2019-04-07 - A Werewolf, a Valkyrie, a Steel Golem, and a Kitty


A random group of mutants on the rear lawn of the Institute

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 7 20:39:38 2019
Location: Institute - Rear Grounds

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She's only been back in the States a couple of weeks, but that's okay. Some of that time has been spent in her room, some in the danger room with assorted members of the X-Men, getting back into fighting shape. MOST has been spent out in the forest beyond the school. Gotta familiarize oneself with the territory, after all. And get to know the neighbors.

So, as evening falls over the school, a howl comes from the woods beyond, full-throated and loud enough to scare off any lesser predators. Rahne isn't foolish enough to believe there aren't greater predators in the area. Wolves are pretty much unheard of in this area, so she has no chance of a pack, but cougars are an entirely different story.

The beast herself comes padding out of the woods after a few moments, walking the tree line and sniffing around. She's small for a wolf, but shockingly red in color — the usual red wolf, which is generally found much further south, is grey mixed with red, muting its color. This one is almost Auburn all over her body.

Dani had just put Brightwind in the stable, when she heard the wolf howl. While she's used to that in Colorado and Asgard… upstate New York is a little different in that regard. When she sees the red wolf padding out of the woods, she blinks in surprise, then whistles in the wolf's direction.

After the whistle, Dani crouches down a bit, waving to the wolf and sending out a bit of a mental query to the predator, also saying aloud, "Hey there… are you lost?" A silght grin at that, as she doesn't seem to be expecting a particularly verbose response.

There are few things better than being in the outdoors. Getting acquainted with the New York spring time, Piotr is out in a pair of baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt that fits snuggly over his muscular frame. After a day in the city, he's happy to be out in the countryside - even if it's in the expansive backyard of the school. With a stretch that brings him to feels his bones popping in a satisfactory way, he was just looking at the gardens when the howl from beyond the treeline sounds out. Few animals actually scare Piotr Rasputin - he's used to dealing with wolves, bears, all of that back home in Russia.

That's when the wolf comes padding out of the woods, and the large Russian arches a brow. It is unusual to see a wolf this close to settlements - humanity tends to drive the beasts away. And the fact that they are smaller here in North America is noted as he turns his attention from the garden to the wolf that's padding about the treeline. "A most oddly colored volk." he comments, before the whistle is heard, and he turns his attention to the woman addressing the wolf.

"You know this creature?" he asks curiously of Dani as he starts to approach, his speech heavily accented in Russian.

The wolf stops, peers toward the mansion, tilts her head and sits on her haunches. Now, she's certainly used to telepaths, but most of them don't actually have much talent when it comes to talking to animals. Her response comes mentally, of course. «Lass, aroun' this place ye wonder at seein' a wolf?» But it's important to get to know people, and when Piotr arrives in turn she decides she ought to change into something more human. She rises, shakes her body, then trots toward the back of the gazebo. Always store a change of clothes nearby. That's her motto.

Dani Moonstar blinks at the mental response and falls over backwards, sitting on the grass in her blue jeans. She has a simple black T-shirt on, no logo there as she glances up at Piotr, "Huh, oh hey, um… no, I don't know her. She's, well, she's not a normal wolf, I know that at least."

Dani then thinks back to Rahne, «Hey, I ride a flying horse, I don't presume anything… but, wait, how is it you can understand me?» To say Dani is a bit confused about that is an understatement, as she seems a bit distracted by the implications.

There's a slight chuckle. "Then she is student, perhaps?" comes Piotr's thought on the matter. "Back home, I know bear that was mutant. Perhaps he was man that turned into bear. But was always bear. Never man. And did not wear clothes." he points out with a rolling shrug of his shoulders as he smiles in response to Dani, before he reaches out with his hand. "I am Piotr Rasputin. I came here to teach art. Though it seems that many know my sister. Illyana?" he offers helpfully as he watches the wolf trot off.

"She did not have to go. I did not mean to cause her issue." he admits, reaching up to rub at the back of his head in a moment of worry.

