2019-03-29 - Color Me Dead (Girl)


A wedding at Tavern on the Green, a fine evening if slightly cool with spring weather. The cutting of the cake is about to be interrupted, unbeknownst to the reception part, or the mom/pop bakery that delivered on the fine looking lemon chiffon wedding cake, with a nice chocolate orange grooms cake to match. Yellow and Orange Demon vs Blue Devil and Dead Girl, winner takes all the cake.

Log Info:

Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Mar 29 17:23:19 2019
Location: Tavern on the Green

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Evening at Tavern on the green. A wedding reception is booked and both outside and inside are done up rather fancy. Nice lights to light up outside patio seating, even in the cool spring air of late March. There is a Janet's Lemon Chiffon Cakes truck parked nearby, they're doing the cake delivery. Its not that time just yet. Folks are inside, eating or starting a dance or two while the cake is being set up outside, preparing for cutting of the cake. Part of that ritual, which leads to throwing flowers and garter belts, maybe a dollar dance, then lots of drinking and dancing among friends and family. Its a nice affair so far. Nearby among some dark trees of the park, a blue devil is nearby, as if watching. Or patrolling, or not being seen by the normals as he tries to feel normal at least. Ah, a wedding what better way to feel normal for him. He's not watching the cake set up, but the normal people activity inside the buildings. Which places Daniel Cassidy, aka Blue Devil in the vicinity.
Erstwhile, the cake is being brought in piece by piece. Its not carred over complete like in cake wars, but assembled in situ, the right way to delivery a large cake. The brides cake is a take on lemon chiffon, light and fluffly, some lemon between the layers to highten that light lemon flavor. The grooms cake is chocolage orange, with some orange feeling. Two workers working deligently carry one large tier of the cake to add it together. Some of the lemon seems to ooze and plop, causing one to nearly slip. The cake remains safe for not. They did not see the lemon feeling ooze, so they accuse their counterpart, "Hey, careful now, they've paid for all this, keep the filling on the cake Beth." She retorts, "Wasn't me, was on your side Tim, lets just get it together." So goes the cake setting.

Dead Girl enjoyed watching the living. She loves things like weddings. She watches- her form often causing issues, frightening the living who don't know her for who she is.

Anyways, she was busy talking to apparently thin air, "Oh! She's so pretty, you must be so proud!" Dead Girl calls into the void, "And her dress is yours? From your wedding? Oh, it looks fantastic on her." She coos, "Thank you for inviting me to watch. I'm so glad to have seen her grow up, and I guess that means you're waiting for great grand children to watch over now, huh?"

Its a patrol thing, or an excuse to walk, not really a patrol. Blue Devil is there in his action vest of black, no sleeves, and no buttons down the middle, with matching pants and some biker boots and such. But he thought he was off enough to be away from normal denizens checking out the affair, or walking past and such. Then voices. Nearly heading that way, he realizes he could be interrupting, "Ugh, sorry, didn't mean to intrude," says the large horned fellow. A brow raise, maybing realizing its a one sided conversation from his vantage, he turns a little to walk and give them some space. But he's still watching the same, the wedding, and a slight turn towards Dead Girl and the conversation with herself apparently.
Beth and Tim get the top tier on, light some candles, set up plates and napkins, put out the ceremonial dagger of cake cutting, or cake cutter with engravings to commemorate the day.
Speaking of, the lovely couple come out, directed by the DJ, who carries the mic out and officiates, "It is time to cut the cake, join us for this precious moment." They come out, take the ceremonial dagger, or cutter, a grin or two. Maybe they plan to smear cake on face, or are nice and such. They hold the dagger together, preparing for that cake swapping moment. The cutlery sinks into the cake. Then bam! The cake falls forward in a mess, out comes a yellow demon of sorts, oozing even. "Unhand the dagger, that silver was forged from the horn piece of Egron the Mighty, we demand it be returned." He snaps his fingers, from the organge chocolate cake comes a similar orange demon, "Yes, or faace the wrath of Oran-chello and Lemon-chello." Is that a hard ch or a soft J sound, hard to tell with those names.
The parting Blue Devil (from Dead Girl's vicnity at least in that parting) comments, "Great, never a night off."

Dead Girl- there is no mistaking her for anything but a corpse. Blue skin and glowing red eyes- she looks terrifying to most. A reminder that death is not far off for most. She smiles to Blue Devil- a friendly thing on the face of death itself.

And then.. a demon. "Oh, that's a shame. They looked like such tasty cakes."

