2019-04-07 - Incoming, Meatball Special!


It's all fun and games returning to work at SHIELD HQ until someone busts into your lab…with your ID.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 7 22:34:11 2019
Location: Triskelion - Science Lab

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Things were going well, for an unplanned break-in Ray was rather confident in his abilities. Being invisible and able to float around certainly had its perks when you were trying to get in where you weren't supposed to be, especially when the place was mostly occupied by workers and the security system wasn't fully up and going. Ray hadn't expected how hard the place would be to navigate. Where would the archives room be anyway? He was expecting to stumble across a room full of filing cabinets or some such rather easily. He was very, very wrong. He ducks in through another door at random, reduced to chance to find what he seeks. Though the science lab he floats into is hardly what he expects. He's stunned enough by what he sees that he doesn't quite slip through the door as stealthily as he wanted, instead te door parting to allow the phantom visitor access.

Leo Fitz is found in his most predictable manner: in the lab, face glued to screen. He waves to the woman walking out that leave the door open enough that Ray doesn't have to invi-badge through, "Right, thanks, Na and I'll keep you posted on what comes up. The-um, the data I-" He blinks commenting to no one, "Aaand the team heads home. We know what that means?" He turns in his chair to hit a few buttons and pulls up on Spotify, "Queue the Hans Zimmer. Right, sooo where diiiid you go?" Back to the computer. Molars tapping together thoughtfully he rechecks the records and active logged traffic while his other project still lays disassembled on the work tale with several polymers in piles laying inert. "Henry, if we could get you operational you could just tell me, couldn't you?" Wishful thinking. Tonight it's just going to be another late night checking for where these odd scans and readings came from while the soundtrack scores play on the speakers. For what it's worth the surround sound in the lab is pretty great.

Even if the noise would cover his footfalls, Ray stays hovering an inch or two above the ground as he skims around the lab. He chews his lip as he looks over to the one guy still present then over to the computers. Digital records might not have been much of a thing back when the data he's looking for was created, but this seems like the type of group that might force some intern to scan in all sorts of records. He pauses in his tracks as Ftiz addresses 'Henry' looking around for a second person he might have missed, at least until his eyes fall on a cool bit of tech sitting on one of the tables. "Fu…" He barely catches himself on that one syllable.

Bobbi Morse is here late tonight. She just got the report on that centipede thing she brought back from the DZ, and she's frowning down at it. Especially at the part that has been redacted. She's hoping one of the brains in the lab can decipher it for her, or might have access to the redacted part. She's even brought along a proper bribe. It is a certain, very specific sandwich known to be a favorite of one Agent Fitz. Prosciutto, mozzarella, and pesto aioli. It's in a brown paper deli bag along with a sandwich of her own as she card swipes her way into the lab, file on a USB drive in her pocket. She's in jeans and a Walking Dead tee, her hair back in a pony tail, clearly off duty with her ID badge on a lanyard around her neck.

Leo Fitz pops his head up slowly and does a glance around. "Umm" And while part of a robotic articulated framework lays on the table being fit with all manner of secret compartments right next to the BF Reader(tm) that Fitz scoops looking around. He presses the button on the frame to wake it up and then in true IT form gives it a smack against his palm. Super technical part of the programming!

Eyebrow arches to look at the agent coming in though his eyes go from her to the sandwich in her hand reminding him he's not eaten since half-noon. "Hey, Bobbi. Didn't think you'd be down here. Picking up your test results?"

Ray Terrill floats away from the table as Fitz turns around. He grimaces and looks to the door, now closed, and chews his lower lip. Well, if those two are distracted with each other. He moves around the lab, keeping an eye on them as he tries to find an unoccupied computer terminal out of the way. Preferably one that's not completely locked up and waiting for a password to be typed in. That would take a while to work around if he even could, much easier to hope someone was sloppy. He keeps his eyes on the two SHIELD agents though, glancing between them and the various monitors.

