2019-03-27 - A Museum at Night


Two danger strangers meet, weirdness happens, they end up at the museum

Log Info:

Storyteller: Blue Devil
Date: Wed Mar 27 14:51:39 2019
Location: Central Park

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Another glorious evening in Manhattan, for those that like evenings in the city. There is a hot dog vendor out under the stars and moon today, the man has made his way nearer the zoo. Not the entrance but more the park outside the zoo. This if fortunate for a certain someone who has made his way into the park. Not typically one to be seen, for reasons, Daniel is in a nearby tree. He has legs hooked on the tree and dangles slightly upside down. From which, a golden trident extends out of the tree and is being used to spear some dogs when the vendor is not looking. No one seems to notice. Typcal New York City Attitude of course, ignore everything even it its weird. Though really, no one even sees the trident so much thanks to cover of darkness and trees. Except a nearby kid with folks that have left the zoo earlier and have found balloons somehwere. That kid is standing open mouthed as the blue hand attached to the trident gives it a turn and thrust, conquering another hotdog on the spit so so speak. With a couple on, its starting to be pulled back up carefully least any such prize be lost.

Abject horror isn't an emotion she was searching for tonight and for the first few moments Heather doesn't notice the look on the face of the kid as he watches the inexplicable. No, too busy reading the options for sale from the vendor, she had also missed the pilfering right beneath her nose. "Just an American dog," her soft spoken voice tells the rather impatient vendor. "Mustard and a little relish. Dill, not sweet please." A smile is given, friendly enough despite the native New Yorker tone of voice. Of course then she glances towards the dogs for sale on the rollers and catches the trident lifting. A slight, puzzled squint as she glances up towards the darkness of the tree, but she doesn't want to appear so obvious so she gives a quick glance around. It's then she notices the facial expression of the kid and realizes he had seen also. "Make it two," she tells the vendor and puts down the money to cover both. "And an iced lemonade." Adding a little more cash before finally lifting her eyes towards the tree to squint a little and try and see in the darkness.

Cover of darkness helps, and branches too. Early spring does not though, the tree is missing leaves. It might take a moment but a few branches move as the woman pays and looks upwards at the tree. Some of those are nicely curved branches. Wait, as the move more into light, those are two similar white'ish objects. And more moving forward, attached to a blue face. Rather devlish, literally. It mouthes and whipsers a little, hopefully the hot dog guy is distracted. "You're trying to guilt me into paying aren't you?" That face asks, amid chewing, that same hotdog that was on the trident. Voice seems normal, enough. The kid loses the scoop of icecream and is trying to tug at their parent, who met a friend as if they live in the neighorhood around the zoo here. "Not now," the parent is saying, not looking up to see the blue face.

The moon does help and the silvery outline of the man.. horned man? Blue horned.. thing in the tree is finally clearer to her. The trident looking rather ominous amid the other details as she takes them in. Opening her mouth to speak she closes it again as the voice comes to her from above. Intelligent conversation was a bonus and after another quick glance to the owner and the little kid, she hitches a thumb in the kids direction, not sensing any danger from the devil man, she points out his audience. "I think it would be best if you did. Leading by example and all." The words are said softly but even so the vendor gives her an odd look. Mayube he's used to people having conversations with invisible people because he just goes back to his business. Soon, in small paper trays are twin hot dogs and in a throw away paper cup, a plastic iced lemonade. A decisive nod is meant to excuse her and just for kicks, she drops a five in the tip jar to cover the pilfered dogs. Hopefully enough to replace them anyway. Stepping aside, she goes to the far side of the tree so the trunk is between herself and the kid. "You can have one of these hot dogs if you're still hungry, but show yourself more properly. Please."

Considering a little, even after the tip, the face with draws. Some dark movements that is certainly more than branches up there, and a waded 10 spot is dropped too. Seems this may be his second or third helping and guilt one, there is a grump of a noise in protest, maybe a nostril flare with the grump noise even. So he doesn't quite lead by example so much as follow. Then she's where not many would see her talking up to invisible things in trees, movement up there follows. "That's all it takes to get a dog from you?" He says slightly incredulous at the idea but considers it. "Allright, I can swap a looksie. Just you need to come up here. On account of no need for any sort of commotion least my target become aware of all this commotion." He sounds sort of serious. The trident lowers again, like grab on. "Just, you know, PSA, you shouldn't trust strangers, in trees .. especially devils or something. But I don't bit, hard at least." As if that softens the stranger danger warning, he leaves the trident down until she grabs hold of course.

