2019-04-07 - Did I Tell You About The Shoulder Touch?


Bounty hunters… bounty hunters everywhere!

Log Info:

Storyteller: Valkyrie
Date: 2019-04-07
Location: Renwick Smallpox Hospital

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What's Up Danger - Blackway and Black Caviar


The Spectacular Spiderman is normally seen swinging through the buildings of Midtown and elsewhere…but today, he's gotten a tip from an old granny he helped that she hears some ruffians were up to no good in the creepy abandoned Renwick Smallpox Hospital, just off Four Freedoms Park. Apparently, they were rousting out some of the homeless there, and she heard (from her boy, he's such a good Russian boy, don't believe those stories about him shooting people) that the word is there might be something they're planning, and that supposedly Spiderman himself has been seen there! Which is probably a suprise to Spiderman. But, there do appear to be some rumors of people seeking a masked 'Spiderman' in the area'.

The problem of course, being, that Grandma Volkov REALLY likes to chat. So Spidey is hardly the ONLY one she's told about supposed Spider sightings at the hospital. In fact, a good chunk of both the criminal underground bounty community AND the authorities have also gotten an earful about it (and her very good boy will totally beat that unjust accusation of him drowning that nice young Tong man, any day now!)

The hospital itself is about what you'd expect…a creepy, rundown grey stone multistory hospital, with a mostly overgrown outer lawn.

Spidey is doing his usual stuff on the way to the hospital—namely, running over and through ideas and contingencies like he goes over streetlights and through alleys 40 feet above the street.

The building open up to reveal the hospital, overgrown with ivy, the forest taking back the city slowly but inexorably. He had paid a visit to the Hall of Records as Peter Parker, checking it out "for scintific study" and came back with a complete floorplan of the hospital.

He landed on the north spire, giving the hospital a careful once-over. It still could be a trap. But sometimes, the only way to expose a trap is to set it off and see who comes prowling…

Captain Marvel is currently circling over the hospital, concentrating on keeping her light-display to a bare minimum as she heard about the rumors regarding Spider-Man. And knowing that Oscorp (for whatever reason) has the hots to get a hold of Spidey, well… she thinks this might well be a trap.

However, she doesn't want to spook the people setting it, so she's keeping a low profile. Or in this case a high one, eyes flickering around the area as she looks for anything unusual.

"Seriously? Some ass-hat put a bounty out on Spider-Man?" This was approximately seven hours ago, at St. Margarets. Wade Wilson practically slammed his beer down on the bar, surprising those nearby. "Oh I'm all over this."

Weasel, however, eyeballed Wade speculatively. "Really, dude? You're gonna go try and bring in Spider-Man."

"You bet your ass I am." Then, Wade shook his head and walked back to the bar, laughing. "Seriously. Do you even know me?" He grabbed the beer and slugged the rest of it with a few hearty gulps before leaving forward. "But whoever is? I'm gonna fuck their plans so far sideways they won't know where their ass ends and my pistol begins."

Suited up, Deadpool is hiding in one of the shadowy parts of the abandoned hospital now. His cell phone is out, and he's currently playing Toon Blast. "Huh," he mutters, pausing for a moment. "I feel like I saw this on YouTube before."

Sarah Black, still being fairly new in town, is mainly here because she's heard about this haunted old ruin, and professional curiosity demanded that she check it out…

…Yeah, right. She's heard the rumours of what may be going down here tonight, thanks to a concerned colleague who wasn't able to follow up himself, and so here she is. She's wrapped herself in an invisibility glamour, and is quietly making her way around the grounds surrounding the crumbling old structure…

In the words of the great American actor Vin Diesel: "Looks clear."

Or at least, there's nothing like thugs making the rounds outside the building, or obvious pit traps with Spider Snacks laid atop them. Just a creepy hospital building! Certainly nothing to be afraid of save for the gargoyles crouched on the building eaves here and there and - well, wait. There does appear to be a light up on the third floor that that's moving around a bit. Suspicious!

