2019-04-12 - Oblivion Bar Re-Opening


The Oblivion Bar is finally anchored again…sort of. The problem is one of their own has gone missing and it leaves more questions than answers as some find the place for the first time

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Apr 12 01:52:06 2019
Location: Oblivion Bar

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Reachable only by those that can see and manipulate the mystic layers of reality sits the Oblivion Bar. There is a bouncer or two, not to keep people out that don't belong there. The portals do that. Sometimes wizards are drunk and belligerent though and need to cool off.

The bar is actually incredibly nice. When your whole universe is a bar (and let's not pretend we are still in the same dimension) you invest bit into it. Polished wood and mood lighting overhead give the place a classic feel hankering back to the art deco of the American 1920's. Round tables and booths are lined with white leather furniture trimmed in brass. The pool tables have an anti-cheating hex on them.

There are 2 things all know here instantly: There is an enforces no magic zone here. That is to say it cannot be used unlawfully on another patron. DJ Zero will teleport someone's ass out in a heartbeat if they do. And the other is that the drinks here are fantastic, ask the octopus in the tux behind the bar.

There is music and there's more than one party huddled up where mages go to be unburdened of the mortal world, get a drink, and of course buy and sell and trade in favors and secrets.

Hellboy isn't exactly a magic user, in the conventional sense, but he's befriended plenty of 'em, enough to get a nice magick doubloon that will bring him here if he flips it. He's bellied up to the bar, hiked up on a stool that's probably just a bit too small for him. He has a large beer in a big stein, nice and foamy, along with an ashtray at his elbow if he feels like a stogie.

His massive right hand just lays on the bar, like a constant reminder, the runes carved into the shell of it eerie and more than a little uncomfortable to look at.

Loki is wearing snug, dark blue leather, with a golden cape with blue bands on the bottom of it. He slips through the portal to the party dimension with a pleased sigh. Then he brushes down his front with his hands, to make sure there aren't any clinging dimensional eddies that might mess up his swagger. He's dressed ecclectically well, with snug, dark blue leather making the most of his long legs, and a long golden cape flows down from armored shoulders. Though it could pass for armor, its so much more about the style, and there are unnecessary folds, pieces, and straps for the sake of aesthetic. He'd hate to let Asgard down for representation, after all. He glides to the Octopus bartender, "I'd like a frozen nebula…with a cherry." He leans one gauntlet on the bar and then waves to one of the bouncers with a super innocent expression on his face.

A blazing, fiery portal opens into the Oblivion Bar. Sparks fall harmlessly to the floor and the portal itself seems to lead into a much more classy establishment. Like some rich person would live there, but walking through is the man himself.

Doctor Strange. Sorcerer Supreme.

Arguably one of the greatest sorcerers alive, Strange is enshrouded by the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto hangs from his neck. Gray eyes shift around the entire area before he approaches the bar and speaks in a naturally polite tone. "Whiskey, please. I need a drink." because he just got finished making sure Cyttorak was still in line, AND had to go deal with rogue sorcerers of Kamar-Taj.

It's been a long day.

Constantine took the short portal in the House of Mysteries noting to Mack, who he guessed and wagered would be protected by being a damn arcane dowsing rod, that she'd be protected on the trip into , well, whatever pocket dimension Oblivion Bar is nestled in. Truth be told the Gutter Mage didn't ask. Holding up a hand he asks the tiny woman walking with, "Right, so the place is a bit decent, but still let's not throw up on our shoes, yeah? Theeeere we go. The ringing in your ears and such? Well… probably not likely to go away in here. Order what you like though while we see… what there is to find tonight." Looking around he upnods to Strange, "Stephen." Eyes drift the demonkin and- ah! "Gentlemen." He greets Loki and Hellboy looking about to see if he can see if- huh. Not here.

Mack Linden is here because Constantine brought her here. In truth, the Compass Rose might have forced her here eventually but this time around, it's John to blame for the short blonde's presence somewhere well beyond her ken. The fishing captain is in simple clothes: jeans, simple shirt, denim jacket with a few patches sewn on, and work boots. She has a small satchel-style purse slung crossbody. Her eyes are wide as she glances around at the patrons. "I feel either really underdressed, or really over-human," she notes to the gutter mage in the trench coat.

Hellboy turns his head a bit at the arrival of Dr. Strange, but doesn't do more than grunt and raise a beer in greeting, yellow gaze skating over to take in Constantine and Mack as well, "Evenin', folks. Don't let the decor fool ya, we ain't gonna be startin' any Dungeons and Dragons games 'round here anytime soon. Well, I hope not. I left my dice at home."

