2019-03-26 - Harboring Resentment


A giant otherworldly squid jsut attacked the Red Hook Docks! Well now we know what happened to teh sailors. The question now is Why?

Log Info:

Storyteller: Fibonacci
Date: Wed Mar 27 03:02:31 2019
Location: Red Hook Dock

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Harboring Resentment Plot

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New York Harbor

It's one of those miserable March days where it looks 4 p.m. all day long. The sky is overcast with a hot wind coming from the south. The weather shift and drop in pressure likewise mark the onset of a storm. Shifts in Lay lines have been going spastic all day to those sensitive to it which is not improving the mood of many.

For many others this is the same kind of eerie weather, and inconsistent patterns in the harbor that keep throwing odd readings and have capsized four boats now. This has never been particularly normal for New York and given it's all been within three weeks it's been just… weird and wroth looking into.

Mack Linden was put on alert by John Constantine. She's been unhappy about her situation, but also stayed as aware as she could of things around the harbor. The short blonde is in jeans, a tee, a flannel, and a waterproof canvas jacket, with fishing boots on her feet. She's standing on the deck of the Quint's Folly, looking out at the angry sky and water, her dog Rufus sitting next to her and whining. She put in a call to Constantine, let him know things looked bad, and is just waiting for the man to show up.

Ray didn't like overcast days. Sure, there was still more than enough light to keep him powered and ready to go, but sunlight through clouds just felt somehow less than the direct glow of the sun on him that he preferred. He hovered above the harbor, warping light around himself to keep him out of view and from being a lighthouse beacon above the water. With boats capsizing in the harbor he figured sticking around to help with rescues was as good a way as any to spend his time. Arms folded over his chest he watched the boats drifting on the water below, suppressing a slight yawn. That was another thing about dreary days, made him want to take a nap.

Irritated by the shift in weather and ley lines, Fjorskar drags Adam out to the harbor. As an animal can sense a natural storm, so can she sense something otherly spinning itself up, and she's bothered enough by it to look into it. She sticks to the alleys and, once they're on the docks, any sort of cover she can find, because unlike Adam there's no way she can remain undetected once someone lays eyes on her. 'My pet chimeric wolf monster' is still not quite a pass, even these days.

One of the things that Jennifer has problems with is telling people 'no' when asked for help. Which is how she got here. On the docks. Wearing one of her good outfits that actually fit correctly with comfortable heels. A homeless woman with something of a crazy look to her eye and silver hair poking out every which way had come up to her and *insisted* that she check things out on the harbor. She said some very interesting things. Things that certainly caught the tall green lawyer's interest. So here she is.

Adam follows Fjorskar in like a phantom. One would never know a pair of rather large monsters are slipping through alleys and shadows. He knows Fjorskar has a sense for the ley of the land, and she's troubled enough that he comes along.

Well, with the repeated incidents of capsizing boats being a bit… out of the ordinary, Carol volunteered to look into it for the Avengers. So she's currently dressed in her civilian clothes, though she does wear her flight jacket with the chill, glancing around a bit… and she grins just a bit when she spots Jen standing there.

Constantine rolled out of bed and unhappily picked up the phone after damning it thrice to hell for interrupting his hangover. Right, pop four aspirin and wash it down with coffee. Other wizards had charms for shit like this, not the gutter mage. So now he's awake and cranky, but showing up. A flick of his zippo, a flare of his fingers and the flame leaps to his cig before pocketing it again. "Well, you waited til half-noon. That's fair."

The waters though, grow choppy. The warm air, though starts to feel like it's backing off. At least the wind stops buffeting against those that fly. For those above there is what looks like a shift of color all over. There are though, still boats going out, and further out, the ferry crossing the harbor taking its sweet old time.

Mack sets a hand on Rufus' massive head and gives the Leonberger a good scritching. She glances over to Constantine and holds out a hand for a cigarette too. "I'm not nuts, right? This feels off? This definitely wasn't in the boating forecast and my back is itching again, like that damned tattoo wants something."