"Actually I have something I'd like you to look at Fitz," the Amazonian (not of the Wonder Woman variety) blonde makes her way over to the scientist. "I just got a report back on a mechanical whatsit thing I brought back from the disaster zone, but most of it is gibberish to me. I'm a biochemist, not an engineer. I thought you might be able to make some sense of it. Picked you up a sandwich if you'd do me that kindness." Bobbi digs the Fitz-wich as she's dubbed it out of the bag and sets it on his lab table. "What do you say? Take a peek for me?" She digs the drive out of her pocket and waggles it at him.

|ROLL| Leo Fitz +rolls 1d20 for: 1

Leo Fitz pops up a few things on the BF reader though it's getting half his attention and that sandwich the other half. Okay he does look impressed, "Is that…what I think it is?" Oh Ray, you get to breathe a moment longer. Just a moment! He reasons to the spy-biologist…Spyologist?! "Well since you're asking so nicely…and because I really do want to see what's in the report I'd be happy to look at it."
Really since he and Clint and Agt. McCormic returned from their mission in December Leo's been on a large amount of downtime. Seems he's returning to work with both feet hitting the ground running, or making every effort to. "Just have to take a look at this weird reading I can't seem to pin down." He flips between a couple of settings for scans backing up to the second one as it starts to beep and…well find things. It's well named. "Heard you were messing around with those centipedes in the disaster zone. Nasty business, that." ANd JUSt when the reader locks onto something and goes nuts a flash on teh screen reads: BATTERY LOW. The range of emotion plays across his face in short order making his pinch the bridge of his nose in that grant me strength manner. Right. Sandwish and all are abandoned for finding a damn charger cable. "What I don't get is I badged in at teh access near the caf an hour ago. But I've been here."

Centipede report? Well that gets Ray's attention, too. Of course he got beaten to getting the data out of that robotic bugger. The scrap from one was still sitting on the floor of his apartment hooked up to his laptop and decompiling. It was a mess as far as he was concerned. He licked his lips and looked at the report. So tempting to just grab, surely they have another copy. He shakes his head, then moves off to one of the other workstations. Nope, that's not why he was here. He settles down at a computer that is out of the way, and prods at the keyboard a few times, keeping his gaze flicking up to the two others in the room. If he can get this information, or maybe even a map of the place, he can be on his way, none the wiser.

"And you have your badge on you?" Bobbi asks Fitz with the arch of one brow. She hands over the USB drive for him to plug in at his station. "I wouldn't say they were particularly nasty. They seemed to be just observing and measuring things. They could self-repair though, until so damaged the repair system was overwhelmed. And they could camouflage. That's impressive as all hell." She grabs a rolling stool and drags it over, to perch on it by his station and turn in circles idly. "I think the report says nothing in the tech is alien."

Noh-Varr was just passing by the science labs and while most people would find it impossible to have heard a passing comment from inside one of them, most people aren't him. Serving, he walks into the labs and then over to where Fitz is working. "Then someone's impersonating you. Are the Skrulls active and no one told me?" That would be bad.

|ROLL| Leo Fitz +rolls 1d20 for: 3

Leo Fitz hesitates and says, "Yees, well… it's a long sordid history okay?" Arching an eyebrow up he lookd to Noh-Varr and was not ready for all that to go out in public. Really though he considers this as an option frowning, "I hope not. You're on my list of people to inform." There. Gadget plugged in. Finally. Pulling up the reader again he just waits on it. Fine. Sandwich and report. The funny part is what he does notice is text flying across Na's screen and her not being logged in. He looks at it for a moment longer and squints going back to his system before typing in a few buttons to see who or what is logged in and where that traffic is coming from: remote or otherwise. "I think it's more an issue of someone has the wrong access." Looking to Bobbi he asks, "What were they like up close?" They don't seem to have hurt anyone by how the report reads. That correct then?"

Oh great, someone else just came in. Let's have a party. At least Ray has the presence of mind not to voice his complaints but it does cause him to make the most delightfully annoyed face that no one can actually enjoy for the moment. He also didn't realize how hard it is to type stealthily, not with any great speed anyway. IF he can just get a few search algorithms in there and get it to send the data to a dropbox he can get into later.. That should work. What are Skrulls? He thinks to himself with a shake of his head. He's heard more weird stuff on his little trip through this building than he thought possible.

"I was pretty busy beating it one over the head to keep it from getting away with whatever data it'd gotten out of me and the other individuals in the area. Didn't seem too hostile or equipped for combat, but the people still living in the Zone seemed genuinely afraid to go outside because of those things. " Bobbi continues her spins, glancing at the computer as Fitz does, but then back to his screen. "Hey," she greets Noh-Varr with a small smile. "No mentioning the S word. I'm not up to dealing with all the paranoia."

"I'd think so." Who better to go after Skrulls than a Kree warrior? And what better better than Noh-Varr? Even if there were others on planet. On the side of the good guys. "You should make sure no one is using your identity." He walks over to see what Fitz is working on. "Hello. Not wanting to deal with them doesn't make them go away." he points out.

