2019-04-12 - Webbed Up For Ricardo


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman tracks a missing child and saves him.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Apr 12 02:57:48 2019
Location: Mott Street Market

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Peter Parker, or is it Spiderman, has been on the trail of the missing children. His investigations have bought him to a warehouse near Pier 25. A supposedly abandoned warehouse, except it isn't.

It's getting late in the evening. There's not much foot traffic around and the lights in the area are few. There's light spilling from the warehouse, towards the back of it and for the last hour or so, there's been people in and out.

People in jackets with "stitched" crows on them. Members of a notorious street gang that is said to have ties to a Columbian Cartel known as El Clan del Golfo.

And they're supposedly holding Ricardo Preston, a child who went missing a few days ago.

Just now, a group left and if Spidermans count is correct, that leaves something between four and six gang members inside. Probably enough for him to deal with, right?

Spider-Man lands lightly on the roof of the building. He weighs his options carefully.

If it was just him, he's go in swinging, bad sense of humor going off. But Ricardo is in there, and he is worried that there may not be a bullet in there with his name on it, there are scads of them marked "To Whom It May Concern."

He takes a look around and spots a car. Maybe one belonging to one of the Golfos.

That seemed like the best route to take.

He fires a webline at one of the tires, pulling the line taut.


He YANKS, the car shifting four feet easily, and the car alarm goes off, the WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP cutting the silence cleanly.

The car alarm shatters the relative silence. It's not possible for anyone to miss it. "What the hell …" A dirty looking woman, with long lank hair, throws the door open and peers out into the parking lot. "What's going on here?"

Peters concerns about bullets is not unfounded. The woman sports an uzi slung under her shoulder, almost professionally.

She steps out of the building to get a better look. Followed by one other, who's still cloaked in the shadow of the door.

"Claire? The eff is goin' on out here?" Right behind her a man with a mostly shaved head comes out, looking around until his eyes focus on the car.

"Hey Zeke! Your car is goin effin' nuts!"

This one is also armed with an Uzi only his is in his hand.

"What kind of dumbass brings a flashy car like that to a job like this anyway…" He mutters.

Spidey aims CAREFULLY.

The guy with the shaved head and Claire are suddenly hit by webs in their upper backs. They do have time for a yell, but hopefully the suddenly lurch will pull the wind out of them.

When they reach roof-level they find themselves looking at a crouched Spider-Man, who webs up Cueball with the left hand and Claire with the right. He gives each of them a little chintap to send them to dreamland.

"How the eff am I supposed to know, Victor?" Claire snarks as she peers into the gloom. "Zeke got new wheels? Huh. Who kne——" The web hitting in her the back certainly winds and she rounds on her partner. "What do yer think yer doin… huh…"

Her eyes narrow at the web coming from Victor before taking off at a run up the fire stairs "Get him…" They might be reasonably well outfitted but they aren't the smartest, clearly.

It doesn't take long to put her down at all

Which leaves Zeke and at least one other to deal with. "My car?" Zeke steps out just as the other two take off at run. He aims his weapon at the roof as they do…

The next web shot is thick and gluey, impacting the upturned barrel of the barrel.
"And your gun," SPidey says. "Better not pull that trigger, or you're going to become a Mini-Golfo."

The next shot hits the ground around Zeke's feet, webbing him in place. "Don't go away. Your friends are about to get putted."


"The HELL is goin' on out there." There's the sound of something being overturned inside the warehouse and then the sound of a struggling child. And then the sound of car door being shut. Seems like someone isn't just going to come out of the warehouse to get picked off. Someone has figured out that something's going on outside and decided to move the kid. Quickly.

Spidey knows how to stop cars, right? Though it'd probably be better if he didn't have to and he's probably still got a few minutes before whomever is still inside the warehouse makes a break for it.

Unfortunately for Spidey, Zeke squeezes the trigger just as the web hits the barrel of his gun. The shots go wide but the report sounds loudly in the night. "Wha… Get the hell out of here, Kylan and take the brat. I knew this job was going to be a problem. There's a cape out here."

OK, not a cape, a webslinger - but close enough, right?

"Lemme go …" comes the light pitch of a boy. That has to be Ricardo. "I don't want to go with you…" Spidey can certainly follow that to get a visual of the tow headed kid being dragged and shoved in the car.

Spidey runs lightly along the roof to the other end of the warehouse. He spots the vehicle, a no-nonsense SUV, black, with one of those fog-covers for the license plate. Some serious horses under the hood.

Disabling the vehicle, though, isn't difficult if you know what to do. The moment he lands on the ground, He shoots a thick gob of webbing into the exhaust pipes, then crouches and webs up the driveshaft.

