2019-04-05 - Glowing Menagerie


A giant tarantula on the outside of the Fire Museum generates a bit of interest.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Apr 5 23:32:47 2019
Location: New York City Fire Museum

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I just saw a ginormous Tarantula climbing the side of the New York City Fire Museum #wtfgiantspidersny

It's late in New York, or perhaps it's early. The streets are a lot emptier than during the day of course. The hashtag #wtfgiantspidersny started trending several moments again - which could be dismissed as a prank or simply residents 'seeing pink elephants' on their way home from a big night out.

Except the police channels just lit up as well. There's a disturbance in the area. Something about glowing animals and fighting - SHIELD has been contacted for support.

At the Fire Musuem, when people arrive, there is indeed a huge spider clinging to the side of the building. A tarantula, whose legs span 20" or more. And it's … glowing with a spectral light. What's more there's the sound of fighting coming from the alley, right over there.

Spider-Man is swinging in at a moderate 80 MPH when the call comes in. He figures that will be more important than the usual malarkey he deals with on a Friday night, and wheels around in a wide arc to aim himself at the Fire Museum.

"Egghead boys with thin white legs, they got modified features and software brains, but that's what the girls like (heh, heh)…the geeks were right…" He mouths the words under his breath. Any arachnid bigger than him was something to fear. A LOT of things he went up against were scary. But what could he do? Not Help?

No…he did that once. It ended BADLY.

So, off he goes towards the big spider.

The Huntress is in her usual outfit — black and purple so dark as to be indistinguishable at night. She's across twitter, of course — Helena's social standing practically thrives on being heard and seen — her phone vibrating silently from the protective sheathe inside her outfit.

Her expression, though, is incredulous. Spiders? Ugh.

Still, if nothing else — like others in New York — she's drawn to the sheer spectacle, the possibility of — yup. It's a giant fucking spider. She's perched on the low-rise rooftop of an adjoining building, watching and undergoing an internal debate that oscillates between omgwtf and nopenopenope with only a teeny bit of reallyshouldhelp. Fortunately, perhaps, the noises of fighting in the alley are a great distraction, one that allows her to not look at the spider, zip-lining over to the roof of one of the buildings adjoining the alley, glancing down at — hopefully not more spiders.

It's amazing how much happens on twitter that's relevant to Koa's work. #ghosthunter is pretty useful. #touchedbyanangel is not too bad either. #cryptidlife is… mostly garbage but sometimes turns up something that's real.

#wtfgiantspidersny isn't one that had been on Koa's radar, possibly because he doesn't really do arachnids but when he hears about this one…

"Why did it have to be spiders?" He mutters to himself as he swings his truck around and guns it. He's only a few blocks out. He'll be there in just a moment.

Agent Turner responding to possible Tiferet class public paranormal event. He says into his radio.

Or you know. Maybe it's just a big spider. He'll know when he gets there.

It's only the one spider, huge and glowing, and it appears to have exited a window. Right now, it's making its way across the face of the building right towards that alleyway.

Helena is greeted by the view of … not more spiders but a huge glowing wolf, growling and snarling at a tall, athletically built blonde woman, wielding … a spear. A spear she uses expertly too, by the looks of it. Behind the wolf, is a smaller asiatic looking woman. It's hard to tell but her arms seem to be covered in ink.

She also seems to be bleeding from a wound in her thigh.

As Koa and Peter arrive, the Wolf lunges at the spear wielder, forcing her back a few steps, out of the alley. Now they're more on the street as the spear is thrust forward, catching the wolf under the legs and flipping it.

None of the … combatants … have realised they have company yet.

When in doubt, swing in and shout.

"Hey! Who ordered the large glowing menagerie?"
The guy in the red-and-blue suit (patent pending) swings in low to hand on the wall inside the alley, dodging the metal fire escape. He'd seen the spider, then saw the wolf, saw they were both glowing, and reasoned there had to be some common link.

And some people fighting in an alley instead of heading for the hills when strange stuff showed up is one heckuva link.

"Okay, you two…make this easy on me. Who's the good guy and who's the bad guy?"

"What the…?" the words slip out from Huntress' mouth before she can catch them. It's not often much that happens in New York surprises her — weird shit happens every day — but a glowing, giant spider and a giant glowing wolf? The Huntress views the battle-in-progress, weighing up the merits of getting involved or not. It's not that easy a decision, despite what appears to be going on. Maybe the glowing wolf was just going about it's business, and the woman are hunting it?