The wolf disappears behind the gazebo, peers over the floor to make sure she won't be spotted when she's changing, then ducks down again. A moment later a pleasant voice with a thick Scots brogue calls out, "Out in a moment. Dinna look, please!" And then she dresses. Her clothes are simple — a t-shirt, yoga pants, a light denim jacket, flip flops. Her midriff is exposed when she rises and walks toward the others. "Sorry fer tha'," she says, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. "Figured I ough' tae come out an' say hello."

Dani gives a smile at Piotr, "Haven't met her yet, but I only just got here a week ago. I'm Danielle Moonstar, but everyone calls me Dani." She picks herself up off the ground, dusting herself off.

Then she glances over at Rahne and smiles, "Much appreciated, though you didn't have to change on my account, not that I'm complaining…" She pauses, then thinks over in Rahne's direction, «Hey, can you still hear this?» Her own mood, Rahne can sense, is curious more than anything else.

When Rahne asks for noone to look at her - despite the fact that Piotr cannot see her at all, he turns away, a hint of color touching his cheeks for the moment as he folds his arms over his chest and keeps looking away until he is told that is safe to look again. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Dani." he responds to the woman before the new voice finally moves close enough to join in. Turning his attention back to the pair, there's a smile offered.

Though when Dani comments to Rahne on her appearance, he nods his head. "You are very nice looking as wolf and woman." he agrees with Dani. "Perhaps you will allow me to sketch your more feral form sometime?" he asks curiously. "I enjoy capturing wildlife."

«Aye, Dani,» Rahne returns, meeting the Native American woman's eyes for a moment, flashing a smile at her. "I dinna mind," she continues aloud, shifting to lean against one of the patio tables. "M' name's Rahne Sinclair." Sounds as though she's saying 'Rain', but she's not. "An' I recognize the big fellow, though it's been a few years. Pleasure to meet — or remeet — ye both."

Dani returns the eye contact to Rahne, and smiles warmly, "Well, I agree with the big guy, you're just… well, gorgeous." And Rahne, at least, can tell that Dani means it, as Dani then glances over towards Piotr, "So do you normally paint, or sketch, or… well, I guess I'm wondering what you work with, typically? I admit I've not much talent for art."

"I draw, and I paint. At times I work with stone.. though.." There's an innocent shrug of his shoulders, and Piotr's laugh is rich and warm. "I tend to break things if I hit them too hard." he admits. Though as Dani and Rahne continue to talk, there's a small amused chuff. "I feel as though perhaps I should step away?" he asks the pair, as he gives Rahne a smile. "I had thought it was you - but was not sure. You have grown much since the last time I was here, malen'kiy detenysh." Little cub to keep everyone from scrambling to google translate.

"I came across my sister last night. She has informed me that she and Douglas Ramsey are living together. I was not aware of this." he tells Rahne, not looking exactly pleased at his little sister's choice - even if she's the older sister now. "I will have to catch up with those that remember me from the last time I was here."

The sight of the school when Kitty's Uber pulled up to it brought back a flood of memories. Ones that had been primed during the long flight from Heathrow to New York. Staring out the plane's window at the ocean below, Kitty's thoughts were with the team and the home she was returning to after two years away at Oxford.

But those memories seemed so pale once she was looking at the school again. She'd made her way inside, finding the halls mostly empty. The eighteen-year-old making her way through the familiar confines, pausing to glance in a chemistry lab and remember a small lab fire the teacher had to smother. Or stopping to run her fingers over a dent in a locker left behind by horseplay and a little dose of mutant powers amongst some of her student friends.

Checking in, she found her things had not arrived yet. She'd shipped them in advance so they would beat her here, but apparently the shipping company let her down. And so Kitty just continued to wander the halls, eventually arriving at a back door to the school.

Opening the door, she steps out to glance around the familiar grounds. Soon her attention is pulled to a trio who are talking together. Her breath catches just a little bit at a familiar and Kitty pauses, glancing back at the door as if debating whether to go back inside or wander over. After a moment she makes up her mind and stuffs her hands in the pockets of her jeans, walking over with a slow pace towards them.

Rahne blushes, but just a little. She's well aware that in her time away from the Institute she's grown up in a number of ways her former classmates wouldn't expect. It's not that she minds — but while she's not the prim little Bible-thumper she once was, she's still sort of demure. "Thank ye both," she murmurs, angling her head as Dani turns her attention to Piotr's artwork so she can see as well. "Ye needn't go anywhere, Piotr. Dani's an animal telepath and was testin' her ability to communicate with me in m' human form. 'Parently I'm enough animal as a person for it to work out."