"Name's Hellboy. Grab a seat and sit yer keister in it. Make sure it ain't alive first. Mimics can be a bitch."

Loki sliiides along the bar towards Dr. Strange and grinnns. "Yearning for the mundane, hmmm, /Doctor/? Whiskey is enough for a start…" He purrs and then looks towards Hellboy and arches his black brows. He follows the demon's gaze to Constantine and his guest. "Hello there, milady. Is this what your dog looks like in its human form?"

There really is an octopus behind the bar and three arms start to mix Loki's drink and the rest of their attention swivels to Hellboy asking in a resonant bass "What'll it be, Red?" That HB's a demon doesn't even get an eyelash as there's a fire imp on the other side of the bar playing billiards against two gremlins one stacked on the other's shoulders. From the table a spark goes off as one of them tries to nudge the ball without striking it and the gremlin on top goes flying at the wall stunned.

There's a woman in a sleek dark plum pinstripe suit that will no doubt make Mack's tattoo itch something awful. Silver skin, tall, too sharp features and with eyes black reflecting the constellations of space the demon looking like she mugged Anne Lennox and took her look pulls out a cigarette, "Johnny." The impish grin of amusement sits so naturally on her. Still the Gutter Mage pulls out his zippo and lights it for her.

"Lyantu." Terse greeting for the warmth of the smile coming off of her. She smiles to Mack in bemusement, "New pet? Oh another human? You're just going to go through all of them on your little errands aren't you?" But OH Red and Loki are there. She takes her cig and saunters over and tries to snag the orange slice hanging off the side of Loki's glass with a grin. "Allo, boys. You come looking for an answer too?"

John just gives the woman a tight smirk not giving her the satisfaction of getting upset about that. To Hellboy he nods, "Thanks, mate." He grins to him, "That's why I make a habit of taking someone else's seat. So what's all this about?"

The silver skinned demon blinks turning her head, "Oh," her voice splits octaves in tandem and back again, "No one told you? Someone fucked the portals up good. THe bar shouldn't move. It did. Again. Now we have Magi missing. Terribly exciting!"

Mack stares at Hellboy for several long moments because, well, LOOK AT HIM! She's still getting used to seeing all these things that exist beyond the sight of normal mortals. Loki's address has her blinking though. "Huh? Oh, you were there, with that talking bird, near the subway exit," she recalls quietly. "And no. Rufus is just a dog. I think. To the best of my knowledge." Who knows these days. She is looking overwhelmed. "I'll have a Jameson, straight up pl…." that is a fucking octopus behind the bar. "…ease. Lyantu has her back basically lighting on fire, and she twitches a bit at her approach, before sliiiding herself up onto a stool. There may have been some hopping involved due to short legs. She sends the strange being a sharp look at being called a pet. "If Chauncey tries to put a collar on me I'll make him eat it," she notes.

Loki grins to Lyantu and sips the drink after she's stolen the orange. He tries to smoothly wind one arm around her waist. "Missing mages…that does sound exciting..and like a lot of their items might be just floating around in space." He glances to Dr. Strange, then Constantine and Mack, then finally Hellboy, before returning his gaze to Lyantu. He arches a brow like asking a question.

Hellboy stares down Loki for a moment, "What're you lookin' at, fancypants? You never seen a demon before? Cause I gotta tell ya, we're all over the place these days. It's a friggin' hellspawn renaissance."

To Mack, he adds, "Don't worry, toots, I ain't gonna bite. Unless you start smellin' like teriyaki sauce. I got me a hankerin' for some MSG."

It's about then that a new visitor comes in, this time via the bar's own portals rather than the somewhat flashier personal methods employed by some of those already present. A young woman, tall and lissome, though that's partly due to the height of the heels she's wearing, and dressed to impress in a black lacy confection that makes the most of her toned curves. She pauses, her dark, expressive eyes sweeping the room, taking in its decor and its inhabitants. Sarah Black has arrived.

Constantine says offhandedly to Loki, "Pretty sure were I the dog I wouldn't be so pretty and I'd have fewer fleas, mate." Sure, he'll play along. He does take the seat at the bar and keeps a peripheral eye on his associate there answering, "That's a fair response." Looking to the Octopus barkeep he offers, "My tab." The comment from Hellboy makes the demon-blooded mage smirk, "Ain't that half the truth, mate. So, Lya, luv, you going to toy with us all evening or make clean with the goods?"

