2020-04-05 - Seeking Spiritual Guidance


In which Zeal makes her way to the Triskelion seeking the aid of a magus mentioned to her by Batgirl; Dylan Grey of MI13 and WAND.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 5 00:00:00 2020
Location: Triskelion - Cafeteria

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More than a little nervous, Zeal, in full costume - her /new/ grant of armour from Batgirl, approaches the Triskelion. Rather than run, she's been teleporting rooftop to rooftop until she had a good vantage to the front doors of the Triskelion, and then she draws in a breath, vanishing and then reappearing on the exhale some few yards from the doors. Nope. No flash, no poof, no rush of displaced air…just suddenly there. HOPEFULLY she won't trigger any alarms in so doing.

Entering the building, she walks at a steady pace in her bat-themed costume, and goes to the security desk. "Excuse me, please. I am called Zeal. Batgirl told me of an Agent Dylan Grey, is he here this evening?"

Though she's armed, she keeps her hands well away from her blades or batons, and is not even trying to get past the checkpoint.

It doesn't really matter of Dylan is there or not. In fact, he's not. But once he receives a call letting him know there's a visitor looking for him, a portal starts to open. It looks much like someone is cutting through space from the other side with a blade of light. Once a rectangle has been completed, Dylan steps through, sheathing his dagger and looking around to get his bearings. Right. Walking over, he gives a nod to the bat person. "Zeal, right?" How many visitors are there at one time? "New armor?" He met a Zeal under the dome but not wearing that.

"Aye sir, a grant from my la—err, yes. Provided by my mentor, Batgirl." Zeal restrains a pirouette, but man she wants to show it off. "Zeal, yes." She then looks to him, eyes hidden behind the lenses of her cowl. "I was wondering, could we speak of a matter? I need the aid of someone with spiritual powers and awareness, Batgirl said you were a good person to ask, do you perhaps have time I might impose upon?"

"Do you care if you're overheard or should we talk over surprisingly adequate coffee in the cafeteria?" Dylan asks, gesturing toward the bank of elevators. "She'll need a badge." he adds to the receptionist/guard. You can be sure they're full agents trained to shoot.

"Cafeteria, please. And do they have hot chocolate? I have found that's much more to my liking." Zeal is curios to see if she needs to disarm, she does carry a lot of bladed weapons, and some batons, some smoke pellets. "I thank you, sir, for taking the time to hear me out."

"They probably do." She's not asked to disarm and Dylan leads the way to the cafeteria. "You can stop calling me 'sir'. So what is it you need to talk to me about? I wouldn't call myself a spiritualist as that's usually referring to someone who deals with spirits or uses magic with a divine fglavor to it."

A little surprised, Zeal walks along beside Dylan, arms clasped behind her. "Very well, shall I call you Dylan, or Magus Grey?" Clearly she wants to be polite, she is being serious, not mocking at all or sarcastic.

Correction accepted, the girl nods slowly. "I…have been having dreams. In them I see my father in a place that is not a place, bound by…threads. I believe the dreams are /real/, but I cannot say. I am a teleporter, not a magus or seer. Can you sense such things as other realms? I saw your portal, most impressive."

"Dylan is fine." he answers. He listens to the problem on the ride up in the elevator then leads the way into the cafeteria, thinking about it. "I'm not sure I can be of much help. I can travel to other realms but only if I know of them and have been there. I'm not able to scry beyond dimensional barriers. If you have something of your father's - DNA would be fine - I can tell you if he's anywhere in this world. Failure to find him being indication he's not in it."

"Thank you, Dylan." Once they arrive at the Cafeteria level, Zeal looks thoughtful. "Alas, I have no 'DNA' of his, other that that which is his part of me. I do not think he is anywhere in this world, however, so that much seems moot." Oh! Yay! They -do- have hot chocolate. "So…can you suggest anyone else who might have the required skills? There is a place where there is some sort of dimensional…instability. Is this something you might have expertise with?"

"I'm an artificer, not a spell casting wizard." Dylan informs Zeal, getting some coffee for himself. "I could make what was needed, in time, but more time than you would want to wait. I know of someone named Zatanna who is more of your usual wizard type caster. I'd think she could probably help you with some actual spells."

"Oh! So if I find an item of magical power, you would be a person to consult then?" Zeal smiles brightly. "That is good to know, and I will remember." Not discouraged, she sips her hot chocolate. "I apologize if I wasted your time, s—/Dylan/." She catches the 'sir' before it gets out. "I will seek out Zatanna, then. I would offer mine services as a teleporter should you ever need them, but…you portal, in truth you probably are more able to get around than I am. Still, I am grateful, should you need my aid simply leave word on the OracleNet, or reach out to my mentor, the Batgirl and I will aid you if I may."

"No time was wasted. It was an interesting question and you had no way of knowing." Dylan asserts. "Nor would Batgirl who sent you to me. We never actually discussed my abilities; all she knew was I was a member of WAND with a number of toys. I'd introduce you to Zatanna but we've never met, though Ive been intending to remedy that."

"I am still appreciative that you took time to field my question, Dylan. Truly, if you need my aid, do not hesitate at all to call on me for mine assistance, agreed?" She grins then. "So…when I see her next, I will convey your wish to meet, yes?" Once she has her answer, she sips some more of that hot chocolate, and then nods. "The Hot Chocolate is quite good as well."

"Agreed." Dylan agrees. "Yes, you can mention that." He glances over to the counter. "The food is unexpectedly good here. Better than MI13 serves. But then, I rarely ate there what with home being so close." Then again, it's just as close here as he can portal to it. "It builds morale in the agents, I imagine."

"Done and done." Zeal says with a smile. "I have found that good food is always a boon to morale, at least I know it affects my own, that way. But…I do not think it unreasonable to extend that to others." She looks around the cafeteria, and then back to Dylan. "What is this 'MI13'? I am not familiar with it."

"Think of it as the British government's equivalent of WAND." Dylan explains. "All of the different departments are MI followed by a number. You may know MI6 as the department James Bond supposedly works for." Pause. "He's not realy, the department is."

"Ah! Yes, Daniel Craig played this 'James Bond' in the recent movies, did he not? I rather liked those movies." She nods the. "So…each number increase is a different branch? And the magical group just happened to get 13, or did someone fudge things a bit to ensure it?"

Dylan smiles and shrugs lightly. "I can't say for certain but I'd guess it was chosen deliberately by someone with a sense of humor." Glancing at a clock on the wall, he says "Not to rush you but did you need anything else?"

"Nay, Dylan, thank you once again." Finishing her hot chocolate, the girl unclips her security badge. "Would you return this for me? Greatly appreciated." And with that and an indrawn breath as she bows, Zeal is simply gone. On exhale she reappears in her apartment, and gets out of costume. "Hello Gibbs…" She greets her beat up old grey tabby tomcat. "…yes, I missed you too." She says as she pets the thing.%r"Nice man." She says softly.

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