He rises up in the rear-view mirror like that girl from THE RING, except with the big stylized eyes.

"Please provide your license, registration, and proof of insurance."


"GAH!" It's a very manly sound and Kylan grabs the gun sitting nearby him, meaning to swing it back at Spidey. Unfortunately there really isn't enough room in the car for this and he winds up swinging his arm out far enough to get grabbed or trapped. Not good at this is he.

"You're that MEANCE that the papers keep talkin' about! Oh screw me, why did it have to be you?! You're not gonna be doin' no weird spider-shit to me!"

Weird spider shit… thank you Daily Bugle…


And it pokes out of the window. Because he's not going to shoot out a window. That's stupid and crazy. The gun in the car would deafen the shooter and the kid.

Of course, poking it out of the vehicle is the half-dozen-of-the-other sort of thing.

One half-second of thwipping, and the gun is covered in webbing, the arm is covered in webbing AND webbed to the side-mirror.

Spider-Man strolls up to him and sighs. "You know, it was bad enough that you were a criminal, and a kidnapper. But YOU believe JJJ as well. Stay right there."

Spider-Man opens the side rear door and looks inside. "Ricardo? You okay?"

Seriously, the Denim Crows have a *reputation* to maintain. This can't be anywhere near their best, can it? Can it?

Through the back window, Spidey can see Ricardo fold into a ball on the seat as Kylan swings that gun. "Eeeek." He seems to be restrained and there's definitely the child locks are on.

As the door opens, Ricardo trembles scooting further from the webslinging hero, looking up with big brown eyes. "Spi Spi Spiderman … My arm hurts." he whines piteously.

Spider-Man's voice softens immediately. "It's okay, Ricardo. I'm just your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and I'll take you back to your parents. Why don't you come on out?" He reaches into his backpack and takes out his dinner, a roast beef sandwich and a bottle of juice. "Are you hungry?"


"Hey! Spider-Freak Hey!" Kylan tries to force his arm to point the gun at Spider Man but nope. It's webbed up nice and tight and the gun is webbed too for that matter so it's not like it'd do much. But Damn it! He's TRYING!

"Shit…" He mutters though ti's loud enough for Spidey to hear. "The bosses are NOT gonna be happy with us…"

Spider-man looks at Kylan. "I didn't harm a hair on anyone's head. Don't make me change my mind."

The sounds of sirens can be heard in the background, Spidey's got a few moments before they're here.

Ricardo scoots on over, throwing his arms around Spideys neck- not before the red and blue clad figure can see the drops of blood that stain the kids shirt under his arm.

"I'm hungry but I want to see my mommy too …" beat "… what are you going to do to him …"

Spider-Man looks at Kylan as he hugs the kid.

For a moment, he hates the man enough to want to kill him. To do this to a kid. A KID…

Then the tension drains out of him. If he did do what he wanted to do, this poor kid would be so scared of him he wouldn't want to be withen ten feet of him. Maybe even ten MILES.

"He has to be punished…but he has to be punished the RIGHT way. Now, let me see that arm while I unwrap the sandwich for you."


BANG! BANGBANGBANGBANG! Oh that guy is angry. He shoots. A lot. But he's not going to hit anything. Well, the wall. He hits that. A lot. Eventually the weapon goes 'click click click.'

"You tights wearing… freak."

Not… very good at this, is he?

Spider-Man looks over his shoulder. DANG, that was loud. "Shut up unless you can come up with an insult I HAVEN'T heard. Sheesh." He looks back to Ricardo as he undoes the sleeve to expose the tattoo. His mouth tightens under the mask.

"Cops will be here soon. Here's what you do, Ricardo. TELL THE TRUTH. All of it. Don't lie about anything. If you don't know the answer, tell them you don't know. But NEVER lie. EVen if you think it might help me, NEVER LIE. If you tell the truth, you don't have to worry about keeping your story straight. That way, when the judge asks you who held you, you point to these schmucks and the world will believe you."

"They they said there were others and they were going to take me somewhere else … soon. The bad woman with marks on her face said I'd be perfect." Ricardo's near in tears as he holds out his arm, showing the brand new tattoo, it's small - a moon eclipsing a sun - taking the sandwich with the other one.

"Arrrrgh." he really starts when the gun goes off. "Alll right. Tha Thank you, Spiderman…"

Spider-Man nods, then steps back and fires a webline up to the ledge, smiling to Ricardo, then tosses him one of the ambient-power tracers. "You get in trouble, press hard on the shell, and I'll come to help. At high speed, even."


"Annnd that's my cue. EXEUNT, Stage Up."

And then he is gone.

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