2019-04-14 - A Wimp Meets a House Wife


While visiting Coney Island, Piotr comes across Rose Wilson.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 14 15:25:07 2019
Location: Coney Island

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It's not Rose's typical place to hang out. But, she's gotten tired of the biker bars. Tired of the amateur strip clubs. At least, for today. She needed something — different. So, putting on a pair of jeans, and a simple t-shirt, the naturally platinum blonde girl had made her way to coney island. But it wasn't the rides she was after. Not that thrill.

Instead, Rose can be seen arguing with one of the game vendors, "You're a freaking mutie, aren't you?!"

This is statement of consternation with the gaming vendor, because presently Rose has a few very large prizes piled to one side of her. "Nope," she says, accurately. "Wrong again, loser."

She tosses the ring one last time and fits it neatly, as she has every other time, which is a near-impossible feat, onto the milk jug top. Then, she turns to a nearby small family watching. "Take this shit home, will you?" She gestures to the assortment of oversized stuffed animals. "I don't fucking want it."

She starts to walk away, looking bored while the vendor shouts, "Stay away from the games, you freaking mutie!"

Piotr is in Coney Island for different reasons. He's never been there. And he wants to check it out. Because eventually he'd like to bring his sister here. He always had imagined doing that. Now that she's older than he is because of Limbo…

It's complicated.

The large Russian has secured himself an elephant ear and is dipping it in a raspberry sauce when he hears the taunting from the vendor. His blue eyes rise towards the tent and he alters his path to head in that direction. "Just because they are skilled, does not make one a mutant." he offers to the vendor, a frown pulling on his face.

He, on the other hand, is a fully registered mutant. Or was. He glances at the pile of stuffed animals and then towards the one-eyed woman. "There is no rule here that said she could not play. Perhaps you should consider a new line of work, if this is your concern, as you are not a person of the people?"

The vendor does not look pleased - mostly because he feels cheated, even though it's he who is usually doing the cheating by taking money for a game that's, while not impossible to win, highly improbable.

Rose seems to warm to the man, her 'white knight', and she takes a step towards him, smiling like a pretty ray of sunshine. "Well, aren't the noble one?" She inquires, the smile even touching her bright blue eye. Yes. Eye. The eyepatch she wears is clearly visible.

The vendor states, "Get out of here, the both of you. Don't come back." Then, as if they weren't there, he starts calling out for new patrons to earn back the money Rose 'stole' from him.

"I hate poor losers," Rose opines to Piotr, confinding in him. "But, I think I like you, quite a bit."

There's a chuff of amusement from Piotr as he looks back towards the pile of animals and then the woman. "Bag please. These are yours by right?" he asks Rose. "If you do not wish to have them, I know of children that would enjoy them." Back at the school. They'd enjoy a big pile of plush animals.

Though after gathering the toys in the bag, he finds himself addressed by Rose. She may notice that his clothes are slightly loose on his frame. Polo shirt, nice pants, boots. Her commentary draws a blush from the large Russian.

"I was just wanting to assist, tovarish." The accent is as thick as raspberry varenye as he adjusts the bagged pile easily.

"Wait," the vendor complains. "She said I could keep those!" He clearly had planned to do exactly that.

"Mmm-hmm." Rose snorts at the vendor, "I was talking to them," she says, pointing at the family. She shrugs, clearly not caring one whit about the animals, or their fate. Instead, she looks at Piotr. "Tovarish?" She knows it's Russian. But, languages wasn't something her father had gotten around to teaching her.

A middle finger is given to the vendor, and then Rose is neatly, and subtly steering Piotr away from the entire affair by placing a hang, gently, on his arm.

The touch and the earlier comment settles on Piotr's mind finally. Ever seen a six and a half foot tall Russian blush like a shy schoolgirl? Congratulations. "It means friend. As you said you liked me?" he points out to her as he is guided away, Rose on one arm, bag of animals in the other. And the hand with Rose's arm still has the remains of his elephant ear, which is promptly popped into his mouth.

"I am Piotr. Piotr Rasputin." If she's done her homework, she knows the name of the Russian superhero from his work in his native land as he considers the young woman. "I am sorry that he insulted you so."

"Him?" Rose laughs, just a little. "Hardly. Loser like that isn't even worth my time. Been called far worse than that, Piotr." Rose turns her head one way, then the other way, briefly. "So. I've never been to Coney Island before. Where do we go next?" Because, apparently, Rose has 'adopted' Piotr. Or, something.

"I would not know why. You are a very attractive woman." Piotr responds, and then at her question, there's a shrug from the large Russian. "This is my first visit here. I had always wanted to come. But my visits to America have always been limited." There's a chuckle. "Now that I am here for a longer time - I thought it would be a chance to mark it off my barrel list?" Because buckets are just too small obviously.

