2019-03-16 - What's in your wallet?


Amp decides to lift an out-of-towner's wallet, only to find out it's not an out-of-towner, and it isn't even his wallet.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Mar 16 21:47:01 2019
Location: Gearhead's Garage

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The weather's been warming up and with it being a decently nice day outside, Sev and JP had walked down to the end of the street to grab something to eat, and were on their way strolling back toward the garage.

Sev's drawl is always more pronounced when he comes back from spending time with their siblings outside of New Orleans, and he'd only gotten back earlier that morning. He gives JP a solid pat on the back and says, "It's good to be back. Never thought I'd be sayin' that about New York City, but this place's been growin' on me a bit."

Amp is strolling down the sidewalk the other way, backpack slung over one shoulder, thre strap crossing his chest. Despite the warming weather he's still wearing a blue hoodie with the hood pulled up, it's a fashion statement afterall, and a pair of black jeans that are frayed and faded around the knees and cuffs. Not really a type that's going to standout all that much. And well, that's a good thing for him. With what he's doing today anyways. He doesn't skulk or or try to make himself unnoticeable. It's an art. You just act like everyone else. His eyes dart around, looking for the distracted, and he spots the two coming the other way in conversation. Perfect. He just angles himself a little in that direction.

JP is somehow not the indecipherable one of the pair. Still his brother brought back things from home and those stories get him by more often than he can count. His one hand is all mostion as he talks. His clothing situation is what it always is: faded jeans, heavy boots, t-shirt and a leather jacket like some Cajun reincarnation of James Dean staring in Rebel Without a Job. "Yeaaaah I'll tell you what though, yous missed all that bullshit snow."

"You think that was an accident, mon frere? Non.. that was a well planned strategic retreat," Severin grins over at JP as the two stroll along the sidewalk. He's dressed not unlike his brother, jeans, boots, a t-shirt, but then a loose flannel over that, rather than a leather jacket. He should be cold, but Sev always runs a little warmer than normal. There are people periodically wandering around mutant town, some more out than others, so the hoodied man is noticed as part of the scenery, but not paid attention to.

Oooh. An accent. Even better. Sure, Amp himself wasn't exactly native to this city, but that's just a minor detail. Accent usually meant out of towner, and out of towner meant easy meat. He whistles almost cheerily as he strides along, feigning startlement as he closes in on the two, like he didn't notice them taking up a portion of the sidewalk. So he shift to the side to pass JP, but not completely, his shoulder bumping into the other man's and hopefully disguising his hand slipping into the man's pocket to try to relieve him of what he hopes is a wallet. Some people carry some weird shit in their pockets. He looks startled by the bump though, muttering a soft. "Sorry, bro." But doesn't stop his forward stride.

JP lifts a hand turning with a murmured, "Pas de probl me." Ain't no thang but a chicken wing. Spinning back around he falls into his conversation half in and half out of English as he pleases until his thumbs hook into his back pocket. One doesn't need Google translator to decipher the moment of That mother fucker! on his face. It's hard to be pissed and amazed at the same time, but that might be JP's super power right there. "Sev!" Oh he is turning on heel, and starting to haul ass down the sidewalk wishing he hadn't given the guy a half block lead. "He took my wallet!" This really really wasn't his day.

Drifting in and out, back and forth from Creole to English, Severin doesn't pay the bump any mind. People bump into people from time to time. It isn't until JP comes to a stop and makes the exclamation of his name that he glances over at him, brow raised. And then JP is taking off after the guy. Sev opens his mouth to say, "Is it even…" but then, it's the principle of the thing, isn't it? Severin turns then and takes off after JP, just a bit behind him, but he has no problem catching up.

There's a moment where Amp gets to revel in a little bit of self pride. And then there's a shout. He peek over his shoulder only to see the two start running in his direction. "Well.. shit." Do his eyes flash for a moment? Just a little spark of a blue that shouldn't quite be that bright. And then he bolts. He's quick, too. Maybe a little too quick for normalcy's sake. "Shit, shit, shit." It's almost a mantra, spurring him on as he ducks down the first alley he comes across.

JP is all effort… and for a moment coming around that corner? Windmill arms. Ert ert ert! Boots skid to pavement and a hand reaches out to shove off the brick. He might be angry, but the truth of it, apparent as it is on his face, is that this shit is fucking exciting. Oh, yeah he might want to hope the guy isn't packing heat or shoot lasers or something. That'd kinda be a bummer. "Maaaan what I would no' give for a skateboard right now!" He veers around the lady walking her bog and hopped up to plant a foot on the wall to use as leverage to clear some trash cans. This is either going to be awesome… or I'll find out I fucked up when I wake up in the hospital. Yup. Life's good sometimes, even if he's out some cash presently.

Severin can't help but laugh, because this is just the sort of shit he missed not being around his brother for a while. What's the easiest way to catch up with someone? Be faster. However, being faster and not destroying his clothes takes some effort. So one moment Severin is running aroudn the corner into the alley, the next moment, there's a snake sliding out of some empty clothes, and then there's a german shephard hot on Amp's heels, letting out a couple of warning barks followed by a low growl as he shoots past JP and begins closing the distance.

