2019-03-28 - Something Wicked This Way Comes


Illyana senses something dark on the grounds of Xavier's.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Mar 28 00:00:00 2019
Location: Xavier Institute

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Eve took some time to walk the grounds of the school. She'd been given the opportunity, given that she'd recently applied for groundskeeper work there. Hey, the pay is probably good and who knows how much work she'll have when any given mutant could potentially explode on the lawn or something.

She keeps a walkin'! No doubt, her presence might tickle the senses of some.

Illyana Rasputina had dropped in to catch up with her former classmates and something had tripped those mystical senses of hers. Teleporting away without a word to Doug and Sam, the latter of whom was doing some yardwork!, the blonde sorceress appears at a 'safe' distance from Eve in a circle of light.

Dressed like a heavy metal rock star, Illyana's attire is a lot of black, leather, and silver accents. Her eyes are a chilly pale blue, and her presence tends to send a chill down the spine. It's worse to those that are sensitive, the brush of something dark and wrong is more prevalent.

"I don't know you." The blonde sorceress says, voice pitched to carry across the distance. Admittedly, Illyana's been MIA for the better part of a year.

A flash of light that draws Eve's attention. To be honest, /she's/ usually the wrongest thing around for most people, so she's a bit surprised to feel a similar sort of energy, not taht she's quite sure WHAT she's feeling. Her eyes lock on Illyana with an abserce of light to them, a lack of presence, but that fades quickly. "Oh. Ah… hi? No, I don't know you either. Fancy that, meeting someone you've never met before in a place you've never been before. Well, actually, been *once* before for some sport work. I'm Eve and I'm not a student here if that's what you're wondering. I was applying for a groundskeeping position." Black leather. She wears black too! Yay.

Illyana Rasputina's head tilts over to the side, considering. "You're here as someone's guest?" Because like she can really say much about having demon-tainted folks on the campus. She moves towards Eve slowly, closing that defensive distance.

A smirk curves Illyana's lips as she looks Eve over. Hey, she can appreciate the style. Guess it tends to go along with the demonic influence.

A step back. Casual. She's making sure her personal space is respected, see.

"Like I said: applied for a job. I met with a Mr. Summers along with my friend Kori, who thought about attending the school here. Soooo I am where I am allowed to be, so far as I know." She tucks her hands under her arms.

A glint kindles in Illyana's pale blue eyes, cold and hungry as Eve steps back. Illyana continues that slow, measured advance, forcing Eve to keep giving ground or let the blonde sorceress into her space. "And does Scott know what you are? Because I have an idea."

"Is that right? You have an idea? I'm /shocked/. Tell me, what /is/ that idea? Lots of people think they know lots of things," says Eve, continuing to casually give ground. She's not really ready to let someone into her personal space and that predatory mien is clearly bothering her.

Illyana Rasputina can't help but give a huff of amusement at the clear sarcasm. "You taste of demons and elder gods and dark things. Things I know well." Her gaze narrows, despite that amusement. "So… who are you, and where are you from?" The questions almost sound like warnings.

"Oh, wow. I'm a Goth and like dark things and wicca. I'm shocked. You're shocked. WE're all shocked." She takes another step back. "I'm Eve. Nice to meet you. And /you/ are…?" Still keeping up the casual pace back because you know, she really wants her space not invaded.

"And, I mean honestly."

That brings Illyana up a bit short. She stops and peers at Eve. "Really? Wicca?" Most demonic types she knows don't tend to lie. They twist words and meanings but… rarely outright lie. She shifts her weight, rocking back on her heels a bit before she seems to notice that Eve also asked her a question. "Illyana. I was a student here. The school's under my dominion." Which might be news to most of the school.

"Dominion? Do you really talk like that? That's adorable," says Eve.

"What's wrong with Wicca?" she asks, innocently. "I mean, it's fun and relatively harmless — something I doubt can be said for you." DId she just accuse Illyana of being no fun?


"Do I really talk like… I'm the ruler of Limbo, of course I talk like that!" Illyana seems a tad offended. Not about being no fun. Everyone knows Illyana's no fun.