Ray Terrill blinks a few times at that shift in color, as if trying to clear his vision. He's seen light do weird stuff, hell, he's made light do weird stuff, but when it did weird stuff on its own.. well, he didn't like that. He kept his position over the water, scanning the area around him trying to pinpoint where the weirdness might be coming from.

Fjorskar pulls up short, scenting Constantine and Mack, who're familiar, but also Ray (at a distance but not visible to her—a concern), Carol, and Jennifer, who aren't. (There's also the smell of the harbor itself; something she's become grudgingly accustomed to simply becausde it was that or be half-blind any time she came to it.)

She crouches behind a stack of pallets, eyes on Carol and Jennier. Carol looks normal enough but smells very off, and Jennifer's green skin marks her as different. The one she can't see obviously isn't a standard human either. She and Adam will be entirely visible to these three if they make for Mack's boat. But the boat is where Constantine and Mack are, so that's where they need to go—especially now that there's odd things happening with color. She growls, shakes her head like flies are harassing her.

She glances up at Adam, a question in her gleaming yellow-green eyes: walk out in plain sight, maybe get attacked?

"I have met the verdant lady," Adam murmurs to Fjorskar. "I'll risk it." He rises from behind cover, a gigantic figure in an even giganticer cloak. "John," he calls to the mage. "We're here." He doesn't need to say who 'we' is. He nods to Mack and Jennifer, and to Carol, although he doesn't know her name. Like many others, he knows her by sight.

Jennifer Walters watches as a small crowd starts to come together on the docks. She sets her briefcase down and pulls out a little piece of paper with a hastily scribbled note on it. "Excuse me," she calls out. "Any of you happen to be…" she squints at her paper. "Constantine? I was told you were going to need help with something by a very old and *ahem* persuasive lady."

Carol Danvers doesn't really speak up at that, since she's not Constantine, but… well, she's perfectly fine hanging back a little bit to see what shakes out. After all, her coming in by surprise might be worth it, if this is some supervillain's harebrained attempt at conquering the harbor.

Hey, have you SEEN Subterranea? It's possible!

Constantine answers Mack with one word about her tattoo wanting something, "Lotion." Snarky bastard. Eyes scan up and note, oh hey, people flying. New York is acting normal. That's good. Then his name. John's head whips around He lifts his head, and the orange glowing light with as he takes a drag off his cigarette. "Adam." Yes, Mack, he knows the nose-less one by name. That swarthy needing to be shaven mug grows a grin at the greeting from Jennifer, "That'd be us. To what do we owe the pleasure?"

The water starts growing much choppier. , though the wind is starting to die until there's just a stillness. That ferry is starting to rock a bit. Really the water should not be moving like this in the slightest. The stagnant wind allowing that lovely harbor scent of briney rust. From above there are long shadows that are starting to surface nearing the docks.

Mack doesn't get a bummed smoke and lets out a deep sigh. "Fuck my life. Why did it all have to get so weird?" she mutters under her breath. Then Adam's semi-familiar voice reaches her and she turns, wide-eyed, and swallows. "H-Hey big guy," she greets. So he wasn't a drunken hallucination. John said he wouldn't be a problem for her at least, so there is no screaming or fainting this time. Rufus aroofs and galumphs over to the giant of a man to greet him happily. Mack gestures to the ferry. "The wind died. Why is she rocking that hard?" she asks.

Ray Terrill finally notices the group gathering on the dock as he's running his gaze over the area. That is certainly an.. odd collection of people. One face he recognizes, the rest not so much. He even winces as he sets his sight on some of the more monsterous individuals. Good thing they can't see that. The perks of invisibility. He drifts a bit closer to the group, where he can eavesdrop in relative peace, eyes going back out towards the harbor and locking on the ferry with a slight squint.