But other than that, and the drunk currently weaving her way down the street nearby, totally nothing unusual. Probably a misplaced clubber from her outfit, considering it's mostly black leather. Red hair pulled up in a little topknot ponytail. Still carrying a bottle, in fact, and not one of those wussy little craft beers. But a full on "this was intended for a week or two of drinking' bottle." She lurches along, pausing in front of the gate as she squints at the words over the gate, then sort of hipchecks the front gate a bit to try and wiggle through. Those chains holding it closed seemed to have been plenty rusty! They just..snapped. Yup.

Spidey looks around. He is nervous. But then again, he is always nervouse, even if he doesn't show it. For a moment, he thinks of getting the heck out of here, calling in an anonymous tip, maybe…


"…comes great responsibility," he whispers softly, then scales down the bare wall to the nearest window…and goes in.

While she doesn't have spider senses, she does have a bit of sensitivity to energy, so Carol tilts her head suddenly and flies down towards the gargoyles. Captain Marvel lands near one of them with surprising quiet and grace, making sure the glowing is at a minimum as she takes a closer look at it, trying to figure out what exactly is going on here.

"… Dammit," Deadpool hisses, losing the current round on Toon Blast. "This game is such garbage. I don't know who would actually play it, much less sign a contract to advertise it." He promptly goes about deleting the app, before quickly shoving the cell phone into one of the many pouches on his suit that, really, he doesn't need. Looking up, he peers around at support post that he hides behind, looking up and down the hallway. "Starting to think I got bogus info, here."

Out comes the cell phone again, and he pulls up an SMS conversation with Weasel.

While she might be invisible at the moment, Sarah's portal spells most decidedly are not, and an oval rimmed with golden light suddenly whirling into being in a third-floor window /might/ be a bit conspicuous — to the point of drawing fire at someone coming out of it, even if she can't be seen. Choosing not to make such a handy target of herself, the young magess instead places the portal where she can step out of it onto one crenellated little third-floor balcony above the entrance, where the light show will be obscured from anyone inside by the stone wall of the structure. Once there, she pauses and listens for a moment, and if no one appears to be reacting to her arrival, she will peer inside…

Slipping inside, Spidey can easily see the light down the hall. There's no sudden surge of Spider Sense to warn him, other than a prickling at the back of his neck that he's moving into something that could be dangerous. The light…as it happens, is being idly twirled by a very large man. In both girth and height. Bald. Snaggly teeth. There's something about him that's just…off, visually, though it's hard to put one's finger on it.

That and he's idly watching a small high tech device, so much that he actually looks up towards where Spiderman is coming from before he can see him. And grins. "Welcome!" his voice echos through the hospital, booming.

And then the gargoyles outside unfold and starts to slip down towards the windows below for the third floor, apparently moving to block the exits. They are…well, with teh wings actually extended, they are VERY much not classic Gothic architecture…four clawed arms, a bladed head, and two long tails. The bottom two of which appear to be carrying some sort of weapon.

The gargoyles, however, are not expecting two things.

One is the one who drops down the balcony just as Sarah steps out of her portal.

The other was not expecting a flying woman in blue and red and gold to suddenly land by him and has that moment where there is a moment of complete cross-species understanding as its hammerhead eyes widen in a universal 'oh shit' moment.

SEveral others stir among the brush outside, prowling forward, seemingly unbothered by the dark of night. One approaching where Deadpool is currently huddled.

Though they pause as the drunk woman makes her way brazenly up the main path, seemingly completely unbothered by the alien monsters currently caught off guard by her arrival.

Spidey's eye apertures go WIDE. Gunmen, yes. Mercs, yes. Freaking MONSTERS…? No. No WAY.

"Well, well, well…so, coupla questions. Did you get the license plates of the trucks that hit you? And who called the Monster Squad? 'Cause those things musta hit every branch of the ugly trees they fell out of!"

Captain Marvel blinks, then gets a wry grin as she says, "Hey, Bel'naxi, Welcome to Earth!" With that, she punches the one that she landed next to right in the face, hard enough to knock him clear off the building's ledge and to the ground. She grins a little to herself, muttering, "Always wanted to say that." And with that, she does a quick look around to see how many others are in the immediate area, and what civilians might be in danger.

