Creating New Logs

There are two ways that players can update logs.

Log Objects

The easiest is to use the logging objects in game. These objects will automatically collect the log information for you and format everything you need to post in the box. For more help on how to do this, log into the game and type "+help logger" for help.

Manual Log Upload

  • Enter your log name into the box below.
    • Do not put a "log:" category indicator in front of your log name. It will be set up automatically.
    • Format your log name as "YYYY-MM-DD - Your Title Here" so that the box shows, for example: log:2018-02-01 - Grand Opening
  • Click the button to start the page.
  • Fill in the fields.
    • Summary = A brief one-liner that describes what the log is about (ex: The game opened and there was much rejoicing!).
    • Storyteller = The character bit name of the storyteller if applicable (ex: Clockwork).
    • Date = The date upon which the activity happened (ex: 2018-02-01 16:40 EST).
    • Location = Where the scene takes place (ex: New York City, NY).
    • Related = If there are other logs that are related to this scene, link them here.
    • Themesong = If you want to link some music to go along with the log, link it here.
    • Log Goes Here = This is where you cut and paste the body of your log, beneath the four equal signs.
  • Save the page!

Log Icons

Staff will create your cast/log icon automatically. If you wish to make your own, the instructions are located in "News Wiki".

Create Logs

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