2019-03-12 - Thoughts By the Oceanside


Carol is collecting her thoughts. Rangvaldr pays a visit, and somehow succeeds in cheering her up.

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Storyteller: {$storyteller}
Date: 3/12/19
Location: RP Room 5

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Brandy - Looking Glass


AM The sun is setting later in the night these days, with spring slowly fading away the chill of winter. The city sparkles like a miniature night here on the shoreline, the glow starting to cut through the purple and orange sky as the sun slips behind the skyscrapers of New York.

Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, recent returnee to planet Earth after a ten year absence, is looking out over the city from a perch on a rock. Photon blasts are pretty good at clearing a dry space to sit that's snow free, if nothing else, though Carol's currently in her civilian clothes. Faint sparkles eminate from her hair as she seems lost in thought, not paying that much attention to her surroundings.
AM Emerging perhaps from the water is Rangvaldr, the Asgardian and the Asgardian who has dominion of the Oceans (because well, the term 'god' is too loosely used nowadays, and he tends to dislike the title).

But, the figure wears black leather pants and similar boots, though he also seems to wear what looks to be a cloak of well-maintained wolf fur, beautifully white. Equally silver hair descends to his upper back, and a thick beard touches his face.

"Something troubles your spirit, and I cannot quite place it."
AM Carol blinks, and raises a hand, her fist glowing brightly as she takes in the figure that appears… from the water. "Uh, well, yeah. Been gone for a… while, so I'm just getting reacclimated to things. Wondering if I should have ever left." She narrows her eyes, "And, ah, who are you, exactly?"
AM Rangvaldr does not appear threatened by Carol's photon-energy fist ready to blast him with a full blast, but seems to smile as she lowers her guard just a little, but not by much. "One who comes in peace. I know the feeling, though…something tells me you come from a much farther away place. My name is Rangvaldr." he bows his head softly in greeting.
AM Carol smirks, though the glow on her fist fades out a bit, "Eh, actually, I come from Boston, I only /work/ in outer space." Okay, yeah, she's been wanting to say that for a while, then she continues, "Rangvaldr, you're an Asgardian huh? I know a few guys like you."
AM Rangvaldr seems to chuckle. "I know the feeling. We tend to come from another realm entirely amongst the stars." He gestures to the stones she rests on, as if silently asking if he can sit beside her. "I imagine you have likely met Thor. The Crown Prince is known to be rather friendly to anyone he meets." someone make Thor the PR guy!
AM Carol shrugs, "Thor, the Warriors Three… actually lifted Volstagg once on a dare." She grins, "Used to work with Thor, before I left. Not, well, entirely sure where I fit now, you know? It's been a while." With that, she gestures to a spot near her on the rock, a good an invitation as any.
AM Rangvaldr takes his seat, nodding softly. "I once performed the same feat, though Volstagg had perhaps a greater amount of alcohol in his system than usual. It was almost funny hearing him bellow as I hoisted him up." He seems to smile fondly with the memory. "I see. Perhaps you should see him again. If you've been gone a long time, I'm certain he would be happy to see you."
AM Carol nods, "Yeah, I should. It's just… I was pretty mad when I left. Not at them, really, just… everything that was going on." She shakes her head, "I felt like we had given up, and I just couldn't take that. So, I left." She sighs, "It's just a bit hard to work up the nerve to go back."
AM Rangvaldr smiles gently then. "I understand that for a moment…in many ways, it was why I left Asgard. Inaction. So I retreated here…lived beneath the waves for a century." he smiles then. "It can be hard to drop one's own pride…but I like to think I can read people rather well. I can tell you're a good person…honest and brave. You can do it."
AM Carol grins, "Thanks. Though…" She pauses, "Okay, I know the tales aren't the same as reality, mainly because when I asked Loki about giving birth to a horse when he was fighting the Avengers he blasted me into the next week. Ah, literally." She coughs, "Sore spot with him I guess, but anyway, I thought Njord was the god of the sea?"
