2019-03-20 - When Night Falls


Kilkenny is causing problems for Koa, or is he?

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Storyteller: None
Date: March 20th, 2019
Location: Harlem

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"You said this was important." Koa says as they walk through a portion of Harlem bordering the disaster zone. This part of town is full of… well, lots of apartments and properties that have seen better days. Some of them have seen pretty extensive damage. All of them could use a handyman, probably.

"It is, it is." Says Kilkenny the fox spirit as he runs ahead of Koa. "It's up here somewhere. I promise you you're gonna want to see this."

"I swear to various gods if you're just dragging me to look at some place you think might make a good den…"

Just ahead of Koa is a bike he might recognise. He might not, this one has a working front wheel.

Stepping out of the building nearby is a small, dusky skinned woman with a toolbag in her hand. "No problems, Mister Gresham. That door is good now. I'd say as good as new but … you know…"

She's looking back into the building, so hasn't noticed the fox or the druid who accompanies him.

"See. There she is."

Koa rubs his face. "And why is this important."

"Oh come on. She's a, what do you call it. Tiferet class risk! That's it. Don't you want to know about her and her spooky spirit animals?"

"Not if they're anything like you." Koa mutters. He's standing by the bike. So, she'll see him when she comes out. And she'll see the fox who is sitting down and looking pleased with himself.

"Thank you, Keiko. It's always good to know you're around." Comes a male voice from just inside the building.

Keiko chuckles to herself, tucking some notes into her jeans pocket and turning to her bike. "…you …" she hisses, looking between the fox and the druid. "Did you want to see if you could mess my bike up again?"

She squints. "What do you mean I'm a risk?" Oh, she heard that alright.

The fox is kind of interesting. Her pets aren't sentient like that.

"You're a magical being whose intentions are unknown and uncatalogued." Kilkenny starts, intoning like he's quoting from someone.

"Shut UP, Kilkenny." Koa sighs. "I don't know why I let you talk me into these things."

"Because when you humor me I don't tell other spirits where you are so they come hassle you." Kilkenny grins.

Hassle isn't the word for it. They come ATTACK him. Most spirits stay out of his way. He can eat them after all. But some are powerful enough and indignant enough that they get hostile.

Finally Koa pulls out his wallet. "Koa Turner. Agent of WAND, Magical enforcement and security for SHIELD. We try to make a habit of keeping some track of who is in town, paranormally speaking."

"I'm not a magical being." Keiko says promptly. She might be splitting hairs, but technically speaking - she doesn't do magic. Not really. She squints at Kilkenny "You choose to hang around this guy, by choice?"

She does have to wonder about 'other spirits'

"I know how you are, Mister Turner. You left your card at the Store the other night. You make a habit of keeping tabs on people, do you? That includes wrecking their property and stalking them?"

"I'm Keiko Kurita and I'm sure I'm no one you need to bother yourself with."

"I don't know if I'm 'bothered' with you but you do clearly have… something unusual about you. That was a significantly potent spirit you unleashed your pets on and yet you didn't seem too concerned. And then again, you were present in the park with the odd blonde and the blind man. One of which is clearly some kind of 'entity' but you weren't bothered. So you know you have power. And you've seen things. And I have no idea where you came from or what you want."

Kikenny grins. "By choice? Sometimes. Sometimes he comes to break up my fun while I'm having it. So I make sure he's got lots of work to keep him busy." The way the fox spirit is looking at her, she's part of that 'work'.

"I'll bet you're a riot after night falls, after all…"

Koa gives Kilkenny an odd look when he says that.

"I don't have power …" Keiko says again, a little more firmly this time. "Maybe I know power but so what? I'm sure many people do who aren't powered." It's a thin argument but she's using it.

"All I want, Mister Turner. Or is it Agent Turner? Is to be left alone to live my life. I fix things to pay my way. I pay my taxes and I keep my nose clean. Is that too much to as—-"

Kilkenny's comment stops her dead, the look she gives Koa and the fox is almost panicked. "I … don't know what you mean." Koa can see her looking at her bike, but she has to get past him and unlock it … and looking down the street.

He's seen that look before from others. Others thinking about running.

Koa steps in front of the bike. Which is to say, in front of it's front wheel. She could move it out of the way to run but she's going to have to get around him to do that.

"Well THAT hit a nerve. What does Kilkenny know about you that's got you so scared, miss lots of people know things."

He'll have to grab the fox by the scruff of his neck later and shake him. Kilkenny said this would be important and it may well be but he doesn't doubt that this is also about the fox being able to have Koa busy with other things so he can have his own fun.