Oh, an offer on the table gets the literally-star eyed creature to grin though she is just enjoying salaciously eating that orange like a cat with a chipmunk. "Floating in space, ripping holes in reality. Being sucked through time. Being fkipped inside out. Terribly exciting!" She really is too amused by this as she purrs her words, "Soooo I heard things got loose Earth side?" Sure now she's fishing for information, but antes, "Someone owes me a favor and I can't have that paid back if they're not here to do so. So if you can tell me what yooooou know," Those galactic eyes travel from Red down the line to poor Loki as she hovers around his drink. "I'll trade what I heard."

Mack accepts her whiskey from the octopus, wondering what the hell one uses to pay for drinks in a place like this. When it goes on John's tab she looks relieved. She gives Hellboy an uneasy smile. Her rational brain is trying to explain this all away as some sort of bad acid trip or something, despite being stone cold sober at the moment. At least the whiskey can remedy that last bit. She listens carefully though, just being an observer in the moment. She has so very much to learn.

Loki clears his throat and levels his look at Hellboy, "I am not concerned by your demonic heritage. I was staring to see if you were a threat to a good time." Loki pauses a beat, "My verdict is that as long as you are properly lubricated, you could probably be convinced to be helpful." Then he smiiiiiles like a snake. "What do you think, Lya? Agree with me?" Then to Constantine he looks. "Oh…I didn't mean to insult you by calling you a transforming pet. I've just /seen a lot/." Then he winks at Mack.

Hellboy sees Sarah and brightens a bit, "Hey there, kid! Good to see a familiar face around. Probably won't be any annoyin' rugrats makin' a muck o' things around here either. Right? None of you got, like, evil magic babies under yer robes or nothin', right?"

He pushes up from the stool and gestures for Sarah to have a seat. He looks down at Loki, having risen to his full seven foot height. "I'm a good time for those I like. I'm a real bad time for those I don't. This is a peaceful place an' I wouldn't think o' makin' a muck of the rules by thrashin' a weaselly, crafty, beady-eyed little snake in the grass, especially for somethin' so petty as starin' at me. I wouldn't dream o' doin' that, not in a million years. Well…that's a lie. I might dream it. Just a little," he says, sipping on his beer.

Breaking into a bright smile at the Big Red Guy's greeting, Sarah makes her way over toward Hellboy, striding with grace and assurance despite those heels. "Hello! I was about to say the same thing. I came here tonight uncertain if I'd know anyone. I did want to make a good first impression if I could, though. That will be easier with you being here." Her voice carries a distinct British accent, and sounds like that of someone educated, but not at all trying to sound posh or putting on airs.

Lyantu just grins enjoying the last of that fruit slice shifting her eyes to Sarah musing, "Very nice. Makes you look taller. Good lines are important." She glances to John again with a squint and just gives up on the necromancer before she gets into other discussions still waiting to hear about other things like a monochrome peacock.

John murmurs taking his drink, "You want to know about the giant, bloody squid thing? From what I can tell there were three. One rather large unhappy chap. Trying to capsize the boats. Know you why they're attacking the bargain budget yacht club?" He looks to Mack with an arched eyebrow and back again. Finally to Loki he muses, "Well if she won't answer you I will. 60/40 that you're not wrong."

Mack sips her whiskey after a sniff test to be sure it's what she ordered. She arches a brow at Loki. "You and me both," she mutters. When John notes there are two more squid out there, she yelps, "There's two more of those fucking things?!" Man she is already sleep deprived.

"I /am/ in a lot of dreams. It is a perfectly normal reaction, you should not trouble yourself over that." Loki retorts to Hellboy, and he seems to /enjoy/ the insult more than having been offended by it. "I have been pre-occupied." He says in regards to the tentacle monsters. "But, I /am/ in the mood for a fun fight."

Stephen seemed to have been zoning out in the worst of ways. He had finally come back to his senses when his drink finally arrives, the scent more than enough to waken him up from his daydreaming stupor. He finally gets a good look around, before he rises to his feet and approaches the group. "John." he greets Constantine, then to Loki, Stephen looks a bit more exasperated. "Loki. I hope you're at least taking this moment to not be up to trouble." because that's a history in and of itself, but not necessarily a bad one.

To Hellboy, Stephen nods, not recalling having met him. "I hear you've had a history of defeating some rather terrifying monsters. I commend you." he notices a few other faces that of course he knows of, but haven't met. Like Sarah Black and Mack.

Constantine looks to Mack and offers frankly, "Luv, were I less concerned I'd not have been going back and counting them." Looking back to Red he arches an eyebrow, "You do yeah? Might have a challenge you might enjoy then near Brooklyn if you're ever by." What the caster from Liverpool is doing in the Red Hook Docks? Well who knows. He's there now. "What I want to know is why 3 inter-dimensional space squid are doing at the bottom of New York Harbor." he finishes his drink murmuring, "It's cutting into naptime."