Barking? That's not right. Amp dares a look over his shoulder. He's torn between the two emotions of 'Puppy!' and 'Teeth!' The last seems to win out as he lowers his head and grits his teeth. Not good, not good at all. He knew he should have stuck to middle-aged tourists. They don't chase you down. He grabs a trashcan as he goes running by and pulls it down behind him across the alley. He can outrun most people.. but a dog. That's not going to happen.

JP can run for a long damn time when motivated either by opportunity, and usually the police. Gunfire… Bengal tigers… actual alligator that ain't his brother. Ya know, one could say JP gets a lot of practice in. He can't even be mad about his frere outpacing him. He's got extra legs. It ain't cheating if it's super cool. THose are the rules as he's decided. What he can do is get his car driving around the other side of the block to create a barricade. Time will see if that pans out as the car changes lanes and manages not to hit the mail truck.

Over the trash barrel goes Severin, not even breaking stride. He's hot on Amp's heels and the little obstacles he throws in the way are doing nothing to deter him. He rapidly catches up, and when he gets close enough, he grabs the edge of Amp's hoodie in his teeth and gives him a solid yank, attempting to at least slow him down. He can hear JP behind him, and knows it won't take too long for his brother to catch up.

Amp sees his escape. It's in sight. Let's see that stupid dog follow him up a fire escape. He can take the chase to the rooves. He kicks off the wall to give himself some height to grab to the bottom of the ladder. And then there's a weight pulling him back down to the earth. He manages to get his fingers on the bottom rung, holding himself dangling in the air, with a dog dangling from his hoodie by the teeth. This is not an ideal situation. Not ideal in the least. He's definitely not the strongest guy either, as he can't pull himself up with the weight of god knows how many pounds of canine pulling him back down. "Not good, not good."

JP has that ah-ha! moment(tm) and instead of trying to go forward he reaches up and tags into the building. He stops running and puts his energy into trying to tag the fire escape through the lethargic brick. It's not an easy thing at all trying to reconcile brick and mortar as a device housing and thus the funny look on his face. One he has it though? Aw MAN! "Heh this is gonna be fun…" He just watches with a wry amusement as the fire escape ladder starts to lift back up on its own carrying guy and dog, and then lets go of the ratcheting mechanism letting it slam-drop back down. Oh this is happening again. The fire escape was now trying to shake off the guy trying to shake the dog off his leg.

Severin, however, was not expecting the fire escape to suddenly join in the fray, and the rapid lift and drop does have the effect of shaking him loose. He falls, and just before he hits the ground, is suddenly a red-tailed hawk, and he just barely manages to get airborne before hitting the ground. He lets out an annoyed sqwawk at JP. There will be /words/ about this later! Flapping his wings, he circles around Amp, watching him dangle.

Amp's eyes flash a brilliant blue again as he refocuses himself. He may not have a ton of strength, but even ramping it up a little helps as he rides that escape ladder like the world's worst rodeo. He clings on for dear life, up and down, up and down, it's a good five shakes before he dislodges from the ladder and lands ass first on one of the most unpleasant surfaces in the world, the ground of a New York alley. Did something just squish under him, he prays to god, not. His breath is knocked out of him, but still he tries getting back to his feet,wide eyes looking around for the dog, as he didn't witness the change to bird.

JP jogs the rest of the way over looking at the man on the damp concrete he pulls his hand back and instead of diving in to just beat on the guy he sticks his hand out. "We gon' do this all day, mon ami? I mean is a great audition, but I' be havin that wallet back now." Not my wallet back, but that wallet back.

The dog comes padding up from behind Amp and simply plops down to sit next to him, tongue lolling and panting a bit, givving a whuff of agreement with JP, apparently, and then watching Amp as though deciding whether to gnaw on his hoodie some more. He doesn't, however, instead simply watching what happens next. If a dog could look amused, Severin Bonaventure would look very amused.

Amp is too dizzy from his ladder ride and ends up falling back on his ass, growling under his breath as he's now suddenly staring up at JP. And then a big ol' smile breaks out on his face. "Wallet?" Then is smiles fades instantly as he realizes the stupid grin trick probably isn't going to work here. "What does it look like?" At first the question may seem like a bit of a smartass answer, at least until he pulls his back pack around and unzips it. There's got to be at least seven wallets sitting in there ontop of some other stuff. Are those cans of spray paint? "Promise I'll give it back, bro. Just uh…" He looks over at the dog warily. Normally he likes dogs. "We don't need to call the cops, right?"

|ROLL| JP +rolls 1d20 for: 19

JP shrugs and looks down at the small collection. This is where JP shows his hand not having any real preference. "Eeeh that one look pretty nice. I ain' picky. Nothin wit' velcro though. I ain' in no 7th grade." He pauses and asks with that cloud of warning around him, "Tell you what, pick any two and no one need to know nothin." Is he serious? Taking a bribe to not call the cops?! He glances to the dog and murmurs, "I dunno he fun." Looking back to Amp he shakes his head. "I don' wanna call no cops on yous. What I wanna do is hire you… and get a wallet back. That was clean work. I respect that."

