2019-03-25 - Copyright Infringements


Jean is staking out the Disaster Zone when Carol flies by.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Mar 26 00:40:31 2019
Location: The Disaster Zone

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It's a dismal spring day in New York. The weather might be getting warmer, but that brings rain with it, and today it's a grim, drizzling, gray swamp outside, with just enough chill in the air to make it uncomfortable. Luckily, Jean has a few tricks for that. Thanks to the rain, she felt a little bit better about venturing back into the danger zone - it would probably help outline those centipede creatures even if they were trying to be invisible.

Jean herself has taken a perch on the edge of a rooftop, a thin shield of telekinetic energy keeping her dry as she watches out over the empty streets. She's in uniform, with a simple domino mask to help hide her features, though her red hair is always easy to see.

Captain Marvel isn't exactly one to make a quiet entrance, but she was flying a patrol over the Disaster Zone when she noticed Jean on her perch. Curious as to what someone else would be doing here, she drops down, the crackle of ozone and air rushing around her announcing her presence as she drops into a hover, looking curiously at Jean, "Hey there." She blinks, and grins as she notices the telekinetic rain shield. "Nice power, that."

Jean looks up at the first hint of another presence, brows rising slightly when she recognizes the arrival. "Well, it's useful for things like this," she replies, helpfully extending the field until both of them are covered and out of the rain. It makes them both a little more obvious, but it's just polite, right?

She pushes up from the edge of the roof, brushing herself off and standing up a little straighter, not quite challenging. "You're not going to tell me to leave, are you?"

Captain Marvel grins, "Why would I do that?" She gives Jean a wry look, "I figure if you're here, you can probably handle what this place has. And well, you /do/ have some powers so it isn't like you're some cosplayer looking for some kicks." She shrugs a bit, "Anything you're looking for in particular? I'm still… well, getting my bearings."

Jean lets out a breath, looking a little relieved that she's not going to have to argue with someone else who has powers. "Not exactly," she answers, wrinkling her nose and half-turning back toward the street. "I mean, I usually try to come around here now and then to make sure there aren't any Sentinel parts or anything like that sitting around. But the last time I was here, I ran into something strange. I'm not really ready to tangle with them again, but I wanted to gather more intel if I could."

She tilts her head, squinting a bit at the uniform. It looks familiar, but not something she can quite put her finger on. And something tells her she shouldn't go poking around in this mind just yet.

Captain Marvel hrms, "Strange? How so?" She tilts her head towards Jean, and then she comes down the last few feet and lands next to the redhead on her perch, looking down at the street that Jean was watching.

"Robots," Jean clarified. "That looked like…centipedes. But they had some sort of retro-reflective and self-repairing capabilities. We sort of figured they were for surveillance purposes, but that's a lot to put into surveillance of a place that's supposed to be empty, don't you think?" She crosses her arms over her chest, obviously still thinking it over. "You could send in cheap rolling or flying drones if you just wanted a look around."

Carol nods a bit, "Yeah, that is a bit unusual. Seems like there's more efficient ways… unless they were looking to dig around for something in particular. Not like a drone in the sky could do that." She hmms, thinking about it, then she glances over at Jean, "As you said, there's probably some decent things to salvage around here, if people wanted to put the time and work in. Or the robots."

"Yeah, but anything that's worth that much investment in something like that that's also actively chasing away other people is probably not on the side of the angels, you know?" Jean reaches up to rub a hand at the back of her neck, still trying to think it over, when the memory hits her. "Captain Marvel," she says suddenly. "That's…" She turns, quirking a brow as she gives the other woman a once over. "Huh. You've been gone for a long time."

Captain Marvel grins, "Yeah, you were probably still in grade school when I was with the Avengers. Well, I'm back with them, but you know what I mean." She actually doesn't look much different than when she left, oddly enough. Then she nods, "But I agree with you. Whatever or whoever is sending these robot things is probably not a friendly."

"Where've you been?" There's not a lot Jean can do about the robots while there aren't any around, but the stories of an Avenger are definitely worth listening to anyhow. She moves to sit on th edge of the roof again, shrinking the shield to something a little more efficiently sized for both of them.

Carol grins and sits back, "Well, when the call to register everyone went out… and I may have told the government what they could do with that and left. To Kree space, actually. I spent my time, well, not just there, but among the stars in general." She glances over at Jean, "To be honest, part of me wishes I stayed, but I saw some things that were just incredible out there that I'd never see on Earth."

Jean's brows rise slightly, but she nods along. "I guess that's understandable," she muses. "I'm sure there were a lot of people who wished they could've just told the goverment what they could do with their registration. Things got kind of…not great in the interim. Not sure how much catching up you've been able to do," she adds. "This," she gestures out in front of them, "Is part of what happened when it all came to a head. Did you know they had mutant-hunting robots? Big ones."

Captain Marvel sighs, "Yeah, I heard. That's one of the reasons I wish I had stayed. Maybe I could have done something about that." She gives Jean a wry look, "By the way, you can call me Carol. Not like I have much of a secret identity anyway."