Satisfied that he has paid for his dinner now, it seems that's a deciding factor. It softens him to her, at least the fact he can be guilted into paying for his food. It meant there was a conscious there or someting. Trust came easily to her anyway, all her life, having lived it within the church. Still, she doesn't sense menace from him. Everything is held in one hand, her lemonade between her arm and her small body as she lifts a hand and hesitantly closes it around the trident offered down to her, stiffening herself to aid in the lifting. She doesn't weigh much, her body really is tiny. Petite and slim she looks more like a student than an adult. Her features separate her though, from that thought, her eyes mostly giving her the look of knowledge of an adult not a child. In some aspects. Devils in trees being something that doesn't seem to shock her too much. "And I don't shoot from long distances," she muses vaguely with a soft spoken voice with more amusement than real threat.

She figures out getting it all together, and he seems to lift with vertually no strain at all. Like, his hand rises smoothly enough, the branch might bend just more with the weight, but it seems he controls that hand so it doesn't come up too fast with as light as she is for him. A grin comes to his features as she gives a look over devoid of shock. "Oh, you here to shoot me are you," he says with indifference. Like everyday another shooter. "This is a think you do than, meet the weirdos in the park, after dark. Exchange tips on shooting or whatever you city people do these days." Sort of questioning, but in more a teasig manner just the same. "I mean, last chance to run in terror you know, otherwise I'll think you're into horny blue guys in trees." A pause as he lets her find a place to stand, or branch to sit on, whatever she likes, he hooks his trident on another branch like its an umbrella hook or something. "Which isn't a bad thing, being said guy, or devil, whatever you like."

The ease in which he lifts her, making it look very simple an act, does being her searching for is features for any strain at all. Finding none, her eyes flare slightly at the strength of him and only widen further when she is within his personal space. The sheer size of him! Inhaling sharply, she glances away, mostly towards the ground while settling her nerves and offering over a hot dog without looking. Only once he takes it does she turn back to look at him and finds herself taking in the horns before falling to his eyes once more. "Honestly, I would be more likely to accidentally shoot myself if I had a gun. I am unarmed." But he wasn't and a glance towards his trident successfully alerts him that Heather is very much aware she is unarmed while he wasn't. After a moment, under the guise of shifting to get more comfortable and adjust the skirt of her dress, she brushes her fingers over a blue hand or arm, an 'accident' but more to get the general thoughts from the devil. "I know many devils, each one with different intent. What is yours?"

He seems aware of her presence and like some taller men do, he bends his head down a little, as if that makes him more to her scale. It doesn'tin the least, probably bring face or horns just a little closer. Lifting a hand to take the dog, he holds it and listens to her with a nod, watching her adjust and taking in the cut of her clothes maybe. One hand opens up any covering over the dog, or the bread itself, he will put some relish on it. Her hand finds his arm and there is a sense of thrill on the surface, something of an inquisitive curiousity in the moment as she seems comfortable with him and now she's in the tree with him even. "That's pretty forward," he says about her asking his personal intent. "Satiate my hunger," and he starts to lift the dog for a bite, looking at her as he does so. "My intent's changing by the moment. I was taking a break from looking around the park, but my intent is to enjoy this dog with you." He lifts it in a food lifted up salute and takes a bite, mmmm'ing enough to show he's still good eating another dog after all the ones he pilphered.

The touch is brief, deliberately so, but a blush crawls into her cheeks and she ducks her head slightly at being called forward, perhaps realizing the touch could also be considered that. Never had she thought his intent or thoughts would be more centered around her! To distract herself from the moment, Heather also begins eating, biting what is probably a much smaller part of the hot dog than he has, that sense of thrill from him echoing through her, reverberating. "Then I am glad I could aide in satiating that hunger. I am hungry too." Simple words in her own mind with no dual meaning. A drink of her iced lemonade is had, a good sip of it until she has three quarters of it left. Her own thirst slated, she offers the cup to him, realizing he'd eaten but had no drink. "You can have the rest."