Severin cocks his head a little to the side when JP mentions that Amp is fun, regarding the man on the ground, and giving a whuff. Then, rather than lingering to see the outcome, he pads on off down the alley where he left his clothes. There, a snake slithers back into them, and a man stands up once he reforms within them, a trick he'd developed to stop ending up places naked — though that still happens from time to time. He dusts off his clothes, just dirt, nothing too unsavory, and then strolls back up toward them slowly.

Amp sighs and looks down at his collection of wallets. Obviously considering which ones to hand over. Finally, two leather bifolds are pulled out and proffered up. "Just tryin' to make a decent living, and end up one wallet less. My fuckin' luck." His Bostonian accent is a lot more noticeable when he's muttering to himself, though because of that it takes him a moment to realize what JP says. "Hire?" His eyes follow the dog, then wince a bit as a man returns. "Right.. mutant town. Wasn't thinking."

JP flips through the wallets and pulls out the credit cards handing them to the new guy murmuring, "I don' do digital." Cash check. Eh, nabbad! One gets tucked into his zip pockets. Fool me once, man. Those whiskey brown eyes squint looking up and down the street leveling with em. "Nah, you weren't, but the fire escape was good though. Made me work for that one." Hey, credit where it's due. He tosses the second wallet to Sev to catch. Always pay your tag team partner. "You got a good skill, but ya picked like the fifth poorest place on the planet t'do it. You got skills. I might be hirin if you might be interested."

Severin catches the second wallet as he walks up and opens it up, going through the contents. He pulls out the cash and a photograph. He takes a moment to look at it, stuffs that back inside, and then pockets the cash, giving an up-nod to JP. He grins a little and says, "Now that was invigorating." He leans up against the wall of the brick building, folding his arms and looking Amp over. "You picked the wrong pockets to pick in this town, my friend. You gotta name?"

"Poor just means people keep more in cash." Amp states, looking sideways and not quite meeting JP's eyes, or Sev's. Instead he looks up at the fire escape with a growing frown, then over at Sev. Just looking at that one make him tug at the bottom of his hoodie, twisting to try to get a look at the bit marks he knows is there now. He lets out an annoyed tsk at the sight. "Fuckin' liked this hoodie." He looks at Sev and maybe his looks linger a little on the long side. "Amp. All the name I need. And I've done things before, but depends what you're looking for."

JP wobbles his head back and forth. The name draws an easy, lopsided grin from him. "Amp. JP. My brother Sev." Names? eh he didn't care. He'll cop to most of his deeds anyways. "Still teh jobs? Look for targets of opportunity. Not dime store stuff. That shit don' pay out so good wit' everyone payin on their damn debit cards. Usually salvage jobs, an taken shit form bad people who got shit and do, no deserve shit. Try to keep it pretty non-constipational." Confrontational. Whatever. Hey, planning is his strong suit, not large English words. "It pay out and there a spot to get out of the rain."

Severin glances down at Amp's hoodie where there are indeed some bite marks, and it's stretched a bit from where he dangled before he fell. His lips twitch just a little bit, curling up at the edges, but he does sound genuinely apologetic when he says, "Sorry 'bout that. No hands.." Then he glances over as JP introduces them, giving a nod when his name is given. He has a codename, but it's usually reserved for jobs. He opens his mouth to correct JP, and then snickers a little. No. Non-constipational works, he supposes. One brow quirks when JP seems to be offering more than a job. He looks back over at Amp, meeting that look, which only tugs his smile a little wider. "C'mon back to the garage with us. We'll buy you a beer." By which he means, there's beer there, in the fridge.

Amp stares at JP, repeating some of the words after he says them, like he's not quite sure what the other guy is saying through his accent. Poor New Englander trying to understand that bayou twang. But he seems to get the gist of it after a moment. He puts his hand out towards Sev, a request to help him to his feet. "All you had to say was beer. I guess I can forgive the hoodie, this time." Then to JP. "And I can always.. listen and think on it."

JP chiuckles and the car pulls up sice it was this close. The look is patiente and is he judging him? Sure. "Yeah, man. Yo ucan think it over." Heading towards the car the doors pop open and he drops into the driver seat. "In we do. Is cold. You make me run. Eeeeeh screw walkin." He's got his limits. Being a smoker's not exactly been kind to him either.

When Amp reaches out his hand, Severin moves closer and reaches out to take it, giving him a pull upward. He's strong, sgronter than his frame should be, and he grins when the man is finally on his feet. "Listenin's always easier with beer. Thinkin', not as much, but sometimes thinking is overrated, ey?" He then nods toward the car and says, "Ah, our ride.. right on time. C'mon." He gives Amp a pat on the shoulder and then nods his head in the direction of the car, heading in that direction.

Amp is not all that heavy either, so helping him to his feet is simple enough. "Last time I got in a strange car I had my life threatened." And then he grins. "Was find fun, very mobsta' movie." He flashes a toothy smile as he follows to the car, and crawls into the back seat as he feels is only appropriate. Also lets him keep an eye on the two brothers as he shifts into the middle seat. "So, no hard feelings then? Not going to like turn into a bear and maul me? Dump me in the east river?"

