2019-04-06 - Norns by Nordwest


Apparently the Fates are pranking poor Hod…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Apr 6 23:50:38 2019
Location: Harlem

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Brunch at The Edge is honestly worth the trip uptown. A bit past 139th it's a small low ceilinged sort of cafe that feels intimate without being claustrophobic. It's street side windows give good view without being ostentacious, and it's almost steam punky lighting and heavy old school plumbping and electrical piping make the place feel a bit more like eating in a good friend's basement food cave then a resturant.

Hod likes it because no one else in town does a Jerk chicken and waffle mix for brunch. The decore clearly matters less to him. He sits in the corner farthest from the windows, a small little pub table shrouded in something like shadows, or at least as shadowy as the well lit place gets, and eats quietly, making small appreciative noises to himself.

The door chimes a bit as a slim figure walks in, curiosity etched on her face as she glances around. Dani glances around, whistling a bit at the ambiance, before she gets a table that's… well, mainly because of the lack of people this time of day, right next to Hod's. She hmmms a bit, looking over the menu and reading the descriptions out loud to herself.

Though it isn't obvious to most, she does have the faintest hint of an Asgardian accent to her words. But it'd take a native of the Realm to notice, at this point…

Hod was having such a good day. Really. He was! There was jerk chicken with syrup all over it! He only has to eat like 1 meal a day. 1 MEAL! And now they're managing to even ruin his favorite brunch spot! First Loki finds him in the middle of the fucking ocean, alone on a boat surrounded by nothing, then Sif just /wanders/ into his meeting with the probably semi-evil wizard people (whos he to judge), and now some… Um… Huh. She doesn't sound familiar. Bah. It's been two and a half millenia, maybe he's just got a rusty memory.

He does set his fork down however and and pull up his napkin to wipe at his mouth almost daintily. Meanwhile his other hand patpats about next to him, making sure his 'cane' remains where he had it. Good. Good. A quick mental check for all the ways out of this place… yup. All clocked. Also good. Now to escape without being noticed, which honestly, is usually /super/ easy for him. No one notices Hod. Well. Rarely does anyone notice Hod. He lifts a hand, "Kameel? I'll take the check please." he says softly into the air. His words have no accent at all, though to be fair he's not spoken much Aesir in two thousand years save to curse… Unfortunately it's becoming more popular in his life again. Jesus. WHY ARE THEY ALL MOVING TO MIDGARD!? He was safe down here! That was the point!

Dani blinks and looks over at the man taking the check, and smiles over at both him and the server, "Wait, Jerk chicken and waffles? That sounds amazing, I'll try that, please." She looks over at Hod, apparently noticing him right away as she asks him, flat out, "How was it? Please tell me it was good since I just committed to it." Well, she apparently doesn't recognize him, and that faint accent… well, it's there, like a nagging itch, but she definitely doesn't sound familiar. Really, she sounds Midwestern American more than anything else.

Just that little itch in the back of your head…

Hod offers a small smile as he takes the ticket and the server, a young man grinning, bends down to whisper in his ear, "Thanks." Hod says before pulling out a worn leather wallet and feels about it's contents. He pulls out a bill folded lengthwise and offers it forth, "Keep the change, kid." and the young man grins a bit more, "Sure thing chief." before backing away.

The sunglasses turn their way Dani's direction, "It's the whole reason to come here. They have a salad that's pretty good too, but they get a bit off the rails and enter the more modern realm of deitary restrictions with some trumped up fancy ass avacado toast and a kale salad, which I recomend avoiding at all costs. The rest of the menu, excellent. Expect a bit of kick though, that jerk chicken ain't no joke." Maybe he's hearing things in her voice? Could be. Could be he's just getting paranoid. Maybe he should move again, it's been decades since he lived in China…

Dani chuckles, "Avocado toast is… yeah, I never thought that'd be a thing. I guess I'm just used to think of it as something for guacamole." She says, as an aside, "I'm Dani, by the way. I hope I didn't interrupt anything." Apparently she noticed the sudden departure, though she laughs a bit at the mention of kick, "And hey, my folks never believed in sparing on the spices, so that's alright by me." Well, she definitely doesn't sound like she's from Asgard, aside from the accent.

