2019-04-14 - A Dubious Offer


Loki offers to join the Avengers.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 14 18:19:03 2019
Location: Avengers Mansion

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It's trying to be spring. It is. The hyacinths are sprouted from the garden's hard grounds lining the front path of the Avenger's Mansion and smell lightly fragrant against the backdrop of the city's mineral-laden air. One section of the carefully-tended grounds, however, is not so carefully tended. A blond-haired, broad-shouldered man is staring down at it and the broken grounds-bot beside the area with a narrow look of mild frustration. A broken fuse must have been the issue, since the robot is lying there smoking, but now there's an eyesore of ultra-tilled and flower-strewn sectioning of the front lawn.

"…guess I'll talk to Tony," he mutters to himself as he rubs at his neck behind an ear. Dressed in a navy-blue hoodie sporting the Avenger's A in bright white, jeans, and sneakers, it's clear that Steve's not involved in any form of work. Yet.


Baldur splits his time between the Embassy and the mansion when he's not off doing something or other, such as riding in Central Park. At the moment, he's at the mansion, rounding the far corner of the building with Gisl at his side. He's holding a partially eaten apple. "Steven. What brought down the robot? We don't seem to be under attack."

"It was not my doing," comes a nearby purr, suddenly, and there's the smell of old ice in the air for a moment as the magic dissipates. Obviously, his sudden entrance might trip more protections the instant he arrives. Generally, how much people trust Loki depends on who is giving the opinion of his character, but he does tend to give off a slippery vibe, even when he is being helpful. Today, he's dressed in his fully impressive horny attire. He's tall enough as is, but the horns add another head's worth of height to his stance. Not as broad as Thor or Baldur, he still seems to be a sturdily built man, with tapering waist and muscled legs, though his outfit covers all of him except his hands and face. His verdant cape shifts with the breeze across the grounds.


The Captain glances up from the sparking hull of the Roomba-sized creation lying in the grass and lifts his hands from his pockets in a shrug towards Baldur. "Couldn't tell you. It's probably one of Tony's creations in his spare time — or maybe something one of the others bought to help tend the plants when the groundskeepers aren't around. They're gonna raise Cane over this though." He sighs in mild frustration. It's a matter of human pride, in the case of the groundskeepers, who feel they can do a far better job than any robot. Right now? True as hell. "It'll get dealt with. How was your ride?" he asks, giving Gisl a fond look-over.

Then the security on the grounds is setting off a quiet claxon, specifically pitched for the ultra-sensitive ears of the mansion's occupants. Steve draws himself up an inch and clenches his fists at his sides at the sudden appearance of another…Asgardian? He draws quick conclusions as to the armor and fashion on display, including that rather singular helmet.

"JARVIS, security override: First Avenger. Cease fire." The defense systems whir down into silence once more. Loki gets a polite if leery eyeing from Steve. "Glad to hear it. Have we met before?"


"Hello, brother." Baldur says, not sounding particularly surprised. Loki has a way of coming and going. Holding out the apple, Gisl takes it in his mouth as mist starts swirling up from the ground to obscure the horse. When it clears, the horse is gone and Baldur continues toward Steven and the robot. "Steven, this is Loki, brother to myself and Thor. "What brings you here today?" he asks. "And in full armor. Are the Frost Giants attacking Asgard again?"

"Not today." Loki answers to Baldur, then looks Steve up and down. "Not officially. I have been researching you though." He draws in a deep breath, "I thought…since you have the Mighty Thor…Baldur the Brave…on this…team of Midgard's champions, it is only right to also offer my services to the Avengers." He smiles politely, 'innocently', even, as if its all from the goodness of his warm heart, and has nothing at all to do with annoying Thor.


A subtle nod from Steve in response to hearing of relation. He glances from Baldur to Loki, his entire stance gone reserved without being cool. Upon hearing the reason for the Asgardian's sudden presence, the Captain's eyebrows slowly rise.

"Hmm. Thor hadn't mentioned any interest on your part," he informs Loki. "He's normally pretty transparent about things like this, especially when family's involved." He returns his hands to his hoodie's pockets and leans some of his weight to one foot. "But I'll ask the usual questions like I do for everyone else. What's your track record? Any instances of involvement with entities historically against Midgard? What can you bring to the team? Why us? Why not another group here in the city?" Steve asks patiently.


Loki's offer is met with a smile from his brother. Whether Baldur's pleased or amused is difficult to say. Both perhaps. "I think that's a fine idea, brother. Though I do wonder what brings you to make the offer. The lives of those on Midgard are not usually one of your main concerns and it does require spending an amount of time here among them that would take you away from other tasks."

Loki lifts one hand up and tilts his head. "That /is/ a long list of questions. I do not have a 'track record' that could be quantified here on Midgard. I do actually know quite a few entities that might wish harm to Midgard, but as you are not overrun with Frost or Fire giants, nor giant serpents, nor alien marauders, I guess the golden realm of Asgard is doing its job." Here, Loki starts to chuckle and looks over to Baldur. "Remember the time I told Surtur that he could assassinate Odin by poisoning him with a particular seasoning on a gift of dragon meat? The feasting lasted a month." Then his expression steels to a more serious tone, "Thor has not spoke to me since his recent arrival. I suspect he's just embarassed. You can test my skill if you wish, but I have a talent for illusions and plenty of fighting skill. As for the last…this group has my dear brothers in it."


"So…no track record that counts here on Midgard. Asgard has a hand in defending Midgard, sure," and Steve shrugs easily. " - and we appreciate any help that can be offered when push comes to shove. I believe you've got some fighting ability. Haven't yet met an Asgardian without any." He gives Loki a small and polite smile.