Her brow furrows, however, at the knowledge that Illyana and Doug are living together. "Tha's nae a match I'd expec'," she observes. She hasn't seen her old classmates since her return — but they're living off campus, which explains it well enough. Her senses aren't so much sharper than normal in human form, but good anyway, and she notices Kitty's arrival, raising a hand toward the brunette to wave.

Dani grins, "Hey, considering most people I've known, that's a complement more than anything else Rahne." Her grin quirks a little bit more at the blush, then follows Rahne's glance to where Kitty walks in, giving the new arrival a wave as well, "Hello there!"

"It is not one I expect. They are not romantic." Denial - it's not just a river in Egypt. "She says that she does not have a place to live at the school, so she is staying with him. "Though now that I am back at school as teacher, she could stay with me." Already the wheels and gears in Piotr's mind are turning on how to make that work, and keeps the Snowflake away from the man with the devil's tongue when the two women are greeting someone else.

Admittedly, it's been two years since the last time that Kitty and Piotr saw each other. It… did not go well. And now. She is not a teen girl anymore. She's blossomed into a full-fledged young woman, and Piotr's blue eyes widen as the large Russian notices her.

That blush from earlier does not compare to the one that touches his cheeks now, as he approaches Kitty. "Katya!" he exclaims. And he starts to go for a hug. Then he stops. He's not really sure if he should hug her, shake her hand, or who knows what. Confusion, you were always a Rasputin.

"You are here? I did not know you were here. You have your degree then?" he asks, eyes looking her over, studying, and then his attention is returned to the other women. Manners, Tovarish. "…you remember Rahne.. and this is Dani. I was just meeting her."

Kitty Pryde's tennis shoes move quietly down the pavement and across the grass that is starting to finally show a little green of spring. Moving a bit slowly as if not in the biggest of hurries to join the trio, though that is the course she seems to have set.

In her time away, Kitty's slender build has matured, her silhouette adding curves, waist and hips to what were mostly straight lines before. The face is the same though, and the hair though today it's left flowing down her back rather than gathered in the ever-present ponytail she used to sport.

"Hey Rahne," Kitty says, raising a hand and giving her a soft, friendly smile. The kind that can make one feel warm and accepted. That part of her hasn't changed at least.

Kitty's smile is given to Dani along with a friendly nod. "Hello," she offers to the Native American young woman that she doesn't recognize. And then Piotr says her name. His name for her. Kitty swallows and turns to face him. As the big Russian moves towards her, arms starting to lift as if to hug her, Kitty starts to lift her arms as well. Only to find he stops. She swallows again, color coming to her cheeks as she hastily puts her arms back down. "Piotr," she tells him. Her eyes flit away from him rather than look Piotr in the eyes. "Yes, graduated early. And just got here today. A few minutes ago," she tells him.

The introduction gives Kitty something to focus on. "Hello Dani. Really nice to meet you. I'm Kitty Pryde. Went to school here," she says, the warm smile back for Dani.

At Piotr's insistance that Doug and Illyana are not romantic, Rahne's eyes meet Dani's, and she raises one brow slightly. Like they've known each other forever. «Denial isnae jus' a river in Egypt.» But she says nothing of the sort to Piotr. Seems safer to let him believe it. Even if she doesn't quite believe it herself. Illyana terrified her when she was a younger girl, and the woman has never seemed the best romantic prospect for anybody. Eight years in Limbo will do that to a person. She'll have to get in touch and learn what's going on there for herself.

"It's good to see ye again, Kitty," she says. "I only got back a few weeks ago myself. Seems ever'body's comin' home these days." She's changed a lot, herself — from mousy little thing to… well, her current far more curvaceous form.

Dani flashes a quick grin to Rahne, taking a sidestep closer to the redhead. «Don't look at me, don't have any brothers or sisters here. Just a bunch of valkyries.» She then glances between Piotr and Kitty, and smiles warmly at the latter, "Thanks, Kitty, I'm just getting some remedial classes in here since, well, for some reason Asgard isn't accredited with the New York State Education system." She gives Kitty a cheerful shrug, as that does explain Dani's rather athletic frame, as the T-shirt and jeans she has on don't really conceal that at all.