Yeah, it's a stretch, even for her.

A nearly inaudible sigh escapes her throat, as she shifts her weight on the edge of the rooftop, waiting for the right time. She's always wanted to… well, no. That's not true. But — today's the day she's going to get to ride a giant wolf, timing her leap from above so that she can try and land on the giant wolf's back, aiming to grab for the hair at the scruff of it's neck to stop herself sliding off when she does. She spots the danging Spider-Man as she's leaping downwards, though doesn't have time to spare him more than a glance as she does so.

The truck pulling up at a distance should signal that some kind of offical response has occured as, well, tights wearing types don't usually show up by car. The man who gets out, well built and brown haired, reaches a hand out toward a nearby tree. A whole branch of it just withers, the leaves blackening and dropping off like dust as sparkly motes of light flow into him.

Then his left arm begins to glow green. And when he draws his pistol, that starts to glow green as well.

"Drop the spear!" He calls out. The angles of approach are such that he hasn't quite noted Spiderman or Huntress arriving quite yet. Though now they probably know HE is here.

The Wolf comes to its feet in a smooth motion, lunging for the spear wielder just a Helena lands on its back. It snaps and it snarls, the distraction interrupting its attack. Leaving it open for the spear to be thrust into its chest. Right through the heart.

The Wolf disappears in a 'puff of smoke' leaving Helena to land, probably, heavy on the ground.

The asiatic woman croaks out as she shakes a small baton she's been holding. It extends to a staff that she twirls - it would be expertly though her movement is hampered by the wound. Peter can see her now - and will recognise her. The woman from the park with the flyer. Is she the bad guy in all this?

When the wolf is hit and disappears, Keiko stumbles against the wall "Bella …" the cry is anguished.

Peters and Koa's calls come at the same time, the spear wielder turning and snarling at them. Taking what looks like a decorative feather from the belt she's wearing, she crushes it and heads towards to the wall of the building. "I'll be back for you, Tatuaje. We know where you are …"

With a leap, the woman is airbound, heading for the roof of the building.

The tarantula? It's still skittering its way around the building. Nearly to the ground and heading towards to Keiko.

All right! Spotted the bad guy! Girl! Whatever!

Keiko's reaction to the dissipation of the wolf is wrong unless the wolf is on her side. And would her wound match the blade of the spear? Very likely.

He aims and fires a webline up towards the fleeing woman, the web hitting the haft of the spear. Not greart, he was aiming for the woman. He fires another webline to the side of the building, waiting for it to take up the slack before YANKING the webline leading to the attacker. HARD.

The Huntress, in her other life, has ridden horses of all sorts — aristocratic, temperamental — learning quickly that the best way to show dominance is remaining in control — failing to let her mount throw her off. The theory is similar, even if a horse' blunt teeth aren't quite comparable to a giant wolf's sharp ones as it snaps and snarls.

The Huntress is laughing — like this is all some kind of joyful carnival ride. Until she's not — because the wolf disappears and she's suddenly falling. Fortunately, she's used to falls from heights — agile enough to get her feet underneath her, she lands and rolls, displacing some — not all — of the energy, breathing hard as she pauses with a knee and a hand against the ground to assess the situation.

It's clear she's not sure entirely what's going on — who is the good and bad guy in this whole equation. The fleeing woman makes her instinctively reach for her grapple, pointing it towards the roof as if she intends to follow — but Spider Man's much quicker with his web — and the movement of the giant spider regains her attention. Oh yeah. That. "Tell me that's yours," she directs to Keiko, fingers flexing as she comes to her feet. "That it doesn't want to eat people."

"Nnng." Koa aims his weapon but the way the woman is leaping makes any shots uncertain. So instead he breaks into a run to close the distance. That process is aiding by Spiderman snaring the spear which - even if she drops it - will make her pause ever so slightly.

That's just long enough for the man with the glowing green arm to relocate much nearer to Huntress, take aim and fire three twice. Rather than regular bullets though the glowing gun spits out bolts of what seem to be energy. Which is odd because it LOOKS like a regular gun and goes bang bang like a regular gun.

"Miss." That's to Helena. Oddly polite for someone in the middle of shooting at someone else.

"Miss Kurita care I'm going to want an explanation when we're done here." THAT is to the staff weilding woman. Kurita apparently. Or well, Miss Kurita.

