2019-04-07 - Arrival of Maximus


Maximus escapes from moon prison at last, Kaleb is there to pick him up

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Storyteller: {$storyteller}
Date: 04/07/2019
Location: Central Park

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Its early evening on this part of the earth. Its been quiet. Kaleb has the usual life to contend with. There are though, a few very bright falling stars this evening. You'd have to have a very nice, high apartment to see them though. One in particular weaves a little oddly. Then fades out right before landing in central park. The arrival is more subtle though, and its not clear where it hit or even if it did, because there's no scarring of the earth. There is, however, an extra homeless guy that wasn't there before.

Kaleb went out. He told his roommate he was okay. Really he's okay as Kaleb is for being 'ok'. The truth is the last long stretch has been hard and he's doubled down on being both productive and ornery. When the world wasn't watching or looking he took time to himself.

The park at night is dangerous and he might be just arrogant enough to think that he can just command the world to fuck right on off and it will, or else-wise buy sell and trade it away until it stops bothering him. The park is dark and fairly quiet, and it's the first warm night of the year. That things were streaking across the sky? It really only made it prettier. His stone-clad little briquette of a heart wasn't numb to aesthetic. As far as the homeless are concerned? He doesn't count them. He never has. He notes them, but his focus lies in fixing issues systemically,, not individually.

There is a nagging, a little mental tug. Like a fisherman waiting to set the hook it tempts for attention. Then another tug. More insistent. Then suddenly it goes way beyond a yank, even, becoming the mind's version of a hand-over-brain kidnapping until Kaleb doesn't even know why he's saying it, just that he is, "I am in Central Park…come get me." Which…probably not the best thing to yell in Central Park, but, there it is. Then his presence starts to fade off, restoring the control that was violently taken.

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 16

Kaleb panics for the instant, though nothing happens as the compulsion takes him. His heart, racing utterly knocking him off his calm, is subdued by reason. Okay, he knows of three people who can do that and the other two knock first or commune or… thisisn't a telepath! His eyes widen with an inhale of breath and the name barely escapes his lips, and not at all audible to the world. "Max!"

He takes a moment to get his bearings and lets out a low whistle like a trilling bugg and starts to walk using echolocation to shape the environment for him in the dim light. Is he certain how far Max can do that? No. How'd Max even know he was in the park? How long's he been here? Could he pick his singular grumpy mind out of the sea of beings? That's impressive. he admitted to himself.

|ROLL| Maximus +rolls 1d20 for: 13

Maximus has no idea that Kaleb is as close as he is. He's crumpled and still reeling from his weird escape/transport which was not ideal, but…the only covert way to get him out of that fucking prison. But, he's managing to keep himself together, and not lashing out with his power any more than to tell Kaleb where he is. He crawls towards a bench and pulls himself up on it, clad in a dull grey jumpsuit that's kinda dirty, hair about 2 inches longer than it was before, but his goatee is still there, just a couple days worth of stubble making it faded. He hears the weird trilling and it pulls him out of his thoughts, looking up, and blinks a few times. "How is he here so soon? Kaleb?!" He tries to shout, but its all croaky and weird.

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 19

Kaleb really wants to run, and, what? be scared? Be fucking angry? Shove New Jersey off into the water so the world is a 'nicer place', what? It's with the utmost irony that he falls back on his training to not lash out knowing screwing with sonic shit can do more harm than good. Carefully he reaches up to cover his eyes. "Just… focus, Miller." Words thought out loud and to only himself.

Slowly the world takes shape and shape gives way to form. Form gives way to movement and subtlty. It's hard to get so much resolution from a distance with so many details, but figures of people are not squirrels. Foot fall carries him quicker in a direction. It's actually in Tibetian that he asks, knowing the liklihood of grabbing only Max's attention is high. "Whats hear you, and don't say a tree." he's narrowed it down but there's a large rock, a bridge, and the pond to choose from, oh shit and the fountain. And as much as he doesn't want to he pulls the environmental noice up, and drops out the sound of he wind and water to try to get a bearing. please no sirens, please no sires…

"I am on a bench…and I see… rock, and a guy with a red umbrella. He just walked by. " There's a pause in the noise from Maximus, then, "Keep walking, human, before I eviscerate every memory you've ever had." Sounds of running footsteps. Maximus stays pt where he is, knowing that moving around could cause the search to be yet longer.

