2019-04-13 - A Mended Teapot


A second chance at a new beginning with Piotr

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Apr 13 03:19:50 2019
Location: Piotr's Room - Xavier's School

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Kitty's room finally got unpacked, at some point after her talk with Illyana. Today she is sitting on her bed, working on her laptop. She types away, fires off a program to run and then sits back to watch for a bit. A bottle of water on the table next to her is picked up and sipped before Kitty hops down off of the bed and moves over to the fireplace.

It is warming outside, but thankfully still cool enough to enjoy a fire. She puts some crumpled up newspaper in, and then adds a few smaller pieces before putting some larger on top. A long lighter starts it burning and she sits crouching in front of the fireplace, lost in her thoughts as she watches the flames spreading across the newspaper, licking up to start the smaller kindling burning as well.

Piotr hasn't been back to Kitty's room since their failure to communicate when he brought her the teapot. Sitting in his own room at the moment, he's staring at his sketchpad on his easel. And the drawing of Kitty upon it. Of her standing when she first came back home. He considers. And then he draws his breath in and takes a picture of the art and picks up his phone, tapping at it with his large fingers.

> Thinking of you.
> Katya.jpg

There's no response to the text as minutes pass by. About twenty minutes after though, a knock comes on Piotr's door. The sound is kept soft. Somehow it sounds appropriate for her, the noise muffled as if unsure. Kept quiet as if to not draw too much attention to itself, but then it's meant to be heard.

Should he open the door, Kitty is standing there. She's wearing a sweater that hugs her torso, and a pair of jeans. Just in her socks for the short walk of a few dozen feet down to Piotr's door. Her hair is left to fall about her shoulders in a dark chestnut wave. Kitty is holding the Kintsugi teapot in her hands. Looking down at it, until the door opens and she slowly looks up.

As the time passes, Piotr starts to think that she's not going to respond. Maybe it is too late. He should have let go. But he can't. He won't. As he hears the knock at the door, he rises up and heads to the door. Opening it, he notices her standing there. He's dressed down, a t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants. And at the presence of the young woman, his smile is genuine. "Katya, I.."

And then he sees the teapot in her hands. And he starts to realize what is about to probably happen. "…oh. Good evening." The smile slips, just a little.

Kitty looks up at Piotr's face, her eyes on his for a few moments before the teenaged girl's eyes drop away from him. "Can I come in," she asks quietly. Though she doesn't wait for an answer, moving inside of his room unless he's blocking the door. She doesn't come in too far. Just enough she can step to the side of the doorway and lean back against the wall beside it.

Kitty's looking down at the teapot again as she holds it a little before her, at around stomach level. She swallows and then draws a little bit of a trembling breath. "Pete, what did this… what did this mean?" she asks, finally looking back up at him. "When you chose it? What did you intend for it to mean?"

He draws in his breath, her scent tickling him as she passes by, and he closes the door. Because as of late, yelling seems to be the only form of their communication. Then she asks her question, and Piotr is left in a lurch he didn't expect to be left in. And he considers. There are so many things he can say. But finally, he decides on the simplest of them.

"There is a saying. The heart is like a cup. Once broken, it cannot be glued together. My sister told me that was not true. That there is a whole art that.. is like that teapot." he admits. "I know that I broke your heart, Katya. And I thought I would never get the chance again to make it right." Sighing, the large Russian's shoulders move as he lifts his gaze back to her.

"It was meant to be your heart. And that I know I had broken it. But that I was.. willing to give you all of me to make it whole and right. And possibly more beautiful again." So it's the truth he uses.

Kitty looks up at Piotr, watching him as he gives her the answer to her question. She draws a bit of a deep breath as she hears his answer. The teen's eyes drop to the teapot again, where she finds the fingers from one hand are brushing over it softly without her having realized she was doing it.

Kitty looks back up, the hand moving to brush her hair back behind her ear. "Then why'd you start talking about… about leaving me again? To live my life and… and reasons you couldn't be with me?" she asks.

