Social Logs

Social Logs

Logs in this category are generally social in nature and have no plot-related goal. They may be social events, conversations, or other slices of life.


2019-02-27 - Good Samaritan
Summary: A shooting in Mutant Town, Thea saves lives, the police arrive to interview the witnesses....
(bishop social thea)

2019-02-20 - Chemistry
Summary: Bobbi Morse stops into a bookshop on her lunch break and makes a purchase from Loki. Log...
(bobbi-morse loki social)

2018-06-03 - Winning Iron Hearts and Minds
Summary: Riri tells Pete what she's been up to lately, and learns about a project for a certain...
(peter-parker riri-williams social)

2015-02-18 - The Big Offer
Summary: Sergeant Marie Ava Posey is out of the hospital and trying to rehab, figuring out the rest...
(augmenta posse rescue social veronica-kelsey)

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