The web does indeed catch the spear, pulling the woman off balance as she ascends. With her hands free, she makes a grab for her belt. Just as Koa's shots go off, one winging her enough to knock her into the wall with a heavy thud. Heavy enough that brick dust falls to the ground.

There's a thwip thwip thwip sound followed by thuds. Throwing discs whizz past the three watching, one lodging in the wall right by Keiko's ear.

The spear - well that's caught in Spidermans webbing. It, at least, obeys the laws of gravity and hurtles towards to the friendly neighbourhood spiderman.

The tarantula moves around Helena, skirting her, towards Keiko "Arananet, it is time to go …" the woman croaks again, making a gesture with her hand and speaking a word that's barely intelligible. The spider too dissipates into 'smoke' and retracts into the ink on the womans arm. "He is mine, yes …"

Her accent is strange. A mutt of a thing really. The type you might develop if you had lived in a lot of places growing up.

"Is she gone?" Keiko's still leaning against the wall, breathing heavily. "Agent Turner, we meet again, I see." So that's his name, the one toting the green glowing gun.

His Spider-Sense goes off, but in one particular direction, as the spear hurtles toward Spidey. He DID pull pretty hard…

For some reason, turning his head is too slow for this process, and the left hand comes up to grab the spear, halting its flight with the tip of the blade six inches from Spider-Man's head even before the head finishes turning to look at it.

He blinks as he sees the spear-tip nearly invading his personal space and winces. "Wow…THAT coulda hurt." He looks up to see the woman disappearing into the distance. "Crud. Least I have a souvenir…"

The Huntress is apparently wary enough of the others in the alley — good and bad are such relative terms after all — that Koa's relocation closer to her sees the masked woman moving equally far to maintain a comfortable level of distanct between them. She does, to her credit, not have any weapon to hand, but it doesn't look like she's far off that. She hears the sound of something, her arm instinctively whipping upwards. Her outfit isn't merely leather — a stronger Kevlar weave underneath sufficient enough to catch the edge of the disc flying towards her and divert it safely into the wall instead.

She hasn't shot anyone yet, which is probably positive. And maybe surprising.

The woman's narrowed eyes are on Koa for a moment until she's sure he's not moving closer after that. But only a moment — because giant spider — some gibbering, primal part of the Huntress' brain insisting she nope right out of there, only her training keeping her in place until the spider disappears into smoke. "Nice trick. Maybe less of that out in the midst of everyone in future." A flickered glance upwards towards Spider Man, and she walks over to retrieve the disc, flipping it over in her hands with the look of someone admiring someone else's toys.

Agent Turner holsters his weapon and the green glow around his left arm dies. There are two small spots of blood on that arm, back toward the crook of his elbow. Like Helena he bends down to to pick up and examine one of the disks. It's quite sharp.

"Someone's gone all ninja." He mutters and glances toward the other two present, the ones he doesn't know.

"I think that's the idea." He says to Spiderman, responding to his comment about his newly acquired spear. "It does kind of clash with your outfit though." Not that he thinks the web slinger will be using it.

He doesn't seem to be inclined to try arresting or interrogating anyone and in fact, having noted that narrow eyed look Helena gave him, he takes a couple of steps back. No problems here.

"Well I think all three of us have the same question, Miss Kurita." He says, nodding to both the others present. "What the hell was that all about?"

"Arananet is rarely seen …" Keiko answers quietly to Helena, rubbing her arm where the spider disappeared to. In the pale light of the street, all can see the image of the spider, one of a wolf and another of a large bird of prey tattooed on the skin.

Probably pretty but very, very lifelike. They might swear the tattooes watch them as they move around.

She is bleeding and Peter's assumption about the wound is confirmed. It does match the spearhead. Koa's gruff response has her dark eyes rising, it's hard to mistake the pain that marks her face - and it's not all from the spear wound, they can be sure.

Interestingly, there's now blood pooling around her breast. About the place the spear would have pierced the Wolf.

"That was someone who has an interest in the same thing I do." She nods towards the museum "Another child went missing this afternoon, I thought I'd look around. Or have Arananet do so, anyway. The woman arrived while I was doing so and recognised me."

The disks are like throwing stars. Well made of metal and incredible sharp. Smooth for the most part, unless one looks closely. Each one has a mark - a moon starting to cover the sun.

Keiko recalls herself enough to look at the other two "Thank you for your interruption, even if you did get Bella killed. I am Keiko, and you … must be spiderman. I'm afraid I do not know who you are…" that's to Helena. And clearly the wolf is named Bella.