To be fair, Kitty brought them up first. Naming her heart's fears, the things that she worried could crush her again if she let her feelings for him out from behind the wall she'd tried to build. Naming them, hoping for Piotr to put those fears to rest for her before she opened her heart back up fully. Only he hadn't. "I thought… I thought the teapot meant what you said," she says, her head tilting down again.

"Because, you asked me why I didn't.. when you were sixteen." Piotr responds. "It was because you were sixteen. And I wanted you to go to college." he closes his eyes. "You didn't ask me how I felt when I saw you again. Only how I felt about you in the past. You asked me about our age difference. But you didn't let me say 'You're an adult'." he responds to her.

"There is a difference between a girl that is wanting to leave a mark on her before she goes to college.. and a woman that has come home, and has made that same man realize that he missed her more than he misses his own breath." he responds to her. His English is still not the best, and he's trying his best to let her know how he feels about her.

Kitty Pryde bites her lip as she hears this. She gives a little shake of her head. "I wasn't talking about then. It was about now… about… mending my heart now," Kitty tells him. "About our age difference now. I thought… feared… it would still be a problem for you."

Kitty's hand shakes and she reaches over to set the teapot down on a dresser rather than risk dropping it. She looks back up to Piotr. "I'm still five years younger than you, Pete. I'll -always- be five years younger than you."

Kitty looks like her heart is back on that edge of a precipice, fearing it will be pushed off and smashed again. "Do you love me, now? Can you love me as I am. Now? Today? Five years younger than you?" she asks him, a tear trickling down her cheek. "Will you?" she asks, as second tear gathering.

"No. You asked me why I didn't sleep with you then, Katya. I didn't sleep with you because I did love you." Piotr sighs. "It is five years. But five years is different between an adult and a child, and an adult…" his finger reaches up, brushing away the tear that was forming on the corner of her eye.

"…and another adult." he points out to her. "We've had two years to grow. And learn. And.. I've only had a chance to fall further in love with you. From the moment you returned. I want to know everything you did in Europe. And yet, my biggest fear was that you would come back engaged. Or in love with someone else."

Kitty Pryde trembles as the finger brushes over her cheek, wiping away the tear. The second one doesn't fall, just leaves her eyes glistening as she looks up at the tall Russian man. Kitty reaches up slowly, her palms coming to rest flat upon his muscular chest as Kitty swallows and looks up into Piotr's eyes.

"I came back in love with someone. But he's the same someone I left, in love with," Kitty tells him quietly. She gives a little half-comical look to the side and says, "That means I came back still in love with you. I'm not going to risk any more language barrier," she says, eyes centering back on him.

"I love you Pete. I always have."

Language barriers are terrible things. They tend to ruin things. They did the other night, over that damned teapot. It's all his sister's fault really. So he tries to figure out what he's supposed to say.

Instead, his arms wrap up Kitty, lifting the young American woman, and he presses his mouth to her. Warm. Soft. He trembles, but at the same time, he is strong - he has to be. For both of them. For this to work.

Kitty Pryde's feet dangle nearly a foot in the air. She doesn't care, her arms going around Piotr, hugging him tightly as lips press against him. Giving him the kiss she's wanted to for so many years. She melts in his arms like butter on a summer day, body nestled in the strength of his arms. Her heart races and time stands still. The feeling of his body against hers. The press of their lips. This is a moment that is captured in her memory, to be brought out and cherished again and again in later days of her life.

Kitty's soft, feminine curves snuggle against the muscular firmness of Piotr's body. Her legs dangle yet she feels a supported and safe as at any time in her life. The kiss goes on and on, the girl not wishing to break it, as if afraid she'll wake when that kiss is over.

As she melts into him, Piotr's not sure for a moment how to respond. But then he decides to only hold her, before he worries about losing her. He keeps Kitty close to him, his fingers playing down the young woman's back as he feels the press of her encouraging him further as he pushes the door closed with an audible click.

Just in case she had decided to flee, he wasn't going to stop her? He wasn't sure at that moment what to expect as he lets Kitty go after a moment and draws in his breath, studying those beautifully warm eyes of hers. "I love you too, Katya."