Before he can finish sending the message, Deadpool is distracted by a heavy voice echoing through the ruins. "That's ominous," he mutters, and quickly pockets the cell phone in exchange for the assault rifle slung over his back. He begins advancing down the hallway toward the source of the sound with the quiet grace of a man trained by high level military, but a sound behind brings him pause.

Turning slowly, Deadpool peers at the creature that was creeping up behind him. "This is like… like, in Ghostbusters 2, only instead of Viggo coming to life, it was some H.R. Giger shit." The rifle is cocked, and Deadpool's presence is likely announced to the others in the form of very loud, rapid fire gunshots.

Sarah /had/ been about to slip into the building quietly. But that was before something large and ugly chose to land on the balcony with her. She's not sure what it is — It's not matching any of the demons or other supernatural critters she knows of. But whatever it is, it's /ugly/, and seems to be of ill intent.

Combat spells, being what they are, are meant to be cast /quickly/. And so it's with just a quick phrase in some ancient tongue and a two-handed gesture that Sarah looses magical fury at the beast, shattering her concealing glamour in the process.

The fugly man grins big….a bit TOO big, that smile practically bisecting his head in a way that really should not be happening. "Being much more handsome outside of disguise, and do not mock bel'naxi. Very hurtful to feelings…." the man rumbles, as he pushes himself to his feet, then starts to stalk out into the hall towards Spidey. "Is just business, yes? I need things, they need things, you are WORTH things on this planet…" he raises a hand, which…splits, a sort of maw revealed in the palm. "Hold still, will not hurt too much. Oscorp want you alive, yes?" And there will be a sudden surge of 'AHHHHH' in the Spider Sense that gives that second or two before he fires off a yellowish blob of…something…towards Spiderman.

The bel'naxi who was unfortunately enough to be besides Captain Marvel has a split second to make a 'erk' sound before he's slammed right off the building, demonstrating that really, bel'naxi don't fly so much as glide in a controlled fall. He is not in a controlled fall. He makes a nice imprint on the front lawn as he slams into it after falling off the building.

Likewise, the startled squawk of the bel'naxi on the balcony as it describes a nice classic parabola up and riiiiight down to crash into one of the trees on the front lawn, before tumbling limping to the ground, dropping its weapon as it does.

This, combined with the sudden autofire that ventilates one of the unfortunate aliens on the front lawn definitely draws attention. Even as it crumples, two in the lawn are turning to face towards Deadpool, and bringing up their rifles, a dull 'pppfft' coming from either as a pair of vaguely eggshaped objects come flying towards his direction. Two others ont he ground observe their pack brother go flying off the balcony and screech in anger, before rapidly scaling the side of the building with the balcony in mind.

Captain Marvel, however, draws the lionshare as most of those in the process of entering the third floor pull up short, their heads popping up around the roof like gophers sighting an intruder, before they're launching up in great leaps, more alien weapons firing as a variety of those egg shaped grenades go flying towards the hovering woman.

Even the drunk gets one who spots her on the way, and apparently decides that it's best to limit any further problems, firing off a grenade in her direction as well. Grenades for EVERYONE!

Except Spidey. He gets alien bile.

Captain Marvel blinks at the grenades coming at her, doesn't know what they do, but doesn't stick around long enough to find out. Flying rapidly out of the way, she goes full intensity Princess Sparklefist, glowing /very/ brightly as she lets loose with a pair of photon blasts, aiming at two of the nearest gargoyles with them…

Which is when she notices the grenade going down towards the bystander… or at least who looks like a bystander to Carol, as she shouts, "Look out!" and dives down towards the drunk, looking to get between her and the grenade.

There is a moment when his brain refuses to believe what it is telling him. Then the Spider-Sense pushes him to acknowledge it, FORCES him to acknowledge it.