Spidey dropped from the wall to land on his feet, the spear in his left hand. He was DEFINITELY going to put it in the mass spec first chance he got.

"Ah, if I must, I must." He bows slightly. "Parker told me a little about what was going on…so I decided to get involved. Wasn't sure what was going on…normally I'm the biggest spider in the room." He leaned closer, then pulled a medical kit out of his backpack, a red-and-blue one that matched the suit. "Lemme have a look at that. I've had a LOT of experience in first aid." He paused. "Mainly from patching MYSELF up, but whatever, right?"

Koa's question is indeed something the Huntress is also curious about — even if she didn't go to the effort of voicing it. The disc is slid into her utility belt — maybe for later examination — or use? — as her gaze flickers between the others in the alley before settling on Koa. "Twitter suggests otherwise," she observes dryly.

Maybe another time she'd give her name — but moments after being accused of murder doesn't especially incline her to share. "I'm afraid giant glowing predators attacking people doesn't incline one to think the best of a situation. Are we going to have a problem?" The question is light, curious more than anything, watching silently as Spiderman offers to help her.

Koa will let Keiko handle that Helena's discomfit and… well he's pretty sure there's not going to be a problem. And hey, who knew that the friendly neighborhood Spiderman's services include first aid? He's pretty sure there's a newspaper that DOESN'T report that little detail.

But that's not his go to rag, anyway.

"Looking for the missing children then, were you?" That might get the other two's attention. Children? At the museum? It's well after hours.

"Uh …" Keiko looks from Spiderman to Koa and back again. "It's not … pretty …" she does tug the edge of her shirt up though. Yep, a glanding blow from the spear has opened her side up. The other … well, that's going to be interesting.

"Bella and Glydril are the only two who will attack and they only do so on my command. You were in no danger, even after you jumped on her back. She was just protecting me from the combatiente. I have no trouble with you, senorita." beat "What is twitter? I see no birds around."

"I was. Ricardo Preston was with his father this afternoon and was taken. Or wandered off. He's only six and I … well, it's like the others I told you about Agent Turner. And I might have been right. The combatiente had a reason to be here."

Why was she here after hours and what did she mean, she'd have the spider take a look around?

Spider-Man opens up the kit, then produces a medical stapler. "Not deep, but it has to be closed." He takes out an antibiotic ointment with a roll-on applicator and says, "This will hurt. But not for long."

He medicates the gash, then begins squeezing the skin together and applies sterile staples to keep it closed. He's done this before. He knows how much they sting.

"Do you know the identity of the one who attacked you? It sounded like she know who *you* were,,,:

After a moment's regard, the Huntress seems to take Keiko at her word, nodding to her easily. "Likewise. I am known as the Huntress." The woman's question about twitter has her brows climbing though. "Oh, no." Something sympathetic twists across her expression for a moment. "It is the absolute worst parts of humanity on display." Which should be a warning, and yet…

"You said the woman recognised you?" the Huntress says, at almost the same time as Spiderman does. "Who is she?" Her fingers tap her belt where she stored that throwing disc. "Someone with enough time on their hands to press and inscribe their own weapons is bound to be formidable."

She doesn't step in to help with the attempt at first aid — that's clearly not a strength of hers. She clears her throat. "Speaking of which — since it was plastered over twitter — might I suggest we relocate before the authorities arrive?" She half glances at Koa, as if assessing whether to include him in the definition of authorities, and seems to decide otherwise.

"In this particular case I am the authorities. But thank you for reminding me Huntress…" He holds up a finger and keys his radio. "Control, Agent Turner. Incident is no longer in progress. Paranormal nature established. Working with a couple of local Arcanists. Wave off NYPD for me."

That's sliiiightly a lie of course since neither Huntress nor Spiderman are 'arcanists' in any sense of the word but WAND has protocols for making sure that often skittish but otherwise friendly magi and beings don't get distrubed by police and all their paperwork and questions and such. It doesn't work all the time of course. WAND has to have clear priority which is to say that the event has to be clearly within their remit of policing the supernatural.

But in this case he's already got a file open on this. So that helps.

"And no don't worry, no one is going to have to answer questions, fill out paperwork or give statements." In this case. Because no one was hurt, there was no major property damage and it wouldn't incline people to help him out again.