Hod starts to relax a bit, slowly, untensing his internal panic reaction, "Oh. Um. Holden." he says by way of greeting, "Pleasure to meet you Dani." he picks up his fork again and shrugs, "Naw, usually this place is packed and sometimes you have to wait awile to get the check, just thought I'd abuse the lack of clientel a bit so I can leave when the time comes without making a fuss." So yeah. Clearly he's getting paranoid in his old age. Right?

Dani nods, "Oh, yeah, I can relate to that. I'm just glad that today is an off-day from school. Playing a bit of catchup on some things since I was… ah, gone for a while." She grins, "Hey, if you're not in a rush, you can join me if you like?"

Hod hrms to himself. People don't uh… people tend not to like Hod. He's creepy. Light shys away from his face, not like noticably, but more like he's always in the shade for some reason, or in poor lighting everywhere he goes. Being near him makes people chilly if they spend any length of time in his company, and there are not many people in the world that like the feeling of getting the chills while having a conversation with a guy who's always lit like a villain in a community theatre production of a Shakespear play.

Still. This is the sort of shit Hod /craves/ but is oh so rarely offered to him. Connection. Any kind, faint, fleeting, connection. New York is /full/ of these, it's why he loves the city, has loved it since it went by a different name a long long time ago. "Well," he says, wiping his mouth again, "it would likely be easier if you joined me. I don't wanna be a dick, but uh…" he points at his face, lifts his cane from where it rests against his chair, "my moving about with a mostly empty plate with syrup on it isn't recommended by anyone."

Dani blinks, then ohs, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't even think about…" She sounds rather sheepish, "Yeah, I'll scoot over there." Which, well, she does, hopping tables and taking a chair opposite Hod as she says, "Holden? Catcher in the Rye fan?" She grins, "Though I guess the more appropriate question would be if your parents were, I suppose."

Hod smirks, "Naw, just a name. Dad's never been big on reading as a concept, he's more of a 'watch and learn' type. Very old school." he sips his coffee and returns to his meal, "So, Dani was it? Dani. I'm assuming it's short for something? You don't sound young enough to be part of the new generations new anti-gender naming rituals. Could be wrong though, you might be a very precocious eleven, I'd never know it."

Dani laughs, "Nah, I'm nineteen, or nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nineteen you could say." She grins, "Dani is short for Danielle. Danielle Moonstar, though before you ask, no my parents are not hippies. Well, maybe they were, but it's Cheyenne." So either a really clever cover story or something else weirder, since that Asgardian accent lingers in her voice, for whatever reason.

Hod nods his head, "I know the Cheyenne, decent enough people really. Raw deal out in the boonies." he saws off a bit of chicken and plops it in his mouth, though he has to be careful he doesn't syrup his whole beard in the process, "So," he says after a chew and a swallow, "what brings a Cheyenne teenager to Harlem? Seeking fame and fortune in the big city? Riches beyond imagining? Gonna be a Kardashian only less icky?" he offers curiously.

Dani makes a face, "Yeah, well, white men, right? Er, no offense." She gets a wry look after saying that, realizing who she's talking to, then chuckles, "Actually, I go to a school upstate, but since I had the day off I figured I'd sneak down to look around a bit, since I haven't really had much time to see a big city since, well, Boulder doesn't count." At least compared to New York. At which point her plate arrives, jerk chicken, waffles, and a big glass of water as… well, certain judgments might have been made by the waitstaff about the heat of the chicken.

Hod shrugs at her, "What do I care? It's not like I know what color I am, though, from your tone I'm assuming I'm a bit on the pale side. Which is kinda disappointing. I thought I had more rhythm then that." he shimmies a bit in his seat as if to demonstrate but gives up on it immediately. "And you're right, Boulder dosen't count. Ever. When it starts to matter it's the end for us all."

Dani snickers, "I want to argue that being from there but… ah, no, you got that right." She grins, "And you're not the palest person I've seen, but, ah… hrm. Should I be tactful or direct about it?" With that, she has some food while waiting for the response, eyes widening a bit as she was a little surprised by the heat, but it isn't exactly an unpleasant one.

Hod snorts, as he is in fact /very/ pale, it's hard to get a lot of direct sunlight when you're the god of darkness and it's the modern age. He worked up a really good tan in Egypt that one time, and again in Africa. Twice! But yeah. It's not generally a look he wears that often, "Tact is for people insecure in themselves and how the world sees them." he shrugs, "Fuck 'em. It's amazing how little appearances matter when you can't see them. To me, it's more about textures of the world, scents and sounds. My voice is pleasent when I use it, I smell like cedar wood and crisp winds, and I feel," he touches his own cheek, "Beardy. Very beardy right now. Two outa three ain't bad."