The goo flies at him, but Spider-Man leans to one side, the stuff passing harmlessly past him to hit the wall behind him. He could see it, a red point of danger. He crouches down, then fires webbing from both hands to coat both of the thing's bile-spitting hands in the strongest spidersilk variant he's made yet.

"All right, Edward SpitterHands, you want to rock and roll? Let's do it. I even gave you your boxing gloves!"

"Heeeee heee!" Deadpool follows up the falsetto with a front kick that would please any Michael Jackson fan. Then he spins around to face the front door and the two new threats approaching. "What are -those-?" he exclaims in reference to alien guns. His head pops to the side, and with a cute little falsetto voice he asks, "I can haz one?"

Jokes are aside temporarily, when two grenades are suddenly fired his way. "Augh!" Scrambling out into the front lawn, he fires in an arc toward the grenades, hoping to make them explode or do whatever it is they do before they can do it to him. Thoughts of alien impregnation are clearly in his thought bubble when he leaps aside, acrobatically twisting about in the air before landing behind a pair of bushes.

She's on the clock now, literally. That kind of magic simply /devours/ energy. Sarah might be able to keep up that kind of output longer than a lot of casters, but a prolonged, stand-up fight is not something she wants to engage in if she can help it. Glancing quickly into the building, she sees, some distance away in its interior, Spider-Man facing off against… whatever his opponent is. Not wanting to be where she is when more of those /things/ finish scaling their way to the balcony, she slips inside, putting her concealing glamour up again once she's out of view. She then starts making her way toward the fight inside…

The blob splats along the stone wall behind Spiderman as he avoids it. The big man hmmphs as his hands are wrapped up, grunting, before…well, his arms split open into a pair of tendrils, bone spurs along the outside dripping through the webbing. And his costume or human skin or…(well you don't want to think about that really), either way, it seems to dissolve, revealing a seven foot tall blue alien guy with four eyes, a snagglemouht full of teeth, huge elephantine legs and the aforementinoed two tentacles to either side. Also what looks like some sort of techie armor and equipment. "Ahh, you make this hard, I hard on you…maybe Rughnax take a bite or two, yeah? Feeling…pickish…" Another snap of his jaws, before he roars and down the corridor, lashing out with the arms like whips now. Whips with mouths on the end dripping with yellow bile. Ew.

Meanwhile, Deadpool manages to dive out of the way, the random fire sparking off the stone walls of the ruins, though one does clip a grenade and sending flying off to the side, before both explode and release…well, it really looks like some sort of bluish glowing silly string, honestly, that expands ina cloud of fibers. And wraps around the tree Deadpool was originally hiding behind, tightening up and hardening. Definitely meant for binding someone up, looks like! On the other hand, not 'boom' style blowing people up. Still, more are coming at Deadpool as the two creatures shriek and charges forward, their free arms running like chicken legs to make them move suprisingly fast!

The drunk blinks a bit at the creature, then the grenade coming her direction, her dusky brow furrowing a bit. The two Marvel blasts go smashing down in the roof with shrieks of pain, all of the creatures reflexively turning away from the blinding light, as more of the bindwire grenades go off, sending a cloud after the good captain as she shots downwards towards the grenade.

Thats' about where the drunk reaches behind her and from SOMEWHERE (hammerspace?!?) pulls a ginormous golden sword off her back as if drawing it from a sheath, looking like she's getting ready to play baseball with said grenade.

Just Marvel gets there first, and it blows up and suddenly bindwire wraps around her, tightening up as it pulls in and hardens around her. The now very well armed drunk blinks owlishly at the newly bound Marvel.

The two bel'naxi scaling the building leap up on the balcony, weapons drawn! And…there's…no one here. Huh. They look around a bit, then see the fight with their boss taking place with their target, then with a few quick hisses and snaps of jaws they go charging down the hall towards it.

The fear feels like ice encasing his entire body up to the eyebrows in frost. He's felt it before…numerous times. But when it comes time to act, he runs.

But he runs AT the monster, not AWAY from it.
He dives under the left "hand," and jinks up over the right, and then Spider-Man fills Rughnax's vision, arms cocked back, and then he swings.

