2019-04-10 - Magik 8 Ball


Illyana drops in on her old roommate to talk about her Relationship Blues

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Date: Wed Apr 10 22:31:53 2019
Location: Kitty's Room at Xavier's

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It's the day after Kitty took a break from unpacking and opened her door to almost literally run into Piotr standing outside. The state of her unpacking is exactly the same as it was at that moment, not having progressed any further. Well, except for one box, that had some English chocolates in it. That one was dug through to find the box of candies.

Kitty is sitting over on her bed, her knees pulled up to her chest. She's alternating closing her eyes or looking off into space a nothing, with staring over at a Kintsugi teapot. Her eyes are red but she is mostly just somber, having cried out the worst of her emotions during the night and earlier in the day.

The flare of light that suddenly fills Kitty's room is familiar, but it's been a while. Since before last summer. While London is far away for most people, it didn't stop Illyana from visiting her old roomie on occasion. But then the sorceress got drug back to Limbo and well.. yeah. It's been awhile.

In its wake, the stepping disk leaves the black-clad Illyana, standing with one hand on hip as she looks down at the red-eyed brunette sitting on the bed. While the attire is pretty typical of the Illyana that Kitty would remember, she's a hell of a lot older than the nineteen she should be.

"I'm wishing I could use the mopeyness and angst between the pair of you to power a city." She says in her usual, blunt manner.

Kitty Pryde is wearing a pair of jeans and a cotton shirt with long sleeves that she's let cover her palms. She looks up in surprise at the halo of energy, trained reflexes phasing her until Kitty recognizes the disc being formed. She hops up off the bed, a sleeve rubbed across her eyes though there is no moisture there to be wiped away.

"Illyana!" she says as she rushes over intending to hug the blond-haired woman. In those first moments, she really doesn't get a good enough look to notice the differences, though before she makes it across the room she does.

Kitty pulls up short, looking Illyana up and down. "Illyana?" she asks hesitantly, the difference so overt it gives her pause. Though the voice and mannerisms are the same as she remembered. "What… what happened?" she asks. Though she's been gone two years, it's only been the few months since she saw Illyana last. Too short a time for her to develop this much.

One blonde brow arches upwards as Kitty stops her forward rush, a bitter smirk curling her lips. But all she does is lift a shoulder in a partial shrug. "Limbo, right?" Like it happens to everyone. "Took a while, but I shouldn't need to worry about Belasco anymore." When she was a student here at Xavier's, that was always a concern. She wasn't the ruler of Limbo then, just Belasco's wayward apprentice.

The heavy soles of Illyana's boots tromp across the floor as she moves over to sit down on Kitty's bed. "So. You and my brother." She jumps right onto the elephant in the room. She'd have pinned Kitty down for coffee or ice cream later, but sometimes you need to push the schedule up a bit.

Oh there has been ice cream. And chocolate. There's an empty pint over in the trash can. Not that Kitty tends to eat when she has problems. But certain problems require chocolate. And Haagen Dazs vanilla-blackberry-Belgian chocolate swirl.

Kitty stares at Illyana for a few moments. "Limbo, so… wow. I mean, you got girls and everything now," Kitty says, motioning towards Illyana's physique. "I mean, not that you didn't, but… damn girl." Kitty breaks out in her old grin though and moves forward to hug Illyana then, if allowed. Even as her smile breaks a bit at the mention of the woman's brother.

"Um. Yeah. Him," Kitty says as she lets Illyana go. Her fingers run through her hair, which looks like it could use a bit of a brushing. Kitty looks around the room, anywhere other than at Illyana just now. "So, you… talked to him recently?" she asks.

When Illyana first came back to Earth as a teenager, there might have been an incident where she broke someone's arm for touching her without permission. After that, people tended to give her an especially wide berth. But once she considered someone a friend, she's very blase about them crowding her space or touching her.

Kitty's comment on her physique gets a soft snort of amusement. "Yeah well, that's not all I got these days." She says wryly. As a teenager, Illyana tended to outshine Kitty, garnering more attention from those interested in women. As such, she never noticed a lack.

Illyana returns the hug and as Kitty pulls away, the brunette is fixed with a long Look from those pale blue eyes. "Talked *at* him, mostly. We exchanged a few words fighting off a witch and some demonic entity, but I doubt that's what you're asking after."

Kitty Pryde moves over to take a seat on the bed once they are parted. She gives a little shake of her head. "I'm just…" she says before trailing off. Kitty lets out a big exhalation of air, blowing at a few stray locks that are trying to fall across her cheek. She goes and gets a scrunchy to put her hair back in the ponytail that is her hairdo as often as not.

"He… well," Kitty says, trying again. Failing again. She motions over towards the Kintsugi teapot that is sitting out on the desk. "Gave me that," Kitty says, looking away from it then and shaking her head as she casts her red-rimmed eyes down towards the bed. "I don't even know what to say," Kitty says finally.

Illyana Rasputina leans back on outstretched arms as she sits on the bed with Kitty, watching the other woman as the brunette tries, and fails, to articulate what's going on between the pair of them. Or… not going on, it seems.

The gesture towards the teapot turns Illyana's attention that way and she gives a chuckle. "Did he now." She sounds a bit amused, but the Kitty is getting herself all flustered again. The blonde rolls her eyes a bit, but her tone is surprisingly patient. "Do you still want to go out with him?"