"Where had you planned to go to next, miss?" Because he clearly doesn't know her name, which may be the game. "Or should I just find a name to call you for the rest of the night?"

Poor Piotr. "Why don't you find a name for me, then," Rose suggests, seeming to take a liking to the idea of the game that Piotr puts forth. Her smile is both warm, and suggestive. She touches his arm in a familiar way, "Let's go —-," and she points to where there's a sign for a 'Haunted Masnion', "There."

It's the perfect place for her to get scared, and jump into his arms. Or, stab him. Or, simply get a better idea of the man by his reactions to the 'fun' of being scared.

"Platina. Like the color of your hair." Piotr decides after several moments of thought. Little does he know of the thoughts in the woman's head, or he'd probably blush even harder as she starts to guide him towards the Haunted Mansion. There's a short queue for the line, and he takes out a few dollars to pay for the entrance fee for the pair.

The sounds of the haunted house echo out from within, along with the cries of laughter in both delight and fear as they are guided through. His arm tightens against Rose's touch. The muscles are not just for show, as the large farm boy looks up in amusement and wonderment. "Such things like this are hard to come by back home. Though it could be any number of abandoned farmhomes from there, as well." he admits in some amusement.

"Pretty common here," Rose admits, "Especially around Halloween," as she and he near the entrance. Her eye seems to hold some factor of secret amusement as she looks up at him, "I hope you don't get scared easily," she says. "I hear this one's pretty good."

"I promise I will not crush you too tightly should I." It was a poor attempt at something. Flirting? He's not even sure, as Piotr moves with Platina to enter the haunted house, and end up in the foyer, where a teenager, probably younger than the pair of them is telling them the history of the house, and there's ghosts and spooks, and it's not for the feint of heart.

"I'll bet you say that to all the girls," Rose jests back, lightly. She might even be enjoying herself, some. She slides a hand against Piotr's arm. "But you -are- big and strong. It's okay. You don't have to be gentle with me, Piotr. I like it rough," she says, in a lower tone while her eye's glint matches the impish curve of her face.

There's a chuckle that comes from the large man. "I am sure that you could handle it." Piotr responds naievely as they head into the first chamber, where a man jumps out with a machete, apparently ready to attack. Stunned and caught off guard by Rose's flirtations suddenly being turned by the attack, Piotr reacts. The large man becomes suddenly larger, metal binding around his frame as he takes on his more massive Colossus form. His arms tense and he prepares to defend Rose, until the kid screams. "Don't hurt me! I didn't mean to scare you!"

Wasn't that the whole point of the attraction?

Rose … wasn't expecting that. Nope. Not expecting that at -all-. Still, she doesn't seem all that horrified - either by the guy with the machete, or Piotr's transformation. "My, my, Piotr." She pats one of those metallic arms, "What big arms you have. I think, though, …," she trails off, to assess the poor frightened worker, "You're defeating the purpose of the haunted house. We're not supposed to scare them." She does not, however, apologize. Becaus she finds the entire affair far too amusing.

That would be the reason for the baggier clothes. He grew by nearly a foot. He'll leave the rest of that to Rose's imagination. It takes several seconds of thought for Piotr to pull himself back together. Rose cooing slightly at him - that's not helping. He finally draws in a cleansing breath and resumes his more human form. "I-I am sorry, tovarish." he starts to stammer, staggered.

He sees the fear in the boy's eyes. It's not the first time he's seen it. "We.. we should probably leave." Piotr manages, an uncomfortableness to his voice. He did not mean to bring fear to here, in a place of amusement. His eyes drift over to the woman at his side, and he gives a slow nod of his head. "There are other things we could try for amusement?"

Well, there goes her first plan. She sighs, some, then brushes her hair back with a hand, out of her eye and suggests, "Yeah. Let's go somewhere else for amusement. C'mon." If she notices Piotr's uncomfortableness with having scared the poor boy? Well, she doesn't acknowledge it. Maybe she's nice like that. More likely, though, she just doesn't care. She tugs him out of the haunted manor and after a bit of a look around, "Let's go get a drink, yeah?"

"Surely." Piotr agrees, feeling the tug on his arm, and it seems that for the moment that Rose has a rather willing partner in crime that follows along with her. That is until he hears the barker calling out. "Test your strength! Test your strength and win a prize! Ring the bell, get anything you want!" he calls out to the crowd. This piques the large man's interest, and he glances towards Rose. "Could we, Platina?" he asks the woman, because of course, he wants to. And not all just to impress her, right?

Why are nice guys always so hard to deal with? It's a question Rose is probably asking herself right now. There's a brief look on her face that suggests, at the very least, she'd rather be doing something else, but after that brief moment, she rolls her eye, smiles, good naturedly. "Sure." And, willingly enough, she starts towards the 'Feats of Strength' barker. And, her demeanor seems to turn this little affair over to PItor, so he can do what he wants to do. Silly Russians.