JP arches an eyebrow dropping into his seat, that lovely well kept red leather interior. Really the '69 GTO speaks for itself. Gear shift shifts gears and off they go. He's very brazenly hands off with these things. "Heh, merde, that sounds scary as hell. The hell calls down the wrath of suits?" Shaking his head he considers that for a while. He's quiet for a bit but breaks his silence and asks, "You guys eat yet?" He had possible doubts about the kid but he's in no mood to all out anyone against their pride.

JP arches an eyebrow dropping into his seat, that lovely well kept red leather interior. Really the '69 GTO speaks for itself. Gear shift shifts gears and off they go. He's very brazenly hands off with these things. "Heh, merde, that sounds scary as hell. The hell calls down the wrath of suits?" Shaking his head he considers that for a while. He's quiet for a bit but breaks his silence and asks, "You guys eat yet?" He had possible doubts about the kid but he's in no mood to all out anyone against their pride.

Severin slides into the front passenger side seat, and sprawls comfortably, not batting an eyelash when the car seems to drive itself. He leans his back against the door so that he can look at both JP and Amp. "Seriously? What does the mob want with you? Or were they just some suits playing at being the mob?" He glances over to JP with a quizzical look when he asks about food, and shrugs his shoulders. "I could eat, I suppose." Severin can almost always eat. Shifting can work up an appetite.

"They weren't actually mob suits. Just some fancy ass gang bangers, but they threatened to tie me up and toss me into the bay. So you know.. mobsterish." Amp explains with a level of cheeriness that should not be used when discussing death threats against your own life. "Food and beer. I should have picked your pocket days ago. Last thing I had was a mocha frappe I got at Starbucks with a gift card I.. found." Found is not the right word there and the way he says it makes it obvious.

JP arches an eyebrow and it's not a long trip. Truth be told Mutant Town really ain't that damn big. That eyebrow arches way up and he nods, "Wing Sing a bit far. Can grab a couple a pizzas or hit up that Lil House of Kabobs? We got preferences?" Driver's buyin apparently. The admission gets a slow nod of approval, "Can't survive and play by the rules man. They people that got all teh stuff saw to that. But I get it. I mean Sev'll nap in a tree. I lived outta this car for about a year." Looking to Sev the eyebrows go up and he shrugs. The car swings through the path for the kabobs. It parks and he taps the wheel, "I'll be back." And with that? Well teh savvy Cajun is heading inside to hunt a tray of food.

Severin can't help but grin a little at the description of the mobsterish guys, "Still, not bein' albe to be a fish, gettin' thrown in the harbor by mobsters or thrown in the harbor by gangbangers not gon' make a whole lot of difference." He doesn't argue the choice of kebabs, seeming content with whatever JP feels like picking up. He watches his brother hop out and head into the shop and he just slouches comfortably in the door. He turns then to study Amp and says, "You don't sound like you're from New York." Which is funny, coming from him, probably.

"Eh, that also means having confidence in a gang banger's ability to tie a decent knot. They're not exactly boy scouts." Amp leans forward in his seat, reaching out to poke the gear shift. Maybe expecting it to move on its own with a gentle prod. "Boston. Can he feel that?" He gives the gear shift another experimental poke, casting his gaze in the direction of the kebab place.

Severin watches Amp reach over and poke at the gear shift, and there's a sparkle of amusement that touches his eyes. He says nothing at first, and then after the second poke he says, "You best buy him dinner if you're gonna keep feelin' him up like that." He then says, "Wouldn' know. Being able to turn into a fish has it's advantages. Don't gotta worry about much tyin' me down unless I choose to let'm."

"He's buying me dinner." Amp points out with a smile but he does slink back into his seat with a chuckle. "Fish, huh? So that's pretty handy. But you ever turn into a skunk and spray the shit out of someone? I mean, that's like wicked perfect revenge right there." He snaps a finger. "Oh, you're gonna mess with me? Instant stink bomb, boom." He grins like a maniac at his idea, then frowns. "What happens if you turn into a sheep, and all the wool gets cut off? Are you a bald sheep the next time or is it like.. endless wool. We could make some money off of that." It's we, obviously, it's his idea.

JP comes back with an aluminum flat tray stacked. Was he able to hear that? Who knows, but jovially he informs handing the trays into the car, "You jiggle my knobs you hold the food." Those are the rules! It's not too terribly long before they pull up at the garage. It may or may not be entirely operational but the bay door lifts letting the car pull in. It's… well it's about as clean as one can expect a garage in Mutant Town to be. "Here we go. Garage, sweet Garage."

"Oh, I got all kinds of stories of stuff I've turned into and the resulting hilarity," Severin says to Amp with a grin, but he doesn't elaborate on whether or not he would be a bald sheep or not, since JP returns with the food and hands it back into the car. He helps pass it back to Amp. Then he flashes a grin and says, "Maybe I'll tell you some of them later." But then they're heading back to the garage, and once there, he hops out of the car and takes the steps up to the apartment two at a time, returning with beers only moments later.