Kitty Pryde rests her hands down in her lap as she shifts to sit cross-legged. "I kind of had steeled myself when I was coming back. That nothing was likely to happen with him, you know?" Kitty says. She looks down at her hands as the fingers fiddle with each other. "Ah… I didn't tell you what happened, right before I left for England," Kitty says,

She hesitates a moment and sighs. "I sort of… went to his room. And told him how I felt, that I didn't want to leave without him knowing. And that I… um… wanted to… you know," Kitty says, looking over at Illyana and giving a little gesture even as she blushes. "And he told me no and… um… I was too young and. Well. I'm sure he said all kind of kind things but I really don't remember too much after that first 'no' part. So I was kind of resigned, coming back. He was five years older then. He's still five years older."

Kitty motions to the teapot. "And then he hands me that, and talks about repairing things that are broken. And, I stupidly thought he meant something with me. And I let myself start to hope and to think…" Kitty says, trailing off, her expression going numb. "And then he started listing all the reasons we couldn't be together still. I have my life ahead of me and… and…" Kitty closes her eyes.

Illyana Rasputina squints over at Kitty. "He did, huh?" She says of Piotr listing reasons they couldn't be together. "Was this discussion in English or Russian? Because his English is still a bit rough and my impression was *not* that he didn't want to go out with you."

The blonde shifts positions so she's leaning forward onto her arms now, forearms on her knees. "He did what he thought was best for you back then. You know Piotr, big self-sacrificing lug that he is. He's borderline obsessed wtih you."

Kitty Pryde shifts her posture. Pulling her legs up to her chest, arms going around them. Kitty's head sinks to rest on her knees. "His English is better than my Russian still," Kitty says glumly. "He told me why he turned me down," she confirms quietly. "And… I was so crushed that first time. I was afraid to hope. I asked about our age difference that's still there and… yeah, he just. Talked about you changing. Oh, god, that's what what he meant," Kitty says, glancing over at the woman who looks closer to 30 than she does to the age Kitty knew her as.

"But then, yeah, said he didn't want me to miss growing up and just… ugh," Kitty says, sighing. "And then I turned away so he wouldn't see me cry. And I thought he was going to kiss me. But he just kissed my cheek. And went to leave. And just mentions casually about having fallen in love with me. Tells me that after," Kitty says, motioning to the teacup and then waving her hand at the other stuff he'd said.

Her head droops again. "My insides felt like a china shop that a bull had been through. A great big, Russian jerk of a bull," Kitty says, though without any heat. "And then as if he didn't confuse me enough, he picks me up and kisses me and then runs out before I even know where I'm at."

"You two make me glad I don't get those squishy feelings." Illyana says rather dryly. "The pair of you are miserable and apparently talking about it only makes it worse. I'm gonna vote for a silent date for the pair of you. One night, no talking. Or *writing* or *texting*. Maybe that'll get you guys somewhere." Yes. Get relationship advice from the demon. Well. Part-demon.

Kitty Pryde looks over to Illyana and lets out a soft laugh, her expression wry but bordering on a smile after the joke. "If he loves me, why doesn't he just… love me?" Kitty asks in frustration. She lets out a sigh and then lays back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. "I figured the worst I'd have to do was live down some embarrassment over the last time I'd seen him. What do I do, Illyana? I feel like… he can crush me so easily right now. He gives me a gift like that and then tells me why he can't be with me and then kisses me? What the hell am I supposed to even -think- right now?" she asks.

Kitty sits up slowly, shaking her head. "Sorry. I know you don't like dealing with all this stuff. I can't think of much else right now though," Kitty says quietly.

"Because he's gotta put others before himself. And he doesn't seem himself as much of a catch. Or that he'd be crowding you. C'mon, there's not a selfish bone in his body. You'd know, you've spent enough time looking." Illyana says, needling Kitty with the suggestive comment just a bit. "Much to my cringing, because hello, big brother." She frowns a bit. "Little brother? Eh. It's whatever."

The blonde gives a small sigh. "It's not that I don't like dealing with it, it's more that I know I'm not *good* at it. I'm making wild guesses from hours of pop culture observation. This whole back-and-forth bit you two are doing just makes me boggle a bit y'know? To me, it's easy. Want. Take. Have. But my instincts are usually backwards so I'm left flailing in the dark. Best I can do? He wants to be with you. Forget what he's done or says or any of that. That's the truth."

The change in sibling dynamics, or possibility of it, hadn't occurred to Kitty. But then she's had about 10 minutes to process the whole age change thing. "I imagine he probably freaked out about your age quite a bit then. Worried about what you'd missed and…" Kitty realizes that might be hitting an uncomfortable area. She reaches over to give her best friend's hand a little squeeze if allowed. "I can only imagine what it was like for you. Did you live out the years that seemed to us to pass?" Kitty asks.

She sits and seems to take Illyana's advice to heart. Or tries to at least. "I'll try. It's so easy for him to crush me as he tries to not hurt me, apparently," Kitty says, sighing. She looks up. "He loves me though?" she asks.

Illyana Rasputina tilts her head in a nod when Kitty asks about the years. "Belasco trapped me in Limbo, and then exiled me to the worst parts of Limbo to punish me. Eventually I managed to outmaneuver him, defeated him and took control of Limbo. That took a while." There's no humor in her expression now. To teasing to lighten matters. "And Piotr didn't seem to pay it much mind. He might have worried he'd upset me." She admits.

The question coaxes a small smirk from the blonde. "'Signs point to yes.'" She quotes.

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