"Then we will have to go out to celebrate." Piotr offers to Kitty, reaching up, and touching the woman's shoulder. Halfway expecting her to let his hand phase through her. Which is why he didn't go for the hug - then she had to lift her arms in response. Great. That was dumb, Piotr. And not awakward. At all. Stepping back from the brunette so that she may join the others, the large man stands near - but not too near Kitty.

"My parents passed. There was no reason for me to remain in Russia. My brother is cosmonaut. My sister is here. Easier to join sister in New York then travel to International Space Station?" Piotr asks, trying to offer just a hint of humor in his voice as he glances aside at Kitty. Did that even crack a smile? He's not sure. There's a fidget of his fingers, before he turns his attention to the others. "Then you are still a student here, Rahne? Or you have graduated?" he asks her, glancing to Dani as well. "You are student as well?"

Kitty Pryde flashes a bright smile to Rahne. "You look amazing," Kitty tells Rahne, eyes lighting up with warmth. "I can't believe how much you've changed," Kitty says, tone making it a compliment for the other woman.

Dani's comments about her classes bring a widening of Kitty's eyes. "Wow. You're Asgardian?" Kitty asks. "Well, I hope you enjoy it here. I imagine everyone has already bombarded you with questions half to death. I'll try to not add to it if so, though I admit how curious I am," Kitty says.

The touch to her shoulder draws Kitty's attention back to Piotr, the teen's hands moving to fidget slightly in front of herself. "Sure, that'd be nice. I mean… great to see the old team. And all. Right?" she says, giving Piotr a bit of a nervous smile.

He moves away from her and Kitty falls silent again as she listens. When the Russian checks back to her, he sees Kitty's face is lacking in smiles. "Oh Pete, I'm so sorry," she tells him, the fidgeting fingers now wringing. "I hadn't heard," she says, her face full of sympathy and regret.

«Neither here,» Rahne replies to Dani mentally. «I've just me mother — an' that's by adoption. When I was found t' be a mutant.» Even accented in her own head. She's perfectly at easy, generally — all but in being complimented. To Piotr she says, "I was homeschooled in Scotland. M' mother made sure I learned about science an' math an' medicine an' all that, as well as readin' and writin'.

Smiling at Kitty's compliment, Rahne nevertheless blushes once more. "Thank ye, Kitty. Very kind of ye." It doesn't come across awkward — just a little of that old shyness hanging on.

By dinner, he meant just the two of them. But then Kitty says 'the old team'. "Oh. Yes. Of course." Piotr responds, glancing away. "With the old team." he draws in a breath and presses his fingers together in thought. Then she's going off and giving the condolence on the death of his parents. "Father was old. The mines had turned his lungs black. To have lived as long as he had - he was strong man. Stubborn. Mother could not be without him - she passed from his abscence. It was a case of razbitoye serdtse." he explains, and glances away from Kitty for a moment towards the others.

"What are you hoping to learn here then?" he asks Rahne curiously before he folds his hands together, a glance stolen towards the recently added brunette, and a bite on his lip. "You have grown only more beautiful, Katya." he admits to her quietly.

Dani smiles a little, «We might need to leave these two alone. Guessing there's a little bit of a history, huh?» She passes a look to Rahne, then laughs a little at Kitty's comment about Asgard, "Oh no, I'm not from there, I'm a mutant. But well, the Hellfire Academy tried to abduct me five years ago, but thanks to my grandfather, he managed to get me away… which, well, as it turns out was a one-way portal to Asgard. While I was there, I joined the Valkyries, and came back to Midg… er, Earth, a few weeks ago."

Kitty Pryde hears what she thinks is Piotr confirming he was talking about the team. "It'll be great. Seeing everyone again," Kitty says, putting on a smile for the Russian that seems meant to be extra bright, rather than have any other expressions slip through.

