2019-03-30 - Itty Bitty Bank Robbers


When a Leprechaun gang breaks into a bank, how is it it's still Loki's fault?!

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Storyteller: Fibonacci
Date: Sun Mar 31 00:14:23 2019
Location: Financial District

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Life is never really quiet in the Financial District or any other place in New York. Not really. What doesn't normally happen is a bank siege in broad daylight. The Asgardian Embassy was notified immediately, as were the Avengers and, of course, channels 2, 4, 7, and 50 news stations. Exciting stuff!

All that is known right now is that there's 10 strange looking green skinned 'Mole Men' that dug their way up into the concrete in front of the bank, the drilling type apparatus still poking through the rubble, and that they forced their way inside with civilians still there. The Asgardian Embassy got an alert not coincidentally, that unauthorized travel from Elfheim was reported and to be on the look out.

As luck would have it Dead Girl had been in that same bank, albeit dressed for 'socializing' in a financial setting. She's wearing a pair of sunglasses to cover those glowing red eyes. A shawl wrapped around her hair and face. A nice enough skirt and top combo along with heels and dark stockings. It's a look the bank manager would be familiar with. Ms. Dee is a private woman, after all. She's moved a lot of money through the bank, though, since the sixties. A sweet older woman, as far as he was concerned.

"Oh my." Dead Girl says, as she looks over at all that's happening. She, for the moment at least, stays quiet and watches. Waiting for a time that would be more appropriate- and a chance to keep her 'disguise' intact. It be so annoying to have to come up with a new one, after all, for banking purposes. These just were never the type of people to get on with a walking corpse.

So, for the moment at least, Dead Girl watches- ready to spring into action should something more be required- and also looking for her moment to disappear and come back in more appropriate crime fighting clothing. Who would fight in heels?!

Loki has dragged his bird-person, Reno, along, and his long legs propel him down the street with Fandral. Its all a bit dramatic, but the horned god does appear in full heroic fashion, brows knitted with concern as he sees the tunnels.

When a call goes out that there's been some unauthorized shenanigans, Fandral turns up for the sheer curiosity of it all. Today, he is dressed in his armor, which is mostly made up of dark green leather protective pieces over his brown pants, high leather boots, and white shirt. His bow is slung across his back and his sword in hand when he arrives with Loki and the bird on the scene. "Ingenious," he says as he glances at the tunneling apparatus. Then his attention is on the bank itself. "We'll need to get the civilians out, first, if we can."

Sometimes it's nice to take a day off and just enjoy wandering the streets of a city you're still fairly new, too. The city itself doesn't bother Ray, he's used to cities, but New York is something else, and the financial district is just nice for it's skyscrapers if nothing else. He's actually in his civvies for once, jeans and leather jacket, hands in his pockets as he strolls along the street, earbuds tucked in his ears. So when he sees things burst up out of the sidewalk, well, it certainly puts a bit of a crimp in his plans for the day. But he also can't ignore it.

Ray ducks into an alley next to the bank, peering around the corner in the direction of the bank doors. He doesn't really need to come up with a plan to sneak in. That's easy enough for him. The more difficult part is the little green men from underground. "First a squid from the chaos realm, and now little green men from inside the earth. My life is weird." He just mutters under his breath and sighs. Then in a blink, he vanishes from sight.

The Huntress isn't often in the Financial District. The kind of crime that pulls her attention normally happens in and around Staten Island and Brooklyn. Helena Bertinelli, on the other hand, is a frequent visitor to the area, not the least of which because the bank being robbed is, well, her bank. Not her bank — but the bank that holds a part of her financial wealth. She's stepping out of a dark town car just down the road, the door held by a tall, brown-haired bodyguard. "Thank you, Daniel," she nods to him as she steps out onto the sidewalk. Off the clock, so to speak — the first she notices that something's awry is the rubble on the sidewalk as she approaches, slowing and stopping abruptly. "Ms. Bertinelli, we really should—" Daniel's words are waved off as Helena moves closer, eyes alight with an abrupt curiousity.

Buck was simply at the counter getting cash. Yes, there are ATMs, but his idea of interaction's still stuck in 1943, so….he's simply among the civilians caught in the robbery. No immediate resistance from him - he can't take ten without being sure they won't hurt civilians. So to all appearances, he's just a bewildered customer, a young man dressed in jeans and long-sleeve t-shirt, brown hair pulled back.