Amp peers at the back of JP's head like he's trying to figure out if he really did feel the poking or not, but he accepts the trays without complaint. Though Sev's 'maybe later' pulls a slight frown from the young man. "Bah, you're just upset I thought of endless wool." That's totally it. He peers at the garage exterior, twisting his head to look behind even as they pull in. Those big huge walls look perfect for covering in paint, it makes his fingers twitch towards his backpack. But he slides out of the car, with said backpack and food finding a place to put it down, even as he starts to scope out the exists in case he needs to attempt another run.

Severin grins over at Amp and says, "You're just upset you might need to stick around to find out the answer," as he returns with three bottles. One, he sets down over by Amp and the food. The other, he extends out to JP, before popping open the third and taking a swig from the bottle. He watches Amp scoping out the exits and says, "I guarantee that I can fly faster than you can run." He leans up against the table and peels back the cover on one of the trays of kebabs, reaching in and grabbing one.

JP laughs, "Run where? Food's here." Looking to Amp he points to his own brother and says, "You wanna talk bein out you hoodie? Ask Sev how I had t'replace m'best jeans cause he gator chomped me right in the back side. WHooooo damn I thought I was gonna have a heart attack." Opening his beer he just grins, "Or the ti-" He pauses looking at his phone that starts ringing Sweet's Fox on the Run. Sev knows what's up. Holding up a finger indicating he'll be back the rest of the conversation into the phone is entirely in French. There's business for ya.

"Habit." Amp says with another sideways look to the door. He finds a chair to drop into and takes one of the beers and digs for a kebob. "I guess I got lucky with the dog bite on my ass." He watches JP wander off with a curious expression then turns those blue eyes right on Sev. And theres that little glimmer of light again in them as he takes a swig of his beer. "I'm going to find a way to race away from you somehow."

Severin just grins, a grin that could very well be an alligator grin if he had more teeth. He gnaws on the end of his kebab and watches as JP wanders off, shaking his head a bit. He knows what's up. Then he looks back over at Amp and says, "Trust me, if I'd been aiming for your ass, I would have gotten it." He then picks up his own beer and takes a swig before laughing, "Challenge accepted."

"I've been told I've got a nice ass, taking a chomp out of it would be a shame, yeah?" Amp laughs cheerily, tipping back in his chair and propping his feet up on the corner of the table. It's a precarious balance but he manages to keep himself up. "So, is your brother in the habit of feeding people that rob him?" He chomps into the kebab, eating in the way of someone who's used to not getting regular meals. "I'd ask how you are in sewer chases, but gator.."

"A shame, indeed," Severin laughs and takes another bite, sliding a bit of tomato and onion off the end of his stick and chewing slowly. He glances in the direction that JP went and shrugs his shoulders. With food tucked into one side of his cheek, he says, "He's got a soft spot for strays, and an eye for talent." Then he finishes off the bite he was chewing before saying, "I'm pretty good in all manner of chase situations, as chaser and escapee."

Amp gestures with his now empty kebab stick. "I didn't get away though. That's part of the talent." Obviously, this guy isn't good with the whole job interview thing. "I'll give you the stray part though." He reaches out to get another kebab, still somehow not unbalancing himself in his tipped back chair. "Of course I got some questions, but I guess we best wait for your brother then? He's got the stink of being the boss on him."

"No, but he didn't notice you take it. If he hadn't put his hand in his pocket and noticed it was missing, you would have gotten away with it. Plus, we had an advantage in chasing you down, all things considered," Severin points out, wiggling his own stick in response, though it still contains a hunk of chicken on it, which he promptly tears off with his teeth. He nods and says, "Hell, I don' even know what he wants t'hire you for in particular, myself. So best wait on him for that part of it."

JP seems to have finished and really he just leans at the top of he stairs on the steel railing, weight forward on one foot. He just listens. When he finished his phone call. The man has that way about him to possibly be amused by the world at large, but there's no heat or judgement on it. Really he just watches the dynamic at large. "Yous boys save me any?" He leans upright again and lets his heavy boots carry him down the steps with a bit of a hop to his steps. "Sev ain't wrong. Were it not for the fact my hand was back there an' I make a habit a checkin? You'd be in Jersey." Looking to Sev, "Got a tip there might be some good salvage off one of the dig sites. Where there possibility there's always people out lookin to make sure that we, the peoples, do no profit offa it." He shakes his head, "Shame really. Some of the guys are busy and Kennay's sister s in the hospital sooo that either mean he's gonna be lookin for more work or goin dark a while to take care a family shit." Considering his missing occasional hire-on he makes the mental note, "we should send her flowers or somethin. Get a card. Have the team sign it. Put someone's corporate logo on it." Yeah, he runs his gang like a tiny business. Now complete with PTO apparently, not that he's paying anyone for not being here, buuuuut…

Amp snorts. "Jersey? Ain't no fucking way I'm gonna go to Jersey. Fulla weirdos." He looks off to the side a little. "And Italians. Their meatballs are too good, they're hiding something with those meatballs, I know it. Never trust someone who hides their intentions behind meat." This as he takes a bite of chicken off of the kebab and chews on it. Maybe he's just insane. "Is that what you're looking for? A salvage job? I mean.." He lifts his arm, which isn't the most impressive arm in the world. "I'm not exactly the heavy lifting sort. Strickly light lifting." He wiggles his fingers.

