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Faction Type: Team Faction
OOC Contacts: Staff
IC Contacts: (None at this time)
Headquarters: The Xavier Institute (Westchester, NY)

Charles Xavier spent many years mentoring individual mutants and small groups in an effort to help others; however, with the changing political climate in the early 2000s, and the establishment of the Hellfire Academy, Charles began to start recruiting young mutants and opened Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in Westchester, NY. It is that school that became the base of operations for the X-Men.

With the Hellfire Academy trying to turn young mutants into weapons, convincing them that the world hated them and that the only answer was violence, Xavier strove to drive home a message of cooperation and finding a way toward peace. In the winter of 2016, some of the students from the Hellfire Academy got into more trouble than they could handle, and were captured by a secret group trying to experiment on mutants. Xavier's group rescued them and convinced several of the former HFA students to provide them with information to bring the school down. By February of 2017, the Hellfire Academy was no more, and several of its former members had become a part of Xavier's School.

The X-Men are largely concerned with finding a way for mutants and non-mutants to coexist, for finding new mutants who need help learning and controlling their powers, rescuing mutants who are in danger, and helping to contain mutant threats.


To have your character page and logs show up under this faction, use the "xmen" tag.

Entry into the Xavier Institute may be confirmed with Staff during CG and does not require an IC vetting on-screen. This is to prevent hindrance to RP by having to wait on the availability on any individual PC to move forward. If you wish to be admitted ICly, then IC scenes should be sought out. The Institute is for mutants only, defined as someone who is born with the X-gene, needing education about their powers, and having been considered strange/different/a danger to those around them. The institute will not be open to non-mutant characters.

Applications: Canon factions are always open to applications.
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