Amora, the Enchantress - Noted Asgardian social darling, purveyor of magic, recent Asgardian diplomat, and trouble in high heels - regards the chaos with a furrowed brow and a troubled sigh. Of all the things to go down on her watch, it had to be a public incident tearing up the infrastructure. At very least, it's not a rowdy Asgardian on a bender.
This time.
Dressed in an uncharacteristically conservative long green coat - the lower half left unbuttoned to reveal her legs clad in black stockings and short green boots - Amora perks up as Loki appears, briefly forgetting the gathering going on as a playful smile comes to her face. "Your *Majesty*~" She greets with a grandiose little bow, and an incorrigible flirtatiousness to her voice (which, admittedly, is like noting that she's 'still blonde') "If I'd known you were coming I'd have dressed for the occasion~"

Reno heard danger. The chatty Latino is therefore a bird. Little talons hang onto the armor on Loki's shoulder flapping on occasion so he doesn't fall off in those long strides. "Woah woah woah! Easy on the turns there, jefe!" Okay the crow sounds like a New Yorker. Fancy. Catching sight of Amora he comments, "Woaaaah slick green coat, lady. Hey Lok' she get that from your tailor? Is a good shade of green. Should definitely look into that. You know I know there used to be this guy on 35th street who can get you a nice- WOAH cops!"

The building is circled at a 'safe' distance by the police who go to stop Loki and Fandral. She blinks and looks at the Asgardians shaking her head, "Just, if you can help those people out in there it'd be appreciated." The cops aren't even going to tell the Asgardians to 'be careful'.

DG and Ray are easily able to move undetected and Huntress is undeterred at this time walking purposefully.

Inside teh bank Bucky can see a hit squad of 10 little pointy eared guys speaking some odd little naguage ranging from 3-4' in height. One smiles at the guard holds up what looks like dust and blows it on him causing a goofy grin to form and the cop to collapse to teh ground.

And Dead Girl takes the chance when people are focused elsewhere to slide into the shadows, and behind a little bit of something. Getting out of the costume is easy enough- just a quick phase and it's all gone. Crumpled on the floor.

She takes a moment to make herself decent- dress turned into a skirt, stockings, and shawl all taken to fashion a quick shirt. It doesn't pay to fight in the nude. Usually.

Once she was clothed, albeit in different looks than she'd entered- indeed, she looks more the hippie-dippy Dead Girl the people of New York have been around for a long time. "Hey, shorty! What's the big deal?!" she asks, calling out to the shorter 'attackers'.

Loki turns towards Amora and looks her up and down. "I would have welcomed you to be dressed up. It is an odd way to run into you, but…a nice sight regardless. Try not to create an army out of the mortals, will you?" Loki grins with a sly appreciation of the Enchantress. Then he looks at Reno. "Ready? We can get inside swiftly, but I need to be guarded for a moment afterwards." He gestures to Fandral and Amora, all of whom would be aware of his teleportation skills. "We can get the people out."

Fandral looks Amora over as she joins them and dips his head to her in greeting, though his attention returns to Loki and he nods, "I will guard you as you need." He glances up and over at the bird, but just shakes his head a little bit with amusement at the stream of chatter.

Invisibility always has its advantages. Mainly being just going where ever the hell you want to go. So Ray heads right to the bank, floating a few inches above the ground to keep his shoes from crunching on the rubble and giving him away. He casts a glance over at the Asgardians, they do stand out, but then turns his attention on the interior of the bank. He moves towards the entrance, hovering up against a the wall where he can peek inside.

The way Helena squints at the rubble suggests she's expecting, well — something else. There might even be a tiny flicker of disappointment in the Italian woman's gaze. She's not attempting to hide — not in this persona — and probably the police will notice her eventually, but she arrived here shortly before them, so she has that advantage. "Ms. Ber—" Daniel makes a sound of frustration as Helena strides towards the bank doors like she's intending to continue on as if nothing was amiss. If nothing else, it might make for a good distraction, chin lifted, every inch of her breathing rich, entitled New Yorker, as she declares, "Where is the bank manager?"

Amora smirks a little at the bird's impeccable taste, and smiles brightly to Loki, putting one hand on her cheek with her little finger draping over her chin, and the other on her hip, purring, "*Perish* the thought."
She does look a little surprised at Loki's assertion, however, and tilts her head slightly as she brushes her hair behind her ear, "Haaaa, I think I'll leave the fighting to all you big strong men. My talent's aren't… well." She waves a hand indicatively "… *precise* enough for cases like this." Straightening up a little, she adds, "*But*, send any of the poor dears my way and I'll shield them." She concludes, returning Fandral's look with a bit of a smirk. "There, see? All the backup you need."

