2019-03-27 - To Burn In The Sky


A Phoenix rises again over Central Park

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Storyteller: koa-turner
Date: March 27, 2019
Location: Central Park

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Central Park is a good place to meet with people. Say hello. Enjoy nature in the press of the big city. Get fit or failing that acquire some delicious but incredibly unhealthy street food.

It does not tend to be a place where one gets into punchups but that is just what has happened to Koa Turner.

As is ever the case with the Agent of WAND this has taken a slightly weird turn. The trouble is the phoenixes. Phoenixi? Something like that. There's a big one - about thirty feet across - hovering in the air above the park about a hundred feet up while embers the size of basket balls rain down. Only these embers don't light things on fire. Directly. They uncurl into smaller, flightless phoenixes - otherwise known to the egyptians as a Bennu - and run around, burning, squawking and generally being something of a menace. There's already five of them down here and the number is not getting smaller.

The Agent himself has just finished shooting one of them. His right arm and his gun have a green aura about them. Taking these things out is kind of complex and he has no idea what he's going to do about the big one yet.

What's worse than Phoenixes, Phonexii?, in the sky? How about a Dragon? An enormous one - it's got to be 45 feet from wingtip to wingtip.

And it's glowing. A lovely azure blue colour.

The dragon shrieks as it shoots across the sky, a screech echoing over of the park before a gout of fire spews from its mouth as it hones in on that large Phoenix.

It doesn't try to the engage the bird, though. It banks as it draws near. Distracting the Phoenix? Perhaps, it's unlikely that flame will work against it.

"Do you need some assistance, Agent?" The mild voice is one that Koa recognises. The amusement that colours it, is less likely to impress him.

Keiko Kurita has leaned her pushbike against a tree and is taking a folded up metal stick from her backpack.

A bright trail of fire in the sky approaches. Is it a meteor? A missile? A plane? Nope; it's a woman with a jetpack. Literally a jetpack, and a light brown leather flight jacket. And, of course, fishnets on her legs, because who doesn't wear fishnets every opportunity they get? As the Rocketeer approaches the roar of her personal engine grows; at the last moment she flips herself over, landing in a crouch and skidding across the ground as she kills the engine and it only leaves a small scorch mark.

"What on Earth?" inquires the blonde haired woman, drawing a couple of mismatched pistols and pointing them upwards at the phoenix. "Do I wanna know? Does… *anyone* here have any sort of ideas?"

This loud and exceedingly confusing city. She's found this odd excuse for a forest in the middle of everything to be a bit of a relief. It is nothing like the forests of Asgard, but it is still green and growing things and it allows her to walk and generally go unremarked by the Midgardians that surround her.

That is, until flying creatures that would seem to be straight from Muspelheim start attacking the foliage and anything in their path. And she doesn't have her sword at hand. Looking around hastily, she steps over toward a metal pillar with a lantern atop it and pulls the pillar free of its moorings. And then she rushes the nearest mini-phoenix to swat it like a bludger.

"It's a phoenix. Well. It's a spirit shaped like a phoenix." Koa says as the woman with the jetpack strapped to her back arrives. That looks so INCREDIBLY dangerous. "And yes! I would like help Keiko! Bullets work on them. Pretty much anything works. It's just…"

Sif arrives on scene and cracks one over the head with a lamp post. It goes down like one would expect a bird to do. And then it flares up even brighter as it's regeneration kicks in.

"That. I have a way to deal with that. Just knock them down. We've got to get that big one out of the sky or it'll wind up burning down half the park with it's spawn."

The WAND agent reaches his hand out toward the one that Sif knocked down and it seems to come apart into little red motes that flow into his arm like embers on the wind.

And those close enough, like Keiko, will see his eyes go RED.

In the time that he's doing that three more drop down, near Keiko and Yuki and another one runs by Sif squaking like all get out.