"I can certainly talk with the others about it. We let everyone weigh in on new recruits before a final decision is made. In the meantime, would you feel comfortable with a consulting role? Sounds like you've got a more…subtle skill set than your brothers?" The lilt of tone asks for confirmation from either brother present.


"If Loki's offer is in earnest, he would be an asset to the Avengers." Baldur assures Steve. "All Asgardians are warriors and he is skilled in what is commonly termed 'magic' here on MIdgard. More than skilled, in fact, as his talents there exceed his prowess with a spear." At the reminder of the feast, he laughs. "Aye, and a finer meal we did not have for two seasons as it was truly meat fit for the All-Father."

"Consult as you wish." There's a pause and Loki stills himself, then lifts a finger. "There is someone who I believe may be able to provide an excellent reference who is not in the Avengers…we have spent some time together…and he did witness me stop a bank robbery."


"Duly noted," comments Steve to Baldur, giving a thoughtful nod. The report of an outsider capable of vouching for character is news to the Captain. Those expressive brows lift again.

"Is there? You comfortable sharing his name?" he asks of Loki in particular, shifting his weight to the opposite foot now. The small gardening robot still emits little sparks here and there.


"You prevented a bank robbery?" Baldur asks and now he does sound surprised. Loki involving himself in something so mundane? Still… "Well done, brother. Though that reminds me, I've been meaning to ask if you discovered anything about that scarab."

The Prince has set it up gorgeously, and the green light in his eyes sparkles with his delight at the revelation. Expert craftsmanship of a storyteller lets the pause before his answer of Steve's question rest just long enough to encroach on uncomfortable anticipation, before that silver tongue wraps itself around the name. "James Barnes." Thin slips spread into a slow smile, staring for a moment, then he lowers his lids and cuts his eyes over to Baldur to answer him in a much more casual manner, "Some…though, so many are working on this matter, it is difficult to keep track. That shield agent, Turner…and Amora and someone called the Blue Beetle…need to be looked for."


The Captain's stoic facade fractures at the name. His eyes visibly widen and he opens and closes his mouth just enough to be noticed. When the Trickster God's regard slides to his brother, Steve looks away as well, his eyes darting around at everything and nothing. A sigh and he looks back at Loki once more.

"Duly noted. I'll have to speak with him. He'll be honest with me." A ping from his pocket and he pulls his phone out from his jeans pocket. "Speak of the devil. Baldur, you're the host now, I gotta take this." A wave to both Asgardians, polite as he can manage with a cellphone shoved between his ear and his lifted shoulder, and Steve goes back inside. The gardening bot? It lies there forlornly, still twitching and smoking slightly where it landed in the grass.


"Steven's shieldmate." Baldur says with a nod at the revelation. "Amora is on Midgard now? I have yet to encounter her. I should spend more time at the embassy if the All-Father is sending more of us here. Which makes me wonder if he has seen trouble brewing that will affect Asgard."

Loki reaches down to the bot and picks it up. If its only the size of a roomba, that should pose no difficulty. "Shieldmate, yes." Once Steve turns around to head out, some of Loki's outfit fades away, leaving him in the ornate black leather, sans cape and helm. He turns the broken thing around in his hands a few times. "Amora is here…with her charm…and she has one of the beetles in her study." He wets his lips. "What do you know of the shieldmates?"

"I will seek her out and ask her then." Nodding to Steve as he leaves, Baldur glances after him before looking back to Loki. "Very little. I only met Barnes once and not long ago. We did not speak in depth. Steven though I have known for some time. He is an honorable man with a firm sense of what is good and right as well as being a fine warrior. I intend to ask the All-Father to allow the Valkyries to come get him should he ever fall in battle."

"That is not a bad idea, though, he would need to see Asgard. He would have to believe in it…to feel the connection to Yggdrasil. Do you not think?" There's a small pause and then he starts on another topic, "The spear is a fine weapon, but…I find myself drawn to another, of late. Once, I had a bow, and it was lost during a flight from battle. I want to find it again…it was a fine weapon." Baldur would know the one. Capable of killing Asgardians with the force of its arrows. Its a weapon for war, for sure, from their younger days when battles were deadly and fierce.

"Knowing us, he likely believes already. Our worshippers never saw Asgard themselves till the Valkyries brought them to Valhalla." Baldur points out. "Of course, times have changed but so have we." Just much more slowly. "I do recall your bow. I'd wondered what became of it. If you desire to wield it again, we should go find and retrieve it."

Loki reaches out and puts his hand on Baldur's shoulder. "Thank you, brother. I believe it to be on Jotunheim. I could not bring myself to face those monsters after…" he lifts his chin. "But, I am ready now. I will research it more thoroughly, and let you know." Loki then knits his brows slightly. "Have you found yourself…/interested/ in any of these mortals?"

"Of course. It shall be a fun adventure. Perhaps we should invite some of the mortals to join us." Baldur suggests but at the question, he grins. "Many of them. In the short term." Then a bit more seriously, he adds "But the short term is all they have so I am hesitant to grow too close to any."

Loki nods his head and looks across the lawn. "Though…some seem to have outlived their normal span. Like your friend, Steve. But you are right…foolish to become enamored of a creature that is gone so swiftly." There is a grim look about him for a moment, then he moves his hand from Baldur's shoulder. "I should get going…let the Avengers decide about me…" He chuckles.

"Foolish, yes. But when has foolish ever stopped us?" Baldur asks, attempting to lighten things up again. "Be well, brother. I shall speak to them in your favor."

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