|ROLL| Kaleb +rolls 1d20 for: 4

Rock. Right. Good thing he knows Central Park well. Better that he has a geo scan going. Eyes wince, he turns and nearly steps in… something. He pauses, scowls at it, but has no time to abhor whatever maligned bird decided to spoil the pavement. A mission of the utmost kind was at hand: one pretaining to his personal interests! Rock! YES! He runs, pausing to catch breath in burning lungs. Shit this is why he runs ops and doesn't run on ops. Pushing forward he finds the guy with the red umbrella and stops. He pushes his will out and it jsut says Give the wet guy the umbrella! Sloppy, Miller. Real sloppy. Apparently this guy wasn't sorted into Huffelpuff or whatever. Blast. Good Samaratins would have been a great exploit right now. Kaleb pulls out his wallet and holds up a fifty to evade argument looking at the person. "I need your umbrella. It's an emergency." He's tired, it's a little damp. The words are in earnest. At least the push guided the buy even if he was out fifty cash. Fuck it. He takes the umbrella with a murmured, "Thanks." And continues on. No. No. Rock. Max! well… human shaped lump huddled up. Lips don't part but words form and his heart, where tehre is of it, opens with the umbrella to extend it overhead to block out the sky, the damp, teh everything. "It's alright. You're home."

Maximus looks up when the light rain stops running down his curls and he reaches out to grab part of Kaleb's jacket by the arm to pull him in closer. He wraps his arms around the man and holds on tight, so tight. There's obviously been some emotional distress…not the least of which is related to being forced to wear a grey jumpsuit, but /physically/ speaking, he seems to be fine. After all, Black Bolt didn't want to /harm/ him. "Kaleb…I've missed you so much. So fucking much. I wanted you to hear me from the moon. I talked to you all the time."

Kaleb grew up in a world reared on pain, hate, cash, and winning. There's never been a lot of space for things like fear, or kindness. He is certainly, to a fault, terrible at them. It's not like he wants to be or even chsoe to be any more than someone with their dominant hand in a cast has to write a two page essay. It's really awkward.

That is to say few people ever get to see teh side of him that tries. Unlike the duck and the sidewalk he doesn't care what condition Max is in, or that he's damp or unshaven, though he does ask, arms and umbrella pulling around the Prince of the Moon, "They fuck did they make you wear, baby?" Yes, Kaleb, let's start at the top of the list of grievances there because anger is teh easiest feeling to express. Fingers slide up into his hair pulling his head to his chest carefully, even if Max isn't teh fragile one between the pair of them, he's handled with care. "I didn't hear you. I knew. Accidents may…have been had." A smile, slight as it is, warms his face. That said, he doens't budge nor let go. Not at all as if to tell the world This is mine. You can kindly fuck right on off now. Go.

"Its a long and complicated story, but…I officially 'escaped', but it was arranged to let me free in a way that would seem so. Its ok. No one will pursue me. I can stay here. I can just…/be here/." Max listens to Kaleb's heartbeat. He closes his eyes. Its like the months just start slipping away. "I don't care about anything else. I just know I can go home. And you are still here…and you came." A pause and he says softer. "I knew you would. Sometimes Black Bolt worried the time would be too much, but I told him, it wouldn't be."

Kaleb swallows, the light damp of the rain masking the damp tears of relief on his face, but don't dull the race of thudding in his chest. Worried about time?! Kaleb snorts, "Worrying about time is for old people. We've not even hit our prime." He doesn't move to leave, right now just letting relief sag in his spine. "Wish I could have done more. Turns out I don't have off planet real-estate to leverage on them. I… tried though." The grin widens, relaxed at the amusing absurdity of the statement in exaggeration of his family's actual reach. His thumb brushes Max's temple. "Missed you. Like part of me was just missing."

Maximus smiles faintly. "I want to go home…lets go home. Then I can get out of this thing…and listen while you talk. I haven't done anything, but I just feel so exhausted anyway." His fingers flex faintly, in and out, and he seems to sag.

Kaleb listens. The request to just listen to him talk or draw is so far a throw to the mundane for them that he gets it: Make everything terrifying as much of a distant memory as we can. The two times he was attacked that was all he can remember wanting: something so mundane the illusion of perpeual safety could be restoried. For a while.

