2019-04-13 - Bugs. In. SPACE.


Ted Kord plans to go to space, and needs an expert…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Apr 13 04:44:34 2019
Location: Avengers Mansion - Dining Hall

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It was a typical afternoon in the Avengers Mansion. Ted has finished a workout and now he's readying his after-workout snack: a high-protein, overly-scienced shake. He stands in he kitchen, a cutting board nearby him. The whirr and grind of a food processor fills the space, as he bobs from sneakered foot to sneakered foot. He is in fit mode today. He has earphones on and he's dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and sweatbands on his wrists and forehead. He's crooning a bit louder than he ought, thanks to the volume in his headphones, "Oh oh OH OH OH-OH, Rah rah ROH OH OH-OH, it's a bad romance!"

Which is, of course, when Carol walks into the room, having just done a jog around the neighborhood. Yeah, jog, she does occasionally do things other than fly everywhere. In this case, she has on a baggy grey USAF hoodie and form-fitting blue sweats, with her hair tied back in a ponytail. She grins over at Ted, "I thought that song was old when I left Earth." Her eyes dance with a bit of amusement.

Ted catches movement out of the corner of his eye and looks up to see Carol's entrance. He tugs his earphones off, leaving them draped around his neck. The strains of the classic Lady Gaga sound can be heard faintly. "Hey, just cause something's old doesn't mean it's not *awesome*!" he asserts. He turns the food processor off, takes the top off and scrapes things down the insides of the container. "Come on, you know the words!" He lifts the spoon out, leaving it to drip with his shake onto the floor, and he uses it like a microphone, "I want your love and I want your revenge!" He motions for Carol to join in for the last part of the song.

Carol laughs a bit, then sings in a surprisingly decent voice, "You and me could write a bad romance OhOHohOhOOOOH!" She walks over towards the fridge and grabs a bottle of water, "Yeah, met a guy in space who thought his Zune was amazing… didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise."

Ted Kord nods approvingly, encouragingly, as they finish the song together. He has left a spatter of shake on the floor, but he makes his way back to the food processor. He takes the lid off and sets to pouring a large glass of the stuff. He glances toward Carol and asks, "You want some?" Then a moment later, he adds, "Zunes… pffft. I mean, for an *amateur*," he concedes, "Might be okay. And… hey, speaking of space, I gotta go up there. Did you see my report? Wouldn't be the *worst* idea if you want to come. You know, help me see if I can help our friends from Asgard with what's going on?"

Carol grins, "Well, I'm a little familiar with space… as may have been mentioned. Ah, Ted, right?" She tilts her head, drinking from her water bottle as she then says, "Oh, and I'm good, thanks. But yeah, if you need me, I'm there. And if you didn't, I'd be there anyway."

Ted Kord lifts a shoulder in a shrug, pouring himself a large glass of his shake. He takes a swig, leaving himself a green shake-moustache before he sighs. At the sound that she'll come along, he enthusiastically answers, "That's cool! I'd love to have you along. And… yeah, Ted. Blue Beetle." He offers a toothy grin. "I'm bringing along an Asgardian, too. Since this is kind of a deal to them, you know, trying to work nicely together." He's starting to flush slightly so he takes another, large gulp of his shake.

Carol chuckles, "Well, I swear the entire Realm moved to New York sometimes… feels like I can't go ten feet without tripping over one. I even had one quote old song lyrics at me, which was… weird." She gets a bit of a wry expression. "For the record, quoting Brandy? Super not hot."

Ted Kord blinks over the rim of his glass and nods. He wipes at his mouth, eliminating the milk moustache. He leans a hip against the counter and he adds, "Yeah… well, I mean, in addition to our divine hammerer, I've dealt with a couple. They seem… I dunno, generally pretty nice? I mean, for gods. Not what I was expecting." He lifts a hand to rub through his hair, leaving it mussed in the post-gym sort of style. "Who'd you meet?" he asks.

Carol hmms, "I think he said his name was Rangvaldr? Something like that. Nice enough guy, claimed to be a god of the sea, but… um, yeah, I don't think he got out much." She says it nicely enough, but then shrugs, "Then, well, I met someone who said his name was Loki at Coney Island, I don't know if he was the Loki… but with my luck, I'm pretty sure he might have been." Then she suddenly blushes, "And, er, well, yeah, that's probably about it. Aside from Thor, naturally. Though that was before I left."

"Loki? I met him," Ted offers - his tone not really boastful, more like he could be helpful. "About yay tall?" he holds his hand horizontally in the air above his head by a few inches. "Kinda pale, green eyes, dark hair?" He catches the blush that crosses Carol's features and, in kinship, says nothing about it - putting the flush together with the comment that follows. Of course it makes sense that Carol's crushing on Thor in all his beefcakey glory. He clears his throat slightly and then he offers, "Amora's the one who's coming up into space. She's, ah…" It's his turn to flush slightly. "… pretty great. So… hopefully I don't need rescuing or something up there." He shrugs and then quickly appends, "I guess I gotta make her a suit. Do you need one?"

Carol laughs, "Nah, I'm good. Don't need a suit for space, but I figured I'd ride in the ship instead of outside it, at least initially. Amora, huh? Don't think I met her yet." At the description of Loki, her eyes narrow a bit, "… yeah, I'm pretty sure that was him. Seemed like a nice guy, though. Oh, and I think I may have met a Valkyrie." With that, the blush returns, just a bit.

Okay, maybe it's NOT Thor…

"Oh!" Ted says, seeming a little too surprised when the talk of Valkyrie comes up, for him to just be processing another Asgardian she's met. "Uh… I see." He retreats back to the safety of discussing Loki. "Yeah, Loki… I dunno, he thought I was somebody else. He started grilling me, but… I just think he's under a lot of pressure, you know? It's all 'endgames this' and 'Midgard serpent' that. Seems stressful." Ted nods glumly to that. Poor Loki.

Carol hrms, "Midgard Serpent? Okay, I know a little about mythology, but that critter is super bad news." She grins a little, "But Loki seemed like a decent enough guy. Since we were at Coney Island, I won him a giant plush gorilla. He seemed to like it, but now he owes me one."

"Yeah… well. I think, yeah. I'm sure he's solid. Amora seemed to think well of him." He offers a shrug at that, as though this was good enough for him. He adds, "But… yeah. I'll let you know when I've got the Bug ready to go. I appreciate having you around for this one."

Carol nods, "Sounds good, and I'll be glad to give you a hand. Honestly, it'll be nice to get back into space for a bit. Feels odd to be on a planet for too long, sometimes." She smiles over at Ted, and gives him a wave, "Catch you later, Ted." With that, Captain Marvel heads out of the dining hall.

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