This is getting increasingly surreal. Buck's not armed, not even a knife, for once. So he's simply backed up among the other bank patrons. As Helena comes in, he says, laconically, "Lady, there's a robbery going on here. You comin' to contribute to the take?"

Reno blinks at Loki. He then looks to Fandral lifting a wing to indicate himself "Uhhhh Yeah I'm thinking he ain't talk to me. he's talkin to you, buddy." Though he has to ask Loki again, because he said let him concentrate, "How come I don't have armor too? You guys all match." Never mind he's pretty damn invincible as a bird. "And how long you need me to let you concentrate for?" Good luck, Loki.

The 10 little crazy green men swarm the corners of the bank and there seems to be one in charge hops up on the table with the withdrawal and deposit slips in it. A large man tries to run at this little leader dude and gets apped by purple lightening smelling of ozone and vanilla, and hits the ground. The other 25 people in the bank and the tellers try to get to the walls. Unwisely they pay no mind to those arriving. Though when Loki shows with his entourage the little green man on teh table rubs his face, "Ach, not you again!" Ray is likely glad he's invisible presently.

The teller behind Bucky's window asks him "What do they want??!" Then teh teller pops his head up "You are going the wrong waaaaaa!" Three of the little dudes hop over to the door and start thumping on the office door.

Ignored! And honestly, that works well for Dead Girl. She goes insubstantial, sinks into the floor and floats up so she'd be behind the 'leader'. She then tries to grab him, "Get over here you green lil' monkey, you and me are going to have a chat!" She says, springing like a steel trap to try and grab the little guy.

Loki touches Amora, Fandral and Reno and in an instant, the odd quartet is inside the bank, from where Loki could see through the windows, by the elevator bank. Loki doesn't show it, no weakness, just elegance, but he also doesn't /do/ anything upon having teleported more people than just himself, conserving energy for the potential of needing to teleport someone out. He does tell Reno, though, "find out what they want…something about these guys…" He frowns again. And then his eyes widen.

Once inside with Loki and Reno, Fandral takes up a position between Loki and the little green men for the time being, sword drawn, as promised. He keeps an eye on Loki and then points it at the leader and says, "You. What is it that you came for? And if it does not involve these people, then I suggest you allow them to peacefully depart while we discuss your intentions."

Sneaky float. It's a thing. It's Ray's thing. His eyes focus on Fandral for a moment, tilting his head, then his eyes widen in recognition. The guy that killed a giant slug with a sword! Well, he'd definitely useful to have around. He floats into the bank then up towards the ceiling where he can get a good vantage on the chaos below. He chews his lower lip for a moment as he tries to decide his best course of action beyond throwing explosive bolts of energy, probably not his best option given the circumstances.

Helena's brow furrows at Bucky's address — focusing in him even if he's not dressed the part of a bank manager. "Those potholes are completely unaccept— she begins — before his words penetrate. She's noticed, too, those tiny men, expression incredulous. "Well, that's just—" her unacceptable isn't even voiced this time. Bzzt. Purple lightning jags across the room, and Daniel's bodily pushing Helena towards the wall near Bucky and the teller, growling at her, "Stay there," like he expects her to ignore it. He knows her well. She's already adjusting her coat, chin lifted as she leans past him to keep an eye on things.

When Loki touches Amora, she blinks with surprise, taken aback. "Prince Lo-"
Suddenly she's inside the bank. "-ki?" She peers around the chaotic scene inside the bank and just… frowns. "Men." She mutters very softly as she closes her eyes and quietly closes a button or two on her coat, and taps her forehead, when a green tiara appears a moment later. When she opens her eyes again, they're glowing faintly green as she begins to wave her hands slowly, murmuring some foreign incantation, her invocation causing semi transparent domes of light to appear around a few of the scattered groups of civilians in her line of sight. "There. You can't hurt them. Don't *test* that too hard, just… take care of them quickly, won't you?"

