2019-04-15 - To Catch a Keiko


Batman tracks Keiko down for more information and perhaps causes her more trouble.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Apr 15 23:35:13 2019
Location: Upper West Side

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A call had come on on Keiko's cell phone. An apartment in Mid-Town was needing some plumbing work done and had gotten Keiko's information from craigslist. The building is one that's sparsely populated, with work going on already on the inside of it. It seems that they're keeping plenty of handypeople busy - it could be an easy trek for Keiko.

The key for the apartment was left underneath the mat - as the response had said she would find it. The owner of the apartment had to run off on a quick errand and would be back shortly - she can do the repairs and he'll make sure he transfers the payment if she finishes before he gets back.

There's a couple of those cameras - the type that link to cellphones that are installed in the apartment - and a Ring doorbell. "Thanks for coming on such short notice!" the voice offers over the phone as she arrives.

"I should be no more than an hour, but you know, you don't get auditions for 'Grease' every day!"

Work is good. After the last few days, Keiko could use it. To be honest, she can always use it but lately, with the interruptions of the Nightfall and egyptian … mythogology, she's behind and needs to catch up.

The small, asiatic looking woman arrives at the apartment, her bike is chained up downstairs, and peers at the doorbell distrustingly.

"Uh. Ok." she speaks to the phone "I just let myself in, then?" She's got the key in the lock already and doing just that anyway.

"Are you auditioning for Danny Zuco or Kinicky?" The womans knowledge is eclectic.

"I wish!" comes the voice, "Actually, it's Putzie." he admits with a laugh. "I don't have Danny's looks or Kinicky's chutzpah."

The apartment is sparesely appointed and furnished - very neo-New York actor. The sink? It's a dripping.

Drip drip drip. Rhythmically.

"Oh. I see. Well good luck …" The tattooed womans accent is a mutts - hard to pin down exactly what it is. She doesn't waste much time when she enters the apartment, a quick glance around and into the kitchen she goes.

She's quiet as she works, setting her tool box down, checking the faucet and the spout before opening the cabinet beneath, pulling *all* the stuff out and sticking her head inside to get a better look.

It's not long before she's got the tools out and is working on replacing the washers, though.

"You're too easy to find." It's a voice that comes out from behind Keiko. Hopefully it doesn't startle her enough to bang her head. But maybe enough so that she summons her cat.

Standing in the egress of the room, Batman folds his arms across his chest. His lenses narrow in thought as he takes in the young woman as she works.

"We need to talk."

"Ack!" thump "OW!" It startled Keiko and yes, she bumped her head. What did the goddamn Batman think would happen? But unfortunately for him, she doesn't summon the cat.

She might have learned that lesson early on!

It takes a moment for her to wriggle out and sit up. When she does she casts a baleful look in the caped crusaders direction and rubs her head "I left my card. Of course I was easy to find."


"Is this really your apartment? And did you get the part?"

"Not my apartment. Give me your phone." It's the first comment that he makes as he holds out a gloved hand. "And tell me everything you know about Nightfall and the Mindless Ones." His expression remains in that grim line that it's always in.

"And why they are targetting gifted or mutant children."

"No." Keiko slowly comes to her feet, moving to the side slightly to avoid the things she's put on the floor. "I won't give you my phone." Stubborn. That should be one of the first things that Batman notes about her. Maybe the second, actually. Stupid, might be the first.

"I'll tell you because I know who you are and I don't want Agent Turner sighing at me again." She eyes the man warily. He's so tall compared to her.

"Who's apartment is it?" beat "And they aren't targetting mutant children. They're targetting children. We … they, don't care whether the kids have gifts, they just have to be … not gifted, exactly but that's close."

"Phone. NOW." He is not above intimidating a stubborn girl to get what he wants. And in this case, it's her phone. However, she continues, and he gives a nod of his head. "Then what is the connection between all the children that were taken? Is that the only one. How did they find out this information?" he asks, continuing to grill her with questions. "The ink on your arm. Where is their camp that they did that to you? And then your training."

It's clear he's going to get as much infomation as he can, as he plans to tear down the organization itself. "And.."

His lenses narrow on the young woman, his looming suddenly seeming that much larger - but that could just be a trick of the light, right? "Who did they send you here after?"

"No." It's implacable as the black caped figure looms over Keiko, forcing her to take a step back. Defiant? Not exactly, but there's a quiet confidence to her, though there's also a weariness. "Why don't you tell me what you want it for, first? I'm answering your other questions."

"They just have be the best in an area. Intelligence or Physically or, like me, precocious and strong willed." The rapid fire questions have her blinking.

"You catch more bees with honey than vinegar, you know. Is there anything to drink in here?" She means alcohol not Juice, Bruce!