Keiko swears as Koa completely blocks access to her bike. She could just leave, walk down street and come back later. He'll probably take her bike though and she can't afford another one.

"I'm not scared." She says boldly, squaring her shoulders and staring Koa down. "I don't know what Kilkenny knows, do I? You'll have to ask him." beat "Look, Agent Turner, I just try to keep my head down and live my life. I'm not asking for trouble to find me and if it does because of your friend, I won't be pleased."

She's not scared. Sure. That's why she's trying to bolt. Koa folds his arms in front of him and watches as Keiko stares him down. She's at least making eye contact but that had… not been nothing, as it were.

"What happens when night falls?" He's thinking that it's something to do with actual night, but it could be metaphorical. Magi love metaphorical.

"What has you so ready to make off in a hurry?"

Many things are Kilkenny's fault. But not this, Koa thinks.

"Are you one of them?" Keiko turns her attention the fox. "Or one of their pets?" Who on earth is she talking about? "Who do you answer to? They have to be in the city at least."

She sighs as Koa keeps pressing, glaring at the fox. "They take me back and punish me." Who does what now? She's probably not making a lot of sense.

"One of them? To wind up tied to someone's tattoo? No thank you. You people are crazy." Kilkenny scoffs. "I answer to the rising sun and the western wind and my own whims, and those things only."

Koa rolls his eyes. Kilkenny's getting poetic but he's not lying. He's just being cryptic because he can.

"Who is they?" Yes more pressing but if she's got trouble following her…..

Keiko frowns. She feels she should understand those references, but she doesn't. "Then how do you know of them and why out me?" She's not pleased. Not at all. If Kilkenny had charmed her yesterday, he's not today. She looks like she might want to throttle him.

Poor Koa, party to the conversation but not all of it. The tattoo caller looks him and considers. "I should tell you, again, to ask your friend there. But I suspect he won't tell you and you'll keep me bugging me. He means The Nightfall." The capitalisation is audible "They're the ones who took me, marked me and trained me. I ran away, eventually … "

She doubts that enough but she doesn't like talking about this.

"I'm no trouble, Agent. As long as I keep my head down."

"He's kind of not my friend. Well… he's friendly. Ish. Sort of."

"I'm hurt." Kilkenny says, clearly not that hurt. And grinning madly.

"I will keep bugging you anyway yes. I can't say I've heard of the Nightfall but that doesn't necessarily mean much. Do you have reason to believe they have followed you to this city?"

Koa is already taking out a notepad to record things. Even this inforamtion gives him places to start researching.

"He's your friend. He's here, you're talking to him and you let him lead you here. That's plenty friendly in my books." Keiko mutters still glaring at the fox. She's so not impressed. "I'll give you hurt, you little rat."

"I'm not surprised you haven't heard of them. I'm sure there's lots of things you haven't." The response is slightly tart but can he really blame her.

The extra questioning gets a raised eyebrow "Am I under arrest so you can question me? I told you, I'm no trouble and I don't want any. Why do I have to tell you anything?"

This is going to be difficult, he can tell. "But no, I don't think they've followed me. They don't like big cities …"

"Do you want to be under arrest?" That's possibly a hollow suggestion but you know there IS such a thing as protective custody, so there's that too.

"You don't have to tell me, no but if you don't it's more difficult for help to come to you if something happens. At the very least you should contact me if you think you're in danger. WAND or SHIELD agents can respond to a crisis."

Koa finally steps out of the way and Kilkenny fluffs his tail rather daintilly and starts licking a paw.

"But no, you're not being detained. You're free to go if you wish."

"Do I look like I want to be under arrest?" Comes the swift retort. Keiko would fold her arms if she didn't have her toolbox. "All I want, Agent Turner, is to be left alone but I doubt that's possible now."

Kilkenny gets another filthy look as the polynesian looking woman unchains her bike.

"Thank you for the offer." Why does Koa think she won't be calling him? Stubborn woman. "But I really hope not to be seeing you around …"

Why, oh why, does she think that won't happen?

Why does she not think that will happen? Maybe because he seems to work for some kind of authority. Maybe becuase she's run into him several times already. Maybe because Kilkenny seemed to know where to find her.

Or maybe it's because she's got a feeling… and she's often right about these things.

"Stay safe, Miss Kurita." Koa finishes his notes. He's going to see what he can dig up on Nightfall. And if he has to track down Keiko again well…

He knows at least ONE way to find her.

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