He eats his dog of course, no more than two bites. Really its shove in, bit off half, keep shoving, chew it all togehter. But technically he bit it in half then took the rest, so two bites on his dog. He's mmm'ing and nodding with the finish of his food. Naturally he does take the lemonade, but she's saying she's hungry then handing stuff off, he swallows slowly with a purse of his lips. As if those don't add up, or he may read some dual meaning in that. "If you insist," he says, then drinks it, tilting head but eyeing her. "I'm sure you figured it out, I'm not the day job sort of fellow." He says, holding the empty cup now and using it to gesture at his … everything. A little circle of the cup to mean whatever he is (a devil). "Even then, random dinner with strangers in trees isn't my bag of bagels either. If you were curious that is." He doesn't meet strangers all the time he's probably saying. "So this is new to me. Do I get to know your name, or is that part of your strangers in the park thing?" What he was after, her name, in a roundabout way.
Meanwhile down below on the walk near the hotdog vendor and the regular visitors, a man is walking sporadically towards the hot dog vendor. About 20 meters out, he pushes a little, or bumps, nearby park goers who do respond occasionall with an 'Excuse you' or a 'What's your problem'. A light commotion at the moment but noticeable if one is paying attention.

It was almost fascinating watching him eat, watching him tackle everything without thought and Heather looks down at her own hot dog to take another bite. She was hungry. "Mostly I don't come and eat hot dogs in the park either. I usually cook for myself and for my occupation. I'm Heather," a smile lifts to her eyes as she offers her now free hand. "Heather Holt. A pleasure to meet you. You do look somewhat familiar, I have to confess, it's the only reason I joined you." Apparently her norm isn't random dinner in trees either, with strangers. "Are you just a fan of the movies or are you the guy?" Curiosity remains in her expression so much so that it takes her a moment to hear the objections of the pushing. Turning just a little, her brow puckers and she draws her legs up a little so as not to be seen. "Trouble?" Allowing herself to let in the more prominent feelings from the man.. ever so briefly.

"Strange coincidence then," he says and grins to go along with the idea of such a coincidence. He's not looking up at the sound at the moment, though he could probably hear the commotion with those devilish ears. Instead, Daniel is focused on the girl there, "Heather, has a ring to it." Slow nod, "Yeah, somthing like that I'm from the movie so to speak. Now, its, well, real." As if its a long story is implied. Still a slow nod, as if reminiscing on the idea of that long story, then he's turning with a ponderance on that topic. "Trouble?" He is more asking Heather.
The strange fellow, on the surface has odd emotions. Like not quite normal, almost alien in nature, but there is desparation there. He approaches the vendor, "Where is it?" He slurs a little, not quite spitting that out. The vendor replies, "If you want a dog, its 2-dolla's". The odd man holds up a pamphlet and points to the natural hsitory museum, "This, where?" The vendor says, "Look pal, you're on the wrong side of the park, gotta go to the north east side, can't miss it." This is heard above.
Blue Devil mutters, "Can't even get a break to talk with a cute girl." As if, this is a regular occurence around him, oddness that is. Then he looks at Heather, "Is it trouble?"

Certainly a coincidence, but those come more often than not in my life, I think. The places I go and the people I meet." Another bite from her hot dog and Heather can just feel what the man is feeling. No fear really. And she echoes that to the Devil guy. "Though I do remember the movie and the looks of you in it, I don't really recall your name." A glance down at the pair, the vendor and the other man. "He's not afraid but he is very.." she seeks out the word. "There is a sense of urgency about him." Her voice is soft as not to draw attention from below. "It may be trouble, but maybe not."

"So lot of coincidence, you roll with what comes," he sort of questions, with a certain appreciation to that. Coincidence or not, life happens. He nods to her, "Daniel Cassidy, then. Now, I guess, Blue Devil. It's what people recognize and, it just is." He shrugs a little but then is more focused on the guy and the vendor. Watching he side comments to where she's more tucked up in the tree to be out of the way, "YOu can tell that by looking at him, urgency, not so much afraid?" As if questioning but believing or trusting what she said just the same.
"Which way is this north and east," says the slurrying, slobbering sort of guy. The vendor points, "That way, just fallow east road there, its big, can't miss it." The slurring man looks in that direction then back at the vendor, "And I can … see .. the Dagger of Enri'Kim there?" The vendor shrugs, "You got me pal, I don't know whats in there." To which the slurring man turns to follow that East Road to the north and east, as if going there now. The Vendor calls to the man, "Pal, its closed now, not open until like 10 in the morning tomorrow." But is ignored by the stumbling fellow.
Daniel days comment, "Well, that sure was weird." Looking to her for her take on what that was all about.