Lightning - electricity's definitely his weakness. Buck moves to interpose himself between Helena and the green robbers….and then he's blinking as Amora sets up the shield. The Asgardians' arrival just seems to be part of the show. What a story he'll have to tell Steven, assuming he gets out of this tonight.

|ROLL| Bucky +rolls 1d20 for: 17

|ROLL| Ray Terrill +rolls 1d20 for: 11

|ROLL| Amora +rolls 1d20 for: 2

|ROLL| Helena +rolls 1d20 for: 13

|ROLL| Dead Girl +rolls 1d20 for: 10

The leader is snatched off the counter with a flail, "Hey hey Hey! Not without dinner first! I'm royalty, you can't just steal me from my dais without permission!" He pauses turning his head up to squirms free, "it's really rude." Bright yellow eyes flick to Fandral. "Came to get our things back that HEEEEE had no right to give away!" Yes the small man is rather furious and he works to reason with Dead Girl, "You're reasonable nice… and tall. What say you put me down, I finish robbing this bank and you grab a bite to eat with us on our way back?"

Of the nine remaining folks four start pulling out tiny clubs and wave them at the hostages' "Empty your bags of belongings!" Humans start to do this pouring out pockets, wallets, and emptying out purses. The contents is kicked through and something curious happens. Something about this feels off entirely. He's telling Fandral the truth?

Reno pushes off Loki's shoulder circling around the back of Amora because, as he will say later, to make sure she's okay…or maybe use her as a meat shield in case. He flies over where the other three not accounted for have uses a small anila to chew through the doorknob and lock into the office area where, ah HA the vault! "Uhhhh Boss, what'chu do?"

Dead Girl holds onto tightly to the leader. "Look, you're causing problems and this isn't your world." she says, "That means you gotta play by the rules here- that's only fair, royalty or no." she says as she holds on nice and tight like the little guy was a teddy bear or something- She's not trying to really hurt him. "Call your guys off, otherwise, I'm putting you somewhere you can't get out. I've got all kinds of hidey holes that are well suited to capture tiny green-wearing people." she notes. It may or may not be true.

"Anyways, I'm Dead Girl- you are?" She asks as she starts to walk with the squiggling, squirming guy- "Be polite, now."

Fandral glances over his shoulder at Loki, then at the leader, then back at Loki again, and a slight smirk touches his lips. "And what, pray tell, are you recovering that he took from you?" he asks. There are a plethora of little green men demanding belongings, but he's focused, for the moment, on the leader.

"Are they flirting?" Ray wrinkles his nose as some of the snippets of the conversation reach his ears. But as he watches the goings on below something occurs to him. If only he could read minds, or guess what the object they're looking for looks like. Might as well wish for wings.. well.. that would be a useless wish anyway. He moves closer to the hostaged humans. He doesn't make any moves yet, but he wants to be close in case he needs to intervene.

"Asgardians?" Helena, behind Bucky, sets a hand on his shoulder briefly so he can lean past and look. Because who wouldn't want to see? As the creatures come near her, she visibly stiffens, reluctance to hand over the contents of her purse clear. Aside from her wallet and phone, there's a small metal stick, perhaps six inches wide. She starts to reach upwards to unclasp her necklace — it looks expensive — and something surprised crosses her features as they move away. "That's…" the odd goes unvoiced, because weighing it up against small green men and Asgardians makes the word seem insufficient.

Her gaze narrows for a moment. The Asgardians seem to be focused on the leader, whose in the hands of… an oddly familiar figure… and the four collecting items from people are distracted. A few more and the numbers might well tip on their side. Her voice is even, pitched low, aimed largely at Daniel, but she glances at Bucky too, when she says, "I'm going to distract a few of them. If you can take down the others, it'll give some people a chance to bolt for the door." It's a impetuous, and probably very bad idea plan. She seems a fan of those, though.

Loki eyes the little green men thoughtfully, for a moment, and then turns around, gives his staff a flip, and tries to smack the nearest one of them like a hockey puck. Nothing ends potentially incriminating talking like /violence/….

Amora's fingers move in an elaborate manner as she works to keep the shields as strong as she can, though thankfully violence doesn't seem to be quite rampant enough to test it yet. She perks up slightly as she hears their leader's yammering, and she arches an eyebrow. "Royalty?" She muses, unsure if she heard correctly. She eyes Loki from the side. "Perhaps the two of you should-" She winces as Loki strikes one of the diminuative green men and looks away. "-throw diplomacy out the window, yes."

