2019-04-07 - Plants Are Not People Too


A lovely Cherry Blossom Festival is interrupted by plant monsters.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 7 19:24:26 2019
Location: Botanic Gardens

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It's a spring day in New York at the Botanical gardens. The Cherry Blossoms have come into full bloom, the fragrant pink blossoms showering the entire area in the hue of the cherries. People are milling about, looking at the flowers and trees and plants and the blossoms. A small contingent of people are setting up a small shrine for a ceremony. Over all, it's a pretty sedate Sunday morning.

Sitting on one of the large cement benches is the human form of Piotr Rasputin. He has his sktechpad out and he's currently working on a piece on the pad - his pencils set to the side of the pad on a small box as he holds the writing instrument delicatedly. His current attention is on a young woman in a kimono that is working on the shrine.

The Cherry Blossom Festivals were an event not to be missed if you were into that naturey stuff. Which Kate is. It's a lovely day for a stroll, and she moves along in the pleasant Spring weather watching as things set up with a pleased smile worn. Her hair is pulled back from her face in a simple updo bun with some decorative pins stuck through, and her clothing is casual… for her. Leggings, ankle boots, a dark purple t-shirt and over it a purple floral kimono jacket. Which wasn't an actual kimono at all, just a vague hint of one by how the sleeves lay, and she doesn't cinch it with a decorative belt. It sort of fit the theme of the day though.

Her path leads her closer to the set up and toward where Piotr sits drawing. Curious, she angles her steps to try and catch a glimpse of what he's working on. "Oh, that's lovely! I suck at drawing."

For the woman clad in the grey hoody, black jeans and 30-hole boots, there was little that might actually draw her to the park to watch the cherry blossoms. All she could say was, that she knew better than to stay inside her truck again, to waste away inside. And this was a good chance to get out, hands in the belly pocket, courier bag over her shoulder. She's not like a perfect match for the shrine, not even a partial one. No, the only thingthat matched to it was possbly the fact that the pullover was marked with a darker, almost black inscription of arrows. Up. Up. Down. Down. Left. Right. Left. Right. B. A. Start. Konami code. And surprisingly, there's a pair of glass glasses on ehr nose, the left lens tinted blue and glowing just slightly.

"Everyone sucks at drawing when they first start." Piotr points out. "There is nothing that we are born with that makes us perfect at anything." With that, he is lifting up the corner of his sketchpad to a faded page that has been taped down into the portfolio, of a poorly drawn scribble. "This was one of my old drawings." he explains with a smile. His voice is heavily accented in Russian as he glances up from his sketch and lets the paper fall back into place. "I am Piotr." he greets to the young woman.

In the meantime, at the shrine, where the demonstration is going on, there's a commotion. It starts off small, and then suddenly grows larger - it's as if the grass itself is upheaving, and then rising up fully, taking on a rough humanoid form. "This is my park. Get out!" it rumbles. It's not large enough to be Plant Man. Or smelly enough to be Swamp Thing. Or thingie enough to be Man-Thing. The turf shaped creature is covered with cherry blossom petals as it turns it's attention to lashing out a vine at a girl in a kimono to throw her. She screams as she flies through the air, causing Piotr to throw aside his pad, and he goes through a transformation.

Not much unlike the Hulk - except he doesn't have to go as far to go as Bruce does to the beast. His frame grows a full foot in height as metallic coils form around him and seal him in as he leaps from the bench and past Kate to catch the woman, rolling to a stop near where the woman in the hoodie is. "You are alright?" he asks, as he sets the woman on the down, his attention turning towards the plant monster that is intent on destroying the shrine.

Kate Bishop offers a smile in return to Piotr as he shares his wisdom that she already knew, but sometimes it never hurt to be reminded. "That's true. I'm good at a lot of other things. I'm Kate," she responds in kind. She's about to say more when the Plant Uprising begins.

Whirling around she watches with mouth half-agape as it's all taken in. Then Piotr rushes past her changing in height and form much to her surprise. Quickly she lifts both hands to clap against her cheeks. "Right, Kate, focus! Game time." As Piotr saves the thrown woman her gaze darts around looking for SOMETHING useful she could use. Much to her delight she spies a few Japanese longbow archers nearby who were likely intending a demonstration.

Dashing over she reaches out to one of them asking, "Can I borrow this for a bit? I promise I'll give it back!" The poor fellow just nods numbly and she's quickly outfitted with some arrows and the bow.

