2019-04-05 - Vitriol and Lies


Logan and Thea randomly meet at a hate rally

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Apr 5 19:02:14 2019
Location: UN Crater, New York City

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It's another day, another demonstration. This one is about taking the States out of the U.N. and Nato, and cancelling all foreign aid. There's a mix of people, from suits to near homeless, gathering on the edge of the park in Brooklyn, to hear the rhetoric. There's multiple speakers taking the microphone in turn, almost all of them in suits and ties, with polished shoes.

"The U.N. Was the target of the attack that destroyed so much of our area! If we had pulled out before, there wouldn't be craters in the city! We need to bring back the registration act, and find a way to make it stick! They were the reason, they were the attack. End Mutants now!"

There's a young lady off to the side of the crowd. A nice blouse and skirt, looking like perhaps a personal assistant, or a secretary, that's here for the rally type demonstation. Hair is a chestnut color, neat and tamed as it falls down along her back. Her eyes are deep brown, and her makeup is minimal… but the scent of her skin, her soap… that would be unchanged.

The rabble draws some attention, as it is intended to do. There are a few cameras and a few credentialed members of the press to cover the event. The 'big tent' aspect of the event - appealing to isolationists, libertarians, and mutantophobes - means, at least, that there is no strong counter-protest.

One person meanders into the area. He looks blue collar, perhaps not out of place with some of the protesters. Dressed in scuffed work boots, jeans, and a t-shirt under a leather jacket, Logan stops back of the periphery of the event, puffing lightly on a cigar, the end of which he chews as a habit.

The orator continues. "The government won't let us carry guns into schools to protect our kids, but mutants - with no background checks, with no licencing needed - they can bring even more power in!"

Someone in the crowd raises a fist and shouts out, "The only good mutie's a dead mutie!" There is some murmur of agreement from the crowd.

Logan pulls the cigar from his lips and bows his head to spit out some of the paper he's scraped off the cigar with his chewing. He pauses then, for just a moment, as a familiar scent makes its way to him on an eddy of air. He pushes himself upright and meanders over toward the apparent brunette. Moving up beside her, he puffs lightly on his cigar. "Heckuva crowd," he comments in a low rumble, sparing her a sidelong glance and a toothy grin.

There is a tension in her body, as brown eyes remain in the stage, and the speaker that is the 'highlight' of the event. "People love a demonstration in spring time." The voice is ever so sublty different, just a hint of Jersey accent. Those eyes turned brown via contacts will glance at him. "What in the world are you doing here?"

"Hate muties, didn't you know?" he asks her with that lobsided smirk. "Some of them even go to *school*." He shakes his head in mock consternation before he puffs on his cigar lightly, blowing the smoke away from Thea… and with a crowd in place, that means he blows it more toward someone else. He gets an irritated look in response.

He ignores the look. "I was in the neighbourhood. Got delivery work today. Heard the hubbub, thought I'd come have a look for a few minutes," he explains. Then, glancing over toward her with a questioning brow, he asks, "Maybe you can tell me what you're doin' here later."

An eyebrow tinted to match the wig arches, before she turns to face the stage again. "How dare they, the scum, the villany… almost like it's the droids they're looking for." She murmurs. Eyes will narrow slightly, even as her pupils spin wide, making her gaze unfocused. "What, I can't just have an interest in the public opinion on things? Check out demonstrations?" She will blink, before glancing back at Logan. "Because I can't really tell you anything else."

"Oh no?" he an

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