"No," says Bucky, simply. "Lady, that's stupid. No one's gotten badly hurt so far….and if you hadn't noticed, they're not here for people's money. Let it happen, princess. Don't suddenly decide you feel like being a hero." He's already displayed what he's carrying - wallet and phone and keys. Not like these guys are dying to break into Steve Rogers's apartment, right?

|ROLL| Reno +rolls 1d20 for: 11

The tiny man Dead Girl is holding up says, "Blarney McGuff, Trade Prince of the Leprechaun Gold Commission and free later." Yes, Ray. That might exactly be the case. And no they're not trying to- oooh one turns back around and squints at Bucky just staring at him and sniffs, eyes honing on in his left side. Eyes go from Bucky to his left arm, not that it's exposed to Bucky, to the arm. Can they smell metal? Blarney looks to Fandral "He knows! He knows that ring wasn't supposed to be in the ante! That wasn't his to wager!" Because Loki and gambling go great together. What could possibly go wrong?

Reno looks to Loki just as one of the six thugs spill onto the floor 'tripping' and sliding through people's valuables. "Uhhh boss? They're in the office!" He parks up on the door out of sight but not of the room. The three out of sight are stretching what looks like licorice around the edge of the vault that starts to sizzle slowly.

"Well, Blarney McGuff- maybe you should call your boys off." Dead Girl says simply, "I mean, if we're going to talk it over it seems like bad etiquette to have them rifling through people's things when we could parlay it out, don't you think?" she wonders.

"A ring, huh? So, you lost a ring in a bet, or someone bet your ring?" she asks next as she looks to him, "If I put you down, will you stay and talk? If not, I'll have to turn to more… serious… ways to keep you in place." she notes, "I'd rather we keep on friendly terms and talk it out, you know?" Because that's how Hippie-Dippy Dead Girl gets things done. With words!

While Dead Girl continues to talk to the boss, and the henchmen go through 'stuff' without taking anything, Fandral moves away from Loki and into the middle of the room. "Alright, all of you fine people who came here to do your banking, please gather your things and begin to move toward the exit. You five," he gestures with the hand not holding the sword, to those grouped closest to the door, and indicates for them to move. If anyone tries to stop them, he interjects between them, beginning to move patrons out while the others deal with the matter of the ring.

"Right.. no need for violence.. just some Lerech…" And then one goes sliding across the room. Well, that's not going to end well, little ankle biter probably going to end up in a froth. With a sigh, Ray holds out his hands towards the three leprechauns closest to him and fashions little domes of hard-light over them, hopefully trapping them in place. Brilliant gold, and transparent as glass, but quite a bit more solid. Sure, there's no one obviously making it, maybe someone will blame the Asgardians for it.

"No one, except the — probably already dead man on the floor." Helena sounds angry — not precisely at Bucky, but at the situation, if the cant of her gaze — focused on the tiny men — is any indication. "If you want to stand here, fine. Dan" her bodyguard gives her a steely look and shakes his head, clearly in agreement with Bucky. "iel. No arguments."

She's moving, already, slipping past Bucky — stepping away from the wall. Her movements are slow, careful — designed not to attracted the kind of knee-jerk reaction of the last man who tried to run at the little men: "Excuse me. Ahem," Helena raises her voice, half-lifting her hand to the three nearest her and the other hostages. "If I could just have your attention. Yes, you, the green figures. You realise who I am?" Her chin lifts. "I am Helena Bertinelli." There's a brief pause, as if she expects to be recognized, though it's doubtful visitors from another planet are aware of the name of the daughter of an infamous crime boss. "I am incredibly rich. I propose a trade: let the hostages go, and I'll transfer the entirety of my bank balance to you. You won't be disappointed, I assure you." She knows they aren't after the money — but as she said — distraction. She's placed herself in such a way as to force the men collecting valuables to turn away from the prisoners — to give them a chance to make it to the still-open door. She's also doing stuff with words!

Loki glances towards Reno's warning, then yellls, "I have no idea what these fools are talking about! You cannot trust a word the little thieves say! Blame Loki, he's an easy target!" But he's also totally heading towards the vault to see what the unattended 3 are up to in there, his long legs bounding and emerald cape flapping.

"Man, I feel sorry for you, if that's your client," Buck says to Daniel, sotto voce. He's curious to see what's going on - clearly, this is between the Asgardians and the leprechauns - and he makes no move to depart. He can handle himself if they wanna threaten him directly, but otherwise, he's not terribly perturbed. Riding this out almost as a matter of entertainment.

