2019-04-07 - Splinter of Ultimate Evil


When Illyana's demonic prisoner mentions Eve, the sorceress goes to see what she knows.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 7 06:21:41 2019
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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It's rumored that Limbo touches all time, space and dimension. In theory, that's why Illyana can teleport just about anywhere she can visualize. Add onto that the fact that from Limbo she can scry those that she knows well or has a strong sympathetic link to, and it's really hard to avoid having the blonde drop in on you whenever she wants.

Illyana doesn't have a strong sympathetic link, but she doesn't need one. Eve's magical signature is damned easy to pick up on. Which is why there's a circle of light opening in the middle of Eve's apartment so that Illyana can step out in her heavy-metal style attire that honestly, blends in pretty well with the room.

The stepping disk stays open behind her, backlighting her in eldritch light as she looks around the place, taking her time. Finally, she slides her gaze over to Eve. "Well hello again."

Eve is easy to find.

Predicting what she's up to at the precise moment of arrival, on the other hand, is not. She's sitting in front of her computer in her undies (which are of course gothy as hell too) and seems to be in the middle of an intense video game shoot 'em up.

"Okay, okay! I'm coming!" She is rushing to help someone who just got taken down! They might bleed out before she gets there!

"I'm almos AHHHHHHHH," that's hewr reaction to Illyana's arrival and general appearance and /being here/.


She's whirled in her chair to face her.

Illyana Rasputina doesn't need to predict what people are doing, she can totally spy on them with her scrying crystal and pick the most opportune moment. Which means most awkward or embarrassing for the person she's dropping in on!

Eve's outrage gets a smirk, the blonde crossing her arms before her and taking a hipcocked stance. "Knocking sounds a lot like asking, and that's not really my thing." Illyana's pale blue gaze slides over Eve in her undies and then back up before she says in her oh-so-dry manner. "Cute outfit."

Hands on her hips, Eve is glaring at Illyana with frustration. "Back for more threats, then?" She retorts, "I'm clearly a great dangert to you and everyone else with my video games and sound system." She really has a nice sound system and computer. It's all very gothy, too.

"Of course, you could go outside to the front door and KNOCK ON IT so I havee a chance to put some actual clothes on."

Illyana Rasputina gives Eve a squinty sort of confused look. "Did… you miss the part when I said that's not really my thing? I mean… I can go outside the front door. But I'm not likely to knock. And you're not likely to like my method of entrance." She gives the other woman a too-sweet smile.

After a moment Illyana lets the smile fade and the portal behind her snaps closed, disappearing. "So. Your name came up. What do you know about The Dark One, the Mindless Ones, and The Thirteen?" She ticks each off on her fingers as she says it.

"I give zero fucks what your /thing/ is. Zero. Fucks. Look upon my field where I grow my fucks. It is barren." Eve rolls her eyes at Illyana before she disappears into her bedroom to grab her clothes. She wasn't expecting more visitor today.

"Zero, zero, and zero, though that middle one sounds like the kind of entity that'd teleport into my apartment oput of nowhere."

As Eve heads off to her bedroom, Illyana gives a shrug and heads over into the kitchen to poke around. The freezer is first, to see if there's vodka.

"Really?" The blonde calls back as Eve gives her unhelpful answers, totally ignoring the job. "Because a minion of Sifror had your name on its lips when I was pulling information out of it." And she might mean that very literally.

"Sifror?" asks Eve, casually. "Are you sure you're not missing some apsotrophes in these names? Not that I could tell but it sounds like they should have some apsotrphers in them."

Her freezer is… actually moslty empty. there's nothing in it at all except for ice cream and ice. Really.

Rustling from the bedroom.

"You wanna tell me what you mean with all of this instead of beating around the bush?"

Well. The next best thing to vodka is ice cream.

Illyana pulls it out and then starts to just rummage around to find a bowl and a spoon so she can dish some up.

"I did tell you. The Dark One, the Mindless Ones, and the Thirteen." The blonde reiterates. "But if you don't know, I guess you don't have access to the knowledge of your… what do you like to call the Elder God you're rocking the power signature of?"

"No, you didn't. You just rattled off some names that you expected had meaning to me but they don't so that doesn't help. The rest does, though. Are you going to tell me my power level is over 9000 next?" remarks Eve, ddryly. She's back out of her bedroom, now, in stretchy yoga pants and an old Xena, Warrior Princess t-shirt.

"Let's call it Binky," she remarks.

At least Illyana puts the tub of ice cream back now that she has a bowl of it.

