2019-03-04 - The Return of Carol Danvers


Captain Marvel crash lands in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange is upset that his roof is broken, but offers Carol sanctuary.

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Storyteller: N/A
Date: March 3, 2019
Location: Sanctum Sanctorum, Greenwich Village

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Well, the upside of working with the Kree Empire? You can get a stargate to bounce you into a near Earth orbit when you're ready to come home. The downside? Well, that would be the Skrull renegade ship that decided to follow you to try and shoot you out of space for various sundry reasons.

Now, Captain Marvel versus a single ship isn't really a big deal, except they did ambush her, so while she did blast it out of space… they did get a direct shot on her, knocking her out and sending her plummeting to Earth. Sure, she's nigh-invulnerable and can deal with the impact.

Where she lands, on the other hand…

Strange had just entered the Sanctum from another dimension, holding his head. "That's the last time I try to settle a dispute between Forest Dragons in the Volkath dimension…"

Wong briefly comes in to check on Strange, but is sent away so Strange can meditate in peace.

But then, as soon as he starts walking towards a bookshelf next to the door, he hears something…whistling.



Captain Marvel crashes through the Sanctum skylight at that precise moment, as she was able to pull out the worst of it so she didn't impact at /full/ speed, which might leave a small mushroom cloud. As it is, she slams into the Sanctum Santorum, leaving a Carol-sized path of destruction through the main hallway before coming to a stop on the main floor. Or in a small crater a bit below the main floor as she groans faintly.


Doctor Strange immediately levitates over to the crater in his staircase, magic circles appearing all around his arms of various color, various magic spells ready to be used immediately, with the Ruby Rings of Raggador floating mere centimeters away from his hands, as he stares down at Captain Marvel.

"Ma'am, is there a reason you broke through my roof or do I get to ask questions later?"

Yep. Chick in Alien armor? safe tos ay she's not from around here. At least culturally.

Captain Marvel blinks a bit, "Sorry, got hit by a Skrull railgun when I was trying to re-enter atmosphere. But that's one raider that isn't going to do that again." She groans a little, "This /is/ New York, right? Was a bit hard to tell when I was crashing." She does see the glowing circles and everything from Doctor Strange, and raises her hands in a 'I come in peace' gesture.

Doctor Strange keeps his eyes on Carol as he listens to her story, before he simply sighs, the magic circles disappearing. and he looks up at the skylight. Well, shit, there goes that.

Good thing he's the Sorcerer Supreme.

"Guess I'll just fix that later." he lowers his hand to Carol, and she can see the scars on them pretty easily. "This is New York City. Greenwhich Village, specifically. You're in the Sanctum Sanctorum. My house and the greatest concentration of magic on the planet. Despite the damage you caused to my roof, you are not the cause, you I bid you welcome."

a pause.


Carol grins wryly, "Well, it's the hero thing, I guess. Been gone for a while, so I guess things have changed." She reaches up and takes the offered hand, leveraging herself up to her feet with minimal effort. "Oh, I'm Carol, Carol Danvers." Introductions, yeah, those are good. And even with the force of re-entry, her costume is still pretty much intact.

After a moment, she ahs, "And tea, sure, that sounds good. Haven't had any for ten years, so that'll be nice."

"So it seems." Strange does not possess super strength, so it IS a little hard for him. Not to mention with the weak hands, but he manages. "Doctor Stephen Strange." Strange introduces. At the desire for tea. he nods. "Good." then suddenly, they are in the formal room, with Strange sitting in a chair and Carol sitting across from him. She has tea in her hand.

"Will Oolong do?" a pause. "So then…what were you doing so far from earth in the first place? and if you're here, who, if anyone, is following."

Carol blinks, "Well, with the whole registration nonsense, I… left. This was about ten years ago." She sips her tea, mmming a bit, "Okay, the tea works. But aside from those renegades, I shouldn't have anyone following me. I left the Kree on fairly good terms, all things considered." Her head tilts over at Strange, "Wait, you're a magician and your last name is 'Strange'?" One eyebrow arches in a bit of mild disbelief.

Strange looks at Carol for a long moment as she questions his last name and his status as Sorcerer Supreme. "Is that a problem?" Strange looks mildly annoyed, but it's a serious question. and one that Carol might want to say no to.

"Good. Then in that case, welcome to earth. Again."

Carol coughs a little, "Nope, not one bit. Just… well." She hrms, "I suppose you hear that a lot. But uh, yeah, back on Earth. Are the Red Sox still a thing?" She grins, the faint trace of a Boston (or BAHSTON) accent audible in her voice.

Strange then nods approvingly. "something which many New Yorkers would disapprove of, yes, the Red Sox are still around." There was a tint of humor in Strange's face. "But whether you like one or other, I won't judge."

Carol laughs quietly, "Well, I grew up in Boston, so…" She shrugs a bit, "I doubt they saved my room at the mansion the past 10 years. I guess I hadn't thought that far ahead about things." Since, well, Carol Danvers… Ms. Marvel, former Avenger? Sure, Avengers Mansion, that was a thing.

Doctor Strange seems to nod very softly. "I see. In that case, until you find better accomodations, you may take one of the guest rooms here in the sanctum. they're on the second floor. My friend and assistant Wong will prepare some casual clothing for you."

Strange seems to pause then. "if you wish."

Carol smiles, "Well, that's very nice of you, Doctor. I'll take you up on that, then, at least until I can get my bearings." Finishing the tea, she sets it down and then gives Stephen a bit of a wry look, "Are we going to woosh to the guest rooms, or is there walking involved?" Woosh, it's a technical term you see.
AM Stephen then smiles very softly. "You're welcome." Though as she seems to finish the tea, it seems to…refill itself?!

"Would you prefer to be…'wooshed'?" Doctor Strange uses the term with amusement written on his face. "I'd thought you'd prefer to walk."

Carol pauses and eyes the cup, then eyes Strange, before shaking her head, "After this many light years, just walking someplace would be good." She chuckles and stands up, setting the cup down as she does so. "I think i've got a lot of catching up to do with the past decade."
AM Strange just keeps his eyes on Carol. "Wong will lead the way." and when she turns around, there's an asian man of her height with a bald head and a classic mustache and goatee. his ancesteors would be proud of the stereotype.

"If you would come with me." Wong says with a smile, bowing his head respectfully.

Carol nods back, "Gladly." And with that, she follows after Wong, casting a curious glance back towards Strange before making her way out and down the hallway, "Sorry about the mess… uncontrolled re-entries are notorious for that sort of thing…"

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