The vault continues to sizzle in the back as heralded by a terrified little nervous whine in the back from a fluffy black bird. He's above the door by the time Loki gets there and hops down onto the shoulder now provided. He's still confused with protect him. Protect him how?

One of the little dudes walk up to Fandral in a tiny, but determined voice. If one could imagine a thug on helium you'd not be far off. "Hey, guy, you can't just tell these people what to do?" The people, however, are taking the time to abandoned their valuables and GTFO as Fandral's created opportunity. The other two try to rush to stop them, but as they are in bubbles of hard light they spin there like hamsters trapped in a wheel. "Uhhhh he might be? They're listening to him!" Looking to Fandral (good call, Ray) Blarney insists, "Hey those are not your guys to push around they're mine! Just because you are taller don't mean you are in charge!" Looking up to Dead Girl he sighs. "Fine. Find me my ring. It wasn't his to wager."

Then Helena speaks! OH that's a mighty fine trade they offer which is met with the remainder of them looking to her. She's talking with her hands in the air. This is CLEARLY official! The distraction is working great as they just stare and ask, "What's a bank balance?"

In the vault one of the three 'burglars' hands what looks like a ferret with metal teeth to Loki "Hold this, we're almost in." It's the last moment he realizes Loki's not one of them, but thrusts the door eating ferret at him again in the silent insistence that if he's here he can be helping.

Dead Girl nods, "What's it look like? And you gotta call the goons off." she remarks, "If they're not called off, well." She gives the little man a shake. SHAKE SHAKEA SHAKE! "I'll give you a whole lot of that."

Fandral eyes the small green one talking to him and says, "These people will be leaving without further interference." He doesn't look like he's taking any arguments on the matter either. He moves on to the next group of civilians and he continues to guide them out, group by group while the distractions are ongoing and Loki attends to the business in the back. He is calm, collected, and has a very large pointy sword which he aims at anyone who decides to give the fleeing bank patrons trouble.

Ray floats cross-legged and still invisible over his trapped leprechauns, idly pondering whether or not he could get a pot of gold out of them, that was how that was supposed to work, right? Well, it's only idle thought, most of his attention remains on the other leprechauns in the room, ready to stick any that look like they're going to make trouble into another sphere.

"You don't know the half of it, friend," Daniel mutters to Bucky, his jaw tight as he swallows and eyes Helena. Still, her distraction seems to be working, somehow. Maybe not wholly hers — there's certainly a lot going on — but Daniel repositions himself, trying to block the view of the nearer little green men as he begins waving some of those behind them to make for the exit.

Helena, meanwhile, is clearly getting on with the job of distraction. Her face is pretty expressive, all told. Her eyebrows go upwards, and then a hand covers her mouth for a moment in sympathetic horror. "Oh, honey. We have so much to talk about. Tell me: do you at least have a five-oh-one kay? If not—" she leans close, "Your employers are clearly ripping you off. Don't worry, I have an excellent financial adviser I can refer you to…"

A metal-mouthed ferret is taken, and then thrown out into the main part of the bank. WEEEEEE! Loki apparently has little concern for realm-hopping pets. Quietly, he asserts, presenting an aura of menace to the vault-chauns, "Your boss should not have dragged me into this. After all…what does it take to steal a ring?" He makes a motion with his fingers and the exact ring appears in his hand, and he offers it over to Reno. "Follow the little bird…" he purrs.

She's bullshitting the gnomes, or whatever. Bucky is grudgingly impressed, it's clear. He's still making no move at all to depart - just watching the show like he's in no hurry to get home and make dinner for the Captain.

Everyone can sing the song, you know the Wheels on the Bus lyrics! The Leprechauns in the ball jog in place, jog in place, jog in place… and go absolutely nowhere. Honestly the problem belongs to the boss man and the ball is protecting them from, well, everything. One of them, not very bright, or simply amused is running like hell in place, stops and flips a few times in the air like mice in a rat wheel do. The other just sits down and props his feet up on the inside wall of the force field.

Helena creates the rest of the distraction for the three on the other side allowing Bucky and Daniel to block people from creeping outside. "Naw and they cut our dental! You ever not have a dental plan when everything in your realm is made with sugar?" The second one looks at the first, "We got a 24K but not a five-oh-1. How shiny is it?" The remainder is not staring at Fandral and Amora, but the very pointy end of that very big and shiny sword."