"And Wicca is.. it's a hedge magic. You reek of the outer planes and you bother with *Wicca*?" Illyana says, sounding amused. Confused, but amused.

A casual sniff at herself.

"Pretty sure I don't reek of anything. I bathe regularly," deflects Eve.

"Wicca is fun. That's all there is to it. /Just/ fun. You know what fun smells like?"

A slight roll of her eyes.

Illyana Rasputina is used to demons being literal, so the sniffing doesn't get much of a rise from the blonde sorceress. "If you're trying to bait me by implying I'm boring, it's not going to get you very far." Illyana notes dryly.

"This place has been my home, and the people here my family, so I take your presence *very* seriously." When Illyana speaks this time, it's less aggressive. Her shoulders shift back and drop a bit even if her gaze never leaves Eve.

"Well, let me be the first to assure you, I'm not a threat to you or to your friends, all right?" says Eve. "No threts here." She holds her hands out, palms out in a gesture of surrender. "As for baiting you, no, not baiting anything. You just seem like the all-too-serious sort to begin with. I'm not a threat." She lets out a sigh. Apparently, this is something she's contended with before. Probably unsurprising. "I have enough watchful eyes on me already."

Illyana Rasputina seems to consider Eve's statement and then gives a slow nod. "Fine. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You could tell me what it is you are, or else I'll have to find out myself, though." And she'll let the Professor know, at the least.

As to being too serious? That gets one lifted shoulder in a shrug. "There hasn't been a lot of room for levity in my life."

"Sure, sure, Lady This Is My Domain. You could have just said 'hi', you know. And I don't like to think or even talk about that stuff, to be honest. It's unpleasent to dwell on." Eve tosses a blue tail back out of her eyes after looking down at her shoes. "As for 'what'… eh. It's hard to explain and I'd probably need a lot more alcohol."

Illyana Rasputina gives Eve a long, level look. "Oh come on. Walking up to demonic entities to say 'hi' is usually a good way to get your face pushed in." She gestures between the pair of them. "This is an exception, not the rule outside of places like the Oblivion Bar."

That Eve finds her nature unpleasant to dwell on gets another trace of a frown from Illyana. "Soooo, you ignore it?" That doesn't work out well in her experience.

"You know, 'hi' works just fine for me. Hi, I'm Eve, a random person on the lawn of a school who's checking out the gardens for the level of work to do. Instead, you came out of nowhere with a flash of light and were like," she stands up on her tip toes and puts her hands up on either side, making tiny little claws with them, "rawr, I am the ultra-serious ultra-black-clad-leather-wannabe-dominatrix lady who is VERY STERN and VERY STERN. Did we mention 'stern'? And I am like: hello please to not be invading my personal space and you're like whoa I am totally gonna invade your personal space because you are WORRYING ME by being here. Didn't have to be so weird, you know?" She points a finger at her. "Or so 'rawr'. I don't ignore anything. It just is. And it's been is for decades." Did she say decades? Yep, she sure did.

"I've been to the Oblivion. Nice place. Ha… ha ha, no its fucking not."

"I show up everywhere in a flash of light. It's my mutant power, it's what I do." Illyana says, as though pointing out a helpful fact. She doesn't sound defensive in the least. Finally, she shakes her head, "Fine. Play at being Ms. Normal, like you're not a threat and boo-hooing because some of us err on the side of caution." She turns away to walk back towards the main building.

"Playing at being normal? That's what you got from that? I mention going to the Oblivion, being decades older than I look, and you're going with me playing at being normal?" says Eve, snorting at her.

"JUst because I don't want to tell you /everything/ right out the gate doesn't mean I bergudge your caution. The rawr, maybe!" She calls after her.

Illyana Rasputina decides to continue going with being VERY STERN and just lifts an arm to wave without looking back. A moment later, both arms come up and them snap outwards like parting curtains with a flourish and one of those circles of light opens in front of her. She passes through it like the event horizon on Stargate and a moment later it snaps shut behind her, disappearing.

At least she didn't bite.

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