The other two are already asking the relevant questions though so Koa will let Keiko answer. He knows part of it though. It's related to that moon and sun motief on the throwing disks.

Keiko was hurt, damnit, Koa. If she knew he was thinking that, she'd snark at him more.

Keiko says, "Your assistance is appreciated … " Keiko frowns at the description of Twitter but decides not to follow through on that. That way, she's sure, lies madness. She sighs and looks at Koa, eyes saying this is all his fault. "I do not know who that was, though they knew me." Tatuaje, that's what she'd called Keiko, right? "I know though that she belongs to the Nightfall.""

Keiko was hurt, damnit, Koa. If she knew he was thinking that, she'd snark at him more.

Hissing as Spiderman tends to the wound, that's the only response she gives to that. It does sting but she's stoic. Spiderman can also see the scars from other encounters on her skin.

"Your assistance is appreciated … " Keiko frowns at the description of Twitter but decides not to follow through on that. That way, she's sure, lies madness. She sighs and looks at Koa, eyes saying this is all his fault. "I do not know who that was, though they knew me." Tatuaje, that's what she'd called Keiko, right? "I know though that she belongs to the Nightfall."

"They are formidable yes. They train children from a very young age in their ways. The combatiente is a master. Trained in her weapons and minor charms. I had not expected one like … here."

Spidey winces in sympathetic pain as he staples the laceration together. It's rough, but it'll hold. He puts the stapler away and talks out an Ace bandage, cleaning the wound with alcohol before covering it with the bandage. "It ain't pretty, but at least you won't have to worry about infection. All right. You should be good to move, Keiko. Let's find another place to chat?"

That earns Koa another lengthy, assessive look from the Huntress — wary at first, surprised, when he waves off the NYPD — and finally, pleased, it would seem. "Agent Turner, was it?" she echoes, like suddenly he's a man worth remembering the name of, her arms unfolding as she smiles. "You, I like. I despise paperwork." As if that's the only reason she might decide otherwise.

After all, what vigilante couldn't use a well-connected member of the establishment who doesn't try to arrest everyone on sight?

"I have not heard of these… Nightfall," she says, slowly. "Though I have heard of others like them. Ones that train children from a young age." Her distaste at the very idea is obvious in the tone of her voice, in the set of her mouth. "Are they kidnapping children then, to train them? Or for some other purpose?" Her fingers flicker upwards. "Nevermind. Irrelevant. You have my help if I can be of assistance."

"Agent Koa Turner yes. WAND." He shows his badge just to make sure everyone knwos he's on the up and up. For those who might not be familiar with WAND - an easy thing since it's remit is so odd - the SHIELD logo in the upper right corner of the badge might provide some hint as to why he can wave off the police.

"I don't especially like paperwork either. I hadn't heard of them eaither but they're apparently some kind of cult from which Miss Kurita here escaped."

He'd meant, internally, no civillians wounded. Which technically everyone here IS but they all seem fairly capable.

"I'll let Keiko tell you what they might do with them as I'm not entirely familiar. At the very least, they give them tattoos like the one she has." He gestures.

"And Spiderman was it? Or was it SpiderMENACE?" He winks. Yeah he's seen the headlines. "We can relocate if you like, though I assure you, no one's gonna bother us right here." Beat. "You're pretty handy with a first aid kit. If your main practice has been on yourself I shudder to think how often you must get torn up." Maybe he should talk to Helena about armoring that costume…

"She won't be back. You beat her and the Nightfall aren't used to working in cities this big." Keiko tenses as the alcohol cleans the area. She's still bleeding at her breast but she's not calling attention to that. That, is right where Bella had been hit by the spear.

"As Agent Turner says, a cult would be closest. Though to me, they were the only family I knew. I grew up in a sibko, with others about my age. We were all marked when we were taken …" she turns her arm, rolling her sleeve up to her armpit. There's a tiny black and white tattoo there, same as the mark on the throwing discs. A moon eclipsing the sun. "And then began our training."

Koa gets a flat look "Not all are tattoo bearers. Only the strongest willed of the children. Some are fighters, combatiente, and some Magus. It depends on … the child what they become." It probably doesn't surprise Koa that Keiko is a tattoo bearer. She's been rather … stubborn … in the time he's known her.

"A friend of yours said you might help, Spiderman. After seeing this, do you still want to? I can't imagine the Nightfall are working alone, not with the number of children that have gone missing."

Spider-Man looked at her. This stank of magic, and magic is a subject he didn't understand in the slightest.