From the grumpy sonic a kiss is placed to teh top of Max's head preing the damp curls flat. "You ahd a really long fuckin trip, Max." He looks up at the sky beyond the cloud cover and back down and grins, "I'll take you home but… I get to call you my man in the moon. Deal?" One hand lets go to fish out his phone and check the map, the paths, and then call his driver. "Hey. Come pick me u?" He givess the nearest coordinants and while he doesn't ask or say please or thank you the implication at least makes an appearance. "Appreciated." Aww a thank you. Sort of. He's grown leagues.

If Kaleb has become kinder, Max hardly notices…since to him…Kaleb always seemed rather deferential. He stands up with Kaleb, then looks the man over, trying to put his finger on the differences he sees. Slightly different hair. New suit. Not unexpected, there. "I'll be back to the me you remember…after I have scrubbed for two days in the bath." Then, he ventures a brief, overbroad grin. Though he doesn't seem to want to be carried or anything, he does try to subtly hold Kaleb's hand.

Kaleb holds the umbrella and lets Max get up. Is he judging? Oh yes. Always. The level of shrewdness has not changed on him since day one where he was born accusing the world of being inefficient. Maybe not, but few would dispute this from being fact.
What Kaleb doesn't do is imply to Max verbally or not what he can't do. He doesn't let him fall either. He's tired. Kaleb walks slower and makes the car wait as long as it is going to. His hand, still well manicured, falls into Max's. Bemused he adds in that haughty tone that's playing rahter than condemning, "I dunno. You set the bar pret-ty high." Challenge is encouragement. At least for them. "Hey, you hungry? I'm going to guess it's been a minute since you've had access to a full menu?"

"Hungry…hah…more than you could possibly know. But…what to have /first/. Believe me…the food they are cooking on the /moon/ needs some work. Its all…practically tasteless…they've engineered its nutrients so much they forgot about what makes eating worth while." Max snorts, and he does lean against Kaleb, but not for full-on support, just to be close…to make sure there's always connection. He glances up at the red umbrella. "This seems…bold for you. More like my style."

Kaleb holds the hand, listening. Kaleb's not a sentimental guy in the way most people think of these things, but he has been accused of caring so much it's made him into something else. That person wasn't wrong. His hand examines the feel both forgotten and new, feeling how the texture of his fingertips have changed subtly against the back of his hand, his palm, and how somehow it feels a bit thinner to his overactive imagination. He's certain it's his mind running wild fueled by the fear of a loss he can't mitigate. "Heh, yeha, well teh genetic council was never accused of having good taste." Blue eyes look up to the umbrella that stays parked overhead while they walk and back. A weird little smile forms and he laughs, "Well I made the guy give it to me. He didn't have an assortment to choose from. Not exactly a shopping trip I… I was afraid you might be cold."

Maximus nods his head a little. "I'm cold. I'm a lot of things. Kaleb." He closes his eyes, trusting the other to guide him along for those steps that he's blind. "I'm just trying to make it to the car." He answers softly. "And then I am not sure what madness will take hold of me. I want to run, but I'm stiff from those days in a cell." He may very well be a little thinner, though just because he was monitored all the time and didn't have a snack bar.

Kaleb flinches faintly when Max says he wnats to run. He knows he doesn't mean from him but he can't help what his instincts do. He slows his pace and turns looking to Max listening for a moment. A silent nod slowly answers as he looks back up studying him. Leaning forward he lets the unbrella shift to teh hand still holding Max's, and now free slowly, and carefully rests on Max's face putting a kiss where his concerns were. If not jsut for Max he needed that. "If someone comes for you… I will fucking end them." Okay those are words he can't really back up considering the combined strength of the Inhumans much less if Lockjaw sat on him, but he will damn well try and has the hubris to do it.

Kaleb might be able to! If Inhumans come to get him, it will be rogues, those who are taking matters into their own hands. But, for the moment at least, Max does not seem concerned. He closes his eyes at the kiss. Romance once he feels…clean and shaved and just…/better/. "I know you will. Do it messily if they even try. Mmmmm…I want noodles…the rest I leave to you. My memory of the streets and shops around here is foggy right now. I need to make things seem familiar again."

Kaleb brushes his thumb over Max's cheek and he can't help but observe, "Your memory is foggy because your head is covered in hair. Come on. We'll go to your place, I'll order food. We'll make you… you again. Tomorrow morning I'll let them know I got a family thing I need to take care of and we'll go for a drive or a walk or whatever moves you a t the time. Either way? You're planet side and I don't want you to get a cold and wilt like an ill begotten houseplant. it's a terrible look for you."

