2019-04-11 - Pika What?


A giant Pikachu is killed in Times Square.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Apr 11 10:09:47 2019
Location: Times Square

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#pokemon fight in Times Square

That hashtag started trending about twenty minutes ago. Footage showing what seems to be a huge Pichachu accompanies some of the posts. A huge Pichachu and a giant glowing wolf.

Times Square is a little chaotic at the moment. Police have cordoned off an area and seem to be questioning a small, dark skinned woman with ink covering her arms. The glowing wolf is prowling at her feet and not far from where they stand is the … ravaged … body of a huge yellow Pokemon.

"I'm telling you, Officer, that thing attacked me out of nowhere. What was I supposed to do." A closer look at the woman, Keiko Kurita, shows she's bleeding from several scratches on her face and shoulders. The wolf has green ichor dripping from a wound in its side.

"And who are you, again?" An officer asks, eyeing the wolf more than he is her.

"Keiko Kurita. And as I told you. Agent Koa Turner from WAND will vouch for me. He'll be here soon." At least she hopes he will be. She thinks she got the text message off correctly.

Koa Turner has just showed up. That's his truck, she knows. He gets out and one of the officers approaches him, pointing back to Keiko as he talks. Koa nods and says a few more things. It's hard to hear really.

After a few minutes the WAND agent comes over. "She's clean. Did she break any laws?"

"No, not as such but a lot of disturbance, you know Agent?"

"Yeahm one of our cases." That's not quite the truth but hey he's doing her a favor.

NYPD wanders off and Koa looks at Keiko. "Pikachu? You got attacked by a pikachu?

Helena is, of course, often on twitter — sometimes as herself, and less often as her alter ego. Today, the brunette's walking briskly out from the Manhattan Hotel, pausing to tug on her gloves and smooth down her coat — taking a moment to glance at her phone. Her brows go upwards.

"Uh-oh." Daniel — tall, dressed in a suit — still looks like a bodyguard despite his clothing, eyes her sharply. "You've got that look about you…"

Helena beams a brilliant smile at Daniel. "Just a little detour, I promise." Daniel exhales out a breath that only practice makes silent, as the pair make their way towards Times Square, slowing as the they take note of the police presence. Just listening to the gossip of the crowd — for now.

"Move along, folks. Nothing to see here." One of the beleaguered Officers is saying. The body of the Pikachu is clearly visible to Helena and Daniel. It's been savaged something shocking and appears … quite dead.

But it is, a giant yellow pokemon.

To the side, Keiko is looking at Koa with a really blank look on her face. "Thank you for coming, Agent Turner. I wasn't sure you got my message or if I had sent it correctly. What … is a pikachu? That yellow monster jumped me and tried to strangle me."

Bella growls softly, positioning herself between Keiko and Koa but as Helena grows near, the glowing wolf raises it head to the breeze, sniffs and then trots right on over, stopping several paces away and growling lowly.

"Bella … do I have to dismiss you?" Keiko hisses "Get back here…"

"It's a… the thing that attacked you. They're not real. Well, that one is, clearly. But they're not normally real." That may make a limited amount of sense, Agent Turner is aware. He's about to clarify when Bella goes stalking off.

"The hell is wrong with your dog?" Koa mutters, turning to watch and make sure it doesn't savage anyone else. Or start eating the Pikachu, which might traumatize some people.

Someone nearby's laughing about pokemon as they walk away, causing Helena's brows to climb. She's almost — almost — about to dismiss the whole thing when she catches sight of a familiar truck. Her gaze narrows for a moment, gaze flickering over the crowd and… there. Not one, but two familiar figures.

The crowd is bigger at the front — mostly because they can actually see the body of the dead, green-blooded thing. With heels, Helena can see over most of them and… "What…?" her lips twist, eyes flickering from the thing back to the two familiar figures. Just scoping them out, watching as the NYPD start to shoo people off. Props to the agent for that, no doubt.

She takes a few steps to the side, going still — debating whether or not it's worth risking her identity to stick around. And then… the wolf approaches her, growling. Helena does what any good citizen of New York would do: just stops and stares — and then Daniel's pushing her away, interposing himself between her and the wolf as they run — presumably along with others who notice the unusual wolf.

"That thing looks real enough to me." Keiko gestures to the carcass and then to her arms that are bleeding. "And it managed to scratch Bella up as well."

"Bella, come back here…" Keiko hisses again but the wolf takes a couple of bounding leaps putting herself in Daniels and Helena path and laying down in front of her, putting her head on her paws.


