2019-04-09 - Man in the Box


Bobbi and Leo visit SHIELD's pet intruder to get some answers and offer up some help

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 9 00:33:08 2019
Location: Triskelion - Science Lab

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Leo Fitz stayed true to his promise. Ray was absolutely arrested and detained for questioning and the usual rigmarole. Leo, however, still tweaked off his last mission he was given leave for, made sure he could control the lights, and wasn't left alone. Where else did he have to be. By the time morning came he'd eaten his sammich (Thank you, Bobbi), and fallen asleep ad the desk he rolled over and left processing the results. There's a screen saver active and the rolled cuff of his sleeve making a great crease on his face. With a start he sits bolt upright, white as a sheet gasping, "Don't shoot!"

Ray seems to be having quite the time in his little cell. Though while Fitz was asleep he seems to have.. redecorated? All the little hex panels on the walls are different colors. It's almost eyesearing to even look inside that room at the moment, and god only knows how he did that. Ray himself sits at the edge of the bed, flipping around a Rubix cube.. once again.. no clue how that got in there. Or the twenty solved Rubix cubes that sit at his feet. He turns the one in his hand this way and that, peering at it curiously, though he looks over at the door to his cell as Fitz suddenly shouts. "Bad dreams?"

Bobbi steps inside, a Star Wars tee and jeans today, hair still in that pony tail, but she also has her batons strapped to her legs just in case this time, and a tablet in her hands. "Easy there slugger. The only shooting I did was with the camera on this thing. Simmons needs to see you snoozing so cutely." She grins and then squints in at the cell. "Where did you get the cubes, and don't give up your day job to become an interior decorator."

Leo Fitz just turns red in the ears. That's telling for ya. Still the look on his face is a bit haunted and he takes the moment to focus on getting that under control rather than focus on not being embarassed. "I… Yeah, no it's not you. I'm-" Oh yeah that cube is loud. This is new. "Bloody hell…" Someone's been busy. He rubs his eyes with the side of his hand and types in his password to unlock his lappy. "Did some digging that you asked me to. Where… did you make those?" He's jsut going to ask looking from Ray to Bobbi and pauses, "Thank you, by the way, for teh sandwich. I got answers on your millipede."

"I got bored." Ray says with a mildly defensive tone as he keeps working on solving his Rubix Cube. "I mean, if I could get some NetFlix or something in here I wouldn't have to amuse myself." He looks around at the walls with a frown. "Oo.. that is a bit much, isn't it?" He squints and suddenly all the hexes are various shades of blue and green. Much more soothing. As well, the prisoner's breakfast is sitting where it was pushed into the cell, completely untouched. Except for the orange juice. That's gone.

"That's just what I was hoping to hear," Bobbi notes to Fitz as she pulls over a chair and settles on it backwards, tossing her tablet on the desk and folding her arms on the back of the chair. "Not the thank you for the sandwich, but the info on the mechanical critter." She glances at Ray and then sets her tablet upright where he can see it, and opens Netflix. "What's your poison?" she asks with a smirk. "Don't say I never gave you anything."

Hey! A tablet! The whole tableau inside the cell simply fades away, including the Ray sitting at the end of the bed playing with the cube, and all the cubes. Ray, the actually Ray, appears laying on the bed and stands to walk over to the edge of his cell and takes a seat cross-legged on the floor. "Cooking shows? Preferably with a cranky British chef that likes to yell at everyone?" He smirks. "Normally I'd say superhero stuff, but I think I could use a break from that." He does glance towards Fitz's laptop though with an arched eyebrow. "Yeah, that little robo-bug has been giving me fits trying to get to the data inside."