Dead Girl then stands up, dusts off her pants and starts to trot over towards the Wedding Party. "Yo!" she calls towards the demons, "Orange and Yellow!" - She doesn't bother with the names, "You're ugly, and your timing is terrible!"

The smile is returned at least by Blue Devil, even in passing, no telling what other oddness he has seen, at least he's not squicked by a talking corpse, maybe more curious about the talking to oneself that was going on. No time for such ponderance however.
The wedding party is starting to part. The groom and bride back up a little, but the bride doesn't let go of that wedding cutter, "No, it was my Mema's!" The groom was letting it go, the demons could have it. Her admonisment as much to hem as the ugly twins. Ah, but help on the way, from a corppse, they back away more now.
Blue Devil comes forth with Dead Girl at lest from his observational standpoint, hidden in shadows of the park. "You heard her." He bravely gives credit to Dead Girl.
They turn, the yellow one raises a hand, "No interferrence, we've waited centuries for this, it is now ours!" A hand points and it shoots a yellow ooze beam towards Dead Girl. The orange turns to Blue Devil and hucks a slimeball for an attack.

Dead Girl shifts to the side, a skip followed by a hop that turns into a rather athletic hand-spring. She's quick! Particularly for a corpse. "Hey! Watch that stuff!"

Dead Girl frowns, "You'll hurt someone!" she growls, "And you're ruining this wedding!" she hurries forward to try and grab that yellow demon- her fingers turning into claws- supernatural, of course.

The orange mudball hits Blue Devil, his shirt burns a little, he winces, "No fair you damn dirty devil." He lurches forward, the orange returns, "Look who's talking, too." And they being to scrap a little.
"Sort of the point," returns Yellow, about to try another lemon ooze zap ray. The other one hit part of the building, shedding a few bricks. If someone was tangent and only human it could hurt a lot, or sting a little for someone more durable than most. What she finds is she can crab the yellow demon at least. But her fingers slip in slightly, as if he were made of that lemon ooze. Smells the same too curiously. He lifts a hand, his fingers glow, he attemps to grab the same. When tangent, she can feel he is demon strong, but not quite her level, she could maintain a hold on her grasp of him as needed.

"Well, I can't exactly let that happen, can I?" Dead Girl wonders- as she just holds onto the Demon. She doesn't feel pain like a human- and her body. Well.. It's not exactly alive. A lot of things just don't work on her.

"You really need to go back to wherever you came from." she says, as she starts to carry the yellow demon away- almost like she was carrying a naughty child. She's a strong corpse, at least. "Come on, then. Let's go somewhere else and talk this out like adults."

If only Blue Devil were as thoughtful, instead, he and Orange have busted a table up. The mints have spilled and are ruined now. They continue to brawl, he's reaching for his trident at least.
Yellow is pulled along, trying to zap at her with his demon yellow ooze light stuff. He doesn't know if its working or not, aside from being dragged away from his target. "I am beyond your concept of adults," says Yellow like a petulant child, who proceeds to use that free hand on its own body instead. Her claws do cut at him as she holds him, and he uses those light fingertips now sort of like surgical gloves, if the gloves were the scalpels that is, trying to cut away that piece she's dragging him by to be away from people, "You are not are target," he protests, again child like despite his claim to be beyond adult in age.

Dead Girl holds on tight! She's got no interest in letting go. Her claws dig deep and she continues to drag, as best she can, the yellow demon away from the party. "Oh, Mister! You need to talk this out. Why are you doing this? I mean, you're running this couple's wedding and it really isn't very nice." She says with a growl, "Now. You be good and go home. If you don't go home, I'll make you go home." she warns, "And that'll be the way it is."

Dead Girl is a peaceful soul, "Come on, now! Quit struggling!"

Even if it gets some part of it away, it reforms a little, and Dead Girl just latches on the same. Being stronger than the yellow demon helps. Its realizing its ooze blasts don't quite work, and cutting itself a part only has her take another hold. He huffs a little, "The silver is ours, they have taken it from us. It was forged from Egron's horn rings, it holds power." At least it seems closer to the talking part, but its not so ready to go home in the moment.
There is scuffling with Blue Devil and Orange, "Sit still you," says Blue Devil. His trident somehow in hand now and its blasting flashes of light as eh tries to point it at the orange demon, but its proving a slippery target.

"Yeah, well, it's a cake knife now." Dead Girl notes, "I bet Egron's not had that knife in a very long time! It's not like people are summoning demons and making knives out of their silver horns every day." she notes, "I'll bring the knife to the Sorcerer Supreme." she continues, "And you can talk to him about getting it back. That's what you're supposed to do anyways. Is that what you want? An angry sorcerer Supreme?" she wonders, still in that chiding, almost motherly tone.