*I am in over my head. AGAIN.* The thought was sad and rueful. He had no idea what to do in order to help. Outgunned, probably outmatched.

But this is WRONG, and his responsibility is far too great.

"I'm in. All the way. No matter what."

WAND is not so familiar to the Huntress, but SHIELD — who hasn't heard of them? She expects the identification out of interest — name, badge number — all things that might be useful later, or not. "A cult?" she echoes, brows lifting as her gaze goes back to Keiko expectantly. There's something that could be sympathetic in the twist of the Huntress' gaze as the other woman talks, though after a moment she averts her eyes — deliberately — to watch their surroundings rather than the woman as she explains.

She's silent, when Spiderman commits to providing his assistance, gaze still elsewhere. Watching rooftops.

Huntress' vigilance is possibly not a bad idea given how Keiko's assailant escaped. Might she circle back? Probably not against three, unless she's got help in the area. Which she might. Keiko's right. There's a number of missing kids over the past couple of weeks. It's still a blip. A statistic. But if you sift through the police reports and flag the ones that seems suspicious - which he has - then the potential of what's going on here is a bit terrifying.

"That's bold, Spiderman. But good of you." You don't have to understand magic to know that kids need help. And maybe Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman - and a Huntress - could be just what they need.

"What about those twins in Queens. That just came through yesterday." Surely Spidey and Huntress - since she has offered her help as well - might be able to help with that. "Hell I've got a dozen casefiles in my truck right now that need looking into if you two are really interested in helping." Plus there's the kid that Keiko was investigating tonight.

Plenty of options, really.

No one wants these kids to end up like Keiko.

For several reasons. Not knowing what Twitter is? A fate worse than death, surely.

"Cult…" Keiko looks to Koa "That is the right word, yes? It was … my life till I escaped." That might be an interesting story for another time. The sympathy in Huntresses look, if that's what it is, gets a curious one from Keiko. She wonders … but not everyone was taken and indoctrinated as children, were they?

"Thank you, Spiderman. I wasn't sure it was anything until now. Agent Turner said he would help me …" she waves as the Agent offers up the casefiles. Some might be anomalies, but most she suspects not. "The Nightfall will have allies in the city. People who pass on the street and know the landscape. Well, the buildings, I suppose. They won't necessarily be skilled but they will know how to avoid the authorities and get around."

Criminal groups are probably just the ticket for that.

"And you too, Huntress. Now they know I am here, this became more difficult. Normally, I would leave and start over in another city, maybe another country. But they've never been this active before."

"Agent Turner, if you could provide what you can, I'd be grateful."

Spidey looks thoughtful, then looks to Keiko. "We'll need to know as much as we can about this Nightfall organization. Tactics, modus operandi, infrastructure, habits they follow. The more we know about them, the more we know about their thought processes." He looks to the very capable-looking Huntress.

"I'm more of a… blunt instrument than an investigator," the Huntress admits, rather blandly. "Though give me a trail to follow—" there's a slight shift of her shoulders in the briefest of shrugs as her inspection of the nearby rooftops end. "Seems to me the woman seemed intent on harming you," her fingers flicker towards Keiko. "Have you considered setting a trap?" Using Keiko herself as bait, presumably.

The Huntress has a slightly skewed view of acceptable levels of risk.

"Take one and," with a flicker of fingers to Spiderman, says, "You'll know all that and more."

"Running down that woman couldn't be a bad idea…" A trail to follow. Hrm. Koa turns to look at that still slightly webbed spear, kneeling down by it to examine both the warhead and the haft.

"Water motes. Fresh water. She's got to be spending a fair amount of time down by the river. If she's as bad at modern technology as Keiko it'll be some place abandoned where she doesn't have to worry about standing out too much."

There's a few places on the Hudson that meet that description. But it's a more narrow field than 'somewhere in the city' to be sure.

Keiko might be able to bait the woman out as well. But she might come back with friends too. Risks either way?

"I'm sure that Miss Kurita can provide you with some of that, Spiderman. I'll get the casefiles and leave you my number. You can get ahold of me if you happen to decide you need assistance. Or just need a print run or something."

Though these vigilantes may have their own resources. Still he offers, and having offered heads back to his truck to get the files.

"We have only just discovered they are in the city, I have not considered any thing, really." Keiko seems to pick up they're thinking of using her as bait and she shudders at the thought of it. What would they do to her if they caught her. When Koa, or rather Kilkenny, had confronted her about the Nightfall - she'd been ready to run then too.