Leo Fitz rolls his hand poiiunting to one and then theoretically the other, "Well I figured doing what you asked me to do was the way to say, you know, cheers for the sandwich and all." And he's not wrong! A slight smile crosses his face when bobbi throws the guy a bone or, a series to binge watch. Looking to Ray he goes to answer but jsut sits, jaw a bit agape watching the illusion play out and teh actual, real Ray get on up. "it's …got…" He trails off and takes that in filing it away for later, "a new 'Fitz' to giv you on it now." Yeah, Turbo will be having fun with that idiom for a moment. "Okay best I can tell this is manufactured at the very least likely planetside. It's not Kree in design or such from a bunch of the civilizations I'v erun across. I thought maybe I'd see if they'll let Noh-Varr and I poke at it direct… if you can help me research something for our guest here." He pauses and bites his lip a bit admitting, "I haven't seen… Simmons since I came back to ask her. This look like possible effects or side effects from a bio-expierement. If… you are willing to trade off?" He looks to Ray and suggests, "Maybe breaking in wasn't a bad idea after all."

"Right, Hell's Kitchen, coming right up," Bobbi chirps as she gets that loaded up on the tablet for Ray. Her brow is arched high as a kite though, having watched the illusion work come down. "Impressive. How do you manage that? Magic or something more scientific?" She look back to Fitz and nods at his assessment of the report. "Yeah, of course I can help. What do you need me to do?"

"I dunno, I can just do it." Ray shrugs his shoulders. "At little experimentation a little doing things by reflex and I figured out how it works." He raises his hand and wiggles his fingers. "Like how do you bend your elbow? You don't really think about it when you do it. You just figured out how and can do it." He sighs and shakes his head. "One of the reasons I want that info. I don't know what I am, or where it comes from. Well, other than it comes from my father." He shrugs again as his eyes fix on the tablet.

Leo Fitz is very quick to tack on, "Magic is just an execution of trans-dimensional physics." Wanda might argue that with him, but try to tell the man that fixed a portal through mathing it to death that magic is an element? No. Not in this lab. He turns the report on the other tab open where the paper in Philadelphia talks about 'Nightboy' and a light allergy. There's not a lot that tis very disclosed and certainly much which seems to be a tad speculation. "So from what you told me and what I'm finding, your father was part of a government project that did… this to ''him'' and you need to know what lest… bad things, correct?"

Bobbi clicks play on the tablet so Ray can get his Gordon Ramsey on, and then looks back to Fitz curiously. "Do we know the name of the project? Or any of the associated scientists?"

Ray points at the screen. "Hey you found my article. Hated that nickname myself, not that anyone really called me that to my face, but never liked it all the same." He rests his arms along his legs as he sighs and shrugs. "More want to know if bad things can happen. Or why I can do these things. I mean, it's a lot of curiosity and no one likes thinking they're the result of some scientist going all wacko."

Leo Fitz nods slowly with that over-studious look on his face as he racks his brain and seems to war with the personal offense to the sloppy science. He squints at the screen as if partly culpable and starts going into the short recant of what he found, "Aye, I found as much. Four your father too and did some digging." The angrier he gets the less decipherable he gets in places. That's the nature of things. What is very clear in place of the language is: he's not happy. Shame on them. "There's a few reports SHIELD had on file about some scabby blighter wot calls himself a bloody scientist at all went and started indiscriminate processing of the poor lad's photorsponses until the poor bastard glows in the bloody dark. Think himself brilliant when his whole process has it's bum's oot the windae." Oh yeah, he's on a tear. In short: yeah it's a bad plan. It's poorly executed. OSHA wouldn't approve it. Fitz doesn't either. In short: The man's a wanker and should have his degree revoked for brazen endangerment.

Bobbi nose wrinkles at the name of the scientist. "Well now we know why he was of the mad variety. He had to live up to his name." She listens to Fitz get less and less understandable and looks at his laptop screen to pick out some relevant data herself. "RONOL and Dr. Dazyl. I'll do some digging. Maybe Doc Calvin knows something about it." She gets up and nods to the tablet. "Fitz get that back to my desk when he's done watching for the day?" she asks. She steps up to the Cage and looks sincerely at the prisoner. "We'll get you some answers, you have my word." Then the agent departs.