The punch feels like being hit in the face by a CAR. Roughly the same kinetic force. The only thing going through Spider-man's mind is to STOP HIM STOP HIM DON'T LET HIM GET HIS ALIEN MITTS ON YOU!

Captain Marvel blinks as she's suddenly bound by the grenade, crashing to the ground with a very loud *OOF* in front of the drunk… who now apparently has a massive golden sword. She glances over her shoulder at the other woman and grins, "So, uh, apparently you weren't as helpless as I thought." She shrugs a bit, and then suddenly concentrates, glowing even more brightly as she strains against the bindwire that's keeping her down.

"Holy shit!" cries Deadpool when the tree becomes wrapped up like a mummy. "Is it weird that I kinda wanna let one of them get me?"

Still, behind the annoying banter and the intentionally weird mask, Wade Wilson is at his sharpest in a fight. Eyes dart about, making a quick assessment of all he can see. The situation isn't great.

Dashing from his cover, Deadpool flanks the Bel'naxi coming his way while unleashing fury upon both. He's headed toward the bound up Captain Marvel and Leather Daddy Drunk who is obviously not what she might appear to be. "Bet that feels super weird," he remarks to Marvel, before ejecting one magazine and reaching for the other.

A gloved hand darts about on the bandolier where he should have not one, but at least seven more clips that aren't there. "…… SHIT!" The assault rifle is dropped to the ground, and instead, the Merc with a Mouth unsheathes a pair of katana blades riding on his back. "Fine, we'll get dirty. Now, you two wanna stay out here and dance with the Alien rejects, or do we get in there and give Spidey-Pants a hand?"

Aware of the two beasties coming in from the balcony she left — it's hardly like they're subtle, or stealthy — Sarah sidesteps invisibly into the nearest doorway or alcove that will get her out of their path, and waits for them to pass by. Once they do, clearly intent on going to join the fight against Spider-Man, the magess peers carefully out, ready to pull back if need be, planning to wait until the duo get closer to the monster already engaged in the fight…

In a swarm, eight of the remaining bel'naxi swoop down to surround the three on the front lawn, leveling their bindwire launchers as they hiss and snap jaws as Deadpool menaces them with katana. The drunk with the sword blinks again, then holds up a hand. "WAIT!" She swings her sword up on her shoulder.

Or rather she tries to, overbalances, and falls over.

There's a moment where the bel'naxi look at each other uncertainly, starting to take aime, before she suddenly bounces back to her feet. "WAIT!" Valkyrie notes, holding up a finger, before she lifts the bottle up to her lips and drains it in a long series of swallows. Which is impressive since that's apparently bourbon and there was about 2/3rds left in it that vanishes with astonishing speed, before she tosses it over her shoulder, then points at the bel'naxi. "…I call dibs. I was coming here first. To catch 'im…" She glances at the bound blond and Deadpool, then reiterates. "…dibs." The bel'naxi look confused, as much as hammerheaded sharp-fanged monsters can look confused. The muscular redhead in leather scowls at them. "DIBS." she insists. "'S sacred rule. Dibs."

Meanwhile, on the third floor, Rughnax is astonished to find his prey running TOWARDS him. This is a problem as he was lashing out expecting him to jump bakc, apparently, his tendrils slamming into the wall and shattering the plaster, before he tries to rapidly reel them in…but not fast enough his four eyes going wide right before he's clocked and goes airborne, flying throught he room he was waiting in as he knocks the light there to the ground as it shatters and slams into the two oncoming bel'naxi as they scramble unsuccessfully to get the heck out of the way and are knocked sprawling right outside the door Sarah is sheltering in.

The big alien bully groans, pushing himself up to a seated position, then glares at Spiderman, spitting out a sort of yellowing blood from his mouth…along with a few teeth. "…you regretting that…"

"Looking at you? DEFINITELY. You're missing a few hundred bruises, pugly. But don't worry…"

Something in his brain is telling him to run away, but he's not listening to it.