Confidant that Adam (and John…mostly…) have this situation in hand, Fjorskar snorts a greeting to Rufus and turns her attention to the water. She takes several deep breaths, seeking between and underneath the smell of the harbor itself. Her eyes move to Ray's vicinity. "Something comes," she warns Adam in a low growl, scanning the skies, looking for a flaw in Ray's ability by which to track him.

Adam's voice is hard to mistake, sounding as it does like a double bass cello rumbling its lowest string. Unfamiliar, but unmistakable. "Hello, Mack. I trust you are well. As well as you, Jennifer." He looks at Carol but doesn't address her, the expression on his awful face wary. Fjorskar growls her warning; Adam answers her quietly, but intently, "Where."

Jennifer Walters meets Constantine's grin with her own. "I was hoping you'd be able to tell me. It's not every day that you meet a homeless lady with rather intimate details of your life to convince you to come to the harbor and help a man you've never met." She takes a deep breath and looks out on the water with a bit of concern. "I'm an attorney, and I can bench press trucks. So either you're in a bit of legal trouble or you're going to need something punched…." Her voice trails off as, yeah. No wind, and choppy water. That is really weird. "I'm Jennifer Walters, by the way," she says, distracted.

Carol tags along not too far from Jen, as a somewhat tall blonde is not nearly as noticeable as a giant green attorney. With the disturbances in the water, she frowns, a faint hint of light motes dancing around her… or maybe it's just some fireflies that seem to think she's pretty groovy.

Constantine blithely retorts to Jennifer, "Well sometimes clever people lack homes." He watches Mack's nervousness and casually keeps hanging around in the no-man's land between she and his rather impressively unorthodox associates. He muses aloud, "Wonder if she's that bird from that possessed convent. I actually do owe her a lunch." Taking one last drag off the cig and offers it to Mack squinting at the water, "That… is a fantastic question, luv." Looking back to Jennifer, ah! and Carol, and back he reasons, "Well if you're a lawyer that can bench a bus and someone sent you to me i might stand to reason I'm the one needs punching. Wouldn't be the first time."

Pointing to the water John is now curious that the wind is flat dead and the water is moving in swells. the Ferry is rocking like a party boat, and the three fishing boats are just trying to get close enough to dock again, are a ways out but have veered off.

Mack gives Adam a faint smile as she takes the cigarette from John and takes a much needed drag to steady her nerves. "Thanks for uh, getting me home safe," she offers to the massive monster, then a nod to the others, before she looks back at the water and the ferry with a troubled expression. She snorts at the punching comment, amused, until she looks back at the water. "They are gonna have trouble getting docked," she murmurs.

Ray's invisibility drops in a split second, leaving his glowing silhouetted form floating in the air above the water in plain view. Close enough to the group that he was definitely listening in on their conversation like a creeper. "There's something in the water." Yup, that's useful, thanks glowing dude. No introductions, just the warning. But as soon as he says his words to the group he takes off towards the ferry, arching into the air where he can try to get a better view of the shadowed creature under the water from directly above.

Fjorskar grunts as Ray reveals himself, her ears pinning back. Flying human. She jerks her head at him, indicating to Adam that this is who she meant. Ray's mention of the water draws her out where others can see her; she approaches the edge of the dock and down, then out, squinting to see what's out there.

Adam is so tall, he has a great view. What he sees makes him unhook his cloak and let it fall off. So seldom is he fully exposed like this outside the boundaries of Monster Metropolis. Anybody lurking around with a phone camera is gonna get some damn valuable pictures of him. He's dressed in rough, handsewn clothes. He looks not like a corpse stitched together, but dozens of little bits of corpses stitched together. It's absurd, but the first thing that comes to mind might be a quilt.

He glances at Ray, huge bony brow furrowed. "Yes." Ray takes off and Adam continues to the others, "I see something…" how to put this? "stupendous. Warn off the boats." And apparently he's planning on wrestling the thing.