"Bum out the window?" Ray seems utterly fascinated by this line, but he stands up and tries to get a good angle to view the lap top screen. "I mean, I could kinda guess that it was unethical." He looks to the Agent with a smile and nods. Really, he's much to cheery for a guy trapped in a cell. But then again he is getting the information he wants. "Actually never met my dad." He says as he sits back down. "He abandoned me with my mom, still got named after him. His superhero name, not his real name thank god. Langford. I mean, do I look like a Langford? Definitely not." He sighs and looks over to Fitz, his grin fading a little but still present. "Thanks for looking that up. I, uh.." He looks down at the floor. "It's not just curiosity. I want to find my dad. Maybe asking him a few questions, maybe blast him through the wall. I guess I'll decide if I ever meet him. But, you don't need to hear about my dad issues."

Leo Fitz rubs his forehead with his fingers, "It… means… they ahve no earthly idea of what they're doing." He sighs, more for Ray's situation and people jsut making the world worse trying shit at random. Looking up from between his fingers he listens. His hand washed over his face adn there's a heartfel, subtle nod empathizing, "Yeah I, um, I know that one." The question brings a quiet snicker and a bit of the humor back to him, "To be fair? I don't think anyone looks like a Langford." Falling quiet he looks to the door and back, "Eh, don't mention it. You ask me those are answers ye have rights to. I dunno any of us are all that different and… eh it's the decent thing to do. Can use a bit a that right now to be honest."

Ray watches Fitz for a moment then nods. "Well, they must have had something figured out, it worked didn't it?" He looks down at the tablet still in front of his cell and laughs. "You know, this isn't a bad vacation. Not like anyone is missing me and I think this cell might actually be bigger than my apartment. The no window thing kind of sucks, but mine is right over an alley that smells like garbage so it's not like I'm opening it anyway." He goes quiet and rubs the back of his neck. "The espionage charges at the end of this might not be great though. You think they'd let me off with community service?"

Leo Fitz considers the vast number of things he's seen Ray do in the short period of time he's been there. On that note he likewise isn't the world's worst judge of character either. When he comes to himself, yes, but others he's fair with. He admits, "You wouldn't be the first person they've worked out community service with. Though now I'm equally interested if you might be one of the Inhumans. If you're willing I'd like to see if they can run a blood tox panel on you and see if we can't identify some of the elements we're working with more acutely." A shrug follows. "More to Simmons and Bobbi's expertise than mine, but if there's something in there that's foreign or alien in substance Noh-Varr might be able to give us some insight on how to get a better grip on it soooo yeah. I think we can help." There's the ''but'' implied in the pause where he puts his foot down on this one. "But not without your consent."

"Eh, sure, why not? As long as you promise not to use it to create some army of light blasting soldiers with it." Ray sounds like he's teasing, but suddenly he doesn't look quite so sure of that thought. "Between you, me, and the wall.. I wouldn't mind having a little bit more of a clue of what I am." He wrinkles his nose slightly. "Can't say I like the term Inhuman though, it sounds.. Well.. it doesn't sound nice." He folds his arms over his chest. "I'm pretty sure I've had these since birth though, I mean, why else keep me locked up like they did? My mother seemed to hate me for being stuck taking care of me." He sighs. "I guess a little blood work won't kill me."

Leo Fitz considers this and offers conversely, "Well I think the term Nuhuman's been bandied about? There's been a few in SHIELD to be honest. Having worked with them I can honestly say? Eeeh I wouldn't be surprised. I can't say I know how it all works, buuuut we do have a couple experts and I'm not ready to rule things out based on limited information we halve against the multitudes we don't." He adds, "Yet." Hey, some of the optimist is coming back. There we go! "I'll order it up and if you're alright I'm going to go find breakfast and see what I can't find out about getting my hands on this robot." Has he been home yet? Nope. Not yet. Eventually. Some day.

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