Severin glances up when he hears JP's voice from above and he says, "You got two pans. You think we ate the whole thing in the time you took that call?" He grins, shaking his head and then taking a swig from his beer. His brows go up as Amp goes on about Jersey and meatballs and that smile just grows, "I don' know 'bout that. I might be tempted to let someone hide their intentions beihnd meat, so long as they were feedin' me." He falls quiet then, letting JP explain whatever the job is. He falls into a chair and sprawls comfortably, finishing off another kebab and reaching for a third. Didn't he /just/ eat lunch before this?

JP counters his Brother's question first with, "You think I don't remember cooking for all yous?" The comment about Jersey going on and on and about the Italians and it just brings him to bite into his own kabob with amusement waggling the stick at the new guy. "I love hiding my intentions behind meat." M-m-m-m-multiple entrandre double combo! Yes somewhere in the back of his head JP just awarded himself a bonus 300 points. "I know one. If he turns up you Can ask em. Til then? Yeah. I know you do light work, but, we don't get to be too picky choose about shit and I just had a couple guys back out."

Amp's smile is still cheery as he grins in Sev's direction, but his eyes are oddly serious as he then focuses on JP. "I mean, you told me the run down. Sounds like some weird Robin Hood shit you got going on." His smiles fades, that seriousness from his eyes bleeding into the rest of his expression. "I got rules. I've done the whole gang thing before. It didn't go good. So now I have rules so I don't need to see my friends get blasted apart again. If I don't agree with a job, I don't do it. Not being picky choosey, if I think it's not right, I won't do it. I dont have much of a code, but I got one. I won't rat you out, but I'm not going to help. Two. I choose when I use my powers." Powers he's not explained, but he is in Mutant Town. "I can follow orders, but they can be dangerous. Like the job rule. If I don't agree, I don't do. Counter offer?" He smirks, that overly jovial expression slipping right back onto his face.

Severin takes a swig of his beer, both brows raising a little as Amp lays out his terms, but he hides the grin behind the bottle. He's staying out of this one. It's JP's band of merry mean, as it were. He just turned back up from a long stint down in New Orleans, and he's just getting the lay of the land, himself. He seems entertained at the back and forth, anyway, so he just takes that opportunity to let his gaze drift over Amp, as though trying to figure out just what these powers might be.

JP eats his kabob and listens to teh counter offer. Half way thruhgh his eyebrw arches and he looks to Sev, "Gang?" He shrugs. Sure. Alright. A nod can agree to that though he's never thought of it that way before. Made as much ense as anyhtin else. "Counter offer is this: You don't like no job you don't gotta do it, but if you gotta call out you tell me so I ain't dependin on you being somewhere you in't so you or no one else gets hurt. Two? I dunno about this Robin Hood business. The Kevin Costner one was pretty good but I ain' English." Really that's what he got out of that statement?! Three? I don't mind people finishin somethin someone else starts but I happen t'like my neighbors. I don't wanna see em get hurt and we ain' here t bully no one. I ain't sayin I ain't had my moment's," being he did a few years for grand theft and assault. WHoops. "I don't need to see noone get killed or arrested. Shit's hard. We're tryin to get ahead here. And sometimes? Sometimes we gota lift a thing or drive a truck or make a distraction so shit get done. So yeah, salvage jobs." Taking a deep breath he looks to Sev having that quiet conversation of ''powers huh?'' before looking back to Ampserious, "I ain't gonna never ask you o do nothin that get you hurt. What'chu do? You seen Sev. I'm a machinist. What's your grab bag, mon ami?"

Amp listens to the counter offer with a nod. "Fair enough, mon ami." The French comes out a bit mangled with his Boston accent, but he just looks so stonking proud of himself for knowing that much. It's adorable really. Though he does glance sideways at Sev. It's never great being stuck between two allies when you're the unknown element, and he tries to keep his eyes on everything at once. He picks up his backpack and opens a pocket that would be easy to miss unless you're looking for it. He pulls out a stack of cards, I.D.s, every one different but all with his face and drops them on the table. "That's my work. Not my power. But you asked my thing and that's what I do. As for the power. I make people more." He grins. "More strong, more fast, more powerful.. It's got limits, but that's what I do. I do more."

Severin smirks a little at the French that comes out with a Boston accent, and seems entertained, leaning forward when the IDs are produced and dropped on the table. He grabs a few of them and examines them closely, tilting them this way and that and then glancing over at JP. "It's good work," he says, and then tosses the IDs back into the pile, returning them to Amp. When he explains his power, he chuckles, "That explains the name, I suppose. Interesting.. So that's.. what the.." He wiggles his fingers in front of his eyes demonstratively, indicating that blue glow, ".. was all about, hm?"

s JP mpressed? Yes he's fucking impressed! Both eyebrows go up and he stops talking. Grubby, rough fingers still nimble enough pick up one sample with a low whistle. When Amp says 'he makes people/more//' JP looks up curious, "Yous got kids?" Wrong kinda of more people, JP. At the clarification he points to Sev without even a hesitation, "So you cna make Sev into a turducken or like… a sharktapus or a big big canary?"