AM Rangvaldr seems to tilt his head before he just laughs so boisterously. "Yes…Midgardians have always had an…interesting concept of us. For example, my name to them is Aegir or Njord." He shrugs. "But…oh well. I suppose it is my fault for letting them choose names for me instead of proclaiming it myself."
AM Carol chuckles, "Fair enough. If nothing else, the myths say you have the nicest feet, so that's cool I suppose. If you've got the foot fetish or something anyway." She looks a bit wry, "Not that I do, but I always liked that myth just to take things not at face value."
AM "Something tells me you absolutely do have a thing for feet." Rangvaldr flirts with her casually with a wink, while also playing off her words and seeing her reaction. But, he does nod. "I do keep hearing I have nice feet. But it is Baldur, that according to legend, has the most beautiful feet. My question is, why do feet matter?"
AM Carol rolls her eyes a bit, "Actually, according to the myth anyway, Skadi demanded a husband to replace the one that Thor killed, so Odin agreed to let her choose a god to be hers. But she could only pick from looking at the feet. So she picked, and instead of Baldur, she got Njor… er, well, you." She chuckles, "And somehow I think you're a bit old for me anyway."
AM Rangvaldr seems to laugh a bit. "Also false. Though my love-life is so utterly horrible, I don't quite know if I could maintain a marriage. Though you have eyes that could steal a sailor from the sea." he just chuckles then. "If you consider being over 2,000 years old, yet being the equivalent of 30 in an Asgardian's life…then do as you wish."
AM Carol blinks, then laughs, "Oh no, you did /not/ just quote Brandy at me." She looks at Rangvaldr, then laughs harder, shaking her head, "Sorry, I can't help it, but if you call me a 'fine girl' I might have to fly back to Hala." She looks pretty amused, "Though really, you have a horrible love life? I mean, I would think gods had that pretty easy after all."
AM Rangvaldr seems to just smile. "You walked into it." he wasn't wrong! "Well….If I said as such, I would not be wrong. and yes, I do…sadly, in many cases, Women are as fickle as the oceans they admire sometimes." he seems to imply that women who have captured his heart have been quite cruel. "But..you are a nice breath of fresh air."
AM Carol snickers, "We just met. There's no way you can know that, Rangvaldr. Which, well, maybe that's why you're having bad luck with it. Though I guess Asgardians don't really have a dating service."
AM Rangvaldr chuckles a bit. "In this way, you're right. Though…I pride myself with reading a person well. For example, you've given several tells that you at least think you're doing the right thing." he teases. "Besides, it would not be very gentlemanly of me if I tried to pursue a woman in the same day that I met her. If it is all the same to you, I'd rather know you for who you are rather than simply marvel at your appearance." Charmer.

He looks then back to the waves, always relaxed by the sight.
AM Carol grins, "Smart plan. Though I do /try/ to do the right thing. Not sure I always succeed, but I just do the best that I can." She hmms, and looks up at the sky, the sun having set so the stars are now out, glittering against the blackness of the night.
AM Rangvaldr chuckles, giving Carol a smile. "and in the end, that's all the world will ever ask from you. Do your best, and all things will end as it should." he nods confidently then, before he looks upon the starry sky. "This is my favorite sight of all…even in all of my millenia of existence….this sight never gets old."
AM Carol chuckles, "Yeah, after flying around the stars for a while, it's nice to be back home." She glances over at Rangvaldr, "Thanks for the talk, I appreciate it. But I should probably head back to the city." She offers a hand, "If you're ever at the Asgardian embassy, well… I'll probably be swinging by there."
AM "Indeed. The Bifrost also gives a great sight when one travels through it." But, Carol then announces her arrival, and Rangvaldr rises to see her off. "As should I. The waves call to me. and if you swing by the embassy…" a soft silence ensues. "I would be happy to see you." he extends his hand and gives hers a firm shake.

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