"Yes, exactly like that." Heather nods almost absently as she listens more to what happens next, or more feels it before listening. Her hot dog is forgotten, perhaps tucked into a branch to clasp her fingers together to stop them from wanting to touch things. "Daniel," she turns more to look at him with that. "I could call you that instead of .. Blue, may I?" With a look down again she finds herself wanting to follow along for whatever reason. "It is weird. Something is wrong with him, I think." Reaching into her pocket she pulls out her cell phone to google the Dagger of Enri'Kim and the museum that supposedly houses it. "Should we follow? Just in case?" While waiting for the information to load, she looks dubiously down towards the ground.

Its accepted, just a look and she can tell about the guy. Facial features, or something, "Sure, you can call me Daniel. But like, Daniel is now the devil." His way of explaining at least. No more explaining though, as he reaches for his triden, "Definitely follow." He starts to lower the trident, back end down like he's almost going to lay it out, over the air though. "Ever ride tandem on a skateboard or something? We can follow but from up here. Just step on and grab on." HIs other hand pats his waist, he continues to lower and then steps on it, it supports him and does suspend in the air out from the tree branch he's on. While she' slooking at google, its on display now as part of an exhibit from some museum in Scotland and relates to some mesopotamian ruler and their religion. Some other cult group lately has asked that it be returned by the museum to their neo-pagan group that worships this Enri'Kim supposedly but that story is more buried and not accurate in details enough to be newsworthy more like a click bait news news site.

A slight hesitation, "A Devil or the Devil? Not that it matters much about now. In for a penny, in for a pound and all that." A rueful smile given his way before it turns more skeptical as he gets on his Trident. Like a skateboard. "I have never ridden on a skateboard before. I am willing." He looked somewhat sturdy on there and she pauses only long enough to read the article briefly and relay the more pertinent parts of it to him. The pat of his waist and all is an invitation, she gets that, but then she slides down and wraps her arms around. Not all the way, she's small, he's big, she holds on tight. "I.. think I'm on good for now." The phone is tucked away and she prepares to steady herself.

"Devil's in the details," he returns with a little chuckle even, Daniel looks back at her as she starts to join him on the trident thing. "Not my doing, like the trident had pryotechnics, but after the change, this is a boon I guess." He lets her take hold, side commenting, "That's a good fit." Maybe teasing about her holding tight versus just arms on his hips and not complaining eitehr. Then the trident lifts, the change/boon he was talking about, they can fly overhead and watch the guy. His pattern is the same, pushing or bumping folks out of the way, asking occasional vendor types or official looking ones to make sure he's on the right path. As they follow him towards the museum, Daniel keeps talking, "So, not what you expected, dogs and a little flight over the park? Meals before the flight, that's how air blue devil rolls, or flies." A pause, as they continue to hover in the darkness above everyone below, "I'm good just following unless the nut tries to get into the museum, then, I guess we have to act." Or he does at least.

He was being vague and it didn't seem to bother Heather. Instead, holding onto him at such heights as the Trident carried her seemed more alarming than her being with the actual Devil. Her arms tighten but she does manage to look down on occasion to keep sight of the guy. "Nothing like how I expected to spend the evening when I stopped at the hot dog vendor." The confession is true and she clings a little more as they hover to watch the guy. "Does he seem scared to you? He seems more furtive to me." But she hasn't checked recently, trying to close it off from her own fears. His, she can kinda feel since she's touching him now.

Vague, and warm to the touch too. Or regular warm at least, which could be good on a cool spring night while tailing weird guys in the park. Daniel is watching the guy at least, and their slowly nearing the museum in question. "Same here, but I never know what shows up in my neck of the woods, have to roll with it. Like you said, coincidences pile up it seems like." A look down again, a little shake, "Yeah, not scared, but restless and driven maybe? Guy really wants this dagger thing." As for Daniel himself, his biggest emotion is protect or defend or some similar emotion that expresses as much. It is in part this Dagger thing, as he doesn't think anyone like this character should have it probably, but also for her. He points down, "That guy looks like he's just going to walk up to the building and try to get in."
Which is true, the man crosses the main road there between park and museum, gets a honk probably, but goes right to the stairs headed for the nearest door.

"Surely there is security inside there." Or perhaps not? Heather recollects, "I have seen Night at the Museum, I hope there is better security in there than on the movie." A sudden shudder, "And that things do not come to life after hours." She watches the man and asks softly, "Should I go and try to deter him?" Certainly she had felt the protective vibe and it only adds to the curiosity that she has placed on him. Another puzzle piece. "How can we stop him together?"