"It is something we can consider. Later, perhaps, if it's needed." There might be some fast talking to do there.

Koas examination and subsequent explanation has Keiko's brow rising but she sighs. "Not everyone is a technological marvel, Agent Turner." Struggling to her feet, now that Spiderman has completed his ministrations, Keiko takes real, gosh darn, business cards from her pocket.

"You can contact me here, if I can work out how to unlock my phone quickly enough." Yeah, bad at technology. Real bad.

"We can meet somewhere later, when I'm showered and not in so much pain from Bella's destruction." There's not ire there, just a simple statement of fact. "I will tell you what I know but I warn you, it's not much."

At least they have somewhere to look for the spear bearer. And children they can chase down in the meantime.

"I would very much like to rest now, though."

Spider-Man nods, then closes the kit and stashes it in his backpack. He then goes to grab the spear, then walks back with it in hand. "Can anyone spare one of those discs? I know a guy who has access to a masss spectrometer and might be able to analyze it." He looks to Huntrees. "And it might be a good idea to have a way to reach out to you, so we can share information." He looks to Koa. "I am sure Mr. Secret Agent Man will be providing me that info, but I haven't gotten your business card."

*…and where the Hell could you stash one in that getup?* he cannot help thinking.

It seems the Huntress picks up on Keiko's discomfort at the idea, to her credit. "We'd be close by," she gestures to herself, and then Spiderman, like he's already agreed. Because roping people into bad plans without permission works well. "No one ever looks up," she says, with a roll of her eyes.

She takes Keiko's card, glancing at it, before tucking it away. "You can get me on twitter. I'm the-underscore-real-underscore-huntress," she tells Koa and Spiderman, since they've presumably heard of twitter. Spiderman's request is taken with a reluctance, but she does — after a moment — offer up the throwing disc. "I'd like it back later," she says.

Koa comes back back with a small SD card. "Here you go. Took pictures of the file. Good luck with it." And yes he does offer a card up with that.

"Good luck to you all. Keiko, if you need medical treatment see me later." He can arrange for hospital care in the event the wounds are more serious. But Spiderman had her patched up well there.

"I'll keep an eye on your feed Huntress." He assures the woman. It's a good thing to have tabs on people who might be of help. Or need it.

"Well good luck to everyone. Try not to get shot." And with that cheery farewell - and whistling a jaunty tune - Agent Koa turner heads back to his truck.

No rest for the wicked. Not in the city that never sleeps.

"I'm sure you would be…" Keiko says quietly, still not convinced they *need* to do that. At least, not yet.

"Thank you Agent Turner." There's a third throwing disc, one that embedded in the wall behind her. She turns to retrieve it and hands it to Huntress. "You can keep this. I don't need the reminders of what once was. I'm sure Agent Turner will help me find you …" Twitter? Something to do with birds, she's still sure. And the dregs of humanity.

"I'll speak to you soon, Spiderman, Huntress. Right now, I just need sleep." Touching the tattoo of the bird of prey on her arm, Keiko mutters something quietly. A few seconds later a glowing harpy eagle, easily three times the size of a normal one, appears by her side. Clambering up on it, she gives the other a wave. "Fly now…"

The bird takes off - with her on its back.

SPidey looks at the woman leave on a giant magic bird. "Guess she's going to go meet Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves." He looks back to Huntress. "You need to leave me a message, reach out to my tech wizard, Peter Parker." He hands her a cheap business card and chuckles. "Just tell him it's about the flyer. I'll get these to him and we can see what he finds out." He pauses. "Maybe I should tell him Keiko needs a tech guru, as well."

The Huntress gives a brief, genuine laugh at Koa's indication he'll watch her feed. "I'm sure you will, Agent." She's no stranger to being watched by the powers-that-be, after all. Keiko's offering of that third disc is met, too, with a noise of gratitude, the Huntress' gaze pleased as she tucks the disc into her utility belt. "I am sure he will," she offers to the woman. The business card Spiderman offers is tucked away with the others. "A tech guru, hmm? Those are always useful." She glances upwards.

"I'm sorry about your wolf," the masked woman says to Keiko, a moment before her hand lifts, a grappling hook shot upwards to carry her up towards the roof. She doesn't wait there, moving with a swiftness — albeit not as fast as Spiderman can manage — across the rooftops.

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