"Well, you're in luck," Jennifer says to Constantine. "I don't punch random people for no reason." Fjorskar gets a second glance once she reveals herself and Adam gets a nod before she turns to face the bay. "This isn't natural. None of this is natural, isn't it." With a sigh, she takes off her heels and places them and her briefcase someplace where they won't get washed away. "I'm going to get wet, aren't I." It's less a question and more grim acceptance of the events to come.

Carol suddenly seems to ignite, glowing brightly as her clothing transforms into the costume of Captain Marvel. Then the Captain launches herself into the air, light cascading off of her as she spirals around the area where she sees the thing coming to the surface. She then glances over towards Ray, "Fancy meeting you here. Care to tell Cthulhu that the harbor is closed to Great Old Ones after four o'clock?"

Constantine eyes the docks over his shoulder agreeing with Mack, "Yeah they're going to be in for a time of it. Might be safer out there than crashing into thing." Looking back to Adam and the Bird and then Jennifer "Yeaaaaah, I'm usually the reason people can't have nice things." Looking around and snapping a look up to Ray's warning he narrows a look at the shifting shapes. "I just can't figure out today how it's my fault." Right. Sleeves are getting rolled up, and wait did he just stick one arm out to mom-arm-bar in front of Mack?! Let's never speak of this again.

Those that try are able to brace for impact as a wall of freezing, briny water rushes straight up and crashes down onto the docks with not one but five tentacles each the width of a sedan and as long as two city buses coming crashing down on the dock. Slowly something at the center starts to emerge. W What look like running lights, bio organic, rush up the the arms flickering cyan, then orange, then cyan, and orange again. Purple scaled arms flail indiscriminately as it tries to pull itself up on the docks.

Mack nods to Adam at his words, "On it!". The ship captain stares open mouthed at the tentacles rising up and the water raining down for a moment before she dashes through a hatch of the Folly onto the bridge, Rufus bounding after her, and grabs her radio. She is small but nimble! "New York Harbor, this is the Quint's Folly. Do not attempt to dock at Red Hook, I repeat wave off Red Hook! Conditions are unsafe! New York Harbor Patrol, there is an incident developing off the Red Hook Docks, please be advised, something in the water." She grabs her shotgun off a rack on the back wall and checks to be sure it's loaded. Rufus whines in worry.

"I don't speak R'lyehian." Ray answers the Captain with a toothy grin. The only type of grin that can be seen on his face, white splitting the part of his silhouette that's his head. He did seem a bit pleased to have another glow bug zipping around the sky with him. Made him feel like he stood out a bit less. "Blasting it might work though." His hands flare with energy as he holds them out in front of him, aiming at the beast in the water. Well, at least until he's suddenly having to weave himself out of the way of tentacles. "Not cool, not cool." He still manages to fire off one of his blasts in the direction of the beast though.

Fjorskar doesn't flinch at the water; not for nothing is she part sea serpent. And as a result, the thing rising out of the water is an incredible afront to her. How dare it come here, where it doesn't belong! She bellows at the tentacles, diving aside to avoid being struck and rounding in preparation to attack it.

Adam doesn't dodge as a great damn-big purple tentacle comes flailing at him. He spreads long arms in welcome and grapples on. And gets thrashed around for his troubles, hitting the concrete with a mighty THUD. "Bloody," he mutters, struggling to compete with the thing for raw strength. Kinda looks like he's going to lose.

"I'm going to get wet, aren't I?" Famous last words to say right before being hit with a wall of briny water. Jennifer blows a wet lock of hair out of her face. "Yup," she says right in time to see a giant tentacle come slapping down almost on top of her. For somebody so big, Jennifer is able to move quite fast, and manages to get out of the way before being squished by the thing. "Hey! Did somebody order calamari?" She goes to grab the tentacle, wrapping her arms around it as best she can to keep it from flailing away and doing more damage than it already has.