"No, I don't make more people… I.." Amp scrunches his brows, then lowers his chair back to for legs, his feet hitting the floor. Wouldn't do to go toppling over when his sense of balance goes plummeting back to normal. "Yeah, my eyes do that when I change my focus. Also creeps people the fuck out, so it's just fun to do sometimes." He winks at Sev, then turns his focus on JP. "I can't make him do anything. I can let him do more." He looks over at Sev again, his eyes flashing blue as he focused himself on the younger brother's powers. "Try doing something you wouldn't normally be able to."

Severin looks a little bit confused as he tries to figure out something that he couldn't normally do, and then he snaps his fingers, thinking of something. He shifts, then, and his hands grow long claws, not unlike the talons of a bird, and then his eyes suddenly turn somewhat reflective, like a cat's. Usually, he can only maintain the features of a single animal at a time, and only for a few minutes, and it strains him to do so because it is unnatural. He says, "That's… kind of cool.. I can keep this up.. I wonder how long.." Probably for a few minutes more than he usually could, but still, a few minutes is useful in a fight.

JP replies undaunted pointing out, "If you got a 20 you can make him try to turn into a turducken." Who needs powers when you have bribery! Okay this power though? He watches Sev really considering this and he knows Sev's limits well as anyone. Leaning over he watches and gets close,a nd curious, "Stampeed of squirrels?"

Amp picks up his beer, keeping his power focused on Sev for now, it's a little tingly, like licking a battery. "I can ramp it up further but that starts to wear me out." He takes a swig, smirking slightly. Hey, some mutants like showing off their powers, it's like the world's best show and tell. "That's how I ran so fast. I mean, dog was kind of cheating, even against quickened people legs."

"I'm not turning into a turducken," Severin says to JP with a smirk, slugging him in the shoulder, thankfully with a balled up fist, not with those claws out. Still, it's a little bit of a rough love-tap. He extends the claws again and closes his hands. "This really is pretty cool.. it does let me keep this going longer." He does, however, let the claws retract and his eyes go back to normal after a bit though. He grins over at Amp then and says, "I get the job done. It's only cheatin' if someone laid out the rules ahead of time." And even then, that wouldn't necessarily stop him.

Constantine is slugged and it only makes him grin wider. Yeah. Definiately related. Sliding the last bit of meat and onion off the stick and waggles it at them, "That still damn tricky. And, ya know who fights fair? Dead folk. Gotta stay ahead to stay alive in the world. Sides, the rules is all against us. Were shit fair we would no have to fight so much."

"No, see, it's cheating when it's done against me. I'm supposed to get at least a two block head start with dogs. In the contract." Amp pulls a piece of onion off the stick with his teeth. Who knows what the hell he's talking about, it's just something one needs to get used to with him. "Really gotta work on hanging on to ladders though. It was kind of a fun ride though, I think my brain is still jiggling from it though."

"Not in any contract I signed," Severin says, "Which is also why I don't sign any contracts if I can avoid it." He laughs a bit about the ladder ride and smirks, "Yah, wasn't expectin' that. Damn near crashed on the pavement. Thanks, by the way." He elbows JP again. "A little warning, next time?" He is grinning though, clearly no worse for wear despite the little impromptu ride.

JP wobbles again with a self-satisfied chuckle. "Hey, you need me to make a rule about that? Fine. I make a rule about it." Because apparently hecan add new ones. Looking to Amp he comes back to serious business, "Look, I do no think we need to get into no dick wavin contest, but you got no tribe and I down three guys. You got limits, I respect em. Merde, I share em. You wanna get your hands on some good bank and get t'be you own man? Well there ya go. From what I take you got no roof, no real plan, an no next meal." He's laying out facts, not judgements, "You willin to pitch in and pull you weight this can change. Is up to you. Is an offer, not a threat."

Amp shakes his head. "It's my contract with the universe. It gives me an advantage and I promise not to scream into the void quite so much. It got tired of me shouting the lyrics of Beastie Boys songs at it." He picks up his beer for another swig, lips parting in a too wide smile that might be just a touch off kilter. Though that serious look shifts back over his face as he looks towards JP. "Well, you're right for the plan and roof part. I do have a fully punched buy 12 get 1 free card from some pizza place I knicked off some dude with a lumberjack beard. So that's got a meal covered." Even serious, the joke creeps out. "But what the hell, it can't hurt. Well.. it can. But I'm not fancying another night in an abandoned warehouse."

Severin nods his head then as he listens to them both and says, "Alright then. So here's my rules." Since we're laying out some. He leans forward then, elbows on his knees, and gets serious for a moment. "I got one thing of any value in this place, an' you'll know it when you see it. My brother risked a lot for that damn guitar. Anything happens to it? You're gonna hope I don't catch you." He grins then and settles back, "Other than that, raid the fridge, make yourself comfortable."

JP ods with a lopsided grin, "Good, then you get next dinner when this runs out." Looking to Sev he looks so proud of himself, "See, I tell you, I got an eye for these things." Looking to Amp he nods, "Last big rule-" He pauses and falls silent when Sev defends his guitar looking at his lil bro and best friend with a fondness there. That sacrifice? Fucking worth it. Looking back to Amp, "Las' big rule? Yeah we do no take from one another. There some communal stuff, sure. But you stuff is you stuff. We trus the same man. Not like any of us got a lot of shit, but we do no steal from one another. I'm a trust you with that."