They way of things beign confusing as it could be, whether another dimenion and the whole concern of this universe or that, it doesn't matter. As Sorcerer Suprme is unitversal (or multi-universal even). "Its Orang-chello's birthright, he is to claim the throne." Says Yellow, in protest to involving the sorcerer suprme. But, "Could he separate that which is rightfully ours?" Forget that Egron's not coming for it himself, eitehr dead or not even caring for it enough to come himself. Though, at least, regardless, there is some reasoning going on in the moment.
There is a loud poof sound, "Back to hell with you," claims Blue Devil. The scuffle there is stopped, and he's now moving nearer the other two. "If we break them up enough, they disappear, let me use my trident on him there … Z-oomb …" He is uncertain, he's probalby about to call her a zombie, but then, maybe like rabits, only other rabits can call them cute, so he's not using the whole world. "Lady." Lady is a safe bet, in some circles, he hops, lifting his trident and ready to slize up the yellow ooze demon now, but not while Dead Girl is holding him it seems.

"Look, me and this Yellow guy are talking." Dead Girl says over to Blue Devil, "I think we're getting somewhere. It's easier to result to violence, sure, but I mean he seems reasonable." Dead Girl notes.

"That's for the Sorcerer Supreme to decide, that's his shtick and *his* birthright. You don't want to make that guy angry, my friend." Dead Girl says, "So, how about this- I'll drop the knife off at the Sorcerer Supreme's house, since it is currently in *this* realm, and thus subject to our mystical laws." she goes on to say, "That's only fair. I mean, this other dude hasn't come to get it and it *is* his horn, so we're going to have to figure this out like adults."

That causes a brow lift from Blue Devil, "What, reasoning with …" Ah, but the irony, he was intelligent and reasonable himself, thus logic would dictate, the benefit of the doubt be given. "Fair enough." The trident lowers, but he's ready to life it, just in case Yellow tries soemthing.
"That sounds like, confiscation, what if the Sorcerer Supreme doesn't have time to see to the matter of what is rightfully ours." Or his friends more so. "Can you take me there as well? I can put in my case, let this Sorcerer Supreme make his decision?" Its not a request some much as a plea bargain it seems though, he's not in the demanding position it would seem against Deag Girl who has the upper hand, literally even in the case at hand.

"Like I said, that's for the Sorcerer Supreme to decide. You can contact him through the standard channels, it isn't my place to tell him how to do his business." Dead Girl notes, "And I'm sure he'll make time. He usually does- he's a very nice man, in my experience." she continues, "So, it sounds like this is settled. You'll go on your way, I'll bring the knife to Steven, and you petition him for it. He'll know more about the affairs of demons and will be able to make a good, fair, and informed decision. If your Orange friend is meant to have that knife, he will see to it that it goes to the right place." Dead Girl says with complete confidence.

Well, that worked, says the slight jaw drop of Blue Devil in the reasoning. Lemon Jello confirms. "Fair enough, he can decide, not this clan," says Lemon-chello as he waves a hand at the wedding party. "I'll return to visit with him." And he does a poof thing, leaving some yellow ooze on the ground, probably a bit more after being pulled around, but not so much as the orange ooze from the Blue Devil scuffle.
BUt the battle isn't over. For voice can be heard, the recenty wed couple in their first disagreemet since being married at least, "No way are we giving /thaaat/ girl Mema's wedding knife." This is said to the groom who's finally coming out of the shadows as the colored demons have disappeared. Well, two of them. The groom doesn't look sure about reasoning with Dead Girl on the matter, his hands up palms towards his wife of only a few hours indicates he may try to reason about giving it over. "Now now honey," says he.

"I understand." Dead Girl says over to the woman as she moves forward to claim the knife, "Unfortunately, this is an item of demonic interest. If I don't take it, someone will get hurt." Dead Girl looks over to the bride, her glowing red eyes brightening a touch.

"This knife is not important." Dead Girl notes, "It is just a blade, one that as that interest of demonic forces- the forces of hell. Would your mother ask for your soul in exchange for a silver blade?" she wonders quietly.

"Yeah, yeah, just being together is what matters," offers the groom, pleading the side of Dead Girl with a nod of his head. The woman does look over at her. "But, its all I have," or there could be more heirlooms, but this is the one she got from the wedding stuff at least. Its more the soul question and her mother's concern that draws interest from the bride today. "Well … no, I suppose my soul is more important." The groom nods but knows when not to talk. "I suppose so, and we can get it back if its not demonic?" From the Sorcerer Supreme that is. She does step towards Dead Girl, startign to offer up the cake knife.

