Timeline of Events

Our game has its own history which diverges from that of both the comic universes from which our character's come, and our real world historical events. Please see the timeline below for some guidance on when certain events occurred within our game. Please feel free to add in salient events as they happen in game.


  • New York City is a major hub of activity for World Unification, design and development toward expansion into space, an entry point for those from abroad as it always has been historically.
  • Rebuilding continues throughout the city from the attacks and fighting which took place in 2014. A wide swath of area from Brighton Beach up through Turtle Bay remains a cordoned off disaster zone.
  • The political climate has moved toward concerns coming from off world, World Unity versus the autonomy of individual nations, ecological concerns of continued global environmental changes, technological development and advancements, and education and equality for all people.


  • Construction begins on a satellite outpost in space, supported by SWORD, to act as a first line of defense for Earth and to provide an entry point for possible visitors from other worlds.


  • The U.N. comes to a decision that the registration of powered peoples is unlawful and must be ceased by all member nations, and that the rights of all peoples of earth need to be preserved and maintained.
  • The U.S. repeals all registration laws and there is great celebration for this move in what many consider the right direction; however, unrest and fear continues in many countries, including the U.S.
  • Though most, if not all, of the original roster is no longer around, the Avengers reform now that Registration is no longer the law of the land. Though not an official SHIELD effort, they did lend some unofficial encouragement.


  • The conservative right wing, the strongest proponents of Registration, not only lost the White House but Congress as well.
  • James Rhodes becomes the Governor of New York in a landslide victory. Runs on a platform of finding strength in community, rebuilding, regrowth, and making New York City the center of forward progress once more.


  • The U.N. begins to reform with a mixture of the surviving delegates and newly chosen officials in a temporary structure in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • World Unification as a concept begins to gain momentum, with the popularity of forming a world government rising throughout the world.
  • Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is renamed The Xavier Institute and becomes accredited to offer two year college degrees. They still recruit and teach young mutants but now can offer the older students continued education as well.
  • A powerful explosion in the Himalayan Mountains releases Terrigen into the atmosphere. Most of the crystals are pulverized by the explosion, the wind sending tiny fragments around the globe to eventually settle to the ground harmlessly. Until disturbed. The first Nuhumans go through chrysalis.
  • The Inhumans relocate to the Blue Area of the Moon.


  • December 12th - A meeting at the U.N. between delegates from all over the world, powered peoples of all kinds, and speakers from many different factions is disrupted by an attack.
  • A swath of destruction is cut from Brighton Beach through Brooklyn and down from Harlem through the Upper East Side, converging on the U.N.
  • Fighting is intense and leaves the area devastated and the U.N. destroyed. There are many casualties, and chaos exists, with martial law prevailing for the next several years.


  • Registration of powered peoples continues to cause unrest and heightened conflict. Violence continues to be a problem throughout the U.S. and in New York City as violent crimes, hate crimes, murders, and incarceration rates rise. It is a hot button political topic that has the population strongly divided.


  • The U.S. expands registration beyond mutants to include peoples of all abilities outside of what is considered natural human norms. This includes an even wider range of people, and outcry begins regarding what is considered the "norm" and whether non-powered people are being falsely categorized.


  • Construction of the Triskelion finishes and it becomes the headquarters of SHIELD.
  • SWORD and WAND, ancillary organizations of SHIELD, are funded by the U.N.


  • The Federal government requires mutants to register within the U.S. and that status is used in census information, tax information, social security, availability of health care and government services, food stamps, and all other federally funded aid programs.
  • Detection of those who did not register is difficult, as testing methods require blood samples or pass-through detectors, and non-obvious mutants could generally avoid registration at all.
  • Those who failed to register, and were later detected, faced jail time of varying lengths.
  • Those who did not register and were not part of a sanctioned group, would be considered vigilantes and also face jail time.
  • In protest over Registration, the Avengers disband.


  • Registration of all mutants becomes a major campaign issue during the presidential election year.
  • Worried about the political climate and the influence of the Hellfire Academy, Charles Xavier starts recruiting young mutants and opens his School For Gifted Youngsters in Westchester.


  • The Hellfire Academy opens and starts recruiting mutants with the intention of creating a new generation of mutant super villains. Unbeknownst to the faculty, the academy has a secret backer who is funneling funds and intelligence to them. The backer is Trask Industries (buried behind many layers of dummy corporations and front men) who want to make sure the demand for their Sentinels is high.


  • Several public organizations such as the Avengers receive official recognition and backing from the U.N. to operate internationally.


  • The first Sentinel robot makes its public appearance. Built by Trask Industries, they are advertised as the perfect peacekeeper and can be integrated into any police or military force. They are marketed world wide.


  • A group of powered heroes band together and call themselves the Avengers.


  • States are allowed the right to require mutants and mutates to register with the state and be marked on state IDs and all state-issued licenses.


  • Mutants and other powered peoples, as well as alien beings become largely publicly recognized as existing among the populace. While many choose to remain hidden, some, like the UN funded SHIELD, are known to the majority of people.


  • Officially, the United Nations creates their own investigative and enforcement agency coincidentally called the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate (SHIELD) and hires almost the entire personnel of the Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division.


  • The Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division (SHIELD) was created as the investigative and enforcement agency of NATO.


  • NATO was formed.

25,000 BC

  • The Kree discover Earth and detect the Celestial's genetic tampering on the dominant species. They start experimenting on them, trying to develop a race of powerful soldiers to use against the Skrulls. The first Inhumans are created.

A really long time ago

  • The Skrulls find Hala with its two sentient species. They take a number of each to Earth's moon and test them to see which is more worthy. They pick the Cotati. The Kree are sore losers and kill everyone, gaining advanced technology and interstellar travel. The Skrull/Kree war begins.

A really, really long time ago.

  • Celestials arrive on Earth and experiment on the proto-sentient species that would eventually become Homo Sapiens.
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