As the topic turns to his parents though, the smile is gone and Kitty's eyes are full of commiseration for what he's gone through. As Piotr looks away from the group, Kitty drifts over nearer to his side. She reaches out halfway to him, hesitates a moment, and then rests her hand softly on his side. "Really sorry. I… I should have kept in touch better." Kitty says in a guilty tone.

The compliment catches the brunette by surprise, her eyes lifting to the tall Russian as he says it. She hesitates in her surprise. a faint touch of color returning to her cheeks. The reply from Rani gives Kitty something to focus on that she grasps onto. "Oh, so you're… ah, I see," Kitty says, giving a quick nod of her head. "Well, welcome back. Valkyries, that's just wow. Really something," Kitty says, shining a smile to Dani. "It'll be nice to have you around here I'm sure."

"I'm nae a student, Piotr. I'm an X-Man," Rahne explains. "Also a barista. But that's neither here nor there." «Aye, I think they may need tae talk,» she agrees with Dani inwardly. But makes no move to retreat — not yet. She isn't entirely sure that Kitty wants to be alone with Piotr — even if they do clearly need to talk.

Oh sure, people are going to worry about Kitty being alone with Piotr? She can rip hearts out of chests! There's a small jump. Just a subtle one when he feels the light touch of Kitty's hand on his side. His hand is relfexive- it touches hers in response, a brief, if light squeeze, and releases, though remains at a light touch for now. "These is Starbucks on campus now?" This seems to excite the large Russian. He hasn't had Starbucks in /years/. "Wait. She is Valkyrie. I see. But she does not look like one you would see in book. That is interesting." he says, his eyes looking over the native woman curiously.

"Things are always more interesting when you return from a long abscence to see what may have changed at the Institute." Which reminds him. His attention returns to Kitty. "I have taken job here. I am the art teacher." There's a smile at that.

Dani chuckles, "Well, I could wear the armor everywhere, but I noticed a lot of odd looks when I did that a few nights ago in New York, so I decided to be casual. Nice thing though, it can come and go at a moment's notice, thanks to magic." She hmms, "My winged stallion was a good excuse to get the stables back up and running here, though. And while they weren't that great on training my mutant powers… they did give me a lot of tips as far as fighting goes."

Kitty Pryde's eyes drift over to where Piotr has rested his hand atop her own, seeming a little surprised at the tough. The news of his new position at the school brings a soft smile from Kitty. "That's a perfect position for you. You've always been such a wonderful painter. And sketches," she tells him.

Kitty looks back over to Dani and Rahne to say, "He is, you should really see some of his work sometime. There's one of his sister when she was little that's just gorgeous."

Kitty's attention goes to Dani as she describes her winged horse. "You have a flying horse?" Kitty asks. If expressions came with sounds, Kitty's would be going 'aw'. "Can we be best friends?" she says with a lighthearted smile to Dani.

Not worried about what he might do to Kitty. Concerned that she might not want to have the conversation that is currently brewing. That's all. Rahne knows Piotr wouldn't hurt a fly unless it was threatening his team or his friends or his sister. "Not on campus. I dinnae think we're big enough t' get a Starbucks. I work at a local coffee shop a couple towns over." She nods to Rahne, then toward Piotr's unfinished artwork. "We noticed. He was working when we both got here. You are very talented, Piotr."

Indeed, there is currently a sketchpad set up on a tripod. He was working on capturing a flower that had bloomed just after twilight, but now that the moment is lost, the picture may never get done. As Kitty looks over at him, and he realizes his hand is with hers still, he starts to withdraw his hand, as if unsure of what just happened there.

Though as the attention turns to flying horses and the such, the Russian reaches up and rubs at the back of his head in thought. "I should let you three continue. I am.. fourth wheel on tricycle?" he asks the others, unsure of the saying.

Dani grins at Kitty, "Sounds good to me, I think the Professor accepted me mainly to bribe prospective students with flying horse rides." She winks at Kitty with that, then glances over at Piotr, "I don't think that's how the saying goes, but you shouldn't leave on my account anyway."

She does quirk a brow and look at Rahne, «Oh, and if you want a ride on Brightwind, just ask.» Then she says aloud, "Brightwind is just in the stables in the back, had to renovate them a bit since they had gotten out of use, but…" She grins and shrugs, "He tells me that he wouldn't mind having some other horses to keep him company, even if they aren't winged."