Kitty looks up into Piotr's eyes with such warmth and love. Not the expression of someone who would flee from him. As she's set down on her feet, Kitty presses her head against his chest, turned sideways to nestle her cheek against Piotr. Her arms snake back up his body, hands meeting behind his neck as Kitty closes her eyes and presses close like she doesn't plan to ever pull away from him again.

"You can… say that… whenever you like. Repeatedly," she tells him with a soft, girlish giggle that belies the womanly appearance her body has been taking on while she was gone from him. "Oh Pete," she whispers to him, sighing happily.

"I have said it, Katya. A million times before." He taps the side of his head. "Here." And then his chest. "Here." And then Piotr reaches out and touches her chest. Between her collarbones. "And here." His hand moves to brush through her hair as Piotr studies Kitty's eyes, finding himself lost there again, and then he swallows, considering, and he feels the heat rising in his cheeks.

"Is an offer made two years ago still allowed to be accepted?" he asks her quietly, his expression one of worry, hope, and perhaps, he's realizing that Kitty has him worked up.

The girl's soft brown eyes gaze up at the big Russian. Feelings built up over years together course through her as he touches her face and her hair. Holds her near to him. Kitty's hands rest on Piotr's chest, her eyes looking down there too. They slide slowly upwards as she lets herself touch him as she has always wanted to, but was never allowed.

Kitty's head nods in answer without looking back up at him. Fingers drifting tenderly across his chest further. Feeling his brawny build. The slender teen is so much smaller than Piotr. His bulk and his musculature and that broad-shouldered frame were always what pulled her to him. "Yes," she whispers, finally lifting her eyes back to him.

As she gives her acceptance and nods her head, Piotr nods as well. Leaning down, Piotr's mouth finds Kitty's again. Warm, soft. There's a soft rumble from the Russian as he turns his attention to his hands, caressing the sides of her, over her shoulders, and her sides - as if unsure of where to guide himself now that Kitty has given him permission to touch her.

There's a pause, stopping the kissing as he looks towards Kitty, and his tone is quiet, nervous. "..you.. would be my first, Katya." he admits to her quietly.

Kitty's fingers gently smooth Piotr's shirt over his thick, muscled chest. The smaller girl's eyelids flutter a bit as his hands begin to caress slowly along her sides. The outer swells of her bosom are just felt by his thumbs as they drift down along her torso. It makes the brunette give a small, pleased shiver to feel his touch.

Kitty lifts her eyes back to Piotr. "I haven't been with anyone before, either. You're the only one I've ever wanted this with, Piotr," she tells him. Her tongue touches her lips, and she says in Russian, <I want to know you how a woman knows a man. How a wife knows a cabin.> To be fair, the words for 'cabin' and 'husband' are the same except for a different vowel.

Kitty glances around the room and asks softly, "Do you… did you want to… tonight? Or would you rather, that is, if you wanted for it to be something special somewhere, or I could wear something, or…" she stammers, blushing, nervous.

"You are the one I made wait two years. Though I would want to lay you down on the bed tonight.. and let you explore your cabin." Piotr says with a small chuckle as he pauses. He can sense her hesitation and worry. "Is.. this something you want tonight?" he asks her quietly.

Now, for a moment, he's the confused one. She seems to be putting him in a stall. It's not a no. It's a definite yes - he's just not sure what she wants him to say yes to.

"Explore my cabin?" Kitty repeats, not having got it as she didn't realize her misspoken Russian. Piotr will have to tell her about that sometime, which will likely garner a laugh from the warm-hearted girl.

Kitty glances over at his bed and bites down her lip. "I… uh…" Kitty stays softly. She looks back up to Piotr. "Maybe… maybe I could just stay the night with you tonight? Sleep in your arms? And then next time, I could get some candles, and I could wear something a little nicer than this and…?" Kitty says, trailing off with her voice lifting in pitch to make a question of it. "I just thought… it'll be special no matter what. But, maybe we could, you know?" she asks him.

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