2019-04-15 - Triple Triad Trouble


Three very dangerous people all hunt down the Triad at the same time, for very different reasons. Things get explosive.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Apr 15 00:00:00 2019
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Admist the destruction in Brooklyn there were small gang wars going back and forth as turf was once again debated. Hotly. And, usually with gunfire, or a murder, or something even worse than murder to send messages. But these were generally small potatoes, little skirmishes. Private wars. Small gangs.

It was the Triad that Ravager was hunting. Something had come across her old connection list she'd caught wind of - the Triads were moving a shipment of women in from the East into the city. And, not out of charity or even a work contract either. Someone had offered to pay Ravager a tidy sum of money to retrieve their sister.

The large, unmarked semi truck they were carrying their shipment in, followed by several sleek black honda's and some SUVs suggested they had very tight security and likely a heavy armorment to escort their 'precious cargo'.

But, Ravager was prepared. At least, she hoped she was.

She was just off to the side of the road, motorcycle ready to go and waiting to let the first few front runners of the escorts by, choosing her time to initate her attack when the large semi turned the corner …

It's been a rough few days for Wade Wilson. Sure, much of it was his own doing, but, rough nonetheless. After literally blowing himself into two distinct pieces, he'd spent the following night getting plowed at Sister Margarets, which is where he learned of what the Triad was up to. No contracts, no hits, nothing to make him money, but in this case that didn't matter. Truth be told, being blown in half wasn't what really had Wade tied up in knots. It was something else.

Nightmares. Nightmares of pleasing things; his hopes and dreams, buried deep inside and twisted about by countless brain injuries, now teased at by the bastard known as Giovanni. Things he either can't have anymore, or could easily get but without the same meaning as it once had, many many years ago, before cancer, before Afghanistan, before… well. Forget about that.

Best therapy for someone fucking with your brain? A little Triad ass kicking.

A little old Chevette hatchback turns the corner onto a one way street, going the wrong way. Inside the hatchback is a man dressed in red and black. The hatchback is dropped into the lower of four gears and trundles up the wrong way, headed straight toward the road upon which the Triad escort is traveling. Just as Rose is looking on, the hatchback bursts out of the one way street completely unexpected, and slams into the first of those front runners.

As for Deadpool, he wasn't wearing his seatbelt, and that is on purpose. The merc goes crashing through the windshield, crying aloud in what sounds like happy pleasure, and ends up slamming the driver right into the gun-wielding passenger sitting beside him.

"PULL OVER!" he shouts, and kicks the steering wheel, causing the SUV to turn over on its side right in front of the other leading cars.

Frank Castle's been hunting down this Triad for about a week. And after clearing out one of their warehouses and, as a warning, leaving the 'manager' of said warehouse hung on a rope and disemboweled for any of the Triads to see? Well…Frank's message was probably heard loud and clear. Good.

Because all of these assholes are going to die.

He waits by his van, which is packed with more bullets than a military convoy, with a black trench coat around his shoulders that hides his kevlar body armor..and the big white skull on his chest. He'll wait for 'em. Patiently, even.

The nthe target arrives.

Frank takes a deep breath, moving along the shadows of the streets as he made his way around. of course, Punisher wasn't really much for dramatic entrances. But he is using the surprising distraction by deadpool to hopefully sneak behind the Triad gang members.

Deadpool's car-crash-explosion-through-the-windshield is certainly an attention grabber. Rose huffs through a slitted eye as she turns the engine on her own motorcycle, gunning it from 0-to-60 in a heartbeat. Her first target? Simple. The semi-truck. Seems luck is on her side.

A couple triads stumble out of the car that the somehow-still-working Chevette from the back - those up front? Either dead, or unconscious, or merely trapped. They begin to lay down cover-fire with automatic rifles onto the would-be assailant without mercy, or thought.

Nobody has noticed Frank, yet. But they have noticed Ravager in her bright orange and dark blue costume, especially as in one hand there's a flare of light reminiscent of a lightsaber or similiar weapon and as the semi truck tries to veer and continue the left front tire meets the energy katana which slices clean through it like it were going through butter. Navigating the change in direction due to her attack expertly, Ravager continues down the left side of the truck, slicing the rear tires as well and rending the truck utterly inoperable once it's forward momentum stops. It's going to be a rough ride for the driver, and passengers. But it means that their 'cargo' isn't going anywhere.

The vehicles in front, and behind the truck begin to slow, stop, and set up defenses as bullets begin to pour out towards Ravager, now, too.