Dani grins, "Not a bad look, but you definitely look like you'd fit into the coffeehouse I was at with some friends last night." She chuckles, "And well, you aren't quite 'pallid corpse' level, more like 'I was playing Fortnite for three straight days in the basement' level. Haven't done that myself, since I've been… ah, away for a while, but you know how it is."

Hod quirks a brow, "Huh." he says, "I never would have pegged me for looking like a gamer. You know. Cause playing games is about as fun for me as fashion shows." for all his quips, he's remarkably well put together, beard trimmed up hipstery, hair apporpriately floppy and wavey with the right amount of natural length and fall to look maintained. His clothes are very nice, put together… really, if he wasn't blind he'd be very attractive to the sort of person who was into the modern look hella hard. He must have great friends. "But I'll take it. I hear gamers are all the rage right now and that beats 'crippled shut in who's afraid of the big firey ball in the sky he hears everyone talking about' for a look."

Dani chuckles, "Eh, nothing to fear there for at least a few billion years, if I remember my astronomy classes, so you should be cool about that. But yeah, if you like old school poetry, I should get you the address for that cafe I was at last night. It was pretty wicked." She talks while eating, just using that as a natural pause in conversation as she looks at Hod, shaking her head slightly, "I… well, honestly, I can't imagine what it'd be like not to be able to see. So I'm probably sounding like a total jerk about it."

Hod waves his hand dismissively, "You're really fine. People these days are very concientious about it, feel bad when they mention it, I don't know why. I can't see, it's a thing. If we don't mention it, talk about it, make note of the note worthy, then it just sort of hangs around stinking up the air while everyone feels worse and worse and tiptoes about. Fuck that. Life is hard enough, things are shitty enough, without us all being so careful not to offend one another that we end up making social interaction itself a chore. I can't see. So what? There's a massive portion of life I'm not privy to. Sure, that sucks, but pretending it's not that doesn't change the fact. Accept. Come to terms. Move on. Besides, you think you're rough? Pfft. I had to go to /school/ with this." he points at his face, "Back in a time when people were not worried about political correctness and bullying was more fun then frowned upon. You? You're a puppy. Don't feel bad."

Dani grins, "Yeah, my personality tends more towards the blunt side of things, I'm not a huge fan of equivocating, but still… different people see it different ways. Growing up the way I did definitely made that come into focus, yaknow? So yeah, you just have to think about what you have, and not what you don't. Otherwise you're just going to go insane." She snickers, "And not in the fun way either, more like the Hannibal Lecter way or something."

Hod snappoints with his nonsyrup wielding hand, "There ya go." he says with a sage nod, "For nineteen you seem to have your head on straight, you sure you're not like, thirty-nine and fucking with me? Most people your age are into their phone more then people, I havn't heard the tell tale tape of finger pad on tempered glass once and it's been almost ten minutes. Which is a record."

Dani laughs, "Um, dirty secret… I don't have a smartphone. I should probably get one, but for the past few years I was… um, a little out of service range." She sounds a little sheepish, and she's definitely holding something back at that point.

Hod tilts his head to the side and stares at her. Well. To the left of her really, but yeah. "Years? You're nineteen. Where could you have gone for /years/ to be away from cell service? Cambodia? I didn't know they even allowed schools to be off the grid like that anymore."

Dani gives Hod a wry look, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but no, not Cambodia." She chuckles, "Heck, sometimes even I don't believe it, and I was there."

Hod shrugs a bit and feels that twinge in the back of his mind again, that paranoia starting to flare up aaaaaall over again, "Huh. See. Now we have a problem." he says, pointing a fork sortakindabutnotreally at her and wiggling it in a pointed manner, "You can't just drop statements like that and then walk off the field. That's unfair. Judges take points away for that sort of below the belt strikes. I've traveled a bit, hit me up. Egypt? See some pyramids? China? That wall is something else I hear. Greenland? I hear you can be aaaaaaaall alone up there which sounds peaceful sometimes."