"…I can FIX THAT!"

Spider-Man doesn't even give him the opportunity to get up again. He was going to send a bunch of monsters to deliver him to Osborn? Sorry, the Marquis of Queensbury is on a coffee break. ROCKY BALBOA is in the ring and he is going for it.

Spidey leaps over the arms to land on the alien's shoulders, then punches DOWN. A little more force this time, upgrading from a Honda Civic to a Jeep Cherokee.

Captain Marvel glares at the woman with the sword when she announces she's here for Spider-Man, "And here I was starting to like you…" The glowing around her gets brighter, cutting through the bindwire as it just seems to melt away from her, leaving her free… and looking very very displeased as she slams her fists together, seeming to glow as bright as the Sun, causing the aliens to shriek in pain as they are apparently very light-sensitive.

Which is when Captain Marvel grabs Deadpool and flies the two of them up to the third floor where the craziness is happening. Dropping Wade off, she says, "I'll take care of the ones in the courtyard." And probably provide a bigger distraction for them so they can't capture the webhead, in any case.

"You picked the wrong side, Trinity," Deadpool starts to say, inches away from turning his katanas upon Valkyrie. Instead, his arm rises to shield his eyes from the light, and finds himself hoisted into the air. "Oof!" he jokes upon landing, then angles his head oddly at Captain Marvel. It just feels wrong to make the joke that's forming in his head, so instead, he fires off a salute before spinning the blades hand in hand and turning upon the fight happening inside. "Man," he says, upon eyeballing Spider-Man's opponent. "You're big, and fugly too." The blades continue spinning, as he's currently leaving the webhead to fight Rowdy Roddy Piper on his lonesome; in reality, he's trying to find a weak spot in all of that alien armor.

It was at this moment, as Spiderman leaps through the air, bringing up his fist that Rughnax ponders re-evaluating his life. Or at least, realizes that he has, perhaps, as they say, ed up.

He at least attempts to push himself to his feet rapidly, tendrils being good for that. Bracing himself against the floor (and his minions, who hiss and squeal in distress as he steps on them). Lifting his chin and taking his chance and…suddenly he has no foothold as the two bel'naxi plummet throught eh floor, which vanishes under his feet as he reflexively grabs for the door frames with his tendrils, dangling. Whew!

And then Spiderman's fist arrives and he's smashed right through the portal.

Outside, Valkyrie blinks a bit at Captain Marvel's accusation, her lips curving in a frown, then blinding LIGHT AUGH! She blinks rapidly, shaking her head as she weaves on her feet, but the bel'naxi are much more strongly affected, flailing around and hissing in distress as they reflexively run away from the bright light like cockroaches scattering as Captain Marvel and Deadpool easily make it to the third story balcony, just in time to witness the enemies inside departing and reappearing outside.

Right in front of Valkyrie, as it happens, as Rughnax slams into the ground in front of her, crushing the unfortunate minions underneath. THIS time, Valkyrie has a sword she can use as an anchor to avoid falling over at least. "…..?" Then she just grins. Toothily at the dazed alien trying to get to back to his feet. "…hi there…."

And that's about when Deadpool backstabs him. Sneak attack!"

Ohhhhhkay. Apparently he punched someone through a portal. The scientific implication warranted further study.
Y'know, right after the guy is pounded into ground round.

He lands on the floor, still inside the building. He looks around, wondering what to do next, then spots Carol. Holy Toledo, Captain Marvel showed up! …Again! What are the odds of that happening?

Captain Marvel flies out over the courtyard, hovering a few feet off the ground, "I suggest that whatever bounty you were gonna get here, isn't going to be worth it." She cracks her knuckles, energy sparkling off her fingers as her eyes glow a brilliant white light. "Now, Bel'Naxi, you can either make this easy…"

And then she suddenly slams her hand into her fist, creating another blinding flash of light, "Or you can make this real easy."