"I'm…" Jean pauses a moment, then a faint smile tugs at one corner of her lips. "Well. You're probably going to find this a little funny, but we're kind of big on the secret identities, so when I'm out in the field, it's been Marvel Girl. Although to be fair, I've been kind of feeling like I was maybe outgrowing that one recently. I'm open to suggestions."

Carol laughs softly, "Well, I think Marvel Girl sounds cool. I was Ms. Marvel before I was Captain Marvel… and I'm not using the old name anymore." She grins, "Also was Warbird for like, six months or so, I think. It was a thing." A wry look back at Jean, "And no worry about the secret identity thing. Though my lawyer might be in touch with you about the whole 'Marvel Girl' bit." A wink and a grin, as it doesn't take a telepath to show she's kidding.

"It sounded cool when I was, like, twelve," Jean points out, smile rueful. Of course, the implication there is that she had a 'field' name when she was twelve. Apparently the whole registration thing did get ugly. "Kind of feeling like 'girl' is maybe not the direction I want to go in the future. But. I guess it's something I'll figure out eventually. Probably when something super embarrassing happens or the press catches me doing something and makes up their own name. So it'll end up being ridiculous."

Captain Marvel grins, "Yeah, definitely." She does the mental math on how long Jean's been doing this, and the grin fades out a bit, the woman shaking her head. "But I'm sure something will hit you. And not just 'Umbrella Lass' either." She gestures, still keeping an eye on the street in case one of those robo-centipedes shows up.

Jean laughs, glancing up toward the shield. "Yeah, see, that's the sort of thing it would probably end up being. Funny thing about telekinesis. The effects can be impressive, but you don't usually see it in action." She props an elbow on her knee, setting her chin in her hand and tapping at her lips with her thumb. "Oh, hey. Do you know if Ant-Man and Baldur brought a, uh…glowing blob thing with the ability to possess cheese blobs back to the Avengers?" Sure, that's a normal question.

Carol blinks, "Is that what those things are? I saw a couple the other day, but they were possessing sheets, not cheese. They tied up this kid and… well, I wasn't sure what they were, honestly. I'm pretty sure Sc… er, Ant-Man captured his, but I hadn't quite rejoined the Avengers just yet. I'll ask around, though."

"Wait, there have been more of them?" Jean's brows rise as she turns more fully toward the other woman. "That's…also probably not good. But yeah, I was getting pizza when the one with the cheese happened. I didn't get a chance to go after it because it had basically drowned an employee in cheese, so I had to, uh- You know, I don't recommend breathing cheese, I'm just going to put it that way. But I figured a couple of Avengers could handle it. It's not exactly sentient, by the way. In case you guys hadn't been able to, you know. Make contact."

Captain Marvel shakes her head, "I'll make a note to ask Ant-Man about it, since he seems to have at least another one of those things now. And ugh, cheese. And probably not even good cheese." She hmms, "Got a burner phone or something I can use to reach you?" Figures an ex-SHIELD agent would think of things like that.

"Well, I mean, it was good cheese. It was Mario's, so at least it was real mozzarella. It's just that cheese is way better in stomachs than in lungs." Jean considers the question for a moment, then nods. "Yeah, I've got one. Do you mind if I…?" She trails off, gesturing from her own head to the other woman's. "Sorry, I should clarify. I'm a telepath. I can sort of…give you the info. And it'll give me a feel for your mind, so if you really need to reach me and you're in the city, you can give a sort of shout and I'll probably hear it. But it's kind of rude to go into people's minds without permission," she adds with a flicker of a smile.

Carol grins, "Okay, well, if you figure out where I left my car keys, tell me okay? It's been ten years." She quips a bit, as that's what she does, but she nods, "Go ahead."

Jean laughs, grin flashing. "Sorry, I'm not that good yet. Ten years back is a lot of baggage to push through, and it sounds like you've probably got some extra stuff messing up the path too." She winks, then closes her eye to focus on transferring the information. And then the information is just there, in her head. A phone number she knows now. Jean opens her eyes, letting out a satisfied breath. "I'm getting better at that." It's always better to admit you're still practicing something after you succeed.

Carol chuckles, "Good. Because I was hoping you wouldn't see this one time I visited Sakaar…" She coughs, and actually blushes a bit, "Anywho, I'll give you a call as soon as I figure out what's going on. But knowing Ant-Man, this could be… complicated."

"He seemed nice," Jean shrugs, smile crooked. "Anyhow. Doesn't look like there's anything going on down there tonight, so I should probably get back to other things. Nice meeting you, Captain- Carol. Let me know if you need any help with the blobs of possessing. And, uh. Just a heads up, but there might be some X-Men checking things out down here later in the week, so if you hear something going on…Well, please don't nuke it from orbit, we're trying to help."

Captain Marvel smiles, "Alright then. Would be interesting to finally meet some X-Men, but yeah, we'll make sure not to drop any mass destruction on your heads if you're here." She nods, "Be careful, Marvel Girl. And if you want to brainstorm on naming, just call." With that, she launches up into the air, then waves as she takes back off towards the city proper.

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