"She's a wolf Agent…" Keiko sounds affronted but she's moving quickly, catching up to the Wolf and the woman she's rounded up. "I'm really sorry, ma'am. I'm not sure what's got into her … " Keiko doesn't recognise Helena "Maybe she thinks you're in trouble. Agent Turner?" Did Koa keep up?

Koa did, sighing all the way. He can't have that dog, wolf, whatever, assaulting people. But then it's not that at all and it's just behaving like an overgrown puppy.

"I didn't think your spirits did that." He mutters. He's seen them protect her and seen them fight. He's never seen them try to talk to someone. He half expects Bella to roll over for belly rubs.

"Sorry miss. I don't think she'll hurt you." So comforting there.

Helena's actually surprised enough by the glowing wolf landing right in her path that she lets out a legitimate squeak. Daniel's moving again — well trained, shifting a hand to Helena's waist and pulling her behind him — but even so, the woman's leaning past him, looking for a moment. "I thought you were dead, woofster?" she whispers.

Daniel, meanwhile, is looking stern-faced, one hand half held out towards the wolf, the other lightly touching his hip in a not-unmistakable posture. "Is that… yours, miss?" he addresses Keiko as she approaches. He doesn't look frazzled — like he's seen plenty of weird shit in his time. "Would you mind getting control of her?"

Helena, meanwhile, straightens as Keiko and Koa approach. Clearing her throat, her chin lifts. "I'm in no trouble. Daniel wouldn't let me," she responds, with a tiny, almost wry smile for her bodyguard, whose expression barely changes. Clearly he's used to her. "It's ah… a nice… wolf?" she tries. Her gaze flickers towards Koa: she doesn't look that convinced.

Bella lets out the faintest of growls as Helena leans around Daniel and speaks to her. Clearly not is the message that she gives.

Keiko just frowns and shakes her head at Koa. "Only a couple of times, Agent Turner, when they recognise the person." But Helena doesn't look familiar, at all. "Oh, uh, sorry … just a moment." Her strange heinz variety accent, even more pronounced as she's flustered.

Touching the tattoo of the Wolf on her arm, she mutters something - and Bella dissipates into smoke that floats back to that very same tattoo. Not before giving Helena another woof though.

"I'm sorry, maybe she was just off because of that … pikachu." She doesn't say it right either. "I'm Keiko…"

Nice? Ehhhhhh. Koa makes an 'iffy' gesture with his hand. "It's usually a well behaved wolf." He doesn't say dog. He wants to say dog but Keiko is flustered enough right now.

"Just passing through with your… bodyguard?" Hey, that's not unheard of for the well off or otherwise important but it's interesting nonetheless. Even Koa doesn't meet people every day who walk around with bodyguards. Like Keiko he doesn't seem to recognize Helena. She DOES wear a costume for a reason after all.

Anyone else would probably take that growl as something negative: Helena looks positively pleased, to judge by her bright gaze. The woman looks almost happy — and then the wolf disappears, and she gasps, a hand touching her mouth as wide eyes are shifted to Keiko. "That's…" she pauses, considers, and gives up on whatever she was going to say. "Did you say Pikachu?"

Daniel's visible tension eases as the glowing, giant wolf disappears — he's surprised, too — eyebrows up, gaze flickering towards Keiko and Koa, giving them a once over, hands settling at his side.

"Helena Bertinelli," the woman introduces herself without hesitation; her surname probably explains why she has a bodyguard. The Bertinelli crime family is a well known name in Staten Island and beyond. "And this is Daniel Harfield," her fingers flicker towards the man at her side. She seems at ease at Koa's casual question, answering, "We heard the commotion and… you're bleeding," she notices, focusing in on Keiko.

Keiko notices the … joy… that Helena exhibits and frown a little as the last of the smoke disappears. The interest and surprise from Daniel is met with a mild look. "She won't hurt you. I have to call her before she can appear."

She really shouldn't be saying too much about that!

"Bleeding? Oh, yes. That pikachu, that's what Agent Turner called it, attacked me. I swear it appeared out of nowhere. It was insistent though, so I called Bella to help me."

Because of course, that's what you do.

"Have you heard of anything like this before, Agent, Ms Bertinelli?" Of course, the name means nothing to Keiko - who's been living under a rock forever.

Koa looks at Keiko now also noticing that she's bleeindg. A sympathetic wound, possibly. Getting hurt when her wolf gets hurt.

"Ah, nice to meet you Miss Bertinelli. Agent Koa Turner. WAND." That explains the bodyguard. Yes, important people have them and the Bertinelli's definitely count.

"But yes a Pikachu just appeared and attacked her. I'd say it was some kind of prank but it looked fairly serious to me."