Just about when Wade was ready to make his move, Spider-Man has to go and punch the big guy through a portal. Lurching upright, Deadpool turns upon Spidey, sighing. "Really??" he exclaims. "I was just gonna own his ass, and you had to go and do that?" Nevertheless, he takes a step forward, likely grinning behind the mask. "I'm Wade. BIG fan, though the spandex looks better on me than on you, let's be honest. Hold on, juuuuust a sec."

One katana is spun around, then Deadpool throws it through the portal, causing it to appear above the lawn where it zooms down toward that weak spot he'd noticed in Mr. Big's armor.

That hand forms a fist, and goes in for a Spider-Dap. "You first, Spider-Boy."

And that's when the portal closes, and the sexy British voice speaks from the doorway just next to Spider-Man: "Come with me if you want to live." And the brunette he met the other night at White Castle steps out from nowhere, smirking. "Seriously, we should bloody well get you out of here, before more of those things come after you," she adds, in a more serious tone.

The blade goes spearing right throught he portal as Rughnax tries to get back to his feet…only to have a sharp piece of metal rammed into his blarthag. NO one enjoys this, so there's a howl of pain from the big alien at this point, though he appears to have a pretty thick hide even aside from the armor he's wearing. Followed by a booted foot coming down on his back, apparently strongly enough to drive him right back into the ground. as Valkyrie plants her heel in his back, glancing up through the portal where she can clearly see Deadpool and Spidey…dapping. When the portal closes it doesn't seem to bother her overly, as she turns her attention the glowing woman floating over the courtyard. "Hey. Glow girl." Her eyes narrow. "I called dibs. This bounty's mine. You want him, you gotta come through me." She casually rested the sword on her right shoulder, her left coming up in a 'bring it' gesture, looking totally unphased.

On the other hand, she doesn't appear to be interested in charging into the building after the Spiderfriends inside either. Though Rughnax gets a kick to the head when he tries to wind a tendril around her ankle. Very precise, very brutal kick that sends him straight into the ground to have a little nappy time.

Those inside are temporarily unbothered by enemies! And outside, the bel'naxi appear to be reconsidering their retainer on account of glowing woman with bright hurty lights who keeps punching them into the ground, in addition to the person shooting them and the other one tossing them through portals or blowing them off balconies. They did not really sign on to this! And they're pack hunters, so…after a hiss or two, they suddenly turn and bolt into the night, apparently done with this fight!

Spidey BLINKS. "Uhm, but what about…" He looks down at the woman and the alien (because it has to be an alien) and is suddenly alarmed at the hunting animals suddenly scrambling away.

"Ohmigosh! They're spreading out! What happens if they come across some innocent bystander? We have to go stop them!" And he actually moves towards the window as if getting ready to go after them all by himself.

Captain Marvel lands at that, no longer glowing as the Bel'naxi turn and run. She gestures to Rughnax, "Him, you can have him all day." She tilts her head, regarding the sword-bearing woman, "Wait, so… he was your target? Not the kid inside?" She arches a brow, waiting for an answer from Valkyrie as she waits patiently, standing within arm's reach of her but not making any hostile moves.

"Naw, they're buggin' out." After that, Deadpool turns and looks right at you, yes you, the player on the other end of the screen, with a shrug. Bugs, aliens, you know, he just couldn't help making that joke. First real Fourth Wall break, folks!

"There's a bounty on your head, kid, and Big Blue Ugly ain't the only one who came here for you." Wade pats his chest. "I take bounties sometimes, but, I'm not broke right now and I kinda like you, but not if you're gonna be a DINGUS." He walks up next to Spidey, spare katana sheathed, and hooks an arm over the arachnid's shoulder so that he can point down out of the window toward the place where Carol and Valkyrie are squaring off. "You see that Dom looking chick out there? She's coming after you too. You got bigger problems than…." He trails off then, turning back to eyeball the ladies down on the lawn. Did he hear that right?

"What he said, And Captain Marvel is out there. If she thinks those things are going to be trouble, she can call in the whole spandex brigade to deal with them," Sarah says, reaching to touch Spider-Man on the shoulder. "You were their /target/. Let's not serve you right up to them on a bloody platter, shall we?"