Dani laughs, "Well, Greenland is pretty close." She hmms, then shrugs, "Alright. You know Asgard? As in, mythical realm of Thor and everyone but it isn't quite so mythical?" Since, well, they have an embassy and everything now…

Dani continues, "Long story short, my grandfather used some shamanistic magic to bounce me there. I saved a winged horse, became a Valkyrie, and for the past five years I was living in the Nordic version of paradise. Which, when you're a Cheyenne is a bit weird but still pretty cool. Then I managed to come back here a few weeks ago." She smiles at Hod, "Still getting a feel for things around here, but it's definitely different now."

Hod stops with waffle half way to his mouth, said mouth hanging open. Slowly. Oh. So. Slowly. He puts the fork back down on the plate, and he's very proud of himself that it didn't rattle even a little bit! He lifts his napkin to his lips and wipes them again, "Well." he says, setting the napkin aside carefully and lifing his coffee cup, "That is uh… huh." he says, taking a long pair of sips from it. "So then." cough. Now he finds himself in an awkward possition. One, he's so totally not getting dead today. He refuses. So he might have to stab first, question later. Two, stabbing a teenager in a Harlem cafe with a magical spear is a bit cliched and he does so hate to be That Guy. Three, unless he's missing something, she has /no/ idea who he is, which makes sense if her story is true. She's an infant, and it's not like they bothered talking about him when he /was/ living there, unless it was to curse him, so… they likely don't bring up the topic of his exsistence with newbies to Asgard. 'Hey there new person, wanna hear about our most evil and traitorous brother who will bring about the end of all things? Yeah. We didn't wanna tell you anyway.' Seems like it would be a mood killer topic. "I was actually thinking you were gonna say you were slumming it in Vancouver." he offers after a long pause. "Your story's better."

Dani's eyes narrow a bit, as she tilts her head, "Well, you know, it beats getting kidnapped and turned into a murder minion I suppose…" She notices the change in mood pretty easily, and gives Hod a rather intense look that he naturally can't notice, "Okay Holden, what gives? Because you look like I just said that I murdered your pet cat." Well, not her anyway…

Hod can't notice her look no, but /tone/ speaks volumes, especially to him. "Well," he says as he pushes his plate of jerk chicken and waffles, or whats left of it, away from him with a fingertip, "I find myself sharing a table with a nineteen year old Indian girl who rode a magical Uber sent by her grandfather to Asgard, land of the Viking 'gods', where you became a Chooser of the Slain. I gotta tell ya, I'm feeling a smidgen awkward. For starters, if this is true, I now have to imagine you wearing a horned helm and like one of those metal-" he cups the air in front of his chest, "things that's like a bra but isn't? And lots of fur. With a big fuck off sword!" he holds his hand way over his head. Yes. Distract the girl by pointing out how outlandish her story is, pay no attention to the blind man who believes EVERY SINGLE WORD. He'll be over here in the corner trying not to panic.

Dani looks skeptical, but then… she laughs, "Nope. Not even close. At least not right now." She grins at Hod, "Well, I'm not choosing you, unless you get really unlucky and a battle suddenly breaks out in the restaurant." Even though he can't see it, he could almost hear her eyebrow arch at that, "That's not going to happen though, right?"

A figure clad in purple strides into the cafe. Kate pauses to lift a hand to nudge her sunglasses up her forehead so she can see properly again. There's a bow slung across her back, which garners quite a few glances her way no doubt, but she pays it no mind. Right now she was on a mission. A mission… for breakfast foods because they were the best for after running around getting shot at. She starts forward only to hesitate as the familiar figure of Dani Moonstar catches her attention with a soft 'huh' of surprise at running into her. Even though she's seated across from some guy, she strides over with a grin to greet the woman. "Hey Dani. Waffles here any good? I am so in need of waffles."

Hod nods sagely, "So not right now means at some point. Which I admit, is weird. I mean I can't imagine the image, but imagining it the way I experience the world is still pretty funny." he grins a bit until she mentions a fight and it's his turn to quirk a brow, "Yeah. Combat. Because I'm secretly a master of the martial ways, expertly hidden here in a Harlem cafe eating a brunch of chicken and waffles so to better lure my enemies into a false sense of security. Because that's more likely then just being blind and liking Jamacan fusion cuisine." he sticks his tongue out at Dani.

Which is about where Kate walks in. To a trendily fashioned middle age man wearing sunglasses indoors and sticking his tongue out at Dani. Who is considerably younger then him and that doesn't make this seating araingment wierd AT ALL. Nope. "Jerk chicken and waffles, so long as you can handle the heat, is amazeballs." he says to the complete stranger, well, more towards the right of her, but mostly in her direction, as if she had asked him.