"I'm sure you would…" Keiko snorts even as she winces a little. She's not been hit by anything and she doesn't look hurt …

Shaking the metal rod in her hand, it extends to a staff. "I don't have bullets but I'm handy enough with this." She looks up at Sophie as the woman appears "If you're going to shoot anything, be careful of Gyldril please. She's rather special to me."

Spinning as the next flightless phoenix drops near, the asiatic woman takes care of that one.

In the air, Gyldril turns and starts to climb, gaining as much height as she possibly can.

"Guns work? Well alright then." Sophie's fingers twitch a little on the triggers of her guns, but she doesn't quite get around to actually firing; she was about to, but then Keiko requested caution. She makes a frustrated 'auch!' sound, and tucks the larger pistol back in its holster. She presses a lever to eject the magazine and pulls back the slide to eject an unspent round. "The things I do for people," she complains, letting her Irish accent be heard as she tucks the magazine into her belt, and loads a different one.

Without another word, the Rocketeer raises her weapon and pulls the trigger; the reports come almost one atop another as she fires the weapon on full auto, spraying a barrage of rubber bullets up into the air at… Gyldril, apparently.

Sif's satisfaction at swatting the bird down is immediately replaced by indignation when it GETS UP AGAIN. "By the Norns!" She looks over at the man who appears to know a fair bit more about this flame beasts, and sees him do something that makes one of the birds revert back to magial energy.

"Sorcerer!" She calls toward him. "Here is another to disenchant!" And with a spin she uses the lamp post to golf-swat the squawking beast in his direction. Of course, that just earns a frown, as the lamp post was never really designed for this kind of use, and it's already starting to look battered and dented.

The shower of bullets clearly hurts the larger of the two birds and it screeches at Sophie. It's wings beat down powerfully sending a shower of flaming feathers - hard as glass and sharp as knives to boot - in the jetpack wearing woman's direction. She can see it's hurt though. She could probably knock it down by herself with not very much more time. It's already having trouble keeping it's altitude.

Koa 'consumes' the next bird that whacked next to him by Sif who finds one leaping in the air right toward her. Keiko knocks one down as well for the Agent to eat - is he really eating them? - and then finds herself on the edge of that shower of feathers.

Yeah that's a problem. But with Sophie working on it and that dragon it might not be a problem much longer.

Keiko, twirls that metal staff like a pro, sweeping the next 'bird' towards Koa. She winces again and her eyes narrow at the red in his eyes. She might have to have him words with later.

Glydril is so much smaller now that she's climbed so high. It's possible to nearly forget about her. That is until she turns on dime, folding her wings back and diving … my goodness she's fast.

And loud. The shriek is bellowed at the Phoenix as the dragon descends, right at the fiery bird.

Sophie empties her magazine into the air and the Phoenix's general direction; actually, as it turns out, she's an accurate, practiced shooter. "Where does some big firey bird come from, anyway?" The Rocketeer doesn't stick around to hear the answer; after slamming a fresh magazine into her pistol she takes off, a blast of fire pushing her upwards as she reactivates her rocket. As the Irish woman hurtles upwards she pulls a rounded, shiney object off her belt; with a pull of a pin she lobs it into the air, generally next to the phoenix.

"GRENADE!" yells the woman, continuing to rocket upwards from where she threw it; the grenade goes off, making a loud bang and spewing brilliant bits of metal all over the place; though not anything that really does damage, like shrapnel. Chaff, perhaps? As she rockets upwards she points her gun down, opening fire with another rapid blast of rubber bullets.

It's a good thing that Sophie has moved, not only because of the shower of burning, hot feathers but also because of the dragon. When she throws that grenade the bird screams again. It would be in her direction but it can't… find her at the moment.

And it won't. The dragon hits it square in the back and drives it into the dirt hard enough to leave just a little bit of an impact crater.

On the ground Koa, Sif and Keiko are about finished cleaning up the small birds. The 'sorcerer' if that's what he is turns to the big one and winces.

"I'm gonna regret this…"

The large phoenix starts to disintigrate and flow in energy form into the man with the glowing green arm (and gun). The more it does the more Koa's eyes turn red. By the time he's finished there are no more birds… and his eyes are solid red.