Leo Fitz reaches up and rubs his eye tiredly with his fingers. He's been working way too hard since he got back. It's what he knows how to do. Still, tired as he is it's the news of the peole living there that hits him, frowning slightly, "That's…awful for them." He blinks and tied to remember how to play peace keeper and translater with big personalities in the room offering reasonable suggestion, "I htink it's more intended to come at the solution from a logical manner rather than from a point of blind hysteria so it can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently." Like so. Still there were things happening here and he wasn' a fan. Pulling the BF reader up finaly his head tilts going through the spectrometer. "Bobbi?" He passes it to her looking around and then pointing it towards the other end of the lab where there are lights, and a reading, and the outline of a …person there?

Ray is a bit engrossed in his tapping away at the keyboard digging for what he wants. He really doesn't want to leave empty handed not after all the trouble he went through to even get into this place. But, no, no luck. It's like, well, looking for a specific needle in a very large pile of needles. After a moment he stops, his attention shifting over towards the three and the device that seems to be pointed right at him. Well, that can't be good. He turns his head towards the door. Oh he knows he can get there fast if he's willing to make a mess. But then he looks back at the trio. Nope, not good.

Bobbi has just unwrapped her delightful meatball sub when Fitz shoves the BF reader in her face. She squints at it, then where he's pointing, and in one swift motion she CHUCKS her meatball sub at the possible figure. It's saucy, she's hoping to mark whatever invisible doomaflache is currently possibly stalking them. Goddammit she was really looking forwards to that sub.

Noh-Varr came in in the middle of things, perhaps even the tail end of things so he's not really sure what's going on other than someone using Fitz's ID. Somewhere. Looking at the BF Reader the scientist is holding, he follows the direction of the pointing. The throwing of the hero makes him blink once. "Is that the one?"

Leo Fitz snags his sandwich quick as a bunny from the speedball meatball sub from Bobbi's arm. What he does, though, is lock the doors ot the lab with some well placed keys. Yeah, he's standing behing Noh-Varr. Hey he's greatest of all Kree meat shields, er, warriors. It's generally more sturdy than a table. Watching he hesitates, "Uhhh no that doesn't ook like a Skrull to me. I guess they wouldn't though but I don't remember reports saying they can be invisble."

Some people are possessed of catlike reflexes.. Ray may not be one of them. The meatball sub hits him squarely in the head, definitely looking like it impacts something before dropping to the floor. Sadly, there is no visible sauce stain floating in the air, the invisiblity field just wraps right around that. But a voice does come from the corner. "Dude? Who the hell throws meatballs?!" Is that a Philly accent? Might be. "Oh damn it, I think some sauce got in my eye."

Show yourself!" Bobbi orders, grabbing a pair of long handled tongs, the kind used to hold a beaker or test tube in a bunsen flame, and twirls them like they are deadly weapons. They are not. But they're the closest thing she sees to her batons in here.

"Not normally, no." Noh-Varr agrees. Fortunately, he doesn't necessarily need to rely on sight. Not with his hearing. "Duuuude." Pause. As an aside, he says low to Fitz. "It's 'dude' right? I've been watching your people and a lot of them seem to say that." Ahha! The intruder said it! Right, dude it is! "Dude, I might not be able to see you but I can hear you move and breath and your heartbeat. You really don't want to see what my blaster can do." Not that he's holding a blaster.

Ray just sort of appears, sitting in the chair with his hands up. He might be familiar to Bobbi, or at least that golden helmet on his head is, with the ridge going along the top. But he's not in the rest of his 'outfit' instead in jeans and a leather jacket that doesn't have those reflective patches on it. Sure enough, there's also a splatter of sauce on his helmet dripping down over his eye. "Yeah, well, you wouldn't like my blaster either." He doesn't appear to have any weapons on him though. He fixes his non-sauced eye on the trio at the door, then sighs. "This may not have been a well thought out plan."

Leo Fitz is pretty certain no sane person wants Noh-Varr or anyone to test a blaster on them. Even if they are invisible, but ya know, there's more than one nutter out there so one can never tell. The voice though sounds all too… well something. He opts for the other approach after doing a double take to Bobbi concerned and then just slightly confused. Really? She chose those huh? Alright then. "Uhhh if you'd kindly like to tell me what you're doing in my lab I might be inclined to trade you a napkin." Looking at the reader it shows, yeah! There's someone there but there's no one there?

Well teh guy appears soooo Leo grabs one of hte folded napkins withthe sub shop's logo stamp printed on it and tentivly holds it out. Usually people who are going to go full Hydra or something don't take time to complain about sauce. Maybe Leo's still a good person, or a bad field agent, or worried about contaminants in what was a cleanroom. Sort of. Once. It wanted to be a clean room.