Dani blinks at the familiar voice, then smiles up at, "Kate! Hey, can you confirm I am not dressed like a valkyrie for Holden, here? He has some doubts." She waves to Kate, then says, "Holden, this is Kate, I met her the other night, she plays an amazing cello." She doesn't quite mention the bow and arrows, but that's a bit less notable to Dani than, "Wow, that is a cool outfit, Kate. What's up, aside from wanting breakfast? And yeah, it's got a good kick on it, but it's pretty smooth. Have a seat!"

Kate Bishop rests a hand lightly on the back of Dani's chair as she stands just to the side so she can look at both her, and Hod with a grin. The not-quite-look her way doesn't get noticed just yet. It was hard to tell where someone was looking with sunglasses on after all. It was a trick she often did herself. "Hey, nice to meet you. And no she is not currently wearing anything out of a opera," she has to agree with a glance toward Dani. "I probably look more the part right now actually." It's shrugged off as she lets out a long sigh, and moves to sink down into the offered seat by first flipping it around, then straddle sitting on it with her arms draped over the top of the back. It made it so much easier to sit this way with a bow on your back. They tended to get in the way. "Eh, had a small scuffle with some gangsters trying to knuckle in on some business owners. I had to have a chat with them about it. And after a fight, waffles of any sort is amazeballs so long as there's also maple syrup with it. I can take the heat."

Hod blinks… well, not really, but his face goes still and he turns more towards Dani before extending an accusatory finger Kate's direction, "Combat in the cafe. Our culprit has arrived. And to think, you dared suspect me of ulterior, nay! Nefarious! Motivations! I should sue you for libel." he sniffs supersciliously and crosses his arms over his chest as if he had just made some sort of point. "I suggest boisenberry, but maple is also fine. They get theirs from some small joint in Vermont, or so I'm told."

Dani hmphs, "I'll have you know that libel is the printed word, spoken word is slander, thank you." Danielle Moonstar, Valkyrie Lawyer. Well, maybe someday. Then she grins over at Kate, "Need any help with rounding them up? I can whistle up Brightwind if you want some air support… which reminds me, I still owe you a winged horse ride, if you wanted one." Brightwind? He's probably devouring some rooftop garden somewhere. Hopefully staying out of trouble…

Kate Bishop hmms quietly in thought. Whether it's about flying horses, or waffles, is anyone's guess. "I think we're good for now. Last I saw they were hobbling off to the hospital. Took a few of my arrows with them, too, but none of the really good ones at least." Rolling her shoulders back in a shrug she contemplates. "As fun as that sounds… Right now waffles take priority. If you'll excuse me I'm gonna go nab some myself real quick." Flashing a grin she pushes to her feet again, adding, "Maybe I'll try the boisenberry, but I really do have a soft spot in my heart for maple."

Hod shrugs, "What do I know about printed word law? Or printed words? Or law?" he points out before pausing, "I'm sorry. Did someone mention a pegasus or am I going more mad then usual?" then Kate's up and away and he continues to 'stare' at Dani, "Did she say arrows?" he asks before facepalming, "I have to ask. How weird is the table I'm sitting at right now? Scale of one to ten, how likely are the cops gonna be to show up and stick a gun in my face I can't see and expect me to react to it? I mean, by weight, how much spandex is currently in this room?"

Dani hrms. "Well, I'm not wearing my armor right now, despite what you're thinking, and my winged horse is probably getting into trouble somewhere, but I'd say the weirdness is about… well, if it were anywhere but New York, it's a nine, but right now in this city, maybe a three."

Dani then glances at Kate, "Well, I wasn't thinking a horse ride right this second, naturally. Just if you were interested in one later. After breakfast settles and you finish the morning errands of shooting mobsters. My schedule is pretty flexible today." A wry chuckle at that.

Hod deflates a bit in his seat, "You know, this city used to be respectable before they invented lycra. Now it's all guys in pajamas swinging through the sky and giant muscle bound steriod freaks hurling taxi cabs like baseballs. You know, cab medalions aren't cheap! That's just rude is what that is." he pauses, "Also, flying taxis are /not/ the friend of the visually impared."