The choice of monikers gets a soft snort of amusement. "I didn't think you were so attached to it." She remarks, since 'binky' is a common term for a child's pacifier. "Anyhow, so you don't have it's knowledge, just a piece of its power? Mmm. Less useful than I was hoping." She gives a sigh, though it doesn't sound terribly authentic.

"…are you eating my ice cream?" says Eve, apalled by this.

"It's complicated," she says with a shrug before dropping into her seat, apologizing by text to her game, and then disconnecting.

This sort of thing just hpapens.

Illyana Rasputina gives Eve another of those oh-so-sweet smiles and doesn't answer. She just keeps eating.

"Well. It's disappointing that you don't know anything but not unexpected." Illyana says, her tone ever so faintly mocking. "I can let you go back to your… computer… thing." That smirk has returned as Illyana leans her elbows on the counter as she eats the ice cream.

"Oh, I'm /so sorry/ to disappoint the lady who /teleports into my apartment," Eve is not going to let that go. "Between you and the Sorcerer Supreme and EVERYONE ELSE DOING IT, I need to like get a designated fucking teleport circle in the corner for people so I can at least know where you're going to stand. Of coiurse, you'd probably ignore that too. Look, I get that I am what I am, and that's fine and all, but I was truihful when I told you I'm not threat to anyone. I'm not. I've even done the superhero thing for a while now and I get rid of horrible monsters from time to time too. IF that's nto enough for you, I don't know what to say that'll convince you I'm not gonna hurt anyone."

Illyana Rasputina gives Eve a bland look. "Did I come in here throwing warnings at you? Because you seem to be *very* upset about something I haven't done."

Putting the now-empty bowl in the sink, Illyana moves back into the living room and glances around before strolling over to what looks like the clearest corner in the place. Her eyes go solid white, burning with light and she speaks in a slow, guttural roll of demonic speak as she lifts her hands. The words are something that Even can *feel* as easily as she can hear, and as Illyana continues to do so, light appears on Eve's floor, racing around as though on some sort of track, carving eldritch symbols and circles into the floor that retain that softly glowing appearance, like embers in a fire.

A few moments later, Illyana's eyes go back to normal. She dusts off her hands and looks over to Eve. "Viola. Anyone teleporting in will go to the circle. You're welcome."

"Earlier, when we first met," replies Eve.

And then she's just staring at her for a long time, yes. Eve can sense something. The hairs on the back of her neck are straight. Her stomach unsettles. She loks uncomfortable. Maybe she just wants to burst into tentacles and devour Ilyana for doing that right here in her territory.

Or, you know, she could just think its pretty freak. It is.

"…w-wait, what?" She stares at the circle.

"And that's relevant to this visit, how?" Illyana replies in that dry and somewhat mocking manner that is her usual go-to. "I came here *this* time to see if you had information that I could use to help prevent some children from being used as pawns in a powerplay by demonic entities. But you're still apparently hung up on our first meeting. Guess I made an impression."

The question has the sorceress giving Eve a long Look. "Which word was too hard for you?"

"…children?" says Eve, back straightening. "All right. I may not have information but I maybe can help," she folds her arms across her chest now. "And shut up. You were obnoxiously rude and threatening. All I wanted was a groundskeeper position." She jabs a finger in her direction.

(So yes.)

"Oh good. That means I was doing it right." Illyana says, smirking at Eve as the blue-haired woman accuses her of being rude and threatening.

The mocking manner drops away as she gets back to the problem that brought her here in the first place. "Yeah. Thirteen of them, apparently. That the Dark One is trying to get ahold of and Sifror is trying to get first. I'm looking for details to try to find out what kids, to keep them from getting kidnapped and what the Dark One and Sifror get out of using them."

A glare is earned at the firtst half of the statement. She's about to say something before she's stalled by the continuation into the next c onversation.

"Sounds bad," she says, moving to her kitchen. She's putting on coffee. She doesn't need it, but… coffee. It's a thing.

"I don't know anything about it, I'm afraid, but.. I'll help."

"The writings that have been dug up around this particular event are thousands of years old. So it's been in motion for a while. It might be coming to a head or it might be part of the dance and the real thing happens centuries or more from now." Illyana says with a sigh that almost sounds… tired.

"But, if something comes up that I need a splinter of unspeakable evil, I'll make sure to pick up the phone." It seems that the blonde just has to make jokes at someone's expense.

One of Illyana's stepping disks opens. In the corner with the faintly glowing symbols etched into Eve's floor and she heads over to it, apparently making her exit. "Hopefully you're dressed next time."

"OH YEAH WELL MAYBE I WON'T BE<" says Eve, glaring at Illyana.

She throws a couch pillow in her direction generally.

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