"I'm sure there is security, but the guy's a little off his rocker." Says Daniel as he coasts the tridend down, intent on shadows under the front awning/cover to not be seen. "You think you can deter him, you can try?" He thinks she means talk him out of it, he doesn't know she has abilities even. "If he gets rough, I'll be there to help, but anything that saves drawing attention I think is good." He comes to land at the top steps, near some pillar or column. To let her off, "We have to do this again some time, under other circumstance." A joke, but a hint of honesty in doing it again with her, she can sense before she lets go. They guy starts walking up the stairs and there is a little iron side door nearby that she could intercept him if she so wanted. Daniel throws in, "All your, I'm here if you need me." In the dark parts, ready to jump in if he does prove to be trouble, that curiuos fellow.

A quick glace at the night sky, no overcast, the moon was there. Her amulet. Only when he brings the trident beneath the awning does she touch the amulet beneath her dress, holding it gently. Could she influence the man? Even slightly? "I will try." They were just ahead of him, she had enough time to slip off, but with Daniel's assistance. Then he lands it and she turns to look at him, craning her neck back to see him at his vantage point with his height. "Under other circumstances, I agree," Then she lets go because the man is nearby, "I am trusting you to keep me safe," she reminds before moving to head off the man, hand at the amulet more from habit. Or it looks like a habit, The amulet mostly remains beneath her dress, but it is closed in her fist now, out of sight except for the chain. She pastes on a bright smile, drops the amulet inside her dress and approaches the quirky man. "Good evening! May I help you?" Side entrance and all, she tries to come across as an employee, all professional and everything. Courteous. Helpful?

"Fair enough," agrees Daniel on her trying to influence the man somehow, and he stands closer to the column/pillar thing, trident now in hand, back to the column to make the most of the shadows it provides. She looks at him, he bends down a little to help be closer to eye to eye at least. "My word, not going anywhere," as she turns to approcah that man.
As he nears the door he does turn to address the woman, "Give me the Dagger of Enri'Kim." Whether he recognizes her as an employee or not, he assume she does have access to the building. "It is time to return home." For the dagger? He at least stops and doesn't push or attempt to push anyone out of the way, namely Heather. His eyes are focused on the door however, his erattic body movements have stopped, the strange slur that's not quite spitting his words out is still there though. His head leans just a little to the right as it stairs nearly blankly foward; his face not registering emotions at all. If she is focused on the area, there is a rise of anger mingled with the frustration the fellow was expressing before.

In a harmless gesture, Heather spreads her arms slightly, showing open palms, unarmed. "I have no Dagger sir, can you tell me the importance of it and maybe I can talk to someone?" There is no immediate reaching for him, he seemed high strung already, so she goes for words for now. The anger hits her despite that unemotional face of his and she does her best not to signal she felt it. The slight cringing may give it away, either to the man or the devil. "Who is it that needs the dagger? And why?"

A pause from the man, already standing still, but he doesn't respond right away. Still eyes forward, on door, head tilted and no facial expressions, the anger rises a little. "Not for you to know. You are of no use," he says, "We want the dagger." Repeating his mission/intention apparently. It steps forward for the door and Blue Devil comes out. "She said there is no dagger there pal," says Daniel to the crazy guy, putting his arm out to forcably stop him, which works. The man's body hits that hand like a brick wall, unmoving, so instead his body falter back a little. Then the body slumps, but a shadow rises out of the body, a writhing mist of some form that hurtles for the door and slips a crack to get in. "That was unexpected," says Daniel to Heather.

Heather watches, but not with much surprise or horror. Things like this she had seen before and with a sigh, she shakes her head. "I should have known when he said 'we' want the dagger." For a moment, she makes a quote as her brief form of explanation. "My name is Legion for We ae many." Even he knew about that and those demons. As a devil. Right? "Not so unexpected," she says quoetly. "We need to get in there. I do not know what he wants the dagger for, but I am convinced something bad will happen if he gets it. And we'll have a harder time getting it back."

"Right, one of those sorts," he says, following along, surely Daniel is aware of Legion and such. He turns with her suggestion, "You're right, I'll handle that." To which he steps up to the door and gives it a tug, until the large iron bold breaks and the door opens. Probably setting off an alarm somehwere in the dark inside. If there is a night guard, he's not in that part of the building, not yet. "Which way, try to find it or try to get to the dagger first." He reaches for his trident again, and sort of offers a hand to pull her inside, so they can run in whatever direction she chooses.