Carol flies over the central node of the whatever-it-is, "Hey, New York is a no kaiju zone! Beat it!" And with that, she charges up and lets loose with a photon blast right into the center of the thing, hopefully that's something that can faze it…

Yes. John Constantine just mom arm-barred the ship captain. DId he jsut- well bollocks. He's never going to live this- THUD!! The tentacle slaps down eight feet to his left and with it brings a tremendous cascade of water dousing the pyromancer.


That sad, sad cigarette just fizzles out as the deluge comes and the cigarette just sulks having a very drenched, very cold, and very unhappy day of it.

Like Ursula and Cthulhu's long lost hate baby indeed! Ray is at least on to something 1- this definitely is not indigenous. 2- this is specifically a danger for people getting indiscriminately crushed to death. That long arm thuds into Adam and a few suction cups latch to him picking him up and wrapping around. It's all rather hard to tell who is holding onto who here. Jennifer is able to get an impressive grip on one that is trying to latch onto a near by outbuilding near them and halts seeming to not expect to be pulled back. THere is confusion in the creature's body language until… yes it takes a photon blast to the body. The damage makes an echoing trill go through the creature and the shock of light ripples through it's many limbs. At least one of those arms is looking to swat Carol out of the sky. It's heavy and slower than she is, but formidable.

The radio on Mack's side sounds staticy but comes through "This is Harbor Patrol, What's the current condition?"

Mack growls into the radio, "Either Cthulhu woke up or there's a giant mutant octopus trashing the place! Metas on site trying to fight it!" She slaps the shotgun breach closed and points a finger at her dog. "Rufus, stay!" she orders. He may be needed in short order if people wind up in the water. He's a water rescue dog! She sweeps back out of the bridge and climbs up on top of the wheelhouse to be able to see better.

Ray zips around, trying to get a clear shot at the octopus. Maybe from behind. His flight carries him to the rear of the creature as he funnels energy into his hands again. As he fliws by the backside of the octo-monster he fires off one of his rays, a bright bar of heat and light scorching its way through the air at the sea monster.

The tentacle holding Adam (or that Adam is holding—really, what's the difference) is Fjorskar's new concern, and she launches at it, furious. Claws and teeth are the order of the day; she brings them to bear on the suckers, hoping to get Adam free.

What does the thing want? That's the question on Adam's mind. Well, that and 'how can I keep from being torn in half'. As a naturalist, the first thing he wants to know is why this creature is behaving like it is. Is it coming ashore to mate? Feed? Die, like an oarfish? He grunts as suckers latch on to him. In turn he brings all his strength to bear on the thing and fights to slow it.

Jennifer Walters grunts and pulls at the tentacle, fingers digging into its flesh, trying to keep it away from anything too breakable. When she hears a tearing coming from her jacket. "Crap. Not the suit. *not the suit!*" She shifts her grip on the thing, digs her heels in and *heaves,* wanting to get the heart of the creature out of the water so other, more terrestrial people can pummel it.

Captain Marvel nimbly dodges the tentacle, then unleashes another photon blast before diving down into the water. Fortunately, she doesn't need to breathe… which is good considering the water quality here. As it is, she's going to see how big this thing really is to get an idea on how to get rid of it.

The super fun part about a giant, dock-sized octopus that glows (if there is one), is that ever side is both in front and somehow also behind it. Like fighting a furious asterisk. To this extent it is incredibly easy for Ray to sneak up on it, and the creature tries to duck that bulbous central core into the water to protect it from the heat of the blasts. It's not helping tremendously but it speaks volumes that it seems to be peripherally aware. While it is glowing and thrashing, it does seem to be taking damage though as Carol dives under water for a better look she can see the body might only be a 10' sphere across and is mostly legs and a ring of what might be eyes around all sides instead of one facing? This isn't Earth Natural. This had to be brought here from elsewhere. There are also more tentacles in the water bringing the total up to, nine total. Nine?