Hellboy shrugs, "Why's ain't that important t'me. Tha'ts someone else's department. I just do the exterminatin'. But I ain't pro bono like a lotta you mucks. I got a salary an' a schedule an' I don't go 'round shootin' tentacle beasties until someone with rank asks me to slap on a dive suit. Which I hate, by the way. Friggin' ocean. I smell like clams for days.

Mack is looking more and more nervous. "I should get back to the boat. Rufus is there alone and well…" John and Loki have both met the giant dog. He's more likely to try and play with the squid than defend himself from them. "Thanks for the drink and showing me this place, Chauncey but uh, how do I get back home?" Someone portal the poor gal back to her boat!

"Wait, what? There are three of them? I did see the report about the incident at the Brooklyn docks…" That would be Sarah, as she's catching up with bits of the conversation that was ongoing when she got here. And it's only then that she gets her first good look at a particular personage in the room. She subconsciously stands up straighter. Almost at attention. Which in those shoes and that dress could have looked comical, but she manages to pull it off with something nearly like panache. "Sir. It's an honor and a privilege. I was not expecting to find you here." She's addressing the Sorceror Supreme, of course.

Loki holds up his hands. "Oh, I am not getting into any trouble at all tonight. But, I am willing to do something about the monsters. Is there any…/Egyptian/ connection here? The Embassy has been having some issues…"

Stephen looks at Loki, apparently unwilling to believe him. "Mhm." then his eyes are on Sarah as she greets him with formality and respect. "Please, I am just a man, not a celebrity." Stephen attempts to help her relax. "It's a pleasure to meet you too, miss…?" then Mack seems to ask a question. "If you know how to open a portal on your own, it's an easy task. But in this case…" Stephen points his fingers at a wall, and a portal opens! "Your chariot awaits."

Constantine looks to Red and widens a half grin, "Who's been spreading the dirty rumors that I work for free?" Sure this gets an amused grin. Though as hypocritical as one can get he says in the same breath, "Relax. Rufus is fine. I warded your boat for a wee bit of time when I burned the goop off of it."

The silver skinned demon woman just leans on the bar comfortable next to Loki like a high cheekbone iteration of Ab Fab magic bar edition. "Oh, Johnny you haven't changed. All I can tell you is find the one who is missing for the answers."

John narrows his eyes back. Less happy. "Lya, you've not changed either. I'll let you know." Looking to Sarah and Red he pauses letting them chat one another up. "Stephen, might be time to do roll call and find out who ''isn't'' around that should be. Be worth a small favor from me." Looking back to Sarah he grins and nods to Strange, "I see the fan club is back in town. I'll let you have at it." He pulls out a playing card, 2 of Diamonds, with a rune etched on top in what looks like silver pen. He lays that on the bar carefully and slides it over. Apparently payment. "Not Egyptian, Loki. Someone summoned something. I think they might be trying to either go home or find food now that they're stuck here. Terrible house-guests. You should take them to Asgard when you head back. Be very entertaining." And get rid of them. "Mack, shall we?" he gestures to the portal back.

Mack watches the portal open with a jawdrop. "I am never gonna get used to shit like this," she mumbles. She has all the couth of a fisherman too. She looks over at John and nods. "Yeah, let's."

Hellboy grumbles to himself, "Wizards. All that time readin' spellbooks makes 'em pinch-faced an' pale. Like schoolboys, they are, full o' gossip an' ready to raise hell the second they get a chance to loosen their collars," he sighs. He nudges Sarah with an elbow, "Don't be flatterin' 'em, they get too big for their britches already. I suppose I might take a look at least at the ol' squids. Maybe they're nice. I known some pretty nice fish folks in my time."

"I believe I will be slipping out as well. Did you not hear that the big man will be picking my tab?" Loki grins at the octopus and tries to weedle enough of his charm towards the tentacled tender to secure an exit through the portals before Hellboy can argue about it.

|ROLL| Loki +rolls 1d20 for: 14

|ROLL| Constantine +rolls 1d20 for: 9

Strange watches as Mack walks through the portal and leaves, and most likely John may too, but Strange does not pay attention to those things. Hellboy seems to gain his attention briefly. "It seems you have a bad history with sorcerers. Best not to impose your view on others, lest you yourself be imposed upon." besides, Strange actually dislikes being complimented all the time like he's a celebrity. it reminds him of his arrogance too much.

To Loki, Strange tilts his head. Seems he's still up to his old tricks. To John, he nods. "I can take a glance, fine."

The room shakes and begins to crumble.


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