"I can follow his emotions, even out of the human body there's emotions. Perhaps even more raw in this form." Concentrating, Heather breathes in, breathes out. Likely the devil now assumed she was something other than human as well, by now. "I have a feeling if we get him, we get both, him and the dagger. It's not safe here. You should take it and keep it safe." Letting him pull her in, not that she'd be able to stop it, she goes willingly at least. "This way.." she motions towards where she could perhaps sense him and his emotion.

She can follow the trail of anger, as it grows, close to its target; acquiring the dagger. Daniel can follow her lead certainly. "Fair enough, find the beastie, we find the dagger. Stop him enough to get the dagger then we vanish into the night. I like your way of thinking." And they're off, he's following her. To the second floor, a mesopotamian display of sorts. And the black thing, reaching for a case with a dagger on display. Daniel steps forward to try to pin it with his trident, or kill it, or worse. "Step back, not today fella." Luck is on his side, the shadowy figure, some writhing other dimensional/alien horror is caught, but still reaching. "Get the dagger before he does," he says keeping it pinned for the moment. They can see, while not in a host, it is whithering slowly too.

To the display Heather goes, finding the misty man and watching as it reaches.. reaches and then is caught by the trident. A flash of triumph in her eyes as the devil wins this one, so far, and she rushes forward to take the dagger in hand, fist closing around the old, old weapon. She steps back to be out of reach of the figure and looks between the two. The alarm is still going off, she was a sitting duck as it were. "We need to get out of here. Dispose of that… thing and we can leave." Not abandoning Daniel in the process, but trying to hurry him along.

Daniel keeps the form pinned, then does a sort of spin and turn move to lift it and push it against another part of the museum. He does that a couple times, like he has some stuntman moves in his body. More needless probably, other than to keep the pin. It slumps a little and he pulls back. "I don't think that'll kill it, but its a chance to get away from it with the dagger." He puts the trident down again, offering a hand her way, "I think we're faster, come on Heather." Hand out to help her, she can latch on as she likes, he'll fly out of there. He will say as they leave, "Heather, I like the name but it doesn't quite have that ring to it, like defeat the evil world. Like Daniel, its why I'm good with Blue Devil most the time."

Daniel keeps the form pinned, then does a sort of spin and turn move to lift it and push it against another part of the museum. He does that a couple times, like he has some stuntman moves in his body. More needless probably, other than to keep the pin. It slumps a little and he pulls back. "I don't think that'll kill it, but its a chance to get away from it with the dagger." He puts the trident down again, offering a hand her way, "I think we're faster, come on Heather." Hand out to help her, she can latch on as she likes, he'll fly out of there. He will say as they leave, "Heather, I like the name but it doesn't quite have that ring to it, like defeat the evil world. Like Daniel, its why I'm good with Blue Devil most the time."

Heather watches without cringing. There was a place for everything and decidedly the form didn't belong here and now with them. Then he's offering his hand and she slips hers into it, realizing they would likely fly. It was faster. "I wish I knew how to fly like this trident and you." Mostly spoken as an afterthought, she tries to keep up with him and manages to not get left behind at least. "Blue Devil it is then," finally calling him by his seeming to be preferred name. "I like Heather, but you can call me Sha'ir." Pronouncing it for him without spelling it out. "Where should we go from here to hide the dagger?"

They fly out of the room, as night guards arrive, and out of the building before authorities arrive as well. They can go a little higher, enjoy some Manhattan night sky line. "I usually throw it and have it return to me, I'm not a fan of flying, but in this situation." He shrugs a little. Seems he's slowly heading back to the park, which is across the street, just not rushing back near the zoo. A slow pace towards the hot dog area at least. "Blue Devil when there are demons, tentacle monsters, ghosts or witches around. But Daniel is good." He turns to look at her as they fly, "Sha'ir, that fits. Like I'm going in to kill the nasty, you got my back Sha'ir." Not always the hero type, he goes with it, then a pause, "I like Heather too." Then a nod, "I have an idea, the place I work, can probably give it to someone there for safer keeping I imagine." He skips the zoo actualy, and is going near a parking area not far away, a garage. Towards the top of it, there is a fancy little blue car from the Blue Devil Movie, she may or may not recognize.

"That sounds fair. A code name of sorts. Blue Devil when there are threats. Sha'ir when there is a threat. Heather and Daniel in other times." Realizing he had protected her and she owed him words, she smiles once they come to the car. "Thank you, Daniel. For saving me back there. I'm not a fighter, I am more an empath and a demon finger." Something like that. "I have no combat skills at all." Her eyes fall on the car and she finds herself laughing softly. "This is a real car? It is perfect for you. All dark and wicked. Like you?"

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