"We…" she sighs and takes a deep breath that she blows out slowly "… They…" that's said firmly, like she's reinforcing the word in her mind. "work with informants in the villages they target. Someone identifies the children and a pair roll in. Collect the kids, mark them as our … theirs … and then move out."

"I wasn't…" She hasn't answered all his questions and the last response was to why she was sent here.

"Do you want to know why SHIELD is always able to find you so easily? Why I'm able to find you so easily." There's a gesture to her phone. "You're telling anyone with a tracking program where you are." he comments dryly. Fine, she wants an explanation, she gets one.

"This is how you grow your group then. And if someone decides to leave, as you have?" he asks her, frowning.

"Check the fridge, it's not my apartment." But he did disable the security. No watchy watching for the guy..

Who is constantly texting Keiko.

// What are you doing?
// Why can't I see my cameras?

// I'm going to call the cops!

Keiko's eyes widen at the messages and she shoots Batman a venomous look. "You're going to get me arrested and I won't have any work." She really should have just run when the Nightfall showed up.

I'm working on your sink. I don't know why you can't see the camera's. I haven't touched them. Be done soon. she texts back. Well, she hopes she does - she might have sent dominoes an order instead.

"Agent Turner can find me *now* because I've let him. But fine …" She hands the phone over and climbs back under the sink to keep working.

"They. How *they* grow their ranks, yes. The Nightfall." She's clanking around down there as she talks. "And theoretically you don't leave. If they find me, which they have, they'll take me back if they can catch me. It won't be nice if they do."

"Where are they getting their weapons and supplies? What is their link to the Mindless Ones?" Batman asks, as he takes the phone and starts to work on it. It only take a few moments - but all of her tracking is disabled. Including the one that SHIELD installed. There's a frown as he sets the phone back down on the counter.

"And your ink? When the mystical bond is formed - how hard do you concentrate to hold it? Do you feel the same injuries that they take when they are wounded?"

Keiko's voice is muffled from inside the cupboard. There's a thunk, closely followed by a curse word. "They bring their weapons with them, they're crafted as part of the training. Supplies, they'd buy here. Or steal."

Bruce can see her still and shiver a bit at the mention of the Mindless Ones. "Those are Lord Plokta's … uh … Plokta's personal minions. He calls them when our … the others … need backup. They aren't nice."

There's a silence as she keeps on working, hand moving back to grab her tool box and drag it closer so she can get the new washers out.

"If I tell you that, I'm putting myself at a disadvantage." She says quietly. "Would you do that, if you had a choice?"

"What all do you know on Plokta?" Batman asks as he pushes the bag closer with a foot. "Would you rather I test the theory out and see how you react to it?" he asks her rather bluntly as he looks down at her throgh the drain hole. And scowls slightly as he pulls back. But, he is waiting for the answer to her question, arms folded over his chest quietly.

"Honey… you should try honey…" Keiko mutters. "Is he still texting? If he calls the police, I'm going to loose business."

She sighs though. "No, I don't want you to test it out. I've been through enough in the last few days. Bella is only just recovered." She sounds almost bitter. "Three years I avoided them and now …"

"Only tattoo bearers like myself can call a creature spirit. The spirit is bonded to us, and us to it, when we master it. Once it's called, it's independent. General injuries don't affect us but destroy the creature … and we are hurt badly."

There's some interesting things in there. Master the spirit. Bonded.

"What are you thinking of doing?"

"Lord Plokta is our god." It's interesting how Keiko slips in and out of the 'we' and 'they'. "We are raised to give him resources so he can increase his own domain. According to Agent Turner and Miss Rasputina, I might not know as much as I thought I did."

Bella. He files that away as well. As soon as he has everything that he believes Keiko can give him, he nods his head. "Very well." he responds.

After a few moments, he asks. "How old were you when you were taken?"

The Wolf, Batman can assume. He can see the ink on her arms as she works, though. There's more than just a Wolf. A tarantula, a dragon, a harpy eagle and something that looks like an enormous black dog with glowing eyes. If Bruce knows his mythology, he'll know that's a Barghest.

"Do I pass then?" There's a certain level of sarcasm as Keiko wriggles out of the cupboard and peers into the sink. Carefully she turns the tap on and then off again. No more dripping.

She might get paid. Or she might get arrested. Flip a coin at the moment.

"I … don't know. Young. Five maybe. Six? I don't remember much except growing up with my Sibko."

She glances to her phone.

He's gone when she comes back out. Apparently she's given him all of the information that he can get from the young woman, and left her to finish her work in peace.

That is of course, until there's a rattling of keys in the door.

"Why did you turn my cameras off?!" comes the screaming actor's voice.

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