The critters do presumably have some sort of method where they ended up here….possibly they're going to run straight back to their ship and depart! It's how Predator 2 ended. Gotta leave when you get beat up on Earth. It's like a rule.

Valkyrie furrows her brow. "What kid?" she says, looking confused. "I don't hunt children. She pauses. "…you're not here for this bounty?" She glances down at the stunned alien under her foot, then back at Carol, gears obviously turning in her head. No bounty seeking = not a current opponent =…

The sword comes down off her shoulder, then stabs point first into the ground (narrowly missing Rughnax's gribnarks), then steps forward to just in front of Carol. A hand coming up.

Resting on her shoulder.

Confident smile.

"….hey." Valkyrie says huskily, slitting her eyes just a bit as she meets Carol's eyes directly.

This of course right in front of everyone near the window on the third floor.

Yes, the ex-valkyrie appears to be blatantly hitting on Captain Marvel.

Spidey doesn't look very convinced. "Possibly" isn't "it's happening," so he pulls an object out of his pocket, something that looks like a tiny spider. He points to the direction the pack animals went and said, "Recon, report."
Then the tiny spider…lifts off, and flies off in that direction. A flying spider? Maybe there's one somewhere.

His worry assuaged for the moment, he looks from Sarah to Carol to…who's this guy? He said his name was Wade, right.
"Uhm…hello, Wade. That sword throw was…eerie in its accuracy…"

Carol blinks. Then blinks again. "Um… hi." She looks down at the hand, then looks back at Valkyrie, pausing to collect her thoughts. Thoughts, right! Fortunately everyone else is on the third floor, because she's actually blushing quite a bit now that the fight is over and this isn't a villain and there's a lot of adrenalin and…

Carol then ahems, "Oh, I'm Carol. It's… good to meet you. Nice… uh, nice sword." Smooth, Danvers, real smooth.

Behind the mask, Deadpool's eyes widen. The eye circles of his mask widen too. Don't ask how it works, because you probably don't want to know. "Amazing what you can do when you just stop for a moment and come up with a plan," he tells Spidey, momentarily sounding surprisingly as if he's actually capable of being a mentor or something.

Short lived moments are his thing, of course. Deadpool looks down, and immediately crosses his legs and covers his crotch with an arm. "Don't." He raises an arm, making a 'talk to the hand' gesture toward Spider-Man. "Don't tell me it's never happened to you, okay, because I know BS before the bull pinches it."

A tilt of the head toward Sarah. "Yes, I'm blushing, okay, just… just…. gimme a second." He begins muttering something under his breath, which oddly sounds a lot like "He-Man and The Shredder naked in a vac-bed…." over and over again.

"Points deducted for subtlety, but I can't fault her taste," Sarah comments to the pair with her, amusedly, as she gestures toward the interaction down below. Then Wade gets a playful smirk from the British woman.

"Brunnehilde…most people call me Hilde." the tall amazon says, giving Carol's shoulder a little squeeze! She steps back, pulling the sword out of the ground, then sliding it behind her back..where it promptly vanishes again. "I like Carol. Strong name." She grins easily, then reaches down to scoop up the monstrous alien on the ground, hefting his bulk with no apparent trouble over her shoulder. "You should probably catch his toothy things before they get away." She pauses, then purrs. "See you around, glow girl…" And with that, the woman turns and saunters back out through the broken gate, carrying off her prize.

Though she does hurl something back towards the house…as Wade's katana thunks into the window frame, vibrating slightly.

Between the four of you you can round up the remaining bel'naxi to turn over to SHIELD. And Wade can totally 'lose' one of their bindwire launchers if he's careful about it.

Spidey watches her go, then looks to Carol. He had heard that style of speech before. It was SO familiar. Where had he…OMIGOSH.

He looked at Carol as if for the first time. She had sounded JUST like he did after he had heard MJ say, "Face it, tiger…you just hit the jackpot."

She was…SHY and BASHFUL. Holy TOLEDO…

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