Maximus climbs into the car when they reach where it has settled itself, blocking traffic as it pleases Kaleb's driver. So far, they've avoided police, but there is some honking from the area. Max sags against the opposite side, becoming boneless as they are safe in the chariot. "If anyone asks…they took away my powers. I don't think anyone will ask, of you…but, that's what I need to say. Its…protection. " He whispers. Once Kaleb gets in, he leans back towards the man. "I want to feel your power though…softly humming."

Kaleb cuts the sound from the door thunking the inside of the car. Nice and quiet; not silent but it keeps the world out. Now Kaleb's driver is also a Mutant and thereby is better people, but also? Handy in a pinch, but also earning more civility than most. The plan is relayed up and he sits back letting the conversation fall private as is par for the picky sonic. His hand still loosely holds onto Max's. Still, Max wanted normal and Kaleb seems content to make things as normal as earthy possible. "Okay they make you wear a grey jumpsuit which is formless at best, and now we're ghosting as being baseline?" You can so tell exactly where Kaleb is from when he gets going. "If you actually get any sleep at all, which I suspect will be entirely or intermittent, I'm so going outside and yelling at that goddamn space rock."

From Max's lips utters simple truth…even though its as insane as it is true. "You would do the same for your people. Become a villain. Take the blame so that the person whose right it is to rule could do what's best for the people, without looking like a villain himself. Make no mistake…the higher a man goes…the more brutal it gets. You can know the truth. That's all I care to trust right now. I am at advantage when people think I'm /clipped/." Maximus makes a face, then rubs the fingers of his free hand against his lips. "I'm certain not everything has been smooth for you while I was gone, either. What has happened?"

Kaleb slouches against the back seat of teh vehicle. He listens, quiet. The truth though? More real than he'd care to admit, but they don't keep lies between them. "Yeah." The words are quiet and resighed; hand tightening gently. "I wouldn't even fuckin question it." Why the Professor trusts him as much as he does is a mystery in itself. There will never be an end to teh questing these two may get about the unlikely and yet balanced synergy they've found in the other. Fuck em. This reason is entirely why. It's a rare person that can understand the gravity of how great their heart moves for their people. "I saw… my mother." He pauses and rubs his eye shaking his head. "Going more hands on with… being involved in Capstone. I don't want to but… I need it and they know it. Been staying at school helping them and just… " He sighs with his head resting on the back of the headrest sharing, not complaining. The subject makes his soul weary really. "They have me enrolled in this anger management thing. It's … it's stupid and it's hard but it's keeping me from being stupid and sloppy which… is no good." There's a pause and he confesses, "I really missed you. I don't like being scared shitless with both hands tied. You did… what you needed to do. And no one's going to know i'm guessing so gratitude's out the fucking window but I appreicate what you've done. If it helps. Proud of you."

Max looks him right in his tired eyes. "Unlike the rest of the world…I don't really care what anyone else thinks. As long as you are proud of me, that's fine with me. Though…you know…feel free to not be proud of me for plenty of /other/ things." A little spark hits his eyes and there's a flash of a grin. "You don't need anger management. I don't know what sort of idiots are at that so-called /school/, but the last that I checked, anger is a perfectly reasonable emotion to have when the situation calls for it."

Kaleb smiles. It's faint but as real as his rage. His hand turns over in an amused circle, "Nah. It's the management of anger. You know, more like think before you lash out so I don't throw the phone I'll need in a moment at the person causing me to be angry in the first place. So I don't miss calls for my convenience. Making sure I don't fire anyone I still need. Not losing things while I lose my shit. It's super helpful really." His eyes drift to watch the storefronts pass by as the car takes them across town. "Helps me just… figure out what to do with myself so I stay moving forward." Taking a deep breath, collecting himself back into an orderly little pile of pressed lines and tailored coture he tacks on, "Later I'll go on a rant about what a huge pain in teh ass Genosha is but.. for now? Fine. This? This I'm proud of you for. Making my toaster amazing but entirely incompatable with any powersource I own? Eeeeh slightly less so." That one was amusing though.

Maximus grins at the memory and seems to accept that no one is trying to /change/ his man, just…slightly redirect certain aspects of him. "I want to ruin more of your devices for you…"

Kaleb warms a faint little smile packed with intention for good or ill unknown. The 'normalcy' for them missed with the fatigue of relief found when loved ones return from hostile places and unknown variables. "I'll let you make me coffee." And soon Amazon Prime will get the request for a second one in case. Worth the risk.

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