

"Okay then," America responds with a nod. She turns and starts to walk, gesturing for Eve to follow her with her left hand. The boots sound a soft report against the path, marking America's every step. Assuming Eve follows after her, she'll lead the way through the flowers, asking a question here or there or pointing out a colourful bloom. However, her ultimate destination will bring them toward a series of trees not too far away decorated in innumerable small white blooms. It might be these she was interested in all along.

"Magnolias," remarks Eve with a warm smile upon her face. She does her level best to answer questions, and yes, she's definitely well educated on matters of plants — but more on a practical matter. There's few fancy scientific names, for example. Just practical, hard-won-and-earned experience on all matters floral. Certainly, experienced for someone who can't be that much older than America herself if one is presuming based off physical appearance.

"Magnolias," America will reply with a satisfied nod. She has an intense, thoughtful stare to accompany her soft, rich voice and careful manner of spech. Other than carefully placed questions the girl actually asks few questions, apparently content to listen and observe. Eve does have her full attention for whatever she deigns to say, however. Distracted by their surroundings or not. "Is there anything out here you'd really like to see? Now that you've spent fifteen minutes jut following me all over." For now she'll stand and continue to stare at the magnolia,s apparently content.

"To be honest, not really? I've seen it all. I come out here a couple times a week to gauge how their plants are doing. I have plenty of clients and it's good to compare how they're doing with how mine are doing." Eve explains, quietly. She worries her bottom lip in thought.

"To be honest, I have my fill of plants more often than not. Just glad to not be allergic."

"So, you're just out here for work? And to answer all of my questions?" America flashes Eve a sly smile at that last point. She falls into place just beside Eve now, walking much more sedately as she continues on through the gardens. "How the flowers looking then? All good for now? I know there's been some weird weather this year…"

"And if you're not here to enjoy yourself, what *do* you like to do for fun?"

"Well, no. I mean, I like the flowers too, but a little of a work, a little enjoying the sights. I don't have to do anything for any one reason, you know," Eve offers a cautious smile.

"They're looking all right, actually. The weather hasn't affected these too badly, but I imagine that's because of all the work they put in with the weird weather, which is every year because people can't get off their duffs and take climate change as seriously as they need to. As for fun, uh… movies? Video games? I'm pretty in demand but my job only takes /so/ many hours." She casts a look over her shoulder at America, perhaps curious as to the line of questionign.

"This garden is reall well taken care of. That's good." America nods once, as if confirming something to herself, and then turns to face Eve more fully. "We should definitely talk again sometime. I wouldn't mind seeing your shop… Do you have a card or anything? Maybe I can swing by one of these nights. Ask more questions about the plants you have laying around. Maybe buy a few. I could use something pretty to keep around once in awhile."

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