"Hey, Chlorophyl Face! Pretty sure the park is public property so can we all calm down and have a nice day enjoying nature? Yeah? Probably not I'm guessing." It was worth a shot. Speaking of shot, she lets an arrow fly at the creature with a mutter of, "I really hope this works."

The grey and black clad woman stops in ehr steps as the green thing raises from the ground and assaults people. But instead of running away like most, she tightens the backpack some, reaching behind it to pull out a short length of a stick and starts to walk up to the plat thing. At first she is more muttering to herself as she walks, eying the thing from behind. "Why the hell are it always items that act out when I leave the house? Last time Pizza, now weeds…" But as she gets closer, she lets the short staff swing a little, the ends extending with a sharp hiss and the smell of ozone and an accompaning yell to the plant-thing "Ey, stop that greenface!"

Piotr was not expecting help today, but he is already grateful to have it. Getting back to his full height, Colossus gives a grunt and a few words in Russian. Kate's arrow strikes true, and draws the plant creature's attention as it starts to shamble towards her. "You humans are wasteful. I will conquer you and show you how to properly tend to me!" he responds as he lumbers on tree-trunk style legs.

The smell of ozone and the crackle noise draws the creature's attention, and the plant thing is torn between attack Kate or St. Roe when Colossus gets in the way, massive metal hands and grappling with the creature. "Nyet! You will not harm them!"

"You cannot stop me!" the creature responds, before suddenly enveloping Colossus in his full plant form, pulling the massive X-Man within to try to suffocate him, Piotr's hand sticking out of the foilage for a moment before disappearing.

"Not going to deny you've got a point there big green, but this isn't…" Then he eats Piotr. "Right. Talking over." Kate backpedals, drawing another arrow as she looks around with a frantic need for someting *else* to deal with this thing. The other that had jumped in to help had a weapon but if that thing could suck someone the size of Piotr inside… "Hey, distract that thing for a minute for me will you? I've got a plan!"

Which involves shrugging out of her jacket to begin wrapping it around one of her arrows. "Anyone got a lighter?"

The woman doesn't seem to react to the call out, just continiue ther staredown with Green for a little, the hand with the baton slowly swaying. "You know what? Mayne I can't. But maybe you are so full of shit that you just don't realize that you already lost." It's a taunt, a careful, deliberate taunt to get the plant monster to attack her head on. "Or did you eat too heavy already? Is the guy a little bit hard on your stomach?" She dodges backwards under the strikes, evading contact a couple times before she darts forward right into an attack, pushing the electric baton into the fact of it as she fires it, having high voltage arcs dance over the surface between the metal plates. But it was risking to end like Colossus.

|ROLL| Piotr Rasputin +rolls 1d20 for: 15

While Kate is busy getting ready, St. Roe is on the attack. The plant creature lashes out with thistle covered arms to try to strike the young woman before she can get in her strike - but the blunt of Roe's baton is able to get in first. And surprisingly, as it presses through the grass, it finds the metal of Colossus beneath. And of course, as a natural conduit made of steel, the electricity is drawn in and amplified by the massive metallic mutant.

The poor plant creature feels the full results of this as he becomes the plant covering of a natural lighting rod and Piotr gives out a sharp cry as the plant creature wilts around him and then explodes, sending plant parts all over the place, showering the shrine and trees and everyone still about with plant bits and pollen. It's like being outside and mowing the yard all day.

Landing at Kate's feet, there is a much smaller version of the plant creature, and he's waving his fist angrilly, his voice squeaking, "I'll be back! I'll rule the world yet! The humans will tend to me!!!!" he declares. Probably not the best idea at the moment.

Colossus in the meantime, is a smouldering metallic pile that is curled over, trying to catch his breath and push himself back to his feet. Steam from the plant moisture, and smoke from the burning remnants of weeds rise from him.

"Or… Or that. That works too." Kate hesitates now as she's standing with a flaming arrow and no target. … Okay a much SMALLER target. There's a shrug given as she lifts it up, and fires at the mini-monster. Overkill maybe, but at least it makes her feel like she contributed this way. Hopefully. Then true to her word she hands the bow back to the onlooker she borrowed it from in favor of striding over to where Colossus is on the ground.

Crouching down near him she reaches out only to hesitate before touching. "You okay, Piotr?"

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