Amp presses a hand against his chest with wide eyes as he looks at Sev. "Moi? I would never mess with a man's instrument. Well.. art instrument." Double entendre theater is back in session aparently. "Artist to artist, your shit is safe with me." He rolls his head on his neck and looks over to JP with a nod. "Right, no more pilfering wallets. But you know, you gotta introduce me to the people I can't touch, sometimes my fingers get itchy and don't want to accidently nick something from someone out in the street I'm not allowed to touch."

Severin's lips tick up at the edges and he gives Amp a nod, apparently satisfied with that. "You want to touch any of my other instruments, well that's alright with me." He takes another swig from his beer, "Artist to artist." Then he chuckles and says, "We'll introduce you to the crew. Right now, I think it's jus' me and JP's living here." He glances over to JP to confirm. He'd only just gotten back that morning, and he hadn't exactly asked.

Constantine points west and then north, "Give it a two blocks clearance in any direction from here. And… not at 8-Ball. There they got too many fuckers jes feed you you teeth. Simply put, we do no shit where we sleep." He takes a drink stretching his legs out in front of him. "Eh, got too quiet." Apparently this is a detractor. "Been stayin in Brooklyn while things been in flux. Gotta tell you teh drive in ain't the most fun but is worth it. Put s me closer to Amelie while she at school by… not a lot."

Amp gnaws the last bit of meat off of the kebab in his hand with a smile for Sev. "May take you up on that, bro. But last time I tried making music I was told it sounded like a fork in a garbage disposal. So maybe not. I'll stick to my paints." He drops his chewed stick on the table with a shake of the head. He nods at JP's words. "Right, not 8-Ball. My smile's like my ass. Too nice to damage and keeps showing up where it don't belong."

"If it sounds like a fork in a garbage disposal, you're definitely doin' somethin' wrong," Severin laughs, and then reaches in to find another kebab. Business seems to be done as far as he's concerned, and so he makes quick work of this one, washing it down with the remainder of his beer before he gets up to go wash his hands in the shop sink. To JP he says, "How's the Fox, anyway?" with a flash of a grin. "And how's my niece? I should check up on her now that I'm back in town."

JP asks his brother with a too amused grin regarding the fork noise, "His music or his ass?" Hey it bears asking! Perking up when Sev asks about his neice, "Freeeere she doin good. THey got her in these smart kid classes an stuff. An she tol' me no one picks on her for soundin different so I don' gotta go fight no other parents in the parkin lot or nothin. She makin friends lil by little. Mon renard?" There's a slight hiccup and he admits, "Well, outta nowhere I met the ex. THey show up an'… that got fantastically awkward but like… I ain' gonna tell someone not to go chase they' unicorn, ya know? That something there before me. It'll work out how it do."

"My ass does not sound like a fork in a garbage disposal." Amp squints his eyes. "Well, not except after Taco Bell. But that's normal. S'why I don't eat Taco Bell." He offers this out like a piece of golden sage wisdom from deep within his heart. His eyes dart back and forth between JP and Sev, taking in their conversation and filing bits away for future use. Always good to know things. Like JP dating a unicorn. So he drains the rest of his beer then proceeds to look at the empty bottle sullenly.

Severin snorts at JP and is about to retort when Amp chimes in and he just pauses, and makes a mental note, "None o' JP's chili for you, neither. Not unless you're sleepin under the exhaust hood." He points his now-empty bottle at Amp, but he's grinning. Then he nods to his brother and reaches over and clasps his shoulder once, giving it a firm squeeze. "Good. Nex' time you see 'er you tell her oncle chat be stopping by to see her." As for the news about the Fox, he nods once, but doesn't say anything about it. He then looks over at Amp and says, "We got a spare room no one's usin'?"

JP gives Sev that look of why you betraying the fun like that. "Oh. Sure. Tell em." Looking back to Amp with a promise, for his own benefit right? "Look we help you not build up a tolarance but an expectation. Jes don't melt the bathroom. It's got enough problems as it is okay?" He considers and nods, "Yeah we got some space open. Ain' fancy but it's dry and the heat works alright. Not great but alright enough."

"Why? Does he use Taco Bell meat in his chili? If so.. pass." Amp wrinkles his nose again giving a little shudder. "I'm not even sure that stuff is meat, and what did I say about someone trying to hide their intentions behind meat? Especially questionable meat." Alcohol and food has only seemed to settle him down a little. "Spare room would be cool, and a shower. I can grab my stuff tomorrow if I'm being offered a place to stay. S'cool. Been too long since I had proper roomies."

Severin grins at JP and shakes his head, then says to Amp, "Nah, no taco bell meat, but the spice level is.. well it make New Orleans proud." He the nods up the steps and says, "Alright. I'll go make sure there's a room with a bed in it. There's a bathroom with a shower, an' tomorrow if you need a hand movin' your stuff let me know. I can give you a hand." He then grabs the untouched pan of kebabs, leaving the first one where it is, and says "Gonna put these in the fridge til later." He then heads on up, to make a room ready for their new roomie.

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