Because they're oblivious to what bad girls want, that's why. Piotr smiles as she gives into his request. Okay, more begrudgingly accepts. But that is all that matters, right. As he makes his way to the High Striker game. "I would like to try, yes, please." he offers to the man. The barker looks at the large Russian, and swallows. "Sure! I'm sure you'll do great! Let me get you a hammer your size." he offers to the man as he moves behind the machine.

Piotr doesn't notice, as the man reaches down, engaging a powerful electro-magnet to hold down the puck after Piotr hits the platform. "Alright, big guy, you ring the bell, and your girlfriend can choose what she wants. Seems you've already done pretty well for her!"

"..she ah. She won those for herself." he says with a loft of a brow. "And I have only met her tonight."

"Tinder match? Niice."

"What is this tinder?"

"Hit it, Piotr," Rose encourages, without answering him, giving a sly smile and a 'shh' motion with finger-to lip. She leans back on one foot, crosses her arms over her chest, and watches. Waits. Plans.

|ROLL| Piotr Rasputin +rolls 1d20 for: 1

Rubbing his hands together, Piotr takes up the hammer. He frowns slightly at its weight, but accepts that as part of the challenge of the game. Bringing the hammer down with all of his might, it collides with the pitch. The pitch sticks, causing the puck to get pulled down hard by the magnet. It rises. Just marginally -


The crowd breaks into uproarious laughter, and somewhere, someone is posting it to social media. Strongman fail.

Rose looks speculatively at Piotr, it was his idea, afterall. She supportively pats his arm, "Well. You tried," she says, mustering as much encouragement as she can. She's too amused to put forth a whole lot of effort into it. "That's the important thing, right?"

Then she asks, because her ego gets in the way of things, "Let me try?"

Piotr is dumbstruck. And more than slightly embarassed. He's still staring at the machine in speculation when Rose makes her move to offer her turn. "I think it is broken." he says. Clearly that has to be the reason. No way would the Ameican Carnival game cheat someone, right? But he hands the hammer over to Rose, but the barker stops him. "One second, let me get her the ladies' hammer!" he demands, reaching for the hammer before Rose can grab it.

So she doesn't fell how light that it really is. Metal over wax - the strongman's trick to lifting 1000s of pounds.

If he gets the hammer in time, he moves to get the pink hammer for Rose, clicking off the electro magnet. Just to give her a chance.

|ROLL| Rose Wilson +rolls 1d20 for: 2

"Pink? Really?" Rose makes a face, then takes the 'Ladies' hammer. She rolls her shoulders, and then she takes her own whack at it. Apparently 'a chance' isn't much. The hammer falls down, square onto the target and it moves an entire one tiny little mark above the mark that Piotr got.

HOUSE WIFE reads the carnival depiction of her strength level.

Only … that was probably the worst move the vendor could've made. Rose can deal with most insults well. But due to pressure from all sides, she's a bit more sensitive about her skills. Her eye narrows at the man attending the contest. And she hears the laughter from the crowd, simliar to what she just enjoyed at Piotr's expense. But now it's different.

Becaue ti's her.

"Oh, I'm sorry," says the barker with a faint laugh. But, then he's not laughing anymore as Rose walks directly up to him, and punches him hard, in the gut. Enough to make him double over.

"Now," Rose says, with a particularly meaningful, pointed tone, "You're going to apologize. For cheating us. Go on."

The barker doubles over in pain as he coughs. "Cheated you?! Noone's cheating you!" he sputters. "You played, you lost!" comes the protest. "I'm calling the police! Secruity!" he calls out.

Okay. This is a bad idea. Piotr is clearly not a fan of wanting to spend the night in jail. A large hand settles on Rose's shoulder, and he squeezes it gently. "We should have that drink now?" he asks her, clearly trying to defuse the situation.

"Though you are very attractive for.." he squints at the sign. "A house wife." There might be a small smile at that, and his attempt to try to defuse thee situation.

Rose is about ready to further haul off on the guy, when Piotr's hand is on her shoulder. Her lips twist, as she turns to him and there's a clear scowl there.

Unfortunately for Piotr, that wasn't the right thing to say. Quite the opposite. She glares at him briefly, but doesn't pursue beating up the poor idiot anymore. Maybe he will think twice about cheating people in the future. "This was a bad idea," Rose states, succintly, and she begins to storm off, headed towards the direction of the exit at a clipped pace, intent on leaving the scene, and Piotr behind.

And not sure what he said, Piotr's left there, holding tha bag of animals. He doesn't go chasing after her. Instead, he mutters something in Russian, and turns to trod off in a different direction. Because he's already upset someone tonight. He doesn't planning to do so further. Or chase down one that is clearly upset.

And he clearly doesn't know what he's missing out on.

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