The SUV screams across the road as metal plastic alloy meets asphalt, and inside, there is a brief struggle, followed by a *BANG* and a spray of blood on the windshield. "Looks like someone blew his load too early," Deadpool says to the shooter, the passenger, who just accidentally shot the driver through the head. Accidentally, as in his aim was altered by Wade's claw-like grip. He twists the shooter's hand, breaking the wrist cleanly, then wrestles the gun free and uses it to bash the passenger in the back of his head.

With so much gunfire coming upon the crashed SUV/Chevette combo, Deadpool merely kicks the door open and fires a single round into the gas tank. Contrary to how things happen in the movies, the cars don't immediately blow up, but fuel does begin leaking out.

As for Deadpool, he's kicking his way out of the front windshield and climbing down the SUV's dented hood, rolling onto the pavement. He turns directly to the computer screens that you, the players are looking at, while retrieving a zippo lighter from one of his excessive number of pouches. "Ever seen Die Hard? You know the line."

The zippo is flicked and tossed toward the street where a growing puddle of gasoline has been spilt.

Frank sneaks up behind two of the Triad men and he proceeds to pull out two machine guns, and he lights them both up from behind, bullets ripping through their bodies with red mist being the mark of exit. To another, Frank shoots him in the lower regions, effectively eliminating any chance that man had of having children and lets him fall to the ground, the groin artery being ruptured likely will kill him after a nice day of suffering.

He notices Deadpool and the Ravager, but pays them no mind as they seem to be assisting with this takedown.

Rip and tear, Rip and tear!

A man shoots Frank in the shoulder, and in response, Frank drops his weapons, and effectively gouges the man's eyes out.

There is blood. Everywhere. And bullets. Everywhere. And for once, Ravager isn't the cause (yet) of the chaos. She allows herself the briefest of smirks at her luck. The takedown would have been a lot harder, but apparently two other schmucks have shown up. Her mind considers they, too, could've been contracted. But they are certainly not the authorities.

She leans back on the bike, steering now with her feet as she comes towards the rear-line of cars, pulling out her SigSauer and letting a few shots fly, and two more men careen onto the pavement as shots rip through their heads, and then Ravager is back upright, and dismounts her bike quickly as a spray of bullets comes her way - somehow off the bike and out of harm's way before the shots even get there. As if she KNEW.

As the gasoline lights from Deadpool's lighter and the explosion lets any who hadn't heard the bullet shots that -something- is happening the sharpnel hangs in the air, suspended for a few moments, in front of the Merc With A Mouth. Then, with force and a change in direction, the debris is suddenly turned into a weapon … someone in the group is apparently a telekenetic.

Frank's up-close and personal attack draws that attention onto himself, forcing the not-yet-dead Triads to split their attention three-fold, and two with katanas jump at him with intent to turn him into human sushi.

Deadpool was fully prepared to become, shall we say, toasted. When that doesn't happen, the little white eye-sockets on his mask literally widen, and he stands up from his little area of cover behind the hood of the SUV to watch. "Holy shitballs!" he cries out, and immediately begins running after the moving shrapnel, closing in on those Triads who aren't being pelted by its fury. One clip is ejected onto the pavement, the borrowed weapon reloaded, and he takes advantage of this to open fire upon those who would be attacking him. A couple of stray bullets rip through his chest and abdomen, but it doesn't seem to bother him too much. "Ow. OWW. Fuckers." *BANG BANG BANG BANG*

From the corner of his eye, he finally spots some brightly colored person on a motorcycle, but it's the sight of a man gouging out another Triad's eyes that really brings him surprise. "Oh, COME ON!" he yells, frustrated. "I really wanted this whole shit party to myself! What gives!?"

Clearly he doesn't know yet that it's THE PUNISHER, or it might have been Wade who blew his load too early.

Frank turns just in time to see two katana-wielding Triadmen swingin' at him like he was the baseball of the World Series and he was being pitched. A sword swings and it misses. "you think that's sharp?" Frank pulls out what looks to be a rather scary looking knife. "This is -sharp-." Frank stabs one of the men right in the gut, slicing horizontally to let their small intestine be shown to the world. Letting that man slump over, Frank is now dealing with another, who sees fit to slice him across the shoulder.

"Mother-" Frank doesn't finish. He stabs the Triadman in the throat, knees him in the gut, wraps his arm around his head, and carves the back of the man's neck to literal pieces and holds him tightly until he feels the soul leave the body. Dropping the corpse, Deadpool's antics are heard, and for his trouble and the samurai swords he wields, Frank shoots the man behind Deadpool, effectively saving his life. "Stay out of my way, asshole. Or your next." Frank continues to be on the move, drawing what looks to be a pump action shotgun from his coat.