"I will mention to The Sorcerer Supreme that you, too, have a claim on the knife. He will decide, and it will be based on the safety of all involved." Dead Girl says, "And, if you'd like, you can come by my place and pick out a wedding gift from me. The Store has all kinds of things inside, and certainly you'll find something you want, or love." she says with a bright, friendly smile.

"But, for now, please give me the knife and we will allow someone with more wisdom that me to make the ultimate decision, yes?" Dead GIrl's hand goes out- no longer clawed. Waiting for the knife.

A wedding gift even, that seems to help with the exchange. Out with the old, in with the new. But still reluctance, the woman does hanve over the knife. "Okay, okay … for safety." And of course, being weirded out is one thing, but she's metropolitan enough to not be too weirded out to want to go to the Store and find something, later. Details can be exchanged.
The groom looks at Blue Devil. Daniel responds, "Eh, I've got nothing. All in a days works." He does look back the broken table and ruined cakes, squints a little, not the worst looking affair after such a scuffle at least. "Congrats, you make a lovely couple." As the knife is handed to Dead Girl. Blue Devil turns attention there, "So, I guess that's settled. You don't need me to like go with to see him or anything?" The Sorcerer Supreme that is.

"No, but you might want to meet him all the same. I'll make a meeting, and in the mean time, store this with my other dangerous artifacts. I'll pass it on once he's available." Time really doesn't have much meaning for Dead Girl- it might be years before the knife is turned over. It's a fairly normal thing in the eldritch community.

"Thank you, and he's right. You're beautiful." Dead Girl offers quietly, looking over into the void. "Okay, fine, this one time- you know I don't like doing this, but it isn't everyday your grand-daughter is married."

Dead Girl reaches up and *snaps* her fingers. There's a certain loudness to the snap and things turn a little chilly- but there is a lovely older woman smiling brightly with tears in her eyes. She seems as real as life- in color and there, albeit the spirit of a long dead Grandmother. "You are beautiful my dear. I love you, and I know that you will bring nothing but happiness to your handsome husband." The ghost hugs the bride- a long dead relative giving an ounce of love from beyond the grave. "Do not forget, my darling chickadee, I will always be watching over you, yes?" she says, before she begins to fade back through the mists that separate the lands of the living from the lands of the dead.

"There, and yes, come by The Store, I have a lot of things and weddings don't happen everyday!" Dead Girl smiles, tucking the knife away under her arm for safe keeping. "So." She smiles over to Blue Devil. "You should come by too!"

There's things one sees every day, but every day for Blue Devil is just a little bit of weird. Even then, the grandmother getting the chance to visit is not every day. He watches quietly.
It moves the bride, she'e touched. Thankful, some tears may be had most likely. "Love you, thanks. That's more to me than the knife. I can can't on you, my guardian." In a way, literally with Deag Girl having been enjoying the wedding reception with the grandmother before it took the strange turn. "I will come by, thank you for that .. moment." She might almost hug Dead Girl, but she's not that metropolitan maybe. Greatful and most likely she'll come by for that gift.
Which leaves Blue Devil again. "You've convinced me, I'll make a visit to the Store. Can't quite be this moment, exactly, I have a shift at Oblivion soon enough. You're welcome there for a drink on my of course. Like evens, for dealing with Yellow there and the invite to the Store. Just you'll have to tell me where the Store is. I'm still getting used to Manhattan here, more familiar with the underbelly, literally."

"It's in Greenwich. Ask around." Dead Girl explains, "Finding The Store is half the fun." she notes, "I'll give you a hint, though- it's in an alley of another alley near the store with chickens in the window." she smiles still, nodding her head to the Granddaughter before she begins off, with knife in hand- just a friendly sort of Dead Girl, it seems.

"I'll maybe stop by. I haven't been to Oblivion in a long time. At least fifteen years." she remarks, "I'll see you there, sometime." she offers as she continues on her way- "I need to get this knife in a safe place for now. Warded."

Another raised brow from Blue Devil, then a chuckle as he takes inthe instructions, "Fair enough, alleys and chickens in windows, can't miss it. I'll give it a look." His confused turned to amused look ends with more a smile at least. "Some time it is, but yeah, get that where it needs to go." Then he offers a wave, to let her go her way, "Its Blue Devil, incase it wasn't obvious." His name, he drops his wave in parting to go his way as well.

"Dead Girl." Dead Girl replies with a smile, another obvious name. "Have a lovely one, yeah?" she wonders, and then she's on her way- back towards The Store to put this particular item in the warded room.

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