On Deck it's starting to get pulled up onto shore, most of the free arms not trying to attack anyone but pull itself up. Then there's the one being pummeled and wrestled with by the Bird and Adam, and that was a damn fireball from… where!? Okay there is an annoyed, soggy wizard with a zippo and what looks like a fist full of fire trying to aim for the suction cups to keep them from sticking to Jennifer.

On the coms the Harbor guard might normally say kid stop prank calling. No, they respond to the captain, "Shit they weren't lying about that?! We'll send word to rerout the ferry. How many are there?"

There's a question to ask.

Mack winces as Captain Marvel dives into the Hudson. "Oh Jesus, she'll never get that out of her suit," she murmurs. Come on, you could light the river on fire from all the crap floating in it. She barks into the radio. "I think one? But it's huge and has huge tentacles, nine of them? What the fuck has nine tentacles!?" Sorry Harbor Master. "Will send up a flare." She slaps open a box on the mid mast and pulls out the flare gun, sending one up into the air above their position.

Ray wrinkles his nose as Captain Marvel goes diving into that water. Sure, he could follow, but why send two people down there.. into that water.. that is definitely full of parasites. Nope, not him. Instead he continues to fire off blast after blast at the monster from the opposite side of it from the dock. Maybe it's not really the back, but most of the attention seems focused on the dock and that's good enough for him.

"It is not of our world," Fjorskar snarls to Adam. Then she's back to slashing and gnawing at those suckers, trying to get Adam free.

It's like Fjorskar knows what Adam was thinking. Caught, he grunts, straining against the creature's huge arm, "I said nothing." Nothing! And he absolutely hasn't already come up with theories for its lifecycle. He's glimpsed Captain Marvel (that name he does know) plunging into the water. So he works to keep the creature occupied.

There's a sudden surge under the water, and the central core of the tentacle monster suddenly appears out of the water, being lifted slowly… and then it's completely out of the water, the ten foot diameter beast rising in the air.

Mainly because underneath the creature is Captain Marvel, gritting her teeth and lifting the thing into the air as she says, "So… anyone care to knock this thing back to where it came from?!?"

This isn't working. She just doesn't have the leverage for doing anything useful on the ground. If only she could just get the middle of the thing up out of the water she could give it the old one-two.

And then Captain Marvel happens. Look at that. Jennifer grins as she's all but invited to knock this thing back to kingdom come and she drops her tentacle to rush at it full speed ahead and gives it a punch it'll never forget.

The Harbor Patrol starts asking for coordinates, status evaluation, and the 'Folly is just rocking like a buoy in the water getting its bell rung. Thankfully it's a hearty boat. Being this close to the docks, though, is really, oddly, the bigger issue as the waves try to slam against it.

Ray's blasts start creating an odd situation with the creature most easily view able to he, above, and Carol below. As the core takes damage, the lights seem to keep running up teh legs to the core body and the body is fighting the assault by trying to heal. The precision light blasts and the heavier photon blasts have caused enough damage something odd has happened and that's those three legs underneath it in the water are no longer lit and are hanging from the core body, limp.

It's drawing its health from somewhere.

"Adam, you may want to listen to Fjorskar. It will literally eat you out of house and home, mate!" John slings another fireball into the suckers to make them recoil instead of latch on to anything in particular trying to sun up the whole of this. "We could try to banish it, but that's not really my bally-wick on the fly. This came from someplace I don't have a shortcut to."

The creature is lifted out of the air by Captain Marvel!
"Right, lads! Focus on the middle then." Hey her plan is as sound as any! It's not like they can question the damn thing… well that he knows of.

Mack gawks at the thing being lifted out of the water. All those eyes clearly mark it as 'not from round here' in her book. The tiny woman is hanging on for dear life on top of the wheel house, an arm slung around a rung of a ladder structure on top of it. As the boat semi-levels she aims her shotgun at the middle of the creature, and lets off a blast.