Which is just WEIRD. Koa is used to dealing with all manner of mythological creatures but POKEMON DON'T EXIST. Except on people's phones. If someone is using these to draw inspiration for some kind of spell or elaborate mad science he is going to choke that person when he finds them.

Because seriously! Pokemon!

"Uh, no, though, Keiko. I've never heard of anything quite like this. And I'd hazard a guess it's not in Miss Bertinelli's normal line either."

Oh if only he knew.

It's fair to guess that Helena's missing none of that — neither Keiko's admission she has to call her wolf, nor the look the woman gives her. "Bella's your wolf's name?" Helena asks, quickly. And then — as if belatedly remembering the other conversation track, "That's… there's been some strange stuff happen over the years. Admittedly I've been out of New York for the last couple — but I can't say as I've ever had something from a kid's game attack me."

"Agent?" Daniel picks up that address, lifting a brow towards Koa curiously. When he confirms his identity, the bodyguard makes a surprised sound. "WAND, hm?" Not like he hasn't heard of them — like he's surprised, glancing at Helena oddly all of a sudden.

Helena, of course, is blithely ignoring him. "Not my normal line, no," the woman says dryly. "I'm more… mm. Fashion. And a bit of dabbling in finance, but definitely not… that," her fingers flicker towards the remains of the thing. "Don't you have a… big secret lab or something you can cut it up in?" she asks Koa, with a brilliant smile.

It *might* be sympathetic bleeding. Did anyone get a good look at the where the ichor was dripping from Bella? Keiko draws her sleeves down to cover the wounds. She'll see to them, later.

"Yes, that's what I called her." Keiko nods, she looks between Helena and the Agent "Cut it up? And there's the Triskellian, Ms Bertinelli, somewhere … errr … over there."

The woman gestures in the wrong direction. Of course.

"Perhaps you should take it, Agent. If it happens again, you'll have a headstart, won't you?"

The crowd is slowly disappearing and the Police are approaching Koa. "Agent Turner, do you want the body? Or … do we call animal control?"

"Holy shit is that a…"

Eve has stopped dead. She'd heard about 'something awesome' on her Pokemon-Go clan and she's just busy /staring/ at it. The body, that is. From way over there.

Of course, being a blue haired goth she tends to stand out. That and the palpable aura of wrongness she might excude to Certain People present, anyway.

"Not so secret lab." Koa chuckles. "It's in that big ugly building we call a headquarters." Actually it's not all that ugly, for a government building the Tri is rather elegant but it certainly is Obvious(tm).

"But yes. We'll take it in. See what we can learn from it." These things are not real damn it. He's expecting it'll show signs of artifical creation of… some manner.

"I'll call it in, Officer. I think we…" He stops and glances, behind him, then looks from Heleana to Keiko and back to Eve. "Well look what the cat dragged in…" He mutters.

"Did you want to get a photo of it before we box it up?" He calls over to the woman. He's got a couple of calls to make but hey, never hurts to acnknowledge the people you know. Especially when one of them might be the spawn of an elder god.

"That's how all science people figure out weird stuff — right?" Helena's eyes practically light up, glancing where Keiko gestures like she could see the place. "I've never been. Daniel could help you carry the thing…" she offers, blithely, as if that might be some sort of fair trade. It's definitely not.

And Daniel's not looking particularly thrilled at the idea of being drafted, either.

"All right. Maybe some other time. We do have to get on to our next appointment," Helena continues, to Daniel's mute relief. She follows Koa's glance towards Eve, but doesn't seem to recognise the woman. "Well, I'm glad you're… okay. Maybe stay out of hedges for a while, Keiko?" she tells the inked-woman with a wry smile.

"Oh hey, Eve." Keiko greets the woman as she arrives. "I don't know what it is. Agent Turner says it's a Pikachu." How on earth she can't know what it is, might defy belief. But she doesn't, so there's that.

"Thank you for coming to help me, Agent." The small woman waves as Koa starts to leave. She turns to the bike that had been dropped, just over there. "I guess I own you one, now, don't I. I will try to, Ms Bertinelli." She nods to the woman and her body guard. "And I'm sorry about Bella. I really don't know what got into her. I've only seen her do that once and she knew the person involved."

Still not recognising the super heroine, after all.

"Oh, don't worry about it. Animals have a thing with me. They usually love me or hate me," Helena says breezily, waving her fingers as if getting growled at by a giant glowing wolf happens to someone like her all the time. Or at least maybe once before.

With another wiggle of fingers, the woman's striding off across the square, Daniel close at her side.

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