Kitty Pryde pulls her hand back finally. "Maybe I can see what you've done while I've been gone. Sometime," Kitty tells Piotr. "Or… um, sometime," she says to him. She glances towards the school briefly, hten back to Dani. "Sometime you're free, I'd love to go see him," she says, giving a grin at the mention of the flying animal as a recruiting tactic.

"I should get back inside and check on my things. UPS should have had them here by now," she comments.

Kitty moves over and if allowed will give Rahne a big hug. "Great seeing you again, Rahne, will have to catch up later." Kitty lets her go and smile to Dani. She looks to Piotr then. "Um, really great seeing you, Pete. We'll have to um… you know," she says. "Team thing and… ah… I should call UPS," the young woman says, turning to walk quickly towards the school.

"A fifth wheel," Rahne tells Piotr, even as she turns to hug Kitty in turn. "It's good t' see you again, Kitty. Dinna be a stranger!" She watches the brunette go, exchanges another look with Dani, then once again to Piotr, "Lad, ye need t' talk to the lady. Ye're no fifth wheel, I promise — but clearly the two o' you have unfinished business. Not immediately, per'aps, but soon."

"I.. yes. Of course." Piotr says, as Kitty quickly departs. The large Russian watches after the woman for a few moments, and his shoulders give just a hint of a slump, as he glances at his sketchpad. He suddenly doesn't seem to have the inspiration anymore. He mutters something quietly in his native tongue and then lets out a breath.

"I apologize. I do not know…" as Rahne addresses him, the large man reaches up with his right hand to grasp his left arm above his left elbow, and he sighs. "It is.. something, I am unsure I can repair. I am known for breaking things. Fixing them? Not so much."

Dani hrms, "Well, okay, it doesn't take the Norns to see there's a bit of history there with you two… my advice? Do what Rahne says, talk to her about it. Only way you'll know for sure." She then grins a bit wryly, "Of course, Asgardian society isn't exactly one for dancing around issues, things like that tend to be addressed straight away, for better or for worse."

The redhead blinks slowly. "Ye do fine fixin' things. I dinna know what went before, but if ye want it fixed, first ye need t' tell her ye're sorry." She holds up a hand. "I dinna care if it was her fault. You apologize anyway. An' then ye make it better. An' then what happens happens." She's Kitty's age, but she's been through many of the same things that Kitty has over the years — not a doomed romance with a Russian steel golem, certainly, but many of the same things. "Better t' at least talk, whether it can be fixed or not, so ye can be friends. Ye're gonna be sharin' space for awhile yet, I'd think." A nod and a quirked lip to Dani. They're women. They know how it works.

He is no woman. Which makes this even more confusing for Piotr. "I.. I am not sure if anyone is at fault. She asked for something that.." he frowns. "She was only sixteen. I did not want to cause issue.." he responds, a look between the two women. "I am afraid that I may not give her what she wanted. It was years ago." Sure. Only two years. BUT YEARS.

"People change. She has. I." he sighs. "I am unsure of my place." With that, he's turning to gather his drawing utensils. "I should give her space." he disagrees with Rahne. Which is a bad sign. "As you said. It is.. was.." And there he goes again, unsure of /what/ to say or do as he lets out a breath. "Boizhe Moi."

Dani sighs at Piotr, "Well, it's your call big guy, but from what I've seen, giving her space is the worst thing you can do. If you talk to her about it, up front… then you know for good or bad, and you can move on from there." She does pass a sidelong glance to Rahne, though.

«Now I see why Weird Al did that Mutant Mutant Angst Angst song a while back…»

The corner of Rahne's mouth twitches, but she represses the chuckle. Piotr's clearly hurting. "Most of the problems in the world t'day can be fixed by communication," she notes instead, even as she thinks, «You are a bad, bad girl, Dani Moonstar.»

"There is a saying where I am from." Piotr tells the two women as he easily picks up his gear and turns to head for the house. "Lyubov', kak ogon', gasnet bez topliva." he says, and then pauses. "'Love, like fire, dies without fuel.' It has been two years since there was spark." he comments, and then he's heading towards the house, and giving the two women time together.

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