Bobbi blinks a few times at The Ray. "You were in the Disaster Zone when we found those centipedes," she notes, redundantly. "How the hell did you get in here? I mean the invisibility thing is a nice trick but, this is the Triskelion!" They have security! Right!? "And you owe me a meatball sandwich for forcing me to use mine as a weapon!" She relaxes a bit though. The guy helped out in the Zone.

"I would sneak in during shift change." Noh-Varr offers. "The guards are distracted then and the ones leaving are eager to go off duty. Obviously, his cloaking field is effective against technological as well as biological visual devices."

"Flying helps, too." Ray mutters with a mild tone, accepting the napkin to clean the sauce from his eye at the very least. "Not being seen is more than just turning invisible." He actually sounds.. proud of being trapped in a lab with the SHIELD agents staring him down. Is that third one even an agent? Maybe a question for another time. "Well, technology other than.." He glares at the machine that revealed him. "What is that thing?" He looks at the three and leans back in the chair, then glancing over to the screen of the computer he was typing away on. "As for what I wanted." He shrugs. "Information."

Leo Fitz watches the guy with a look of concern. Caution, sure, but it was nicer than dealing with one of Zola's culty scientists. He hands him the other napkin too. Apparently being forthcoming with truths makes techs forthcoming with napkins. It's an odd sort of trade off. The plan is fair enough and he simply holds his hand out expectantly, and justifiably chagrined. "Right, well then. Since, ya know, dinner's been tossed." Literally. "Mind sharing what manner of information you're after in … here? Google's much safer and doesn't carry armed guards, soooo?"

"There's this interesting thing called 'asking' you know. It's not like we're hard to find. Otherwise it's espionage and that gets all kinds of jail time, or worse," Bobbi points out. Her tone indicates she isn't too impressed that someone thought it was a good idea to break into the Tri. That is like a Clint-level dumbass move. She scrubs a hand down her face. Do they detain him? She waits for his explanation.

"And since you've been captured, you should take off your helmet to show your submission and acceptance of being caught. Also, you have the right to remain silent, an attorney and something else I don't remember. But just tell us what you're looking for anyway." Noh-Varr tells their prisoner.

"I'm not captured." Ray takes the second napkin as he looks right at the Kree, grinning a bit, and spinning once on the chair. "Just cornered." It's a good show of bravado at least until Bobbi manages to deflate it a little with the word 'jail'. "Did not think of that…" He chews his lower lip, peering at the trio. "And ask? Oh, yes, because you guys are known for giving out information so freely?" He crosses his arms over his chest, some of that bravado returning, but it's more than a little obvious he's trying to put up a front, or stall. Finally he relents a little bit. "Government experiment, conducted in the early 80's. Research on the Nature of Light, they didn't give it a fancy anagram or code name like you guys have."

Leo Fitz will be the first to remind that Clint breaks into the Tri- when he forgets his badge though. The look given to Ray is sympathetic and nods. "Yeah well, there's a reason for that so, ya know, crazy people trying to lock up half the world would love to abuse technology so it's to your benefit really." Sure. Be logical about government security. Looking to the room he offers some agreement, "Weeeee're going to have to report this but if you can tell us more well, we might be able to help you. Do you have a name?" The experiment is mentally noted and he looks to Bobbi curious about her familiarity with this.

Bobbi rolls her eyes at The Ray. "Things like 'Rremember when I helped you with those centipede things in the Disaster Zone? Can you help me with some information?' might actually get you some cooperation, buddy. Breaking into SHIELD HQ? Likely to get you the opposite." She taps the comm in her ear. "Agent 19 to Triskelion Security. We found your perimeter breach. Please send a team up to Science Lab 2-Beta. Be advised, intruder has apparently surrendered and appears to be non-hostile but possesses very advanced tech or abilities that allow for invisibility, masking from sensors, and flight. Suggest using one of the Cages to secure him for the time being." Those are the cells made of fancy silicon-carbide coated vibranium alloy to hold powered people. She glances around the lab a bit, wondering if Fitz has squirrelled away one of those night night guns of his somewhere.

"Were you the experiment?" Noh-Varr asks curiously. Experimenting on sentient beings is something the humans share with the Kree, a common bond they probably wouldn't want to acknowledge. He moves over toward the door to make sure there's no escape. Or at least make it harder to.

