2019-04-07 - Bunker Exploration


Elmo explores the underground bunker/lab and gathers information.

Log Info:

Storyteller: Clockwork
Date: 2019-04-07
Location: Underground Bunker

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While plundering the underground bunker/lab elmo gathers all kinsd of paperwork and files that document apparently the discovery of a creature whose codename is BLADEMISTRESS and from what Elmo experienced — she is aptly named. She was discovered after another lab opened some sort of a portal sometime in the 50s. Once on Earth, it appeared that she began to deteriorate quickly. Scientists attempted to keep her alive, but their solutions only seemed to work for short periods of time (up to a week). The closer that she got to death, the more violent and unpredictable she would become as the higher brain functions would shut down. Finally, after several scientists were killed, the last log entries indicate that she was placed in the containment chamber until a more permanent solution could be found.

Dr. Markus Bledsoe is the name in the logs, and indicates that several times over the next decade, he came down to keep an eye on the chamber. Some of the entries appear a little bit unusual, as though the Doctor had more than a professional interest in the patient, particularly since he seemed unconcerned about the deaths of some of his colleagues.

Most of the films stored within the bunker are studies on BLADEMISTRESS, observing her behaviour both when her higher functions were working and some of her more violent episodes, as well as her capabilities. Her speed is astonishing, and her skill with the bladed tentacles is undeniable. Though during some of the videos, she simply sits calmly and seems to converse with the scientists, gradually learning how to speak English, and to speak to them a bit about her dimension, a place where she was a warrior, her job to defend her people against their enemies.

Elmo is able to capture the entire place (it's not large) on video with his phone for later viewing.

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