"Ow ow ow…" He mutters. "Is that all of them?"

Yes it seems to be. The man Keiko had called 'agent' breathes a sigh.

"Right. Thank you for the help Keiko. And Miss…" That's to both Sif and Sophie.

Keiko nearly cries as Sophie calls GRENADE, there's a look of panic in her eyes. She had said to not her Dragon … but it's a dragon, what could go wrong? The small asiatic looking woman manages to bite it back though.

The dragon digs a gouge in the ground when it slides, 'chirping' piteously as it lays where it lands. Chin in the dirt and wings all akimbo.

"Don't you dare eat my Dragon, Agent Turner…" that's a bit sharp from Keiko. Her tone softens as she speaks to the Dragon "You did well, Glydril, it is time to rest now." She sketches a symbol in the air and much like the spirits that Koa just banished, her dragon becomes smoke.

Smoke that's drawn into the tattoo that people can see on her arm.

"You're going to have to start paying me, Agent." That's all the attention he gets for the moment. "My thanks to you for not damaging her" That's to Sophie and then to Sif "You should be on the Golf Circuit."

Sif stops and watches warily as the large bird is knocked to the ground by the dragon, disenchanted, and then the dragon is similarly disenchanted by the tiny Midgardian woman. "I did not realize Midgard had so many magic users," she muses aloud to herself. She sets the pretty well ruined lamp post down gingerly then dusts off her hands. "I am glad I was able to assist…" she looks from Koa to Keiko oddly. She honesly has relatively little experience working around sorcerers, but these two — and the woman who flies with flames from her back — are nothing like the individuals she's encountered previously. First off, they thanked her for her assistance.

"I am Lady Sif of Asgard." She touches one fisted hand to her chest and bows slightly, then looks at Keiko with a questioning expression. "What is a 'Golf Circuit'?"

Sophie lands, and bobs her head towards Keiko, while the dispersal of chaff flutters down in the air. "My pleasure," she nods to the other woman, and flashes a grin at everyone. "It almost got me there with that fire. Phew! That was a close one. Thanks for the good times, everyone."

The Rocketeer smiles, holstering her pistol. "We have got to do this again sometime. But right now I think I'm late! Gotta go; see you all next time!" And with that she's off again, rocketing up into the sky.

Aaaaand there goes jetpack lady. She probably has an official name somewhere. Maybe even in the SHIELD files somewhere. Koa waves and turns to the other two still present.

"You'd have to stick around long enough for me to put you in our system." The man smirks back. Does she really want to be registered as an 'assisting mage'? There are provisions for compensating them. The magical community is too small to do otherwise, proliferation of magic users from Sif's perspective notwithstanding.

"Why would I eat your dragon?" Koa shakes his head and looks at Sif. "Ah. Asgardian. That explains much. Well thank you again, then, Lady Sif. Give the Lord of Light my regards when you see him and tell him we're still looking into his attempted murder and treating it with all seriousness."

Wait. Someone tried to murder the Lord- BALDUR?! Does Sif know about that?

"Golf? Oh, it's a game. Involves hitting small balls into small and distant holes. It's considered quite a feat to be skilled at it."

Which is not untrue. The pros make bank.

"Glydril is very precise, Miss…" Keiko blinks as Sophie jets off. She didn't catch her name, if she gave one. She smiles at Sif and bows her head. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Oy, she doesn't know what Golf is? Koa's got that.

"I don't know why, but clearly you eat spirits." The dark skinned woman grumbles at the man, resisting the urge to poke her tongue out. No, and Koa knows it, she doesn't want to be registered. "You could pay me in cash. Put it in as an out of pocket expense. Or buy me dinner or something."

The mention of the attack gets a sigh. "That's another Egyptian icon isn't it, the Phoenix? What happened, this time." Because this must be Koa's fault, somehow.