"I don't know more. My father was involved, that's all I know." Ray looks over at the computer, suddenly wilted. Nope he did not consider this at all. "Kind of." Is all he manages to say in response to Noh-Varr's question. "I think they're responsible for me, yes. Like I said, I don't know much more than that." Though at the mention of a cage he stiffens up, eyes going very wide. Anxiety, clear even through the helmet. "I'll cooperate, you don't need the cage." Oh yes, there's a bit of real panic tinging his voice there.

|ROLL| Leo Fitz +rolls 1d20 for: 20

Leo Fitz is a fair read of people. he's not one to ultimately break protocol but does at least seem like he's standing down. Then again the entire room is filled with experimental things. The NNG is absolutely here somewhere. He considers and offers the bright side here, "Look, if you want to get answers, we can help you. You look… troubled, mate. You did break into a federal building, however, I think maybe we might be able to help one another out." It's the fear though that triggers a chain of flashbacks for him and get him to walk over and offer a hand out to the guy to shake it. "Hi. I'm Fitz. I think you found my badge I dropped and am really glad you came all the way out here to return it. And, no, we don't like to keep people in cages. There are going to be a lot of questions, but with a lot of answers we can help." They're the good guys still right? They have to be. He is so unbelievably over the human experiment projects. "You got a name?"

"It's not a cage in the traditional sense. It's just a specialized cell to protect our agents from detainees who may have powers. Also way, way comfier than the regular old cells, believe me. Like staying in the high class hotel," Bobbi elaborates. "I'm going to go wait for the team," Bobbi notes to Fitz but mainly to Noh-Varr whom she trusts can keep the super there. She heads for the door, since she can also grab some gear from a locker.

"If you cooperate you might not end up in prison." Noh-Varr's tone is earnest. "It's really unpleasant." He nods to Bobbi and steps aside to let her pass. Leaning back against the wall, he watches the intruder, letting his Nega-Bands brighten a bit and emit tiny flares of energy as a warning.

"As long as they keep the light on in the cells." Ray reaches into his jacket and pulls out the key card, offering it out to Fitz. "Ray." And finally the helmet is removed. It doesn't come off, it just sort of evaporates into motes of light, letting him run his other hand through his red hair. Finally he grabs a pad of paper off of the desk and scribbles something down on it. He makes no threatening moves with the pen, though Noh-Varr's light show gets an amused grin. He folds up the piece of paper and holds it out towards Fitz as well, since this guy seems the nicest of the bunch at the moment. "Okay, so I didn't think this through, but you can look me up. Decide if you want to help me or not. Maybe I should have done this in the first place. I'm too used to just.. flying solo I guess."

Leo Fitz is pretty impressed. Look it's no less impressive to see Noh-Varr fly or the Inhumans do their thing, but this is a new thing. It's new to the point of making both eyebrows elevate and the physics ticking off in his head about the relationship of light particles and mass and the added value of keeping the lights 'on'. He nods, "I had to stay in one for quarantine once post-mission. You can control the lights. Not a bad two weeks all in all but for the part I was glowing a bit." No really, that's all he's saying on that part. He takes the paper, unfolds it and looks at it nodding, and for now tucks it in the breast pocket of his button-up shirt. "That's Noh-Varr, he's one of the good guys, and yees." The Scot nods assuring him with the endorsement that the Kree was trustworthy by his standard, or maybe giving Noh-Varr the assurance on the side that this was something they needed to do. Maybe both. "We'll help and get you sorted out. What do you know about the experiments? They more you can tell us the faster it will help us narrow down how to help you." He pauses looking to Noh-Varr in silent conference before looking back to Ray, "Someone hurt or in trouble right now?" Hey, it's a good thing to know if there's an emergency response situation on the table.

The paper simply has his full name and date of birth written out on it. As well as a weird line under it that says 'Nightboy of Philadelphia'. Ray sits back in the chair, waiting for the goon squad to come and cart him away. "I just need the information is all." He shakes his head, looking off to the side, then shakes his head again at the second question. "No one that I know of. Well, other than the trouble I seem to be in right now." His fingers twitch as if he wants to fidget with something but settles for rotating back and forth a few degrees in the swivel chair. "I like this chair. I found my desk chair in a dumpster. It doesn't even swivel or have wheels. Just a boring regular chair."

Leo Fitz cracks a grin and looks too terribly pleased with himself. "I remodeled it after they were working on seat designs for one of the test jets. Didn't get used, but adding the caster wheels did wonders." He points matter of factly like the guy didn't break into their damn lab, "Aye, it's got cup holders tucked into the arm rest on that one. Swings out." Yes, he's geeking out over great chair features. Look it's been a long damn day. Conferring with Noh-Varr he reasons, 'well since we need to get information and he's already in the investigation that Bobbi's working on is there really any harm staying here a bit so we can do some research while they run the paperwork?"

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