Blarney McGuff is jostled til his teeth rattle. "D-d-d-dead-d-d girr-r-r-r-rl you can stop th-th-th-that! ALRIGHT! Alright look we just want the ring we know it's here!" And here it comes! In the beak of a fast flying crow with three Leprechauns clamoring out of the vault area behind him yelling "I wanna give it to em! No me! Move over!.

The ring is dropped into Blarney's hand. "FINALLY!" he yells. And with that, throws it in his side pouch. "NOW!… I can officially quit!" Steely eyes look to Loki unamused, "Fourty-eight years I couldn't quit because I couldn't run in my badge of office. You kept me prisoner at that lousy job- no more!"

Amora just… takes this in with utter bewilderment, absentmindedly shifting her shields to allow the civilians to leave. Finally she lowers her arms, and just sorta… wanders over to Loki and insists, "We need to hurry this up. They're talking about finances."

Dead Girl's eyes narrow a bit as she puts Blarney down, "Wait a minute." she turns to look at Loki. The room turns somewhat cold as necromantic energy shoots from her- to those who can see the effect ont he lands of the dead, it's black tendrils spreading strong and wide. Someone is angry. "You made this guy a slave? For forty-eight years?! This cute guy?!" She says, anger starting to creep into her voice. "How *DARE* you!!" she frowns, "Stealing a ring and *betting* it?! What gave you the right?!"

Dead Girl begins to march towards Loki. One Angry Dead Girl.

Fandral makes sure that the civilians all get out, patiently leading one group after another out while the others deal with the ring, the leader, and all his little henchmen. Only once all of the people have safely exited, does he turn to notice Dead Girl marching off toward Loki. One brow arches a bit, and then he smiles slightly and shakes his head. He's not getting in the middle of that one. "Gentlemen, your travel here was unauthorized. You've what you came for. It's time for you to return from whence you came, hm?" This, said to the gaggle of leprechauns. There's a glance over there toward the two in the glowing light ball. Fandral looks puzzled for a moment, then glances around the room, then back to them, shrugging his shoulders after a moment.

"This has got to be some of the weirdest shit." Ray says. It's just a disembodied voice, no one pay any attention to that. Though now that the problem seems to be resolved, he snaps his fingers and the bubbles of hardlight wink out of existance, probably dropping a pair of leprechauns right on their butts. He looks at those gathered and just shakes his head. "It's like one of those filler episodes where some odd stuff happens and probably will never get talked about later."

"No dental?" Helena's genuinely upset by this development, her mouth twisting in sympathy for the short, wage-challenged figures. "What kind of monsters are they? Are you sure" this is clearly a terrible idea but she's on a roll, "You don't want to consider working for someone else? I could use some help" her gaze flickers past towards Bucky, towards Daniel, where some of the hostages are slipping out — escorted by Fandral. "501? Oh, it's like…" Helena's hands lift, parallel to each other, then widen out in her best impression of a fisherman's grand tale, "…this big. Wait — did you say your realm was made of sugar?"

Loki comes out a few moments later, smiles softly with amusement at Amora, and he seems to think this is all going well, until Dead Girl starts marching in his direction. His eyes widen and he lifts up his hands, "Ohhh, yes, believe the thieving sugar miners for your fairly insignificant bank problems. Listen to that woman there," He nods in Helena's direction. "They are quite wealthier now than when they came, with all of this knowledge." Then he grins and tilts his head, trusting on his charm and his refined features.

Now, apparently, he's had enough. For Buck's slipping out tothe waiting cordon of cops. They'll check him out….and he's not currently got warrants with the PDNY, so he should be fine.

Reno lands on the very thing Blarney started this shindig standing on. "No, no lady, Loki didn't know. It wasn't his intention at all. Believe me if he's going to make anyone stay in an employed position it'd be his. Trust me, I know, and before ya throw things at em, I get dental." Says the bird with no teeth?

Blarney smiles to Dead Girl, "Well now that I can quit this job, yes I fine time is very freed up. C'mon boys we're going to work for ourselves!" And the bubbles pop and the two Ray had trapped hit the floor with a THUD.

The remainder from the vault catch up and smile stupidly to Amora and Fandral waving as they follow the boss man out. The three by Helena tell her, "All the food. Come to Elfhein and look us up. C'mon boys, we can move out of rock candy mining and into settin up our own shop!" And out they go to the mining drill they rode in on.

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