Ravager's ties are flowing in the wind as she runs - faster than anyone should be able to run if they weren't in the Olympics - towards Frank, leaving Deadpool on his own to deal with the telekenetic. Wheverver that guy is.

She doesn't tell Frank. Doesn't even give him a single sound of warning as she springboards off of his back to leap over him, and over the car that the men he's just bled out came from to land onto the ground, shooting her pistol in the air while she does so and ending the lives of two more Triads.

Maybe it's a competition to see who can kill the most? "Don't get in my way," Ravager says, looking back to Frank, briefly.

Deadpool, meanwhile, gets a shit party to himself as the burning Chevette is picked up, levitated and twists in the air in his direction.

Deadpool can practically hear the bullet whizzing past his ear, but it doesn't seem to phase him. Those bullet holes on his costume, or whatever the hell it is, already have fresh skin just barely visible beneath. "Hahaha, you're funny-" he starts to say, but the words fall short when he finally realizes just who it is. The mother fucking PUNISHER.

Wade's eyes go wide, and he turns to look at the 'camera', or in this case, the computer screen, before double taking back to Frank. "OMG!" he allows, before suddenly taking off after Frank as if he'd just met his favorite Beatle (clearly George, fight me).

"Holy shit holy shit holy shit," he breathes while following the man, clearly drooling over his shotgun. And then there's a woman vaulting off Punisher's back? It's all too much. He should be angry that he doesn't have all these goons to kill by himself, but it's Punisher, and someone who has the cajones to leap off the Punisher, and…

Hold on a second.

Wade finally turns, just in time to see the burning Chevette floating in the air and heading for him. "Alright, then," he says, suddenly no longer sounding all goofy and fanboyish. "So, the telekinetic is a Triad. La-dee frickin' da." He drops the borrowed M16 and retrieves the twin katana blades from his back, spinning them around with what seems like well-practiced skill and familiarity, before running toward the floating car like a madman.

Ravager vaults off of Frank's back and he looks at her like she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Frank, without looking, extends his arm, knocking a triad to the ground and painting the cement with his brains after pulling the trigger. "Fucking kids." Frank clearly didn't take her challenge seriously, but then there's a fangirling Deadpool on the way and Frank barely notices him for bashing a Triad's skull in with his shotgun, only to put some buckshot in the man's chest, killing him.

He does look around, taking the time to reload. Hopefully nothing else tries to interrupt him..or he'll neuter them.

"Old man," Ravager tells Frank back, without looking at him in response. But, he's not in her way of finishing off these morons.

The Chevette is pitched at Deadpool fast, hard. And in that moment, Deadpool can see the telekentic, who is levitating in the air above the flames, and above the semi-truck, like a conductor of the battle. He appears to be grinning in the sort of confident way a man who has just thrown a Chevette on fire at a target ought to. Because his target is about to get totally dead. And then he can focus on the other two irritations.

Between the three of them, the Triad forces are quickly dwindled, and Ravager is forced to shove her energy blade into a motor to prevent two of them from escaping. "Not today, losers." Two more shots, and those Triads are dead, too.

Maybe they should've heeded Frank's warning.

There's a disctinct sound that Frank will know all too well, suddenly. The sound of a grenade hitting the concrete, and rolling. Towards him. One of the last triads remaining is apparently dead-set on taking Frank out, even as he's climbing into one of the cars too, jibbering at the other in the car to turn the engine over and get the hell out of here.

Deadpool does hedge his bets sometimes. As soon as he's got eyes on the telekinetic, he leaps into the air, twisting to the side. One of the katana blades is flung toward the telekinetic's face. It skims just past the flaming car, the aim dead on target and designed to be concealed by the car itself. Turns out he's got quite the fast ball.

The flaming car barely misses him. In fact, one of its side mirrors clips the mercenary at his hip, causing the acrobatic flip to spoil and land him right on his foot, cracking it and bending it in a horribly ugly way. He doesn't seem bothered by it, instead snatching the pistol mounted to his belt and unloading in the telekinetic's direction from where he lies on the ground.

If somehow, the telekinetic Deadpool is fighting isn't dead, Frank cocks his shotgun and fires it from an opposite direction also at the telekinetic! Triad metahumans suck. But…his head slowly turns to the two triads trying to get away in the car. quickly pumping the shotgun again, he fires it through the window, filling the driver's face with buckshot and turning the window to the side red with blood and greymatter.

To the triad who looks in fear, he watches as he begs for his life. "Too bad." Frank lifts the shotgun, puts the nuzzle in the man's mouth, and pulls the trigger.

Blood gets on his face.

But, what the hell was that white-haired kid doing? She looks like that assassin Frank always told himself he was gonna kill if he ever found him.