In as much as her wolfish, beastly face can do so, Fjorskar gives Adam a look both dry and smug. Oh eys, she's sussed what he's about, without a word spoken. See, even John can tell!

She leaves off trying to hold the beast as it's lifted, instead working to make sure Adam isn't hauled off with it. It does need to be sent back to its home—in one piece of not, she's not particularly concerned.

Well.. those light blasts at least seem to be working, so Ray continues to lay the pressure down. Why get fancy when the simple methods seem to work best. He gives a sideways glance towards Mack as he hears that gun go off with a wince. "Careful, some of us are not overly durable!" As he fires off another beam of energy right at the core of the beast. Those eyes are such tempting targets.

Adam sighs. This is what he gets. It's his own fault really. He should probably go back to Switzerland and live in the mountains and hope one day Constantine and Fjorskar forget everything embarrassing they know about him.

He peels suckers off himself like they're vinyl clings. "Now!" he shouts at Jennifer. And he joins her in slugging the thing, launching a punch with the power of a torpedo.

Jennifer Walters launches herself at the center of the beast like a giant green missile, arm pulled back for the mightiest of punches. She's called herself She-Hulk for good reason. Few are stronger than her, even now when she's so out of shape. When she's finally close enough, she lets out a roar and, not holding back like she usually does, slams her fist into the beast.

Captain Marvel concentrates on holding the core of the thing up for punishment, straining a bit as she keeps it in the air. Her aura lights up even more, as she starts channeling more energy into… something. Whatever it is, is probably going to be big.

Constantine is an expert at bad life choices. Odds are if he's asked himself Could it be so bad? then the answer is already yes. Also Adam can figure out there's no way John will forget all of his embarrassments. They normalize John's behaviour! That's valuable! Centralized targeting?

OOH! When Ray starts hitting those eyes with that laser focus of his those arms that still work recoil back trying to protect the head, but the repeated blows, and the hellfire being lobbed at its core body are taking a toll. Slowly the limbs tart to grow dim and just dangle falling away a safe distance from short and the structures there.

John snaps his Zippo shut and stands there with one fist on fire, unbothered by it, while Ken and Ryu, er Adam and Jennifer, lunge at the exhausted, aquatic creature there is a ripple effect that make the lights look like it's ultimately shorting out.

All that's left to do is have Carol send it out with a bang!

Mack watches the thing go limp, but she shouts down to John, "Harbormaster asked HOW MANY of them! Are there MORE!?" She's sweeping the water, squinting for any more massive shadows.

Ray lowers his hands, hovering as he stares at the now limp creature. At Mack's question though he looks back out at the water, scanning for any other shadows or ribbons of bioluminescense under the water.

Captain Marvel grits her teeth, then suddenly grins up at the tentacle horror, "So, Cthulhu… anyone ever tell you about the shoulder touch?" She cocks an eyebrow and then just says, "… Hey."

Which is when she lets loose a full power blast at point blank range, intending to finish the thing since it's been hammered down enough by now.

Fjorskar hangs back, waiting to see if this all works, satisfied that John and Adam are (relatively) safe and that Adam has given up thoughts of taking the creature in.

Adam hits the creature like the proverbial fist of the angry god. He's not angry, though, he's actually kind of sad that they have to pummel it. Well, needs must.

It's like punching a water balloon. Jennifer's fist makes satisfying ripples throughout it's body, and she manages to kick off it back onto the dock, landing on her feet. She fistpumps, "Yes! I *MISSED* the bay!"

Constantine yells back to Mack, "Just because I look like We've been for a swim, doesn't mean we did." Now he's looking around though. That's a damn fine question. He looks to Ray looking around.

As for what Ray can track there seems to be something, deeper and heading away from the harbor right now. The signature is weak, maybe because of the depths, or that he cold has something closer to a dormant state, but something is moving away right now and away may have to be acceptable for the time being.