Sif looks from Koa to Keiko and back, understanding their words, but not truly comprehending what they're trying to convey. Of course, any attempts to try and understand the idioms and turns of phrase fly right out the window when the man mentions Baldur. "WHAT happened to Prince Baldur?" She immediately looks very displeased. "Excuse me," she says brusquely and immediately turns and walks away at a brisk, ground-eating pace.

Apparently she's off to locate Baldur and get the story of what happened from the man. And maybe lock him in his room so no one can try to jurder him again.

"Well…" Koa says dryly as the other one stalks off. Yeah she doesn't look happy.

"Egyptian? Yes that was an Egyptian phoenix, Keiko. But I don't see an artifact here so it's possible that it needed to be summoned or… made it's way here on it's own. However…"

He sighs. "I should probably look and see if there IS an artifact. Care to help me?"

Either way it's time for him to look in trash cans, peer under bushes and generally nose around the immediate area to see if there's any connection.

Sif can go corner Baldur. That might be an entertaining conversation to see. Pity he's going to be dumpter diving while it happens.

"Well, that's different. I thought I'd seen everything with the …." Keiko casts a sharp glance at Koa and breaks off sharply. "I don't believe in coincidences and whilst I'd like to think it was you that was doing this, I don't…"

She sighs and nods, casting around the area. Koa can see her considering, rubbing her arm as she does.

"Shall we quarter the area, then? You and I?"

"Yeah." Koa is rubbing his own arm and she might notice that it seems tender. He didn't seem to get injured but he's moving like he is and his eyes are still bright red. That magic he pulled in - and he pulled in a lot of it - seems to have affected him.

"Let's get started then shall we? Sooner we get done, sooner I can get back to my lunch." Which he hasn't gotten yet so… no loss.

"I don't think any of my pets can help with this…" Keiko murmurs as starts to quarter the area. It's methodical how she works her through it. Checking hedges and bushes, under benches and yes, ick, in trash cans."

"Did that Phoenix harm you, Agent Turner, when it was attacking. I note you are favouring your arm."

"It might be quite small and might also be dirty or just… really old." Koa says as he picks up a stick to use in the service of moving bush branches out of the way. This is like the worlds worst easter egg hunt.

"Not directly…" Koa glances over at Keiko with and considers.

"I'm not really… made to use that much magic. Definitely not made to HOLD it. It's got to burn off. And I get burned when it does." Is that because it's fire magic? Doesn't seem so. He didn't specifically mention that.

"Not made to use much magic?" Keiko frowns, trying to work that out. "If it's something small we're looking for …" she considers again, hand brushing over the tattoo of the spider. The spider he's seen before. She murmurs something unintelligible and keeps looking.

A few minutes later, the tarantula appears and Keiko glances down at it. "Seek in the places we can not get …" she tells it. The thing scurries off, under a bush.

"If I trip, Agent Turner, I assure you, I'm not drunk. The magic burns, doesn't it? Your frame can not contain it?"

"That's handy. Why would you trip though?" Koa gets down onto the ground to peer at something… nope. That's not it.

"It burns yes. It has to disappate and when it does so it burns. I don't take in that much magic if I don't have to. It's unpleasant. Even using it normally tires me out and makes me sore. Overcasting is…"

Koa shrugs. He doesn't have quite the same effortless talent other Magi do.

The tarantula was last seen disappearing under a bush and Keiko slows her pace as they talk. She's still looking, but it's in a way that similar to someone with vision problems. She uses a stick to stir a trash can, wrinkling her nose as she does.

"I … have a link to some of my animals. When they're summoned, I can see through their eyes. The problem is, I also see through mine at the same time. It can be … disorienting." she frowns at him as he explains. "That sounds unfortunate."

She stops, peering at bush several down from them. "Over here, Agent Turner…"

By the time he gets there, the tarantula - massive thing that is - is dragging something out.

It's a piece of stone about the size of an eight inch floor tile with a bennu carved onto it. Koa frowns.