The telekenetic manages to just barely grab the thrown Katana at the last possible moment, staring in disbelief that Deadpool -isn't- dead. Then, one of Deadpool's bullet's tears through his shoulder, and Castle's bullet's blast through his back. The metahuman crumbles down ontop of the roof of the semi with a resounding sound.

And, with that, all seems strangely quiet save the sparking of flames. There is no more gunfire, no more screams.

The plantium-haired blonde looks around, tucking her gun into its holster, "I didn't need your help," Ravager says briskly to Punisher, unimpressed with who he is even though she knows. Her mouth is set in a flat line as she stares at him through the one eye slit in that top-down mask of hers that only reveals her lower jaw. "But thanks, anyways." There is sincerity there, even if it's begrudging.

Then she's walking past him, towards the semi-truck. She raps on the back of the semi several times, then shouts, "Stand back." A few moments later, and she's carving apart the back doors of the truck with the sword.

"Mother fucker!" Deadpool hauls himself back, reaches down, and snaps his foot back into place. "Better," he grunts, before holstering the sidearm and standing up. He approaches the semi truck, only to start climbing up the front, headed for the roof and where that telekinetic fell.


"Stay dead," he mutters, before walking over to the side and crouching down, watching Ravager at work. "Hot lead, huh? Gotta kill some Triads and save some sex slaves? I'd fist bump, but you're busy. And YOU." He turns his mask toward Frank then, pointing. "BIG, BIG fan. I'd follow you on Instagram, but you don't have one."

Frank simply stands back indeed as he reloads his shotgun. Hey, he doesn't mind the help, so long as they don't get in the way. The kid didn't do anything wrong, just a victim of circumstance and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, as he waits for Ravager to retreive the girl, Frank looks at Deadpool and he raises a brow.

"Do you always talk this much?"

Oh Frank has no idea.

Ravager pulls the back off, made far easier by the fact she's basically just a rather large human-sized hole in it, then, sword still blazing, calls, "You're all free. Come on out." She steps back, to give the girls some space to do just that.

"None of your business why I'm here," Ravager snaps at Deadpool, briskly. She seems to be siding with Frank in this one. The less said the better.

Slowly, some shuffling can be heard inside as several persons talk to one another, and start, fearefully, to approach and see if it is indeed safe. There's a good fourty or so women, mostly young, inside, and all of them looking quite worn out and haggard. Some are bruised.

"I bet you two are great at parties," Deadpool offers following a momentary, deadpan silence. He flips down from the truck, landing on a mostly dead Triad's rib cage with a horrendous crunch, and a grunt that signifies the quickening of that dude's passing.

"So, I understand you're the solo type," he tells Punisher, "and I get that. 'Tween you and me though? I'd love to do this again sometime. 1-800-DEADPOOL." His hand rises to make a telephone shape by his ear. "Call me any time."

Turning to Ravager, he calls out, "Same goes for you, hot stuff!"

Maybe he's begging to be shot in the face.

Frank looks at Ravager and he seems to not make any kind of expression or sound at her that would express approval or disapproval. "I don't do parties." unless its a SLAUGHTERPARTY like the one they just had. But he's given a number by Deadpool and while Frank largely ignores him, he does stash that little bit of information nice and hidden away. "Good to know, clown." Frank says to Deadpool.

Meanwhile, he simply stands there with his weapon, on guard duty, as the women exit their metal cage, his eyes shifting away from them. "Police'll be here any minute to take care of this." he turns on his heel, and stashes his shotgun away, beginning to walk off. The white skull on his chest tells everyone who he is.

"Good work." he tells Deadpool and Ravager before officially leaving. He IS wanted by the police, after all, and he'd rather not kill off New York's Finest.

"You." Ravager points to one of the girls walking out, "Your name is Xi Xiang. Your brother wants to see you safe. Come with me." Ravager doesn't look exactly the type one ought to feel 'safe' with. But then, given the fact she's the one who freed them? The girl decides, albiet hesitantly, to go with her. Ravager pauses, to look at Deadpool. "You're insane." But she, too, stores said information. It's not like she could forget, even if she wanted to.

Having already said her 'thanks' to Punisher, she leads the girl over to her crashed motorcycle. Picks it up, makes sure it still works then bids the girl to get on. Moments later, Ravager, and one of the girls, are off into the night.

"Nah, just Deadpool," Wade tells Frank. "Clowns are legit terrifying." He flicks two fingers at Ravager, not disputing his level of sanity, before hooking up his discarded katana and rushing off toward an alley. "Ooooooooh baby I love your way!" he can be heard singing as he goes.

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