Dani snickers at that, "Well, I know I can't swing a taxicab around. Most of the time I can't even get one to pick me up, which is why having your own winged horse is handy." She grins at Kate, "Do you shoot taxis from your bow, or just regular arrows?"

Kate Bishop returns weilding a plate covered in a respectably sized stack of pancakes. With whipped cream, some fruity bits, and maple syrup. "Mm? Sometimes explosives, but no taxis. That would help me out as well. I don't really have a steady way to travel a lot of times." The plate is set on the table with a little clink before she sits again regarding it with hunger. "Oh man. This is just what I needed." Looking between the pair she asks, bemused, "So how did taxis get involved in this conversation?"

Hod used to be so normal. Okay. That's a lie. But he was normal that one time in Quarac for that decade! Had that pretty lady, worked a job, it was so peaceful. He has no idea how he ends up involved in all these crazy situations, frankly he's starting to think the Norns are fucking with him. It would be like them. Bitches. "So." he says after a minute, "She's kidding, right?"

Dani hmms, "Honestly, I couldn't tell you. This is only the second time I met her. And not in that outfit." She grins at Kate, "Well, Holden was complaining about super-types laying waste to New York by tossing around taxicabs. But then, I guess that does keep Damage Control in business, right?"

Kate Bishop cuts into her stack of waffles with an enigmatic smile. It's shoveled into her mouth, chewed with a proper amount of eye rolling and 'Mmm' noises, before being gulped down with a sip of soda. "There *are* an awful lot of those types here, but I'm not one of them. That's why the explosives come in handy at times." Pause. "I'm mostly joking. I don't do the fancy trick arrows unless it's a really serious situation. Though being a superhero is a really amazing gig. You should try it."

Hod deadpans as he speaks, "She's talking to you I assume." his tone couldn't be drier if it had originated in the Sahara. "Also, and I mean this with complete honesty, /no one/ wants me wielding a ranged weapon of any kind. Only bad things could happen." somewhere inside him, he winces at his own unintended pun.

Dani chuckles and looks at Kate, "Well, I suppose I could. You hiring? I just need a nice couch and a stable for Brightwind and we're good." She grins, "Though, with the school, I suppose that just seems like a natural progression, even if I can't lob taxis around Midtown."

"Well it's not for everyone. It's just… Such an amazing thing. It's a rush. Kind of freeing, you know?" Kate grins down at her waffles as her mind floats away to other thoughts breifly. She's not so out of it that she loses track of the others though. "Sorry, no hiring here. I don't exactly have much of a payroll." At least not one she was willing to tap at the moment. Her father certainly didn't seem to enjoy her 'hobbies' after all. An eyebrow does quirk though with a tip of her head toward Dani at something she says. "How's that a natural progression from school?" Hod gets an apologetic look that… she hasn't quite realized yet he can't see.

Hod just sits back for now and lets the ladies talk. This is for two reasons mostly, one, he would like to learn everything he can about the newly spawned Chooser of the Slain, and secondly, sitting back and being quiet and unnoticed is sorta his gig. He may as well be the god of wallflowers. Besides, this entire conversation is insane. He needs time to process potential consequences.

Dani grins, "Oh, it's just… well, um, kindof a thing. Sorta. Long story." She coughs a little, backtracking a bit, "But, it does sound interesting I suppose, I might have to give it a try. Though my arrows don't exactly explode."

Kate Bishop waggles her fork toward Dani with a chuckle. "I'm going to hold you to that explaination at some point in the future. But… I get that we all have our secrets, too. So long as it's not something like finding out you're secretly a criminal mastermind." The quiet Hod gets another glance as well as a frown. "Sorry, I guess I'm kind of hogging the conversation here. You know a decent bit about us now. What sorts of things do you like doing?"

Hod remains silent for a long moment. Longer. Longer. "Oh! She's talking to me, isn't she?" he asks, sitting up a bit, "Sorry, unclear." he then shrugs, "I eat. I occasionally pick up a live music venue somewhere, something decent, which means not much made in the last half century, and I listen to a lot of books on tape. Or books on phone, as it were." he offers a small shrug, "I'm really very boring when you come down to it."

Dani then gives a look at Kate, "Criminal mastermind? Actually, that'd more likely be Brightwind than I. He has the right attitude for it sometimes, I swear…" She hmms at Hod, "Well, like I said, you should come by that cafe sometime, the performances tend to be pretty good on open mic night." With that, she shoots Kate a wink.

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