"Well that's not an artifact. It IS a spell anchor though. Someone summoned a bennu into the area. There wasn't anyone around when I got here though. I wonder if they meant for it to light the park on fire or if they were interrupted before they could get whatever they wanted done."

The agent is silent for a moment. "I suspect the second, actually. It's a big city. There are easier ways to start fires that will actually be damaging if that's the goal. So the question then becomes who summoned it, and why."

It's a sizable piece for a spirit spider to drag out. Keiko hands it to Koa before sketching a symbol in the air, the spider dissipates back into her arm.

"Do you think it was aimed at you, Agent?" She asked that before but now she's asking again, this time more seriously. He might notice she hasn't said 'prank' today.

"If they were interrupted, when did that happen? It's unlikely they saw you coming and you didn't see them."

She might have a way to track them, but she doesn't offer that yet.

"Probably not unless someone knows my routine and the route I was taking to lunch today." Koa says thoughtfully. It's a possibility but if it's true then there are defintiely other problems.

"It would have had to be sometime between the time that I spotted the bird and the seven or eight minutes it took me to reach it."

That's enough time to get quite a ways on foot if one is running and enough time to get very far away indeed if one is using a car.

Koa turns it over. Sniffs it…. licks it.

"Hrm. Nothing especially odd there. Looks like a piece of sandstone you could get at a building supply store. The cuts are clean and fairly new but they don't look mechanical. So this was done by hand…"


"Did you bind those spirits yourself?"

Very different topic.

"Ewwww… " Keiko's nose wrinkles as Koa … tests the stone. "Is there surveillance in the park? Perhaps you could use that?" He's got a point but they're working blind. Or Koa is, at any rate. "Does that tell you anything, Agent? That it was done by hand?" She doesn't think to suggest that he give it to his scientists.

This is the woman who had an image upside down the other day.

His question has her pausing, looking at him sharply as she rolls the sleeves to her shirt down. "I did not. Why?"

"Means it was probably done by a traditionalist. Most people wouldn't think to cut something like this by hand. Takes a certain mindset." Koa lets his hands drop to his sides, along with the tablet and looks over at Keiko again.

"It's an unusual form of magic, binding spirits into your very body. Not many practice it and none that I know of around here. I was wondering where you had gotten them."

"What are you going to do with this?" The tattooed woman pauses by a poster on a lamppost. Another missing child. Another young one. Taken in the last week or so. Taking her phone out, it takes a few moments for her to get the camera app open - and a bit of cursing - and several attempts to get a photo of the sign.

"I'm not from around here." She responds carefully. "Does it matter, Agent Turner, where I got them?" She can't blame him for being curious but she's clearly cautious. "Bella has been with me for many years …"

She'll give him something at least.

"Details matter in my line of work." Koa says with a knowing smile. But magi are secretive and he's not surprised she's not telling him. Hell she saw how hard that blonde sorceress made him work to not really get her name.

"I'm going to take it back to our offices and see if we can figure out who made it. What is your interest in those missing posters?"

He had noticed, when he came by her at the intersection earlier that she was near another one. Different child though.

"Work on the details to your little mystery, Agent." Keiko murmurs, shutting the screen to the phone down eventually and tucking it away. "I'm not important. I'm just a handywoman who has … some special skills." He won't believe that but that's her line and she's holding to it.

"Aren't all missing children a concern, Agent?" It's a good answer but not the one he wants from her. "Maybe I go looking for them between fixing broken bathroom doors."

"They're not usually a concern to handywomen." Agent Turner taps his nose. "But thank you for your help in finding this. I'm going to, yes, go work on those details. And what details will you be working on?"

Keiko smiles at Koa and turns back down the path. Her bike is just over there. "You're welcome Agent. Don't forget you owe me dinner…" She smirks as she moves away.

"I'll be working on keeping my head down and doing my job. Those are the only details that concern me." She stops though, turning to the look at the Agent before taking a card from her pocket. "Just in case you have maintenance work that needs doing …" she says as she hands it over.

Then she turns and walks away. Leaving the SHIELD agent there, alone.

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