It's also hard to tell because as soon as Ray starts to focus the harbor, by the Red Hook Docks, goes from looking like it's 4 p.m. perpetually all damn day to being high noon in Vegas immediately as that Photon blast illuminates that cephalopod like a Roman Candle and much like the 4th of July in the harbor it explodes into light, chunky squiddy bitch, and flashed of purple scales lit up by sparks of cyan and orange as the bio-lighting is charged up, erupts, and fizzles as things come down like chunky rain.

| |
| | plop!
plop! |
| plop! |
| | |
plop! | plop!

Well now we know why the harbor smells funny. At least it's a new funny smell? Everyone but Mack who was insider her boat's cabin at the time is going to have one hell of a time getting de-gunked.

"Oh, oh damn." Mack slides down the ladder one handed, the other one still holding the shotgun, as the monster looks like she's gonna blow. She ducks inside the wheelhouse and slams the hatch shut just in time, before it rains bits of gore. She turns the windshield wipers on, on the bridge. "Well that's gonna need a shit ton of scrubbing," she mumbles. Rufus whines where he is cowering under the console. Definitely not a guard dog.

"It looks like something is running.." And then there's glorious light. Ray basically feeds off light, so it doesn't bother him. If anything it gives him a nice jolt of energy before he ends up getting slimed by the monster. He floats and he drips. Looking just a little displeased with the outcome. After a moment he lets off a burst of searing light around him, frying and drying out the gunk that covered him and letting it fall off of him in dried flakes. It doesn't do much for the smell though. Now he just smells like cooked sea monster.

"AUGH!" Jennifer wails. "MY MOUTH WAS OPEN!" What once was a nice, expensive business suit has been drenched in water of questionable quality, ripped by bulging muscles, and covered in giant octopus goop. "Bleah!" she says, trying to get the taste of it out of her mouth, unsuccessfully while walking to where she put her shoes and briefcase. "I need a shower. And a tub of purell." When she gets there she lets out a cry of joy. "Yes! The shoes survived!"

Captain Marvel does a variant of the Ray-trick, burning off the worst of it as she lands, looking at Jennifer wryly, "Yeah, I made sure to shut my mouth first. Sorry about that." She tilts her head, "Good work, by the way. But now, well, I need to get a shower for… um, probably about a week or so." She looks at her costume, "Hoping the Kree self-maintenance protocols can handle this though."

Mack Linden pokes her head out the door. "I have a shower! And beer and chili!" she calls to John and the Monster Squad.

Splat. SplatsplatSPLATTER SPLUT. Chunks of something that resemble seared plain gelatin but aren't nearly so appetizing shower over Adam. He shields his face with an arm, so there's like…a little bit of him that's not covered in gunk. He shakes a hand like a cat would flick a paw. Splip goes a bit of monster gel landing on the concrete. Let's be honest, though, Monster Metropolis is in the sewers, it's not the worst thing Adam's had to tolerate.

Constantine isn't Dr. Strange. Just because he ran London Sanctum for ten years doesn't mean he can just pull a force field out of his ass and shit miracles. John just closes his eyes. "Well bollocks." and with that, waits for impact.


At Jennifer's dismay he assures unhelpfully, "If it makes any difference? I don't think having my mouth shut made a difference." and with that he looks back to the Lawyer and offers, "Tell you what, Here's my card. Easiest place to find me. Tomorrow why don't we put ourselves together and try that again shall we? Right now? well shit he flips a crate over so what was bottom, and protected, is now the upside he sits on to try to have another cigarette. As it is the pack is soaked and pulling one from the pack doesn't seem to fare much better. He doesn't even take it from his lip. He just hangs his head. This is that sort of day. "at least everyone's alright." It's a small win.

"Can I